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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:49 pm
by semper occultus
What is Dark and Hidden, but Plain to See?

by Lena Nilsson


a truly weird descent into the depths of the Icke-ian nightmare courtesy of this very observant lady in Sweden :

Tjolöholm Slott or Castle is situated on the west coast, south of the second largest city of Göteborg, or Gothenburg, in Sweden.

The castle was to be built by James Fredrik Dickson and his wife Blanche Dickson, also his cousin. Old and important blood lines seem to marry within families to keep wealth and power intact. Mr Dickson's mother and father were apparently cousins too.

The Dickson family is of old Scottish lineage and were originally called Chatti, which later developed into Keith before ending up with the chosen name of Dickson. You can read more about the Dickson family on




On the landing were carved wooden figurines along a balustrade. They were quite tall, maybe around one meter high. The guide explained they were carvings of “mysterious beings”.

Related from the book: "The main staircase is flanked by two wooden sculptures, Age and Gravity personified by an old man and a bird with a huge beak. Up on the landing rail sits a row of fabulous animals, including Reynard the Fox and the Billygoat Gruff."

Okay, so they're thought of as "fabulous" and totally innocent figures, but I see something different. Is this supposed to be an old man? Why does he have reptilian feet? Is it a man of a reptilian bloodline?


Another doubtful figure was an upright lizard. After having read David Icke's book, The Lion Sleeps No More, the lizard figure was disturbing when I had the contents of his book in my mind. And if you're familiar with the work of Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion you may also know what I'm talking about here.

Why a lizard? And why is he standing up to look almost human?

Then you could imagine "Baphomet" or "Goat Mendez" behind the lizard man.


At the other end of the landing, slightly apart from the other figures, and a bit higher up, as if keeping an eye over the area below, was a wooden carving of a big owl. Could it be Moloch himself?


What's that hiding in the woodwork? Another type of Baphomet or Goat Mendez?

could be Lena...could be. Quite possibly with a rather distinctive upright phallus pointing upwards towards the chin as if intent upon some devilish act of infernal oral copulation...


When I saw this huge stone plaque on the wall, I found it more than strange. The family motto: COELUM VERSUS translates in the book (which I read) as TOWARDS HEAVEN.

If you click on this link with Latin translations, the meaning may be varied.

coelum may mean: sky, heaven, heavens; space; air, climate, weather; universe, world; Jehovah

versus may mean: toward , in the direction of; in specified direction; towards quarter named --- but it seems it could also mean: turn, turn around; change , alter; overthrow, destroy...


At the top of the plaque, a salamander (according to the book) looks down. Why on earth a salamander? A salamander is a lizard like amphibian. If zooming in, the head and the eyes look more like some kind of reptilian alien. Why would there be a reptilian/amphibian on the family plaque?


I forgot which room this was, but maybe it was a study with a fireplace and wooden carvings on each side. I think of them as Baphomet and Horus - the same kind of wood carvings as on the landing. The family shield - The Dickson Shield - is in the middle with a heart and two wings - one on each side of the heart. Is that a Kneph? It also reminds me of Egyptian symbols such as Horus and/or a Winged Disk.



There were more symbols around. Some were as follows:

Sun Cross, Odin's Cross in North-West Europe, also known as Gnostic Cross
Abraxas, a shape like an Abraxas
Fleur-de-lis - a few of them (not only benevolent, but also has a sinister meaning)
Owls in many places
Solomon's Knot & Love Heart - may represent love or immortality and eternity
Royal Rampant Lion - Royal Heraldry - commonly used by a variety of countries
Three Crowns - Swedish Royal Heraldry

Are my thoughts just creative thinking, or is there more to this castle than meets the eye?

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by barracuda
That's a trip...

Tjolöholm Castle (Swedish: Tjolöholms slott) is a country house, built 1898-1904, in Halland, Sweden. It is located on a peninsula in the Kungsbacka Fjord on the Kattegat coast. In 2010, Danish film director Lars Von Trier shot the exterior scenes of the film Melancholia at the castle.

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by Stephen Morgan

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by semper occultus

Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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by semper occultus

recent book on elite Victorian child sex networks :

The super-cop who busted London's child brothels


By John Preston

PUBLISHED:11:56, 28 September 2012| UPDATED: 15:06, 5 October 2012

So many 19th century true-crime sagas have been published in the past few years that it’s beginning to seem as if everyone who stole a carrot in Victorian London has had a book written about them. Amid this glut of antique villainy, Bridget O’Donnell has managed to find a piece of relatively unexplored territory - white slaving.

