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Captain's Log 8 April 2007 Part Two of Three...

Postby marykmusic » Mon Apr 09, 2007 12:23 am

Agent K had just come on board few weeks before the last Captain's Log entry so
he hadn't had time to select a nom de guerre. Now that he's back from his
mission with a little time before his next one, that little detail has been
settled. From now on, Agent K will be referred to as Emil.

Emil was in New Mexico, a place crowded with worthy targets. Think
Albuquerque, White Sands, Roswell and
the Very Large Array seen in the Jody Foster movie, CONTACT. You get the idea.
The ships cloaked as helicopters were trying to re-open a portal and their
efforts were causing health problems for him after it had already caused his
father's early demise. That story was told in the previous Captain's Log. When
Emil contacted us after the mission, he told us more.

I prepared a box of stuff for him. There was a Triniti Wand for the
'helicopter' rendezvous site over the portal, some ash for mud balls, and an
attack crystal similar to the one I carry on my belt and use for remote work.
This is what he wrote of his experience when he opened the box:

>>so, I opened the box, and began to take first the small device from the
packing material, and no sooner I had the small device in my left hand, but an
ovoid energy, quite visible and palpable, emerged from it, and surrounded me,
and there I was, sitting in this egg of visible energy, and the message was very
clear: the way we are living in this world is completely wrong - not merely
morally wrong, but our understanding of the actual nature of the structure and
functioning of the multiverse is quite wrong, quite mistaken this lasted many
moments, then some of the ovoid energy seemed to enter my spine area, and then
it closed itself back into the device it shared with me, lent me, some kind of
gift, that will be used and useful in future, that much I know<<

The device he speaks of would be the Archangel Michael charged attack crystal.
Then he writes:

>>then when I took out the larger, the Triniti Wand, it sent its energy down
into the ground right then and there: again, a visible flow of energy, one of
the most remarkable things I've ever seen.

These things have, carry consciousness, a consciousness that communicates very
clearly and wholesomely; as powerful as they are, there is no danger that these
would be, or could be, "misused" if fallen into the wrong hands, because the
consciousness that informs these devices would not make itself available to a
dark purpose, this is sure.

These are devices of sacred science, as opposed to mere technology. In other
words, these devices work as the cosmos truly works, and so they can repair,
when suitably and properly applied, the so-called "irreparable".<<

Hard to believe, but it was four years ago this past month that we took the
battle to the enemy and began to fight on our terms instead of those dictated by
the situation. We took the struggle to the mental and spiritual plane, where we
have allies, and that day their world began to un-wind. Emil's experience
describes better than I ever could just how these things work.

That Triniti Wand knew where it was going. It was purpose-built for that
particular application. MaryK looked at it and told me that before I put it in
the box. She was delighted that Emil's message validated her vision.

The pseudo-choppers are gone now, and it's quiet over the portal. Emil has cut
a wide trail across New Mexico. A wide one, but a short one. There's much more
to be done. I'll have more to say about what he has done in a later post.

Right now, it's time to visit the Hangar 18 Coffee Shop. I have a story to
tell ol' Whizbang. 004! Got the coffee ready? Rick's buying, so y'all order what
you please. Next stop, the Hangar 18 Coffee Shop, in Part Three.


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Captain's Log 8 April 2007 Part Three of Three....

Postby marykmusic » Mon Apr 09, 2007 12:27 am

Welcome to the Hangar 18 Coffee Shop. It's a virtual reality only coffee shop
right now. But, who knows what the future holds? Here you will read stories
similar to what you may have overheard while sipping coffee where the Hangar 18
pilots went for coffee. Contributions and suggestions are always welcome.

Earlier this year, Whizbang posted a story about a UFO.

>>At the beginning of WWII, in 1941 ... my grandparents lived in a rural area.
And in 1941, long before the UFO craze, a saucer craft buzzed their farmyard.
Yes, flying saucers in 1941.<<

Remember? Whizbang, I've finished reading that book now. Joseph P. Farrell's
The SS Brotherhood of the Bell.
Found more stuff in there that reinforces your contention that UFOs are

Near the end of the book is a photo of Kenneth Arnold with his sketch of what
he saw over the mountains in Washington State. This was in early 1947, a few
months before the Roswell crash. On the opposing page is a photo of one of the
Horton brothers' flying wings over Germany in 1939. Very, very similar in
appearance. There is information about theirs and others' flying wings on line.

