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A "Disney Approach" to NSA Total Surveillance

PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:57 am
by Hugh Manatee Wins
Cross-posting this to the forum it belongs in.


I smell... a RAT! Image

Disney's lead engineer...
... is now NSA's lead engineer. Image
National Security Agency Hires New Associate Director for Research
Dr. Haseltine brings more than 23 years of private-industry experience to NSA/CSS, most recently serving as the Executive Vice President, Research and Development at Walt Disney Imagineering in California. Prior to over 10 years at Walt Disney Engineering working in various research and development senior leadership positions, Dr. Haseltine was employed by Hughes Aircraft as their Director of Engineering.


Dr. Eric Haseltine is a neuroscientist and executive who used to work for Disney.


“In other words, if you listen to extremely faint signals over a large period of time, [they will] tell you things,” he said. “We call that ‘turning volume into your friend.’ ”
-NSA's Dr. Haseltine, formerly of Disney (CIA for kidz!)
, describing the challenge of Big Brother's massive warrantless surveillance of the American people.

Golly, Dr. Haseltine, I smell mendacity!


Try listening to this signal and turn up the "volume"-

Data mining our lives makes your Big Brother NSA not "our friend," despite your Mr.Science-speak 'wonder of ideas' language
also used to peddle NASA's weaponizing of space.


Disney, NSA, Madison Avenue, DARPA, Pentagon...all the same folks at a certain level synthesizing surveillance and social engineering.


Welcome to the new improved counter-insurgency culture
of...Better Psy-Ops Through Science. (Umm. Lemony!)


Disney has been a major force in US government propaganda since World War II and especially afterwards due in no small part to the extreme right wing attitudes of its namesake and founder who had to make nothing but war propaganda and training films during WWII when the Office of War Information took Disney over and OWI's Bureau of Motion Pictures rewrote Hollywood scripts for the war effort.


Disney, along with Hollywood, remained a government asset when World War II was over serving to create the militarized personalities wanted in America's children by the National inSecurity State using:

> gender role-modeling
> stereotypes
> linguistics
> memory neuroscience
> and anthropomorphism (cute animals).



During the Cold War Walt Disney helped make children's television a medium for CIA's new covert domestic propaganda function which it carries out today in all media.

Document 4: United States Embassy, Iran Cable from Edward C. Wells to the Department of State. "Motion Pictures--The Film Two Cities," May 16, 1950.
Source: National Archives. Record Group 59. Records of the Department of State. Decimal Files, 1950-1954.

Suggests Walt Disney might help out with propaganda.

review excerpt by Phil Shannon of Marc Eliot's book-
“Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Walt?”, read the placards of striking Disney cartoonists in 1941, mocking the popular lyric from Walt Disney’s Three Little Pigs. They were on to something, because Disney, whose name is synonymous with “wholesome family entertainment”, had a dark side every bit as bad as his cartoon wolf.

Disney spied for the FBI for a quarter of a century, red-baited and wrecked Hollywood careers and lives, and teamed up with organised crime to deny his workers a union. He was a virulent anti-Semite strongly sympathetic to fascism.

In the 1950s Walt Disney worked with America's "ex-Nazis" like Heinz Haber...

...and Wernher von Braun (who used slave labor to make V2 rockets for Hitler)...
Image propagandize children into loving nuclear technology and missiles by making them Cool!...
Image the post-WWII generation wouldn't be horrified into rejecting the new permanent Total War Doctrine that made all civilians part of the War Machine all of the time.


Both George Lucas ('Star Wars'-1977) and Disney ('The Black Hole'-1979) conditioned American children with movies to accept space weapons before the Pentagon programs were publicly announced during the Reagan administration.

Potential military recruits were warned with Disney pictograms of the danger of both
the Red Menace (Communism) and............................................. the Black Hole (women)...WHY DOES THIS SPACESHIP HAVE A PENIS?!

So Dr. Disney Haseltine was already engineering for a spooky government psy-ops outfit before moving to the NSA where he now wields
A SAP against our heads...meaning he is unleashing onto the American public...
Analysis and
.....the better to detect the NOT NORMAL among us by keeping profiles of everyone in a vast computer database as if J. Edgar Hoover ran NASA.


Disney performed a similar function for the US government during and after World War II, embedding a state-sanctioned NORMAL attitude in children to accomplish what propaganda science calls-
"reducing the sphere of unpredictability."

Gender role models anchored predictable economic roles and continue to be a primary motivational tool for military recruiting by glorifying male status while minimizing female status.


Ever since World War II the US government has worked hard to keep Americans in a war time state of mind for economic, social control, and military recruiting purposes.