In 1874, the age of sexual consent was 12. A year later - amid furious protests - it was raised to 13. Perhaps even more remarkably, there was nothing illegal about kidnapping young girls and shipping them off to ‘the Continent’ to work as prostitutes. Drugged with chloroform, they awoke to find themselves imprisoned in French or Belgian brothels where they were forced to submit to rich, often syphilitic, clients - there was still a widespread belief that syphilis could be cured by having sex with a virgin.

King Leopold of Belgium was so keen on English girls he had an account with a London madam who, for £800 a month, provided a steady supply of medically verified virgins.

While brothels were illegal in Britain, most policemen averted their eyes. Sometimes they were bribed, but in many cases there was no need as they, too, were availing themselves of the girls - and boys - on offer.

One man who neither joined in nor looked the other way was an Irish immigrant called Jeremiah Minahan, who had risen rapidly through the ranks of the Metropolitan Police to become an inspector at the age of 39. Physically imposing - he nudged seven foot in his helmet - Minahan was a man of great principle and resolve.

After refusing to support a fellow policeman who had beaten a prisoner to a pulp in an interrogation, he was shunted off to the then sleepy backwater of Chelsea.

There, one evening in 1882, he met a woman called Mary Jeffries, who told him proudly about the brothels she owned and the number of girls she trafficked, adding that no one could touch her as she ‘only did business with gentlemen of the highest rank in life’.

Never one to shirk a challenge, Minahan took to hanging around outside her brothels watching these gentlemen of the highest rank coming and going - and writing everything down in his notebook.

The first inkling that this might not be a great career move came when his notebook was stolen from his locked desk.

When Minahan reported what he’d witnessed to his superior officer, he was transferred again - this time to the even more distant suburb of Highgate. He was demoted to sergeant and had his pay cut in half.

Minahan decided that he’d had enough. He offered his resignation and appealed directly to the Home Secretary, Sir William Harcourt. What Minahan didn’t know was that Harcourt, even by Victorian standards, was a colossally creepy pervert - he’s believed to have had an incestuous gay relationship with his own son.

Not only that, he was one of Mrs Jeffries’ most regular customers.

Harcourt, predictably enough, told him to get lost - whereupon ‘the black cloak of vengeance settled upon the broad bones of Jeremiah’s shoulders’, as O’Donnell puts it in her distinctively florid way.

In one sense Minahan was lucky - the ‘Social Purity’ movement, dedicated to stamping out sexual exploitation of children, was gathering force and he soon teamed up with a number of like-minded figures. Among them was the editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, W.T. Stead. It was Stead who dreamed up a plan to kidnap a girl and take her out of the country - as if she was being smuggled into prostitution.
He would then run the story as a sensational exposé in the Pall Mall Gazette.

Unfortunately, in their eagerness to simulate a real abduction, Stead and his associates got rather carried away. Armed with false names and fake moustaches, they arranged for an innocent girl to be kidnapped, drugged and then subjected to a painful medical examination.

Afterwards there were suggestions, not entirely implausible, that Stead himself sexually assaulted her. As a result, the story created an even greater stink than anticipated when it became known.

The circulation of the Pall Mall Gazette shot up from just 12,000 to more than a million amid calls for an immediate change in the law. However, Stead’s arrest - for abduction - took much of the wind out of the Social Purists’ sails. Nonetheless, in August 1885 the law was finally changed - the age of consent was raised to 16 and new penalties introduced to prevent girls from being kidnapped, or sold into slavery.

As for the revolting Harcourt, he was foiled in his bid to become Prime Minister when he was defeated in the 1895 General Election.

This, however, is not a story with a happy ending - at least not for its main protagonists. Jeremiah Minahan went mad, took to calling himself the King of England and ended up in a lunatic asylum. But an even more grizzly fate awaited W.T. Stead - he went down on the Titanic. Survivors reported that he made no attempt to board the lifeboats and was last seen praying on deck.

According to the dust-jacket of Inspector Minahan Makes A Stand, Bridget O’Donnell has an MA in ‘Creative Non-Fiction’. Possibly this explains her weakness for wildly overwrought phrases and hilariously inappropriate imagery. Minahan, for instance, is described as having huge hands ‘like pale, sleeping shovels’ - which rather begs the question of how do you wake a shovel up?