The book itself traces the development of saucer-related technology that began
in pre-Nazi Germany. In fact, a good case is made that there was at that time,
and probably still is now, a secret organization operating outside of any world
government from which at least some of the technology was obtained. Maybe it is
connected to this story that Whizbang referred us to:

The Philip Corso story is a cover, the book's author asserts. At least, the
part about the occupants being ETs. The technology that was found in the craft
and supposedly seeded into our manufacturing system was not all that unique. He
finds the possible root sources of this stuff in pre-war patents and

Plus, and I didn't know this, it is worth mentioning that Corso himself was an
investigator for the Warren Commission. See Peter Dale Scott's book, Deep
Politics and the Death of JFK. Corso wrote his book with the collaboration of
William Birnes, who went on to become the head honcho of UFO Magazine. UFO
Magazine was identified by William Cooper [Behold A Pale Horse] as a CIA
construct. Corso and his superior, General Trudeau, were both spooks. Birnes
too, I think. Anybody know for sure?

As for the bodies in the Roswell craft, they may have been strange looking but
that doesn't make them ETs. One of the last bits of information that Corso
released was that the bodies were biological constructs. Maybe that was what got
him killed. He and Birnes were already working on the next book, The Day After
Dallas. So I think he was pushed off stage earlier than they originally planned.

The book is The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, by Joseph Farrell. I highly
recommend it. You can find it, and many other fascinating titles here:

Natural question is; what's this got to do with chemtrails or anything else?

First order of combat is know your enemy. Anyone who hasn't read Sun Tzu,
that's your next assignment. The indications are that there is a powerful force
that shapes events on earth and that it may be even more powerful than the
Illuminati, or it may be the force that gives life to the Illuminati. If so, we
need to know this. And we need to be as informed about it as possible.

Could be that this powerful force has its roots in the spirit world and is/was
working through Marconi and Tesla, as indicated by the Atlantis Rising article.
Could be that there are two opposing forces working their will through various
physical agencies. I've seen indications of that, too, but that's a story for
another Hangar 18 coffee time. Those of you who have read Issac Asimov's
Foundation series or the Dune series of books will understand what I am talking

004! Check please! And include for yourself a generous tip. Rick's buying, so
we can all rest easy about that.

Thanks, Rick!

Till next time....


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Captain's Log 29 April 2007 Part One of Three.....

Postby marykmusic » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:49 pm

Wow! Three weeks since the last Log entry. Glad I didn't sign up for a weekly
report! It's hard enough to find time to do these sporadic entries.

Z-Force Group will have its own web site as of 1 May, if all the necessary
keystrokes fall into place as scheduled. The address will be announced as soon
as it is up. My web master told me what the address would be, but I didn't write
it down and I'm not sure exactly where all the hyphens and slashes are. I'll
also be able to receive e-mail at the web site.

A bit of background here. We were giving shelter to a newly discovered friend
who was going through a tough time breaking up with his girl friend. It was sort
of an "adopt a geek" program. The man is a genius in the binary world. He is out
of his element when it comes to predatory women.

He got taken advantage of in a big way. This man is a wonderful human being
involved in a business relationship with another wonderful human being who acts
as a kind of keeper or minder for him. She's an accountant, and steers him clear
of trouble in the business world.

She's also there for advice and counsel when personal relationships go sour.
Thus it was that she and he were both guests in our home for an extended period.
They both come from the part of Florida that is known as southern Alabama. They
both have outer space counter-parts involved in the fight for control of the
earth, as do many of the people who are reading this. The Universe, I suppose,
decided it was time for them to be made aware.

So it is that we now have two new Z-Force Group operatives in the Pensacola
area. We're gonna see some real action out of that area. She has not assumed a
nom de guerre, so for now we'll refer to her as Lady X. And he does such a
perfect voice of Mr.Ed, the talking horse on the television series years ago,
that everyone in his world calls him Mr.Ed. So, as one of the Z-Force
operatives, he'll be listed as Mr.Ed.

Lady X wanted to do some work for the cause right away, so she volunteered to
build a web site for us. She and Mr.Ed get together and crank out code when they
are working on a project together and it just flows like water. She's really
good, and has built a nice looking web site for us.

I told her to launch it on 1 May just for the symbolism of it. It's a special
day for the Dark Side, so if I can spoil their party even a little bit, then
it's the proper thing to do. The site won't be finished, and even when it's
finished it will evolve in response to the changing conditions of our struggle.

The Hangar 18 Coffee Shop will be there, as will some classified ads, if
anyone out there is interested. The Captain's Log, of course, and in time, Log
archives. This will not be a Yahoo group. We'll be able to do things that we
can't do on the standard chemtrail forums.

It won't be interactive, at least not right away. There'll be no posting of
messages as we do on the forums. This isn't about having yet one more chemtrail
forum. There are plenty of them out there already.

I am putting out a call for writers on various subjects. I'll be looking for
contributions to the Hangar 18 Coffee Shop. More on that later.

Are there any cartoonists out there? Anything from a solitary entry to a
continuing strip is possible. Write to me! Let's talk.

There will be a page for Z-Force Group products and services. In the past,
people who need us have been led to us. We've never really gotten into the
retail end of the movement, concentrating more on functionality than appearance.
Wizzer Jon, California Andy, and the Hootens in Florida all do such good work,
who wants to compete with them?