Unlike during Walt Disney's lifetime, today women are also recruited out of necessity and a few aggressive female role models have been added for this purpose-
...but most remain weak and passive-
...or evil
Image encourage boys to identify only with male role models to prepare them for potential military recruiting.


"Reducing the sphere of unpredictability" has been a goal of government propaganda beaurocracies since the 1930s and is done by pouring psychological operations (propaganda'n'stuff) IN to the public's collective mind
while monitoring what then comes OUT of it to adjust the dosage based on feedback analysis.


Ah, many don't know that surveillance is part of applying propaganda. Yup.
Finding out what people think and how they respond to specific psychological operations helps improve its application.

Like finding out if you hit a target and how to re-aim.


The internet is perfect for both instant analysis of psy-ops and surveillance.
But the NSA is digitizing ALL the forms of communication it can to apply the same surveillance analysis to the very activities that make up the daily lives of Americans.

"Why? Because we like you!"

So Dr. Disney Haseltine is the Big Brother doing the National Security Agency's
Total Information Awareness surveillance and data mining of our everyday lives
cleverly called by NSA a nice sterile academic name..."informatics."


"Informatics?" Cool!
Gosh, who doesn't want to be..."informed?" Sounds downright democratic, doesn't it?
As in " informed electorate..."


Wrong! This is an INFORMED ON electorate which is also deliberately MISinformed.

(oops- apologies for the above embedded slur I just noticed. The graphic was too good to pass up. Hmm...error or a little psy-ops viral marketing?
...right on topic!)

What a nice racket for Dr. Haseltine.


He goes from working for the Rat to BEING the rat in our kitchen-
...recording everything possible about us to make predictive software that keeps an eye out for 'unusual' behavior. And this is the new improved 'normal' for American government.

Thus the daily lives of all Americans have now become the 'internet' that NSA and DARPA 'search' for signs of potential 'Against-Us-ism' Image of any kind they want to observe and study. Like reading. Or worse, writing. On the internet!
You know those types.


Alarmingly, there are millions of Americans just watching TV and movies
...and not READING.

"It's a small world after all..."

This means their behavior is very predictable and 'normalized' since their vocabularies and attitudes are based on materials largely provided by US government social scientists starting before Pearl Harbor in 1941.

"It's a"

But then there are...the people UN-NORMALIZED and therefore...


Government does not like them and often the feeling is mutual.

But Dr. Disney Haseltine's Atypical Signal Analysis Processing will watch them and...
May, 2001- "Disney's Dr. Haseltine delights school kids at the NIH during
Brain Awareness Week." (That's a real press release, not a joke.) ... tory05.htm

A lively speaker, Haseltine brought a Disney approach to the slides that demonstrated how the brain works.

“Mr. Wolf, will you be back for Fascism Awareness Week?”
“Red Riding Hood, why is Hugo Chavez on your atypical MySpace page?
Oops…forget I said that. Resume your stress position.”

NIH press release on Brain Awareness Week:
"The goal was to stimulate interest in research and show how science crosses disciplines and offers exceptional career opportunities."

Especially in a police state and if you're... with us, not against us!
>Total Information Surveillance Needs You.< ... overnments

"These new finger scanners will replace Walt Disney World's geometry readers by the end of September."

"The federal government may have wanted Disney's expertise because Walt Disney World is responsible for the nation's largest single commercial application of biometrics, said Jim Wayman, director of the National Biometric Test Center at San Jose State University.

"The government was very aware of what Disney was doing," he said. "Everybody's interested in a successful project."

"Industry insiders say Disney has expressed interest in an even more advanced form of biometric technology _ automated face recognition. It has been touted as a way to pick criminals and terrorists out of a crowd."

"Another company, California-based A4Vision Inc., confirmed meeting with Disney officials in the past year to present its A4 facial recognition system to Disney."

"A4Vision is funded in part by the Department of Defense and In-Q-Tel, the CIA's venture capital firm for new technologies."

January, 2005 - Dr. Disney Haseltine is now at the National Security Agency making sense out of all the "dots" (hunh? Does he and in an online article uses a romantic analogy about how hard it is-
“...looking for a long time at a big universe for a distant planet...”

Um, what is that romantic puff all about? The preamble to ‘Star Trek?’

*Warning: Mr. Science-speak alert!*
Ah, I’ll bet he’s blowing smoke.
Hey wait a minute. Back to Earth, rat man!

He really means data mining everything anyone does, says, or writes
looking for
“actionable information.”