She’s plainly done an awful lot of research, but the trouble is she’s so keen to advertise the fact that she shoots off on any tangent that presents itself. All this ensures that an already complicated story becomes more complicated still. Yet despite its flaws, this is still a riveting book, deeply shocking one moment, rich in absurdity the next. Seldom has the line between goodness and depravity seemed quite as narrow - and easily crossed - as it does here.

Jimmy Savile : Scottish Links

it was going to be interesting to see how Savile - subject of one the largest sex abuse scandals of recent years - connected to the Scottish nexus....the answer wasn't difficult to find.....Savile led a highly peripatetic existence but funnily enough one of the places he chose as a permanent home was the Scottish Highlands :


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by semper occultus

Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:57 pm
by Col. Quisp
I just now found these threads and it's gonna take a while for me to go through all the info here -- Semper, I think you've tapped into something big!

Not to take away from the gravity of your subject, but let me engage in my trademark linkage of pop culture to these deep subjects:

You said on page 1:

The origins of the Severed Head cult lie in the atavistic stage of development of human consciousness described by Julian Jaynes in The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.
The first gods & their attendant religious practices arose from early man experiencing the interaction of the intuitive right brain hemisphere whose language is symbolism with the more conscious & rational & verbally-structured left-brain in the form of hallucinatory external voices which were ascribed to the gods or ancestors.
As a result severed heads were preserved or represented in effigy as a focus of oracular communication with the other world.

This made me think of the severed zombie heads in last week's episode of The Walking Dead (the Governor retreats to his den to relax by viewing some zombie heads he keeps in a sort of aquarium, and made me think of Jeffrey Dahmer...)

The pop culture is feeding us these images, but why? To neutralize them? Desensitize the masses to sacrifice? Or make the public crave sacrifice so that its effect is magnified?

Coelum versus!

OK, I think I'm officially going in circles now!

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by Col. Quisp
I"m like a dog with a bone..gone daddy I went to look at the website for that castle, and saw this picture of the "gentleman's room."


Of course I immediately thought of Eyes Wide Shut (even though the lights above the pool table there are red shades, not green).

Red is the opposite of green...

Anyway, that castle is spectacularly spooky.

There is a Ladies' "Golden Room." Made me think of the Gold Ball Room in The Shining. And also a comment made by Jimmy Savile that his kitchen tiles were pink and brown, the "colors of sex." In The Shining, Wendy's favorite colors are pink and gold. Mrs. Dickson's room has "THE CASTLE´S SECRET ROOM" -
Her private sitting room has walls decorated with figures from Shakespeare’s 'A midsummer night’s dream.' In the middle of the room is a staircase that leads to a medicine room. The little room was not originally planed [sic], it was built in a space that was discovered between the first and second floors – the architect Wahlman added the staircase afterwards.


The royal bedroom is furnished from Libertys in red and gold, elaborately decorated with royal crowns and the union crest. The bed is made in the Elizabethan style and over the fireplace is Sweden’s coat of arms from the time of the union.

The Royal bedroom was meant for James Fredrik Dickson’s good friend and hunting comrade, King Oscar II, when he came to visit. As James Fredrik died before the building work was completed Oscar II never slept in the castle. However other Royals have visited the castle, most recently Prince Philip of England who stayed in the Royal guestroom whilst he participated in a horse competition that was held at Tjolöholm in the 1980’s.
This creepy image is on the page about the nursery:

Dark and Hidden, yet plain to see, indeed! Just like in Eyes Wide Shut!

PS: sorry for the large frame - not sure how to "fix it."

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by semper occultus
..ah...a customer in this little back-street shop of horrors...a warm welcome Colonel & thankyou for sharing your thoughts although I fear this small establishment may soon be put out of business by the recent opening of the Jimmy Savile Superstore & Hypermarket on the main road

I like your link to pop-culture - with such powerful archetypal material then it is entirely endemic - one I particulalry like is in the Alien series, in both the Ridley Scott Alien films Alien & Prometheus he has the decapitated android heads of Ash & David reanimated to act as oracles to their human interlocutors


A man in a chlamys stoops over an oracular head, holding a scroll. 3rd/2nd cent. BC.

....I have to say I also found this very strange - concerning Ian Brady the Moors Murderer who I post about : I must get the book & see if it has more detail :

...& the dark prince Phil stayed at Tjolöholm Castle aswell - somehow appropriate - he must have felt right at home...