And so we won't! We do, however, have products that are unique to Z-Force
Group, unavailable anywhere else on the planet. Check in and look around.

Enough of the commercial messages! How's the war going? Glad you asked. We'll
review that in Part Two.


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Captain's Log 29 April 2007 Part Two of Three.....

Postby marykmusic » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:52 pm

The last three weeks have been intense. Our Friday the 13th plan didn't go off
as well as I had hoped. The plan was simultaneous strikes in New Mexico and
Utah. I have not heard from Emil over in New Mexico, so I don't know if he was
able to pull it off. Our Salt Lake City operative is a lady who looks good in
jeans, so we just call her Jean. She pounced on the center of the Mormon world
like Homer Simpson going after a donut. Too late to pray, boys. You've been mud
balled! She has a special treat for the big salt lake, but was unable to get
there on the 13th. If there are any of you out there who were active on that
date, please post!

Earth has been under siege for about a month now. Flash tells us that it is
like a video game out there. Battles all over the place. Spaceman Spiff was
involved, and reported on one battle where he used his mental power to, in his
words, 'dis-aggregate' the hull of the ship. Flash is involved, myself and MaryK
and a few others. When it gets really intense we have to go lie down, park our
physical bodies in a safe place, and mentally join in the fight. Spiff has
better memory recall than I do. I have to ask Flash what was going on. I did
recall being involved in preventing a nuclear war. Flash told me that it was an
attack from outer space. There were about a thousand of us there that day.

Checked in with Flash yesterday. MaryK gets cartoon-like images from him. She
saw him riding a rocket like Slim Pickens in the final scene of the
Dr.Strangelove movie. Symbolic, of course, but Flash was on the job. His actual
task, assigned to him, was to disarm nuclear warheads. All of them! What a cool

It's the only way to stop these crazy darksiders, I guess. There was a
submarine with orders to launch a missile against Iran. Flash got to the missile
first. The captain pushed the button to arm the missile. The light went on, the
light went off. Captain pushed the button again. The light went on, the light
went off. After the third time, he gave up. I don't know what happened after

No known connection, but the radio reported that the Maximum Leader of Iran
was on the phone with the Maximum Leader of Iraq, making plans for the big
conference in May. Maybe something good will come of that.

Meanwhile, back in the District of Calamity, the dominoes continue to fall.
Two more resignations last week, and now the D.C. Madam has released thousands
of phone numbers of her clients, which include media and military personnel
moonlighting [at $300 per hour!]. Military and industrial espionage mixed with
politics and sex. Can't you hear Don Henley right now? Dirty Laundry! He's
singing it, they're living it. This has gotta be the most interesting planet in
the solar system. I'll bet a lot of those UFOs are just tourists come to gawk at
the animals. Something to talk about in the Hangar 18 Coffee Shop!

There is a problem with the bees. Notice, though, how the media has framed the
discussion. They are describing it as a bee die-off, and pose the question
"what's killing our bees"? That, of course, limits the discussion and leads us
down a diversionary path. The bees are not dying! No one has reported finding
dead bees. They report bees that have disappeared, and that's something
altogether different.

The bees have not died, they have been driven away by a frequency, most likely
from cell phone towers. And it's not something a mud ball or orgonite would
stop, as it is, by itself, an innocuous frequency. But to the bees, it is a
sound that irritates them and they have to leave. They're not dead, they just
left the area where the frequency is being broadcast.

Monsanto is a year or two away from developing self-pollinating crops. Having
bees in their test fields interferes with that, so they found a frequency that
drives the bees away. It has gone beyond Monsanto's self-interest now and has
become a weapon. Taiwan reports millions of missing bees, too.

The only defense that we are aware of now is to broadcast 439hz to counter the
anti-bee frequency. This is serious, serious, stuff. I'm going to consult with
Spaceman Spiff later on and see if he has any ideas.

Another good man to consult is Archangel Michael. He came in this morning and
said he would take care of a problem at the Kentucky Derby. Have y'all noticed
that the last two or three races have been bizarre events, with broken legs and
improbable winners? Someone is messing with those horses. Last year they did it
again and I vowed I'd do what I could to make it an honest race this year.

I was getting ready to call in Flash to mess with some people, when Michael
said he'd handle it. There is someone on site who is broadcasting a frequency to
keep the top two horses awake the night before the race and thus enhance the
chances for others. Last year it was more serious than that. They actually
damaged a horse. When Michael starts to look around there, he may see more than
just something to keep the horses awake. He promised to take care of it, so the
Queen will have an honest race to watch. The absentee landowner is here to see
how her subjects amuse themselves. We want her to have a good experience to take
back home with her.

NZKimball posted a notice on Rick's forum letting us all know that Alex
Constantine is back on line. Thanks, NZ!

We have just enough time for a quick cup of coffee at the Hangar 18 Coffee
Shop. Y'all meet me over there in the third half of the Log entry.


