The Demon Was an Idea (Part Two and a half)

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Postby marykmusic » Wed Jan 10, 2007 4:32 pm

As a matter of fact, we "experiment" with pyramids twice a day, every day. Our Agnihotra ceremony is done in an upside-down copper pyramid. I wonder how long it's been done like that? --MaryK

"You cannot wifstand my supewiew intewect." --Tweety Bird
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Postby Joe Hillshoist » Wed Jan 10, 2007 5:05 pm

I made one unrepeated experiment with a pyramid hoping for some results.

Didn't get the ones I wanted tho.

I used Watsons dimensions for building a pyramid Telexx. from Supernature. Made the pyramid out of cardboard, taped it together with masking tape and built a little stand so the stanley knife/box cutter blades I used could sit on it at about the kings chamber height.

the pyramid sat in the corner of the house where there was no electrical equipment, or wires through the walls

The sides were aligned NS and EW.

Thje blades sat on the little stand inside the pyramid under the apex. The blade was facing N (to the equator) and aligned along the ew.

One was sharp the other blunt. they were both magnetised too.

Left them overnight.

Next mroning I found no discernable change in the sharpnss or anything. (I later found that the idea is too keep sharp blades in the pyramid so they don't go blunt, it doesn't sharpen whats already blunt.).

As far as I am concerned there was nothing special about the pyramids.

It was only then that I realised the blades were no longer magnetic.

How the hell did they demagnetise in a cardboard pyramid overnight????

One of the many things I never got round to following up.
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Postby Joe Hillshoist » Thu Jan 11, 2007 7:47 am

Bumping for my pyramid story, (and the other ones)
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Postby Zap » Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:59 pm

pitcairn wrote:I did read the teapot stuff, but had not ventured to the action squad main site, cos even the teapot posting was fairly rife with what I can only describe as "male post adolescent arrested development pheromone," lol

that comment should not be construed as in any way dissing any possibility of synchronicity in play over the teapots themselves, just records an impression of the style and atmosphere of the storytelling and the protagonist

well the action squad guys

okay hugh, I am no doubt considerably older than you and many others who post here, and my first impression was "teen age guys, and just-post-teen age guys, gotta love 'em" and that's of course, referencing their development age, not chronological age

boys take longer to mature, it's a fact

they said it themselves: too many "boy's own adventure" movies, books, comics, at an impressionable age

add to that general poor judgment, persistent sense of invulnerability, careless self-centered attitude, overdeveloped taste for thrill seeking and adrenaline rush, and a brain that is, albeit in a very disconnected way, too smart for the emotional/moral/personal development in which it is trapped, and what have you got?

an adolescent or just-post-adolescent male

they are everywhere and haven't changed much over the generations

they are, in their action squad type manifestation, pretty harmless, and more risk to themselves than anyone else, usually

altho they can be duped by more clever and evil types, sure: they have poor judgment, usually about just about everything

young men have a lot of undifferentiated energy, and, in the post industrial world, nowhere suitable, productive, or challenging to put it

boys love adventure, some girls too; boys love risk and excitement, some girls too

so they explore the world they live in, which for the majority of people now is an urban environment, tightly partitioned into privately owned units; so that's where they go, cos, like the famous mountaineer said, it's there

presuming they don't vandalise (at least intentionally) and are willing to take responsibility for any unintentional damage that may occur, they are engaging in something as old as the existence of young men themselves: getting into minor (and their elders hope not major) trouble, lol

yeah, yeah, trespassing, well hoop-de-doo, when we were kids who never trespassed? no one but old crankasses ever got too wound up about it as long as you didn't do any real damage, cos uh, people remembered when THEY were kids and stupid

Best critical review of my website yet. I plead guilty on all counts, without regrets - my adolescence was (is?) no doubt extended, only now, in my early 30s, do I find myself morphing into a "man." America certainly encourages the phenomenon - I call it 'psychosocial neoteny.' (

Burnt Hill wrote:By the way mr manatee,et al, you are going to love this one, the same day the blessed pottery balls came, my wife had gone to the local thrift shop, as it is her thing(mainly she brings my stuff there, another story). but what did she bring home this time? and sat on top of the box of instant karma? well no less than an antique silver teapot. 8)

That made my day.


Hugh, I hope you're doing better with your paranoia - we create our realities to an astonishing extent and I hope you succeed in making yours a more positive and hopeful place.

Anyway, since then I've continued to experience bizarre synchonicities that seem to indicate that the universe we live in is much more interactive with our minds than science allows for ...
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Postby chiggerbit » Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:52 pm

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