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Re: Help us Jeebus!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 1:23 pm
by sunny
and step on it, PLEASE! <p></p><i></i>

High Altitude Autoerotic Asphyxiation

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 7:09 am
by Gouda
<!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr><!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>Old Karl Rove</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--> - Posted by Ross Douthat<br><br>I'll second what Jim said, and go one step further: <!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>I actually think Rove out-Clintoned Clinton today</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END-->, not by outcharming the ex-President, but by doing more successfully than Clinton did on Friday what Clinton has always done so well, which is drown out difficult questions in waves of policy detail. <hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END--> <!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href=""></a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br><br>The <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--><em>Atlantic Monthly</em><!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> guys seem about to cum while strangling themselves...what is that called? <br><br>Being that Rove and Clinton are in large part responsible for every crime and murder in the book, getting off on them reminds me of the judge with the penis pump. <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=>Gouda</A> at: 7/10/06 5:12 am<br></i>

Re: More on Prince Bandar

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 12:12 pm
by Gouda
As good a time as any to leave Aspen...<br><br><!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr><!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>Saudi prince lists palace for $135 million</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--><br><br>Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, is selling his palatial home in Starwood Ranch for $135 million in what is likely the most expensive single-family residence listed in the nation. <br><br>Local officials who are contacted whenever Bandar comes to Aspen said he used to visit three times a year, but since Sept. 11, 2001, he has been here less.<br><br>"They ask us to do very little to almost nothing. But they always advise us of their comings and goings," said Pitkin County Sheriff Bob Braudis, noting that <!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>his office is typically provided with vehicle license plates and a roster of the former British Special Air Servicemen that travel with Bandar for protection.</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--><hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END--> <!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href=""></a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br><br><br><!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr><!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>For sale: Nation's most expensive home</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--><br><br><!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong> "He has become very close to Aspen,"</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--> said Saslove, a friend of Bandar's who has visited the home numerous times. "I'm sure he gave this [decision] considerable thought."<br><br>The prince donated to many local charities and causes, including Aspen Valley Hospital, the Aspen Youth Center, the Shining Stars Foundation, Wintersk├Âl and the Aspen Education Foundation.<br>...<br><br> "There has never been a sale of that size in this area, and to my knowledge it is the largest single-family residential listing in the United States," Saslove said. And "maybe" the world, he said.<br>...<br><br> "It's a very personalized, specialized property," he said. "I'm not sure what you do with that. My sense is the only guy who's gonna buy it is some guy who's in the same financial stratosphere as Bandar."<br><br>And the number of such people is apparently increasing. <!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>Wagar said the number of billionaires he speaks with now is "phenomenal compared to how many I used to come into contact with just 10 years ago."</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--><hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END--> <!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href=""></a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=>Gouda</A> at: 7/12/06 10:13 am<br></i>

Re: Ex-Houston mayor

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 1:42 pm
by Gouda
The ex-mayor of Houston can now be added to the long list of those recently ill in wonder Bandar is bailing... <br><!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr> <!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>Ex-Houston mayor collapses at Lay funeral</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--><br>HOUSTON - Former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier collapsed Wednesday as he arrived at the funeral of Enron Corp. founder Ken Lay. "He is very, very ill," said Pastor Steve Wende of First United Methodist Church, just before Lay's funeral began...He was brought out of the church on a gurney, administered oxygen and was taken away by ambulance. His wife, Elyse, was with him.<hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END--> <!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href=";_ylt=AoH15c0NUFtwNBAPCWcp4Pms0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MjBwMWtkBHNlYwM3MTg-"></a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br><br>Maybe he thought the sermon regarding Lay as a potential MLK or Jesus Christ was even a bit too much for him. <p></p><i></i>

Re: Ex-Houston mayor

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 2:53 pm
by Et in Arcadia ego
<!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>The Atlantic Monthly guys seem about to cum while strangling themselves...what is that called? <hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END--><br><br>Auto-Eroticism. It's what did in the INXS singer, Mike Hutchins. <p>____________________<br>Oderint, dum metuant</p><i></i>


PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:09 pm
by TroubleFunk
That is all I had to say. <p></p><i></i>

Re: Ex-Houston mayor

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:10 pm
by Gouda
In these cases could be: "High Altitude Autoerotic Asphyxiation". INXS indeed. <br><br>BTW: correction: Ex-Houston mayor collapsed at the Houston Lay service, not the Aspen service. <p></p><i></i>

Just listening to the Tarpley Broadcast.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 8:26 pm
by slimmouse
<br> Netanyahu was in Aspen in May apparently.<br><br> Lizzie meanwhile was buying a huge chunk of land there not too long back.<br><br> Something strange this way comes ? <p></p><i></i>

Re: Thank you Aspen Institute!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 8:45 pm
by Joe Hillshoist
Playing "football" while wearing skis. If he's that dumb he deserved to die.<br><br>But what is the deal with that mural, really. Its been around for a while. Maybe when the ship the US soldiers to Iraq they do a walking tour of Denver, as if they were at a museum or gallery, and their CO says "This is you will behave".<br><br>I mentioned once or twice about art, magic and ritual being used to "save the world", but that mural could be as effective in serving the complete opposite purpose. (I know its not in aspen, but anyway). <p></p><i></i>

Re: Thank you Aspen Institute!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 12:34 am
by bvonahsen
<!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong><!--EZCODE ITALIC START--><em>we are right to be so much preoccupied with economic growth, not only because growth brings material progress but at least as much because it is an engine of social, political and even moral advance.</em><!--EZCODE ITALIC END--></strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--><br><br>Such self congratulatory pap. Yeah, we are so morally advanced we can reduce your country to rubble, gas your citizens and spread radioactive waste on your lands without flinching a bit. We are the cream of society. <p></p><i></i>

Ken Lay autopsy

PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 11:38 pm
by dqueue
At <!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="">TalkLeft</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--> , they write:<br><br><!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>The Pitkin County (Aspen) Sheriff's office has released Ken Lay's <!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="">autopsy report</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--> (pdf). The Sheriff's office states in its <!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="">press release</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START >: --><img src= ALT=">:"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END--> <p></p><i></i>