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Captain's Log 29 April 2007 Part Three of Three.....

Postby marykmusic » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:55 pm

This is likely the last time we'll have a Hangar 18 Coffee Shop meeting here.
Once the site gets up and running, it will be a separate part of Z-Force Group,
and develop on its own path.

Agent 004 will still be there in her cute little waitress outfit. Much
classier than the Star Wars Cantina waitresses!

In a world of six degrees of separation, if you look in the right places
you'll find someone with a connection to Area 51. And if the Universe wants you
to be aware of something, it will make that connection for you. So it is that
this past week MaryK met someone who was closely connected to Area 51.

The conversation was brief, constricted by time and circumstance. There was
time enough to relay two pieces of information:

1. If we knew what went on out there, we'd be very frightened.

2. There are UFOs out there, and they all belong to us, manufactured right
here on earth.

That's not to say that aliens with space craft do not exist and have not
visited the earth or interacted with the government. But there in Area 51, it's
all ours.

We'll leave it at that for right now. Something for all of us to think about.

I don't have a firm plan for the way the Coffee Shop will evolve. I'm looking
for input and participation from interested parties. Book reviews, experiences,
informative web sites; other ideas?

We can do book and DVD reviews on other subjects in a sort of reading room
lounge in another section of the web site.

How about tutorials in Virtual University, the VU from cyberspace? Anyone want
to do a tutorial on winding a mobius coil? Put it on YouTube and link to it from
the VU. Do I hear a volunteer to do a YouTube tutorial on making a cloudbuster?
We can link to that. Your ideas? Write to me.

Somewhere I want to post a list of worthy targets. Something like the wish
list you do on Amazon when there's a book you want. Wherever someone lives, they
will be able to look at the list and see all the targets in their area. When
they're done, we'll tick them off.

User reports from agnihotra practicioners. We've gotten bunches of them, but
no place to put them. There will be a place on the new site.

Gotta go now and see that the Queen is getting along O.K. I've instructed my
driver to bring the Bentley around. You can't miss it in the parking lot. It's
the only one painted in green and yellow John Deere colors. Has a license plate
holder "My Other Car Is A UFO".

What I want is one of those DeLoreans like Doc Brown had in the movie, but
this job doesn't pay enough for that.

Check, please, 004. Rick's buying.

Till next time.....


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Captain's Log 12 May 2007 Part One of Two....

Postby marykmusic » Sat May 12, 2007 9:22 pm

It's time for another installment of the Captain's Log. We're happy to see that we're still getting readers! Thanks. --MaryK

Pop quiz: What if everyone in America drove a pink Cadillac?

Ponder on that for a while, as we catch up on the news.

Keeping it more or less in chronological order, we have made contact with
people in the UK. One lady from the UK who posted a bit on the forum not very
long ago complained of back pain and much difficulty in walking. She and I
entered into a private correspondence and I worked on her back remotely. It made
a lot of difference, speeded her recovery by days if not weeks and we continued
to correspond.

She's a bundle of energy and determination, and knows lots of people in the
UK. She is already a member of a forum that focuses on the stuff we here in the
states have focused on for years. I became a member, introduced them to Z-Force
Group, and the Captain's Log will go international as of today.

Towers and chemtrails are a problem for those people over there, too. She
ordered some ash for herself, then encouraged others to do the same, and now we
have ash all over England and a package on its way to Spain. Next week I expect
to be sending some to Scotland.

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the problem knows that England and
Scotland are loaded with juicy targets. I'm a bit envious, they're gonna get a
lot of glory out of this one! The important objectives have been identified and
volunteers are ready. Next time we meet, I should have something substantial to
report from the UK.

Maggie is our UK contact, and she is one determined lady! She sent me a video
about agnihotra this morning and I'm passing it on to you all. It will be
incorporated into a re-write of the agnihotra form letter and be referred to on
the web site when the site gets going. 'Nother couple weeks, maybe.

Flash tells us that the Kentucky Derby was a clean race this year. Archangel
Michael was the one who made certain of that. You don't mess with Michael. Did
y'all see that horse come from 19th place to win going away? Wow! Now we gotta
get some protection for him at the Preakness so he doesn't wind up like last
year's favorite did.

I hope the Queen lost a bucket of money on that race! And did y'all catch the
photo of Dubya making the two-fingered horn symbol, sneaking it into the
photograph? He's just like a little kid who learned a dirty word and looking for
a place to use it where he could shock his elders. He knows all the moves, been
to the ceremonies,
maybe even eaten a few babies. But he has no power of his own, can't conjure
any up, either. He gets to hang out with all the upper level darksiders, but
he's as out of place there as Colin Powell at a Klan rally. A village idiot,
being used by people far more clever than he is. Now they are in the process of
discarding him. Gotta make it look like a democratic process, though.