The FBI has already been recording over 10,000 PER YEAR who-mailed-who names and addresses off our letters- ... titialskip


ALL letters are about to be tracked and data-mined starting possibly in January, 2009 as better reported in this security issues article with the disturbingly accurate headline of
"U.S. Post Office to Enable Wholesale Surveillance of Mail" ... ffice.html

And all because of an illegal Bush signing statement from December, 2006- ... ail04.html


So Mr. Eric Disney/NSA Haseltine is busy…
analyzing ALL POSSIBLE illegally obtained information about our lives!



As the Wolf said to Little Red Riding Hood,
“...the better to see and steer you with, my dear.”


...Walt Disney's pal, J. Edgar Hoover, and Hitler's pal, Joseph Goebbels, are watching from Hell over drinks and
toast the progress of the American National inSecurity State.

“Salud.” – *clink*




NSA looks to informatics to connect dots


Current apps cannot filter data quickly, finely enough, agency’s research chief says

Every bit counts—literally—at the National Security Agency.

That’s why NSA needs new informatics software that can gather individual bits of information from many sources and assemble them to produce “actionable knowledge,” said Eric Haseltine, NSA research director.

Today’s commercial intelligence software just isn’t powerful enough to do the job of sorting through the immense amount of data NSA collects, Haseltine said at a recent meeting of the Technology Council of Anne Arundel County, Md.

“In our business, actionable knowledge is someone we need to get before they get us,” he said. Haseltine envisions software that can, as he says, connect the dots. It must distinguish among people, places, events and time in documents and then relate these data entities to those in other documents and produce a summary of the combined elements.

To get this new analysis software, NSA has awarded a one-year, $445,000 contract to the Chesapeake Innovation Center of Annapolis, Md., to seek out information assurance technologies and informatics software being developed by industry and academia.

NSA is experiencing a vast increase in the data it must monitor, Haseltine said. New communications mediums such as instant messaging, cellular telephones and Web pages flood the organization.

But when NSA invited a representative from a large Silicon Valley relational database-mining company to discuss ways of capturing, filtering and ingesting such data, the agency found the company had little to offer.

“We told him our problems and he said, ‘That’s way beyond anything we can do,’ ” Haseltine recalled.

NSA is looking for software that can pinpoint trends buried within large data sets, using a minimum of data. Haseltine likened the process to how astronomers find planets in other solar systems that cannot be viewed through telescopes. They record individual photon activity, or “tiny little signals” for extended periods.

“In other words, if you listen to extremely faint signals over a large period of time, [they will] tell you things,” he said. “We call that ‘turning volume into your friend.’ ”

Mehmet Dalkilic, an associate professor at Indiana University’s School of Informatics, defines informatics as the study of how humans use IT.

“Scientists can no longer be experts in IT,” he said. Given the growing complexity of most IT products, professionals are finding it more difficult to make full use of the capabilities of new software. Conversely, most technology specialists do not fully understand their users’ domains, so it becomes increasingly difficult for them to know which new capabilities to add to a program. Informatics bridges the two worlds, he said.

Semantic thumbnails

Dalkilic himself is heading up a project to develop “semantic thumbnails,” a method of automatically summarizing text documents by using controlled domain vocabularies to highlight important parts of documents.

Search engines can use semantic thumbnails to produce more accurate results.

Perhaps the key to working with large amounts of data is not relying solely on the software applications themselves, but placing them within a larger iterative process that can filter out the unwanted data.

This is the approach taken by Rand Corp. of Santa Monica, Calif. The nonprofit research organization has developed a new workflow schema that could help U.S. intelligence agencies better sift through massive amounts of data, said John Hollywood, a Rand researcher who helped craft the architecture.

“We specifically designed it for counterterrorism, but a lot of the overall approach would apply to a wide range of intelligence analysis,” Hollywood said.

The Atypical Signal Analysis and Processing architecture sorts data through multiple steps. Data about suspicious people, places, things and financial activities is first collected from a number of government external databases. This information is supplemented by field reports of unusual activity.

Software agents scan the information for relationships and form hypotheses about how the different bits are related. The system then prioritizes its findings and alerts human analysts to the most important outcomes.

Doing it all

“You’re filtering incoming information, flagging the most useful pieces, linking incoming data elements together and generating hypotheses of the information,” Hollywood said.

-------------- appropriate, a Rand technician named... John Hollywood.

"See you real soon!"


A UFO decoy article suddenly looms!

PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 12:01 am
by Hugh Manatee Wins
Eric Haseltine gets keyword hijacked into woo this week.
Gee, why? 8)

Looks like the spooks wrote a decoy article linking a Mr. Heseltine to UFOs in the UK.