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by Col. Quisp
I like the back alleys...seriously, you should write a book on this subject. There's a lot of substance here beyond the shock value.

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by semper occultus
Baphomet: The Severed Head That Wouldn’t Die

By Tracy R. Twyman
Originally written for Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine, Copyright 1998
(Does not necessarily represent author’s current viewpoint.)

Friday the 13th, October, 1307 – a dreadful day. Especially if you happened to be a Templar knight. For on that dreadful day, just as the Sun was rising, King Philip IV’s seneschals descended upon all of the order’s French holdings, arresting the members and seizing their property. The king had owed the order a lot of money, and he had hoped to get his hands on the rumored Templar treasure that had made them fabulously rich. But they had been forewarned, and had moved the treasure, along, perhaps, with some mystical artifacts, to their preceptories in Scotland, where the atmosphere was much more pleasant for them.

Nevertheless, with the assistance of Pope Clement V, his so-called “puppet,” King Philip had the knights tortured and executed by the Inquisition. They were accused, among other things, of heresy, necromancy, homosexual practices, and conducting a bizarre ritual that involved spitting on, defecating on, or in some way desecrating the cross (which, if true, is perhaps evidence that they did not believe in the crucifixion). Under extreme physical duress, most of them confessed. In fact, many of their confessions were remarkably similar in detail. By far the most popular theme of the confessions was the worship of an idol called “Baphomet.” Sometimes described as a cat or a goat whose anus was ritually kissed, Baphomet was most often referred to as a severed head. A list of charges drawn up by the Inquisition on August 12th, 1308 reads:

Item, that in each province they had idols, namely heads.
Item, that they adored these idols.
Item, that they said that the head could save them.
Item, that it could make riches.
Item, that it could make the trees flower.
Item, that it made the land germinate.
Item, that they surrounded or touched each head of the aforesaid idol with small cords, which they wore around themselves next to the shirt or the flesh.

In light of the probability that these charges were true, it would bid us well to examine the possible origins and meanings of the famous dreaded head.

Where did it come from?

The Templar legends regarding the head’s origin are numerous and confusing. Some said it was a man’s head, and some said that it was a woman’s head. Some said that it was bearded, and some said that it was clean-shaven. Some said that it was made of glass or crystal, and some said that it had two faces. A popular tale held that it was the head of the Templars’ first Grand Master, Hughes de Payens. Others said that it was made of gold and called “Caput LVIII,” meaning “Head 58,” combined with the symbol for Virgo. One recurrent story that kept popping up in several confessions says that a Templar called “the Lord of Sidon” was in love with a young woman named “Yse” (possibly derived from “Isis”) who died suddenly. On the night of her burial, the knight dug up her body and copulated with it. Nine months later a voice “from the Void” told him to go back to the grave, where he would find his son. There he discovered a head resting on a pair of leg bones (perhaps the origin of the Templar’s famous “skull and crossbones” symbol). The voice told him that if he was careful to guard the head, it would be “the giver of all things.” He took it with him, and for the rest of his days it protected him. Later on the Templar order got a hold of it and incorporated it into their rituals.

Islamic Origins

A common claim by historians is that the name “Baphomet” was derived from “Mahomet” an Old French corruption of the name of the prophet Muhammad. Others have said that it comes from the Arabic word “abufihamet,” meaning “Father of Understanding.” Whatever the specific derivation, the idea that the Baphomet legend was influenced by Islam is quite logical. The Templars were known to have cavorted with Sufis and other unorthodox Muslims while stationed in the Middle East, as well as in Spain and perhaps even Jerusalem, where they were supposed to be fighting the “infidel” during the Crusades. This would have given them ample opportunity to pass on the legend of Baphomet, if not the actual item. In his book The Sufis, Idries Shah argues that Baphomet was really the head of a mystic revered by a number of Sufi sects called “Hallaja,” who was executed for testifying about his spiritual experiences. After he got decapitated, the Caliph’s Queen Mother had the head embalmed, and it later came into the possession of certain Sufi masters, who revered it for its magical powers. Shah claims that Hallaj, a “son of a widow” was not only the source of the legend of Baphomet, but also the model for the Masonic figure of Hiram Abiff.= He, of course, was the architect of Solomon’s Temple who, in Masonic legend, was killed by his underlings with three ceremonious blows to the head for not revealing the secret words, grips and signs of a Master Mason.