Special thanks and recognition to "someone" who put some ash right on the
Washington Monument. Since it was a private communication, I am not sure if I am
at liberty to reveal the name of this person. Please step forward and claim your
spot in history, if you are ready to do that.

Seems like an innocuous thing to do. To you and I, it's just a bit of ash. To
the other side, though, it is the sound of doom. MaryK looked at the Monument to
see what effect there was. She said that the ash energy went down, and then
spread out and the whole mall is in a containment field right now. There is
something egg-shaped under the monument. Might be a ship. Image was not clear
about that. The containment field, that was a clear image!

This was an important event. Which brings me to the next subject. There will
be a list of Worthy Targets posted on the new web site. I already have the text
and photos ready to be inserted. The Washington Monument is on that list. Now we
can make a notation that it has been covered, and mention it in the next list.
We call that one The Bone Yard.

The American language is nothing if not colorful and descriptive. Trade
groups, professions, sports associations and other groups with a unique identity
have their own 'insider' language. Sometimes it spills out into the public
domain. So it is that everyone is familiar with what the Mob refers to as "made"
men, or men who have "made their bones". In the Mob, it means someone who has
made the ultimate commitment to the organization, someone who has killed
someone. Outside the Mob, it is used to describe someone who has passed a sort
of initiation, or has proven themselves by their performance or commitment.
Among our people, someone who has made his bones is someone who has taken out
one or more important dark side assets.

The "bone yard' is where we parked the dead airplanes when I was in the Navy.
The Air Force had a big one in Arizona back then. Is it still there? The "bone
yard" is also where elephants go to die, so the legend goes. Or a collection of
used up cars that are a resource for scavenged parts.

So, we're gonna have a Bone Yard. Made your bones? Taken out some important
place? Toss the "bones" into the bone yard. That's the burial place for all the
important dark side assets. The ordinary neighborhood tower is not worth
mentioning. One is expected to do that. But if you have taken out a massive
array that threatens a whole town, or you have taken out every tower in a town,
or an underground base, or infiltrated a military reservation, or did as Nancy
did and hit the Skull and Bones with ash; those kind of things are noteworthy,
and we all want to hear about them.

Nancy's attack on the Skull and Bones is history worth recording. So is
Theresa's attack on the Bohemian Grove. Write this stuff down, you two, and I'll
post it on the site. There are other noteworthy sites that need to be mentioned,
too. And, there are still a number of big, important dark side assets that have
not been blessed yet. So start looking around to see what can and should be

And now for something completely different. How about a story about a big
romance? Are you ready? That'll be in Part Two.


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Captain's Log 12 May 2007 Part Two of Two.....

Postby marykmusic » Sat May 12, 2007 9:29 pm

Ah, romance. It's May. It's Spring. The world needs more romance.

We have Sherman there at the Wayback Machine, and he's taking us back to
February of this year. We'll need to review that time period so as to better
understand the romantic story as it unfolded.

Y'all will remember just how heavy we were being sprayed back in those days,
especially California. They really like to pick on California.

You'll also remember the UAVs out of Beale AFB, creepy silent craft just
perfect for spying on citizens. That's what the future looks like, and those who
saw it were disturbed. There's more to Beale AFB than meets the eye. There's
stuff under ground there. Our Hero, the name I gave him then, lives near there,
and he volunteered to deploy enough Triniti Wands to neutralize the base.

He deployed them, all right. I got a letter from him late last night. Here's
an excerpt from the letter:

>>> There was this intense activity of spraying for 2 or 3 weeks immediately
afterwards, as you said, in vengenence before the offworld guys were forced out.
The skies here have now reverted back to what it was like about 3 or 4 years ago
when I first became aware of the spray activity.<<<

The spray boys were killing sylphs back then. That's what the intense "if we
can't have the planet nobody else can either" spraying was all about. Then our
friends from out of town came in and took the off-worlders away.

Our Hero did not have a nom de guerre at the time, so we just called him Our
Hero, O.H. for short. We'll be hearing more from him as time goes on, so he
wants to be known as Chris the Whistler.

The experience of actually fighting back put the thrill of living back into
his life, and he went on from there to dust up the State Capitol. All this, mind
you, in his little 3-cylinder Puttmobile on a Social Security income less than
some people's car payments. He was amazed at the difference that he was able to
make in response to the chemtrail threat, and even more amazed at how different
it made him feel. Personal empowerment is an awesome thing, and that's what he
did for himself.

Once you start down that road, things begin to happen. What he did sent a
strong message to his subconscious that he likes living life more fully.
Subconscious responded. Your subconscious is a slave, and will do anything you
ask of it. His subconscious got the message that he wanted a fuller life. So,
voila! It brought him into contact with someone to love.

Now, remember, this dude is even older than me, if you can imagine such a
thing. :-) But here he is, getting himself ready for a trip to China to meet his
new-found love. China! Wow! This is the guy who had a hard time getting out of
his neighborhood.

