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HAARP for sale to highest bidder

PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:19 pm
by Col Quisp
The Alaskan HAARP Facility Website has been down for quite sometime, having many ask the question on what is going on with it. An announcement was made that the resources to fund the project have been spent and the project has shutdown. But that isn’t the case.


As it stated in their official release, the facility is being bought by the highest bidder. HaarpStatus updates at are continuing so either the facility is still on, run by another group of scientists, or other facilities with the same technology are continuing to affect the atmosphere. There are many facilities like HAARP across the world, with smaller ones said to be in the United States as well.

An article stating the atmosphere is in reversal sparks interest to the timing the facility shutdown. Is mother nature confused because of what the facility did? Only time will tell, but readings are still up across the world with or without the Alaska facility.

It is worth to note we have had a lack of hurricanes so far this season, with not one being officially a hurricane hitting the United States. ... der-group/