In Holy Blood, Holy Grail the authors point out that when run through a certain cabalistic cipher known as “Atbash,” the word “Baphomet” (written in Hebrew) renders “Sophia,” the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom. This makes sense, for the Templars were known to be the keepers of an ancient “wisdom tradition,” and a logical representation of wisdom is the human head. Interestingly, Aleister Crowley, who adopted the name “Baphomet” upon joining the Ordo Templi Orientis, believed the name to derive from two Greek words joined together which mean “baptism of wisdom” or “absorption into wisdom.” Indeed, the experience of “absorption into wisdom” could be considered an ego death, and the skull and crossbones became a well-known symbol for death.

Bran the Blessed

Elements of the Baphomet story are quite obviously Celtic in origin. The Celts believed that the soul resided in the head, and therefore they would sever the heads of their enemies, preserving them as magical talismans. The most well-known severed head among the Celts was that of the legendary giant Bran the Blessed, which is said to be buried outside London, facing France. It was put there to ward off the plague, to ensure fertility and to protect the city from foreign invasion. Similar powers are also attributed to the head of the Green Man, the Celtic fertility God, as well as the head of Merovingian King Dagobert II.

Levi’s Baphomet

Baphomet was sometimes described by the tortured Templars as having a human form, with wings, cloven feet, and the head of a goat. From this came the nineteenth century occultist Eliphas Levi’s well-known depiction of Baphomet, now incorporated into the Waite tarot deck as “the Devil.” This popular image, sometimes referred to as “the Sabbatic Goat,” was made to embody symbols of conflicting dualities. Thus the beast bears the breasts of a woman and the organs of a man. He is poised between the waxing and waning moon symbols, with his right and left hands pointing up and down, respectively. Levi, who was obsessed with dualities, was the first occultist to come up with the idea of “good” (upward-pointing) and “evil” (downward pointing) pentagrams, and his version of the “evil” pentagram included Baphomet’s goat face super-imposed onto it, from whence came the “Sign of Baphomet” used by Satanist Anton LaVey. Levi believed Baphomet to be the symbolic form of the absolute supreme being, and claimed that all occultists, including Templars and Freemasons, actually worshiped the Baphomet. He even believed that the name “Baphomet” was a code for Solomon’s Temple, because if you spell it backwards you get the letters: “TEM-OH-AB,” which he said stood for: “Templi omnivm hominum pacis abbas,” meaning “the Father of the Temple of Peace of All Men.” Despite this, Levi’s characterization of the Baphomet led to the popular conception of the Devil as we know him today, and gave fodder to the theories that Freemasonry is Satanic.

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by semper occultus
Paedophile lawyers and legal aid scams in Scotland:

The Crown Office, quashed paedophile charges, perversion of the course of justice, embezzling millions from the taxpayer, State collusion with organised crime, and death in Pakistan

The Slog : 3D bollocks reconstruction
December 13, 2012 · 2:33 pm

On 23rd May 2007, a prominent Scottish QC appeared in Court – this time as the defendant rather than the barrister. He had been charged with indecency offences involving a 13-year-old boy in the toilets of a shopping mall. The accused denied persuading the boy to follow him into a public toilet at the McArthur Glen Shopping centre in Livingston, and then making indecent sex remarks to him. The exact indictment quoted ‘behaving in a lewd manner or committing an indecent breach of the peace on 13 February 2006.’

For many Scottish barristers at the time, it looked bad for the lawyer. But the Crown Office dropped the proceedings against the man, after it was claimed that “new evidence” had emerged in the case.


The man was Mark Strachan QC…..not to be confused with international Oxbridge QC Mark Strachan of Parkside Chambers, Hong Kong, who trained and practised in England. The name problem has confused researchers in the past, but there is no mistaking the 52-year-old Caledonian version.

Strachan is part of a Scottish legal mafia that seems to bounce from one dark cloud of malfeasance to another. Its epicentre is the institution known usually as SLAB – the Scottish Legal Aid Board. One-time boss of SLAB, Douglas Haggarty, was arrested in 2009 for soliciting a rent boy. His fellow SLAB colleague Paul McBride QC then went to…yes, that’s right, the Crown Office….and asked them to drop the charges because of ‘lack of evidence’. The Crown Office duly obliged.

Widespread criticism of McBride’s conflict of interest in representing Douglas Haggarty in the rent boy scandal came from the entire UK legal spectrum.