He ordered more ash, and it goes out in today's mail. And we're working on
ways to get it into China. It'll be between one and three months before he goes,
so there's time. There are some personal health issues that we are going to
address, too. Another personal empowerment move. This is the kind of stuff that
will have its own place on the web site; stories of people who have met and
overcome health challenges.

A friend of mine opened one of the first health food stores in Dallas in 1966.
We had a mutual friend who was a white-haired retiree who could barely walk. She
put this guy on a diet of fresh vegetable juices. A few months later, I attended
his wedding as he walked down the aisle without a cane. Who would have thought
it possible, four months previous?

So, closed circuit here for Chris the Whistler. We need before photos taken
now, and more with your new bride. Then we'll compare them with photos taken
later after you have recovered. She does Chinese folk dancing, and I'll bet he
will too after we clear up his back pains. One more excerpt from his letter says
it all about personal empowerment from first-hand experience:

>>>In closing, I want to say that doing my mission was good therapy. I used
to get so angry with the spray program disregarding all common sense and natural
laws and feeling helpless. I now look up and see them and I feel good that I
did something and hit back as best I could.<<<

Seventy years old, and still showing us all the way!

Romance! Drama! Courage! Fierce determination! Coming soon to a theatre near

Would you believe, YouTube?

Pink Cadillacs. What would happen if we all drove pink Cadillacs?

We'd be a pink car nation.

Till next time.....


Everybody sing! "A white... sport coat... and a pink car nation..." --MaryK

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Captain's Log 25 May 2007 Part One of Three.....

Postby marykmusic » Fri May 25, 2007 8:16 pm

Is everyone ready for an interesting Memorial Day weekend? This could be one to remember. So many cross-currents and behind-the-scenes activity that it is difficult to sort them out and anticipate how events will play out. Bear with me here, and let's do this together.

It took about 50 days for the aircraft carrier USS Stennis to arrive, but it is now reportedly in Gulf waters. Lots of ducks [read; targets] in one small pond. It is supposedly there to relieve the Eisenhower, the ship that left in October after so much trouble in the mess hall. Remember?

Stennis had its share of troubles, too. It had to limp over to the Gulf, unable to maintain full speed. And just this week, we got word that one of the ships in the Stennis carrier group had to turn back and head for port. There were some people that had to be taken off the ship. How many, and for what, we don't know right now. Sick? Crazy? Mutinous? Don't know.

The Nimitz is there now, too, or so they say. That means that there are three carrier groups out there. I can hear the Iranian war captains sigh; " So many targets, so few missiles".

For the first time since October, that no-war-with-Iran limb I have been sitting on is beginning to feel a bit wobbly.

Flash and Spiff tell us that the morale is low on these ships. They are not combat-ready at all. There is mutiny among the officer corp, bubbling just below the surface. They see what is happening and they know that it is wrong, and they do not want a war against Iran. Flash says that there is actually a plan to attack Iran this weekend.

In the past weeks and months, every attempt to initiate action against Iran has been thwarted by our own "coalition of the willing". Archangel Michael, Flash, some peace-loving Quaker types [I have to protect identities as these are earth-bound entities] and maybe some others I am not aware of have all intervened against the war, each in his own way.

When action was initiated against Iran, navigation systems failed, missile arming action failed, and Israeli airplanes acted like bucking broncos. So, with all that in mind, I asked Flash if we could intervene on this occasion too. I was thinking of something mild, like what he did with the Eisenhower. If we mess with the pilots so that they cannot stray too far from a bathroom, then they can't fly and there's no war. Sounded straightforward and simple, to me.

Flash sent me a stern warning not to mess with the situation. "It is being handled", he said.

Some of these American pilots helped train the Iranian pilots, and they became friends. So, the Americans don't want to go against them. The whole officer corps is about ready to mutiny, anyway, over the situation in Iraq and the planned confrontation with Iran.

It goes beyond simple dissatisfaction with the leadership. Their equipment is not reliable. Remember the 'Chinese chips'. Oh, man! They're everywhere. GPS is not reliable, night vision goggles don't always work, planes have trouble with 'gremlins'. Gremlins go back to WWII. Do some research on that, if you are not familiar. Seems that the gremlins have all gotten married, raised families, and now have grandchildren. There are lots of 'gremlins' out and about right now, and even the military is beginning to get the message that this war is wrong, or at least, impossible.

So the situation is that the seamen are all going stir crazy, the equipment is malfunctioning, the officers are aware of the real truth, and even the enlisted men can see that they are being set up for sacrifice.

From what Flash was able to transmit, and my understanding of it is, this is 'the moment of truth', as they say in bullfighting. If the order comes down this weekend, those on site there will be forced to make a decision.

