What Are You Planning for Iraq Moratorium #4?

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What Are You Planning for Iraq Moratorium #4?

Postby NavnDansk » Sat Dec 01, 2007 9:15 pm

What Are You Planning for Iraq Moratorium #4?
Submitted by davidswanson on Sat, 2007-12-01 12:06. Activism


As we continue to receive and read the upbeat reports from Iraq
Moratorium Day #3, which are still trickling in, it's time to look
ahead. (If you haven't checked out the reports, photos and videos,
please do. It's quite inspiring.)

Iraq Moratorium #4 is in three weeks, on December 21, and events are
already being posted on the website at http://www.IraqMoratorium.org


Please take a few moments to visit the site to:

(1) See whether your December event is already listed.

(2) List it if it's not already there. If you haven't done so
already, please register on the site so you will be able to update
events and access lists and local workshops.

(3) Read through your event notice, and think about whether there's a
way to spice it up and make it a little more appealing to a casual
reader. Will signs be provided? Will Santa be there? Are you doing
anything holiday-related?

*Last but certainly not least: *Please consider passing the hat and
raising some money to help keep the Iraq Moratorium going and growing.

We spend our time organizing and expanding the movement, not on
fundraising. Every dollar you can send will be put to immediate and
effective use., so please do what you can.

And, of course, we thank you for all you are doing to end this
senseless bloodshed.

Peace out,

The Iraq Moratorium

General Membership chat starts at noon Central Time every Saturday

Our Commitment
I hereby make a commitment that on the Third Friday of each and every month, I will break my daily routine and take some action, by myself or with others, to end the War in Iraq.
Sign me up!

See who's signed the pledge

**On Moratorium Day #3, former Senator Mike Gravel became the first 2008 Presidential candidate to take public part in the Moratorium. Check the report in the November 16 reports section above.

And you can order the same snappy Iraq Moratorium pin he's wearing in the Store here. While the Moratorium cannot and does not endorse any political candidate, we welcome all candidates and office holders to sign the statement of commitment. (And we note that Elizabeth Kucinich, wife of another Democratic hopeful, Dennis Kucinich, joined a Moratorium Day #1 vigil in Los Angeles!)

**The incredible Freeway Blogger, one of the earliest endorsers of the Iraq Moratorium, really went to town in southern California last weekend, the busiest travel weekend of the year. Take a look at his three day Thanksgiving Blogapalooza!

**Well over 50 reports on Moratorium Day #3 events and individual activities have been posted so far. Check 'em out! From rural to urban, from HS walkouts to candlelight vigils, from kids to WW2 veterans, there's an exciting range of actions and ideas to check out, and by far the best collection of photos we've had so far. And keep your eyes peeled: more are still coming in even now, a week and a half after November 16.

**And take a look at our two newest endorsers, each from a field under-represented in the list so far:

radio talk show hosts and opera singers! Just click the link below the thumbnail photo in the Who's on Board section of this page.

**Raise your hand if you want to end this war! An article entitled "Bring the War Home To Our Classrooms" in the current issue of Rethinking Schools, a national education reform magazine, talks about the Iraq Moratorium as a tool to help students discuss, debate and understand the war.
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