Haggarty’s exact title was Chief of Legal Services at the Scottish Legal Aid Board. He has sat on various Scottish Government consultation groups which included the most senior members of the legal profession, the Law Society of Scotland, and senior Police officers. Oh dear. It’s all so familiar, isn’t it? But if this didn’t bring SLAB into disrepute, more was to come.


On 11th July 2011, the Daily Record reported that ‘a leading criminal lawyer is being probed by police over an alleged Legal Aid fraud. Advocate Mark Strachan, 52, is alleged to have swindled more than £60,000 in travel expense claims from the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB). The fraud is alleged to have been going on for the past four or five years. Strachan, who specialises in criminal trials and carries out work at the Court of Criminal Appeal, made £91,600 from legal aid work last year, £79,800 in 2008-9 and £102,700 the year before that.’

Oddly enough, SLAB board member Paul McBride QC also earned over £217,000 in legal aid fees while representing clients in the Scottish courts last year. In fact, SLAB corruption goes back a long way: in 2006, the Record exposed a Glasgow Solicitor, Robert Taylor, for giving clients’ money to solicit legal aid business…..persuading them to sign legal aid claim forms. In 2011, Kilmarnock solicitor Niels Lockhart, 60, was accused of having raked in more than £600,000 in two years via a similar fiddle.

By the time 2012 dawned, the case in general (and the one against Lockhart) was growing in size. So much so, in fact, that the McLegal elite decided to step in with a fix: SLAB itself having already been caught by Lothian police covering up evidence, the top legal beagles decided they’d seen enough dirty linen for one decade.

In a grubby, shameless deal done between the Law Society of Scotland, the Scottish Legal Aid Board and the Legal Defence Union over Lockhart being investigated by the Law Society, solicitor James McCann from the Legal Defence Union stepped in to prevent any further investigations or prosecutions of ‘their client’ Niels Lockhart. Sod the taxpayer: let’s make sure the lawyers come out as clean as a whistle.

Once again, the obvious stitch-up was roundly condemned by senior members of the legal profession and even insiders at the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission. But in the end, with a staggering fourteen lawyers facing damning evidence of embezzlement, not one of them was brought to trial. Scotland’s Justice Secretary Kenny McCaskill backed the…yes, for a third time…Crown Office refusal to prosecute any of the Felonious Fourteen. The Crown Office had said it was not in the public interest that lawyers be hauled before the courts on criminal charges…and that was good enough for Kenny.

No mention at all was made of the paedophilia element involved. And so – after this appalling run of bad luck by Strachan in being wrongly accused of both paedophile advances and embezzlement from the taxpayer – he was left at liberty to follow another legal interest: trying to get paedophiles off. On 22nd November 201o, he defended Ranald Matheson (69) of Muir of Ord against charges of indecency against six young girls. During the case, Defence counsel Mark Strachan said Matheson denied any wrongdoing, but Matheson was quickly convicted of 16 charges, of which 12 were for indecency offences. The abuse began in 1995. It included getting the girls to bathe in a wheelie bin at a garage business he had owned, and giving some of the girls alcohol to encourage them to watch pornographic videos.

Strachan closed his post-verdict appeal to the judge with the words, “while a prison sentence is inevitable in this case, I would ask your Lordship to consider imposing one as short as possible”. No rationale as to why was added to this, but the Judge Lord Brailsford prompty obliged by sentencing Matheson to four years. With good behaviour, he’s probably due to come out at any time. Lord Brailsford, in a masterpiece of understatement, told the guilty man that his behaviour was “unacceptable”. Ranald Matheson showed no remorse.

SEQUEL: Paul McBride QC (left) went on a trip to Pakistan in March this year, and was found dead in his hotel room. Two men were at the time on trial in Glasgow accused of conspiring to murder him. Pakistani authorities later said McBride had died of “a heart attack”.

In fact, McBride was on a mission to bring mega tax evader Imran Hussain back to the UK. Significantly, sources close to the action have asserted that the QC went with authority from the Crown Office to deal on the case - an entirely credible assertion given his life history. It seems he had carte blanche to broker a deal for a shorter sentence, but the negotiations did not go well: Hussain preferred to pay a large fine, rather than be sentenced to a jail term. A legal insider said he believed parties within the negotiations had “got lippy over what was on offer”. McBride was later found dead in his hotel room. The Sunday Mail in Scotland continues to refer to ‘the increasingly questionable circumstances surrounding the death in a Pakistan hotel room of one of Scotland’s most celebrated lawyers, the late Paul McBride QC’.

