The Downing Street Memo

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The Downing Street Memo

Postby antiaristo » Tue Jun 21, 2005 4:16 pm

A few thoughts on the DSM<br><br>That name is a disaster. These are minutes. That is important because<br><br>1        It is a legal document, like a signed witness statement or a signed affidavit. It can be submitted to a court of law as an unimpeachable record of what took place.<br><br>2        It is standard practice for the notetaker to circulate draft notes to allow those quoted to correct any mistakes. This document is the end product of this process.<br><br>3        This is a policy body meeting under the personal authority of the Prime Minister – the hallmark of Blair’s “presidential style”. The Cabinet as an institution was bypassed by this group (shades of OSP).<br><br><br>4        The meeting was chaired by the Prime Minister, which makes the minutes his personal property. Although Mathew Rycroft’s name appears on the copies circulated, Blair himself had first to sign the original before it was filed. “Notes” become “Minutes” once the Chairman has signed them.<br><br>5        At some point after this meeting took place, the minute taking stopped. There are no (admitted) records of Blair’s kitchen cabinet comprising three elected and ten unelected officials. Even the Butler Inquiry (another whitewash) was sufficiently disgusted to complain about Blair’s “sofa style” of government<br><br>Implications<br><br>These minutes are a signed confession for the war crimes trial. There IS an application under consideration at the ICC, and these minutes have gone straight to the top of the pile.<br><br>So you can expect NO FURTHER HELP from the British parliament and media. They are in absolute lockdown mode since the election. As for why, look at the EU summit: Blair v Chirac, Britain v Frogland. The British press are putting forward this mass-murderer as the right man to lead Europe out of its troubles!<br><br>Next month Britain takes over as President of the UN Security Council, President of the European Union and President of the Group of 8. The G8 summit will be hosted by the Queen on 5 to 7 July. Then on 10 July the Queen holds her own personal celebration for VE Day.<br><br>So NOBODY will mention the war!<br> <p></p><i></i>
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