US withdrawing from Iraq?

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US withdrawing from Iraq?

Postby Peachtree Pam » Sat Jul 30, 2005 4:21 am

This is from<br><br>Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq: Forget About It<br><br><br>by Mike Whitney<br> <br>July 28, 2005 <br>uruknet <br><br>There are legitimate concerns that the military is beginning to unravel. As retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey said last week, “The Army and Marines are starting to come apart. The National Guard is in a stage of meltdown," he said. "By the end of next summer, we're going to be halfway out of Iraq."<br><br>This is the real thrust behind the talk of “withdrawal”; not respect for Iraqi sovereignty or any other such nonsense. Rumsfeld has continued with his terror-campaign in the Sunni areas and is pushing for a quick signing of the constitution so he can proceed with his plan to split up the country. There’s nothing more to it then that. The US will never leave Iraq unless it is forced to do so.<br><br>The Pentagon will withdraw the troops it has to, but secure its permanent presence in the bases it has already established; maintaining its dominance over the political system and the distribution of oil. The talk of withdrawal is designed to reassure the American people that progress is being made and that the normally recalcitrant administration is pursuing political options. It contains a thread of truth, but certainly not enough to warrant the kind of excitement we’re hearing from triumphant anti-war activists.<br><br>Rather than criticize the chatter about “withdrawal” consider this; the US economy is currently underwritten by $8 trillion of debt. If that debt is not sustained by foreign investors through continued use of American greenbacks; we’re toast. It is as simple as that. The world will not continue “mopping up our red ink” (Paul Craig Robert’s) if it is not backed up by access to the world’s dwindling oil reserves. This is why we will not leave Iraq and why there has been absolute uniformity among the establishment media in maintaining their support for the most unpopular, immoral and cowardly war in American history.<br><br>There’s a real danger in hoping that the administration has seen the error in its preemptive war strategy. Apart from disappointment one feels as the occupation drags on, it also shows a dangerous misunderstanding of the current regime. This is the greatest assemblage of fanatics in high-office since World War 2. It is as unlikely that reason will prevail in any of their policy decisions as it is that they will leave office according to the normal protocols. Until we see the gallows going up on Pennsylvania Ave and the throngs of angry citizens swarming the White House; we should control our enthusiasm.<br><br><br>Courtesy and copyright © Mike Whitney <br><br> <br> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: US withdrawing from Iraq?

Postby LibertyorDeath » Sat Jul 30, 2005 4:32 am

This is an understatement<br><br>"This is the greatest assemblage of fanatics in high-office since World War 2"<br><br>should read <br><br>"This is the greatest assemblage of fanatics in high-office in American History"<br><br>Thanks for this and all your other great posts.<br><br>Cheers LoD <p></p><i></i>
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