Those who live by the sword must expect to die by it, and there can be little doubt that McBride was a major-league crook. But he was no ordinary hood: he was a senior and influential officer of the Scottish State. In the same way that the English State colludes with Stephen Hester over his activities at RBS, and Rotherham Council and police colluded with paedophiles there; in the same way that MPs and the police in the West Country collude with the Judiciary to obtain gagging orders; and in much the same way that Home Office staff and police have in the past colluded with paedophile MPs to cover up the scandal of endemic sexual abuse of children in care, so too in Scotland, lawyers with odd proclivities and infinite greed pervert more than defenceless kids: they pervert a justice system they are supposed to be in charge of protecting.

But when faced with searching questions on a TV sofa, the Prime Minister of Great Britain answers, “If you think you know something, go to the police”. The interviewer is later forced to apologise for daring to put a politician on the spot. And Boris Johnson calls the entire affair “scandalous rumour and innuendo”.

And still the idiots ask, “But how did Jimmy Savile get away with it for so long?” Well, you decide.

I am indebted to Sloggers on both sides of the Border for their contributions to this account. However, I must also single out the tireless efforts of law blogger Peter Cherbi for his tenacious pursuit of the bad, the brazen, and the ugly north of the Border. His site at the link above is a reminder that good men are still doing something.

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Researchers of the JFK assassination have tried since 1963 to determine if George H.W. Bush had any intelligence role in November 1993. Efforts to conclusively prove that George H. W. Bush was a CIA agent at that time have been futile. Efforts to conclusively prove that he was directly involved with the Cuban exiles have also been futile. This is so, despite the close proximity of the Zapata oil platform to Cuba and the naming of boats for the Bay of Pigs invasion, notably the "Barbara." However, the financial and corporate structures which have financed George H.W. Bush and now his son, can be conclusively proven by documents.

The following article by Linda Minor is an analysis of these financial and corporate roots of the Bush family political and financial fortune. Note how these roots lead to the Harrimans, British Intelligence (right-wing variety) and to Halliburton and Brown and Root, thus to PERMINDEX

by Linda Minor © 2000

Who were the clients of Brown Brothers Harriman when Prescott Bush and his wife's father, George H. Walker, worked for them? It was these investors who funded George H.W. Walker's campaigns. His biggest contributors were his uncle Herbie Walker, formerly of St. Louis, and Eugene Meyer, whose father spent his entire career working for a competing investment bank--Lazard Freres--or Lazard Brothers, as it was called in London.

The Bush family ties to the Lairds and Lords of Scotland and England.

Lazard Brothers was controlled by officials in the British government. It was always the investment bank of David Rockefeller. And, besides Meyer and Walker, George Bush's other large investor in Bush-Overbey was British Assets Trust, Ltd., an investment company whose directors interlocked with the management of companies associated with Lord Kindersley, such as Hudson's Bay company. The chairman of British Assets Trust in 1956 was J.G.S. Gammell in Edinburgh, Scotland, and in 1985 by J.C.R. Inglis, a partner in Shepherd & Wedderburn, WS, an Edinburgh law firm. Inglis was also a director of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Scottish Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance, Edinburgh American Assets Trust and Atlantic Assets Trust, as well as chairman of European Assets, N.V., Gammell also had served as director of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, as did such other notables as The Right Hon. Lord Balfour of Burleigh, The Right Hon. Lord Clydesmuir and The Right Hon. Lord Polwarth. Polwarth, incidentally, began serving as a director of the Halliburton Company, parent of Brown & Root, in 1974.

The Bush family continued to amass its fortune an power from the British and Scottish sources named above, as these sources introduced their financial tentacles into Texas, and as George H.W. Bush and Barbara drove that old red Studebaker into Houston. Has anything changed? Do the same people run the selection of Dick Cheney as Vice President today? Will their scion, that old Skull & Bonesman, George W. be annointed?

The PERMINDEX connection to the Bush power moves.

