Failure and fault begin at the top. Aim high.

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Failure and fault begin at the top. Aim high.

Postby sixtimeseven » Fri Aug 19, 2005 10:59 am

I, for one, am beginning to lose patience with those who allege I dishonor the troops should I criticize the Bush Administration and this un-winnable war begun under false pretenses. As I am certain everyone else does, I have ultimate respect for each and every serviceperson in uniform, regardless of where they serve. They are doing their job--honorably--despite grueling conditions, low pay, and the fact that many military families require public assistance just to make ends meet.<br><br>By the same token, I neither have disrespect for the Kentucky coal miner who has a life expectancy of less than 50 years, and a 1 in 7 chance of expiring even sooner due to a mining accident. But I have every right to criticize the coal company for denuding the Earth, leaching toxins into the groundwater, and shortchanging the workers and their families.<br><br>Those anti-troops balloons will not hold water any longer.<br><br><br> <p>Are you willing to support a tax increase for a larger military and for the increased VA medical care of the thousands of wounded veterans, or are you already looking for the next tax cut and making plans on how to spend your tax refund?<br><br>Are you willing to encourage all of your children, and those of your friends and neighbors,to join the military?<br><br>Or do you only put a yellow ribbon on the bumper of your car and congratulate yourself on your patriotism?</p><i></i>
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