If they go up against Iran, they'll get their asses kicked the same way that Israel did in Lebanon. So, it's either fight the Iranians or fight the Washingtonians. My radar tells me that the whole thing is in a state of flux right now. Maybe the navy will have to stand up because the democrats stood down, and didn't force the Iraq war issue. Anything could happen, it is that volatile right now.

The potential is here for an 'interesting' Memorial Day weekend. More cross-currents and background in Part Two.


The website is up and running, and I will be adding the Captain's Logs to it as soon as I get time to play Webmistress. These have been posted for years on other sites. --MaryK

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Captain's Log 25 May 2007 Part Two of Three.......

Postby marykmusic » Fri May 25, 2007 8:47 pm

This link will, at least for right now, take you to a CNN story that appeared on the Wednesday Huffington Post web site and disappeared the next day. I could not find it on CNN, either. If there is a button for CNN archives, I didn't find it. The story is another one of those cross-currents, and very significant, I think.

I didn't paste it all here because it is too long, but for the archival record, when this is read later, the story is that the US is now changing strategy. They are going to do some power sharing with insurgents. They are going to back away from direct confrontation with the enemy, as they say that defeating them is not possible. A political solution, in other words.

Here is the phrase that caught my attention:

"The officials cited an inability to maintain current troop levels into the summer as a reason for the changed course."

A few paragraphs later;

"... the announcement apparently is an acknowledgment that the traditional war-fighting stance of trying to capture or kill all insurgents is failing, that the country may have devolved into a civil war, and that the only way to proceed is to use military force sparingly and attempt to bring many insurgents into the fold."

So, is all this talk about September, re-assessing the situation in September after the surge has had a chance to prove itself really a mis-direct? A cover while negotiations are underway to dis-engage? If indeed it really is a civil war in progress over there, they'll only be able to buddy up to one side. Will that be the Iranian-friendly side? Is this part of an overall "if-you-can't-fight-'em, join-'em" strategy with Iran? There have been talks with Iranian officials. Were they promised part of the spoils of war, a piece of the country, if they help us chase out those other guys?

For those who may read this story weeks or months later, do a google on this phrase: "joint campaign plan redesign team". That should take you to someone's archive of the story. I found lots of hits on Yahoo when I tried it.

Meanwhile, back in Cheney-land. Dickie-bird is not giving up on the war against Iran. He is going behind Dubya's back with plans of his own. Dubya has softened his position to the point where he said this about our presence in Iraq in a press conference:

"It's their government's choice. If they were to say, leave, we would leave."

So, there's Bush speaking softly and carrying a small stick [sorry about that, Teddy Roosevelt] and a new strategy for Iraq is in the works. Meanwhile, back in Cheney-land, we see this report about Dickie-bird from the Raw Story web site:

>>A report published today reveals a growing game of tug-of-war between President Bush and his No. 2 regarding the US approach towards Iran.

Vice President Dick Cheney believes the US should not be pursuing a diplomatic path with Iran, and a senior aide to the vice president has been meeting with national security think tanks and consultants in Washington to "help establish the policy and political pathway to bombing Iran," Steve Clemons reported Thursday on his blog, The Washington Note.<<

It goes on to say that Ahmedinejad wants war, too. His popularity is way down, just like Dubya's.

So, there you have it. All the makin's for a great HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER type thriller. Currents and cross-currents and under-currents. Religious wars, palace intrigues, potential military mutiny, gremlins in the equipment, Armageddon, non-physical entities working their will in earth affairs, an outraged population, spineless democrats and as if that wasn't enough; a bird poops on Mr.Bush's arm while he is in an outdoor press conference defending the irredeemable Alberto Gonzales. How's that for 'message from heaven' symbolism? The gods have spoken, Mr.Bush!!

Man! You can't make up stuff like that! Where's Cecil B. deMille when we need him the most? What an epic movie this would make!

All the potentials are in place, yet the weekend may pass quietly. Dragon ain't going out on that limb. But, just in case you feel you don't have enough to worry about, wait till you read Part Three!


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Captain's Log 25 May 2005 Part Three of Three.....

Postby marykmusic » Fri May 25, 2007 8:58 pm

Just like something out of a Michael Chrichton medical science fiction horror movie, here comes the Baghdad Bug!

Creepy looking stuff in those photos. The text says that it is a disease picked up in Iraq. Equally possible that it may be from vaccinations of our troops. Otherwise, you'd think that something this horrible and resistant to treatment would have wiped out the Iraqi population generations ago.

Whatever the source, it appears to be transmissible. Allowed, or encouraged, to spread, it may be the health problem they need to get their martial law agenda going here in the States. They've tried everything for years, going all the way back to the S.A.R.S. epidemic. Avian flu, equine flu, and all the other manufactured problems didn't get the job done. This one might.

As I said, this is in case you have run out of something to worry about.

Now, on a lighter note, sort of:

If you haven't heard of Reverse Speech, and you should have if you've been paying attention, it's been around for years; then the technique will be familiar when you read the link above.