Paravicini Bank and Permindex

In the same year that Zapata and Pennzoil were moving toward hostile takeovers, a new Swiss bank opened in Houston with J. Hugh Liedtke and George Bush's securities adviser, W.S. Farish III, among the directors. Called "Bank for Investment and Credit Berne" (BICB), its stock was owned by Capital National Bank and Paravicini Bank, but investors included Seagrams, Boeing, Minute Maid in Zurich, the London subsidiary of Brown and Root and the Schlesinger Organization of London and Johannesburg. These investors are more than interesting in light of the fact that Paravicini is a descendant of the Venetian Pallavicini family, whose attorney in Rome, Carlo d'Amelio, was the general counsel to Centro Mondiale Commerciale (CMC), the Italian arm of Permindex. CMC was incorporated in Berne Switzerland, and D' Amelio sat on the board of directors during the time that Seagrams' attorney, Louis Mortimer Bloomfield of Montreal, was chairman of Permindex.

When the role of CMC in the attempted assassination of President DeGaulle of France was discovered, it fled Europe and re-emerged in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, the parent company, Permindex, continued to be managed from Montreal by Bloomfield. Clay Shaw, the man prosecuted in New Orleans by Jim Garrison for his role in the Kennedy assassination, was also a board member of CMC, with which his International Trade Mart had connections.

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Sir Bill Gammell

by Bill Magee


Sir Bill Gammell is not your average multi-millionaire. He went to school with Tony Blair and spent family holidays with Mr and Mrs Bush and their son George W. As a young man, he played rugby union for Scotland, earning five international caps. Today, he remains friends with both the British prime minister and the US president, and-when he's not too busy running Cairn Energy, the FTSE-100 oil and gas company-continues to fly the national flag for sport as a director of the Scottish Institute of Sport Foundation.

His story makes for an interesting study in entrepreneurship. Was he born an entrepreneur or was he made? Was it his upbringing and sporting achievements that gave him the confidence to start out in the notoriously risky oil business? His father was an Edinburgh investment banker who set up the Ivory & Sime fund and, in the 1950s, put money into the US oil company Bush-Overbey. On the rugby pitch, he was on the winning side, scoring four tries in Scotland's 74-9 victory over Japan in 1977.

Be it through nature or nurture-or both-there's no doubt that he's had what it takes to succeed. He founded Cairn Energy in the 1980s after forays into accountancy and financial services left him cold. Built on venture capital, Cairn is now the largest independent oil company in Europe, with a market capitalisation of £3.5bn. Along the way, Sir Bill has displayed the key attribute of entrepreneurship-the ability to take calculated risks. In the 1990s, he shifted the focus of the company from the North Sea and the US and the Gulf of Mexico-Cairn USA effectively merged with a subsidiary of Texan company the Meridian Resource Corporation in 1997-to South Asia, having spotted the opportunity to tap energy supplies in developing economies.


When Bill met Tony and George

Sir Bill was educated at Edinburgh's private Fettes College at the same time as Tony Blair, and the classmates took part in school debates together and have kept in touch. On being elected in 1997, Blair kept an early appointment to open Cairn's new head office in Edinburgh, where he described his old school friend as: "extremely modest, whenever he's asked to talk about his own exploits."

Sir Bill met George W. Bush through his father, an investor in Bush-Overbey. The Gammells and Bushes were family friends; young George spent summers at the Gammell farm in Scotland; young William was a frequent visitor to the Bush Kennebunkport home off the east New Hampshire coast. Later on, Sir Bill invested in Bush's Arbusto Oil, and the friendship flourished, with "Dubya" attending his Scottish pal's wedding in Glasgow almost 25 years ago. The two are understood to see each other whenever possible, with Bush allegedly taking time out from the G8 summit at Gleneagles last year to meet Sir Bill.

There's seven years between Sir Bill and Bush, and the relationship might be described as fraternal. It's reckoned that George W taught young Bill the trick that once you find oil, you buy up as much land around the find as possible, a tactic that's served him well. A youthful future president even appeared on a Cairn promotional video, as an experienced oil hand endorsing Sir Bill and his venture.

It's said that when George W became president, both he and Blair contacted their mutual friend to ask his opinion of the other. (Ex-UK ambassador to the US Christopher Meyer refers to this in his controversial autobiography DC Confidential, recounting how a recently elected George W said he had heard "from his Scottish friends, the Gammells," that the prime minister "was a good man".)

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...not sure what to say on this news comment ...




...ho hum....standard illuminati Eyes Wide Shut mask & all-seeing eye symbolism


Illuminati Symbolism at the Olympics Closing Ceremony
Annie Lennox looking posessed.

Annie Lennox’s boat of pirates with Lucifer (the guy with the black wings) was perhaps the creepiest part of the Closing Ceremony.