What about the U.N.?

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Re: What about the U.N.?

Postby eroeoplier » Sat Jul 15, 2006 3:06 am

"Ever heard of Agenda 21?<br><br>www.conspiracyarchive.com...er_Ark.htm "<br><br>This Illuminati stuff is making more sense now - it's the product of fearful American Christians. Also, it is produced in order to prey on the fears of American Christians - and to divert their attention away from real issues.<br><br>America has a finger in every pie, but the minute you start talking about obligations as opposed to rights - the minute it is recognised that the US uses more of the earth's resources per capita than anybody else can ever hope to use in the future - all of a sudden the UN is a creation of Satanists.<br><br>The real criminals are the families who have been living off of the interest earned from the money they created out of thin air. If the governments of the world created their own money and collected interest, we could eliminate most other taxes (yes, eliminate "income tax"), but that's not the way it happens. The creation of money is in private hands, and we are literally their slaves. The biggest con-job in the history of the world! Just think of how many kids have finished an economics degree in the last hundred years, not having the first clue about how our money systems work. It is truly impressive. <p></p><i></i>
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