The speaker's words were played backwards and reveal the presence of a large reptilian ship in the water under the navy ships in the Gulf. It describes what happens when the reptilian ship comes out of the water.

The whole story is a bit bizarre, but fits well into the mix of potentials listed in Part One! It's an anything-can-happen weekend, folks. Anything, including nothing. And if the story about the reptilian ship is valid, then that expands the time frame to include the rest of the month.

Now, an update on an old story.

It was a year ago this month that Wes and Pam escaped from Oroville, California. They had been gathering evidence against child pornographers and murderers for years, and the next step in the process was prosecution. Some very powerful officials in government were caught in the investigative net, and it was Empire Strikes Back time. Get out of town, or be killed.

We offerred them sanctuary, and sent them some mud balls to distribute around town so as to disrupt the other side and cover their escape. They also had a black box for their vehicle, and they programmed it to be invisible to anyone who would try to interfere.

The mud balls worked like magic! The powerful positive energy overwhelmed and threw out the negative energy. I don't know if they had enough mud balls to rescue the whole town, but it was enough to put the other side off balance so that Wes and Pam could escape. They told us afterwards that it was the mud balls and the black box that saved their lives. There was a search for them, but they eluded their pursuers.

There's something about Oroville. Pam told me that years ago, Anton la Vey came to that town and slammed his magic staff into the middle of an intersection and claimed the territory for Satan. A crack opened in the pavement. That crack has been repaired many times over the years, and still it reappears. It would be interesting to know if it is still there.

So Oroville was Satan's home away from home, so to speak. And darkside mis-deeds went un-challenged there. At least, until Wes and Pam went up against them. The forces of evil were so powerful in that town that they were able to leave murder victims in the park as a warning to anyone who would cross them. They used wood chippers and incinerators to dispose of bodies. Bad place, very, very bad place. How they survived is a mystery if you rule out the possibility of Outside Intervention.

After a few days of R&R, they got their taste buds back and began to enjoy food again. It was not safe for them to stay in our house, so they went into what we called our witness protection program and laid low all of June and July. When they returned in August, they rented a house right nearby. Soon after that, the FBI raided our place looking for them, or so they said. It was an intimidation tactic, really, hoping to provoke an action against them so they could take us in, too.

That didn't work, and they already knew where Wes lived anyway, so 15 minutes later they had him in custody.

He was charged with possession of child pornography, a felony. The statute he was charged under has a get out of jail free clause that says that it is legal to possess the material if it is part of an investigation. And it was part of an investigation. They are licensed Private Eyes, and they had already sent copies of the material to the FBI.

The whole thing was a set-up, a move by the perpetrators at risk to delay or prevent being prosecuted. The wheels of justice, and I use that word loosely, grind slowly. The evidence in Wes' defense was staggering. Wes and Pam have files on nearly 500 people involved in child smuggling, child pornography, child rape and murder and after many months of back and forth maneuvering, his motion to dismiss will be heard on the 18th of June. After that, he should be a free man again. I am hoping that his story will be written so that others may learn.

The lesson we have taken away from this experience is that the most important thing to the dark siders is their power source. You can talk all you want, and maybe even get convictions on all kinds of illegal activities and still be pretty safe from retribution if you are an Elliot Ness type of person who never was part of their fraternity. But no matter who you are, if you try to expose their real source of power, then you need to prepare for battle, or maybe ambush. Sure, they have grown-up sex slaves and Squeaky Fromme type mind control victims, and they can generate hurricanes and tornadoes that bust up whole towns, but their real source of power is from abuse and murder and ritual sacrifice of little children.

Nationwide, we lose about 2,000 children per week, mysteriously disappearing. And the FBI doesn't keep statistics on it!

There were FBI agents in Wes and Pam's perpetrator files. 'Nuff said.

The next move is setting up the web site. That will support our stateside efforts and provide a focal and rallying point for our European friends.

Everything is in place to begin assembling the web site. I hope to have it up and running by the time the reptilian ship comes up out of the water!

I'd be ahead of my time, if I weren't so far behind schedule!

Till next time....


I'll be adding to it over the weekend.

Notice how it has come 'round to ritual child abuse and such... again. --MaryK

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Postby marykmusic » Mon May 28, 2007 11:49 pm

Captain's Logs are now available at the website listed below. --MaryK

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Postby marykmusic » Tue Jun 26, 2007 10:49 pm

More Captain's Logs have been posted at our website. --MaryK

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Postby marykmusic » Sat Jul 14, 2007 10:19 am

The Captain loves Friday the 13th! Latest logs at website below... that way the reader doesn't overload the CPU quota here. --MaryK

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Postby marykmusic » Wed Aug 01, 2007 8:55 pm

August 1 is a traditional Pagan holiday, celebrating bringing in the grain: Lugnesnagh (or some similar spelling.) A new Captain's Log is up at the Z Force Group website. --MaryK

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