Animal Shelters owned by Occult groups

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Animal Shelters owned by Occult groups

Postby Pushkarev » Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:48 am

The most obvious one being The Circe Order of the Dog blood, the group associated with The Process and Best Friends Animal Society. Rumored to take control of animal shelters, so as to sacrifice animals.


http://irrationalgeographic.wordpress.c ... dog-blood/ ... al_Society

While digging I found another called Salem Saves Animals (yeah, that Salem). They aren't strictly a shelter, but they are associated with them. Their Facebook page is here:

Two of the five founders of Salem Saves Animals are explicitly named as witches on the open internet, while another has public artworks that seem pretty heavily influenced by esoterica.

Here is a story and picture of one of the founding witches: ... ness-rival

While the other (with picture, named as a Salem witch) has appeared on George Noory's show: ... rama/65015

As per usual, this could be nothing (or it could be something).

Are there any other examples of these types of individuals running animal shelters or somewhat related to them?

Edit: Qualified the statement about SSA not being a shelter.
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Re: Animal Shelters owned by Occult groups

Postby semper occultus » Fri Mar 14, 2014 3:33 pm features in The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry...

Berkowitz was tasked by the Son of Sam Cult to infiltrate a local animal shelter ( separate quotes from a pdf copy )

At one time, I think around late 1976 or early '77, I was supposed to get a job at the Yonkers Animal Shelter. With regards to this alleged visit by me with someone else, I don't know which dog pound or shelter this was. There is a place on Saw Mill River Road that sells guard dogs. Was this the one? Anyway, the shelter I was at was the one near the Motor Vehicles Bureau in Yonkers.

Six months before Berkowitz wrote this letter, Tony Catalano, manager of the Yonkers Animal Shelter, told me that at the time of Berkowitz's arrest he and two coworkers believed they had seen him at the shelter. They indeed had. Said Catalano: "Everything he talks about is true. From the guard to the layout to the pay scale to me—I was the assistant then. And one of those 'pets' he talks about was mine; the other was the boss's. He knows this place better than I do—and I'm in charge of it. He was here day and night," Catalano said.

Finally, the dog shelter job plan graphically demonstrated Berkowitz's ranking in the cult. He wasn't a leader; not by a long shot. Would someone with authority in the group be chosen to clean out dog cages? And, by extension, would someone picked to do that work be capable of devising the plans which would successfully frustrate the biggest manhunt in NYPD history for so long?
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