Eric Haseltine's 2003 paper on the Kalman Filter in datamining gets keyword hijacked into:
>Mr. Heseltine with
>a database which includes
>a man trying to call in a UFO sighting.
Oh, and the man is a Police Constable, referred to as
>"PC," as

My my.
A textbook example of spooks viral marketing counterpropaganda.

Here's Dr. Eric Haseltine's 2003 paper at Mt. Holyoke College, a spook academic stronghold as Alex Constantine has documented-
The Gordon Conference on
Statistics in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

July 27 - August 1, 2003, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

Mary Beth Seasholtz
The Dow Chemical Company
GRC Posters, 2003
10. "Comparison of Extended Kalman Filtering and Moving Horizon Estimation," ERIC L HASELTINE

A Kalman Filter is used to separate signal from noise, useful in NSA datamining surveillance illustrated above in this thread's original post-

Now here's the keyword hijacking decoy story:
"Mr. Heseltine's" tale of a man trying to call in a UFO sighting. They even got "database" in the headline and a subliminal byline.
Well done, lads!- ... years.html

UFOs: database of police sightings of records 310 incidents in six years

By Ben Leach
Last Updated: 1:20PM GMT 04 Feb 2009

Gary Heseltine, a British Transport Police officer, has produced an annual report detailing UFO sightings by officers across the country since 2003.
His latest report, published on his PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings ) database this week, highlights 50 new cases involving 106 officers - taking the total of individual sightings recorded to 310.

The 48-year-old said: "Police officers are trained to give dispassionate, detailed descriptions of things they see and are highly credible witnesses as a result."

Mr Heseltine said he set-up the database in the mid-Nineties after he found a UFO magazine full of highly credible accounts of sightings by military pilots backed up by radar evidence.

He said one of the most startling reports on it is that of PC Alan Godfrey, who spotted a diamond-shaped UFO levitating above a road in Todmorden, West Yorks, in 1980.

He tried to call for help on his police radio but it had stopped working. He then tried to get out of his car but was blinded by a white light. Pc Godfrey's next conscious memory is being back in his car, further down the road, with the UFO having vanished.
Under hypnosis he claimed he was taken up into the spacecraft and examined by small creatures.

Since starting the database Mr Heseltine, a detective constable from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, who has two grown-up children, claims to have made two UFO sightings.

The Mouse That Spied

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:45 pm
by Hugh Manatee Wins
...2007 article on Disney's links to government psyops and surveillance... ... 04710.html

Oct. 15, 2007 – Page 2976

The Mouse That Spied
By Tim Starks, CQ Staff

Mickey Mouse and the nation’s spy chief, Michael McConnell, share more than the same initials. Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, former and current Disney officials have been advising and sometimes joining the intelligence community to help with everything from spy technology to intelligence analysis.

A former Disney “imagineer” — to use the Magic Kingdom’s preferred term for its personnel — designed the operations center for the National Counterterrorism Center in Northern Virginia. Another Disney veteran headed up the director of National Intelligence’s science and technology division, and he remains a contributor to the intelligence community. Two panels at a conference in Chicago this past summer on intelligence analysis offered the Disney perspective on spycraft. And the list goes on.

To be sure, plenty of Hollywood companies have been assisting various federal intelligence initiatives since Sept. 11; federal authorities have even enlisted a small, informal group of directors and producers to storyA-board out prospective terrorist moves. And Disney had been aiding the cloak-and-dagger set long before “synergy” became an entertainment industry buzzword: Walt Disney himself worked closely with the FBI, according to the agency’s files.

But the new relationship the Walt Disney Co. has with the intelligence world is a special one, observers say — thanks in part to the striking convergence between the conglomerate’s innovations in high-tech wizardry and the spook community’s adoption of the same kind of gadgetry.

“You’d be astonished at the overlap,” says Eric Haseltine, a former Disney hand who specialized in virtual reality before taking on executive posts in the National Security Agency’s research and development division and the Directorate of National Intelligence’s science and technology arm. Haseltine says he’s but one out of a significant (though he won’t specify) number of Disney employees who went into national security service after Sept. 11. He notes that both Disney theme parks and American spy agencies are profoundly interested in robotics, bolstering intellectual property protections — and even encryption, since roller coasters are run by radio transmissions that must be protected. “There is almost no discipline of science and technology a theme park doesn’t touch,” Haseltine said.

And as a media company, Disney is in the business of telling stories, Haseltine says — in much the same manner that intelligence analysts put things in a format stressing ready comprehension and proper interpretive context.

There are organizational overlaps as well. In a session at the Chicago conference that was supposed to be off the record — until a video of the session was posted for a time on a Web site affiliated with the conference — Disney official Rodney Faraon declared that the company’s own intelligence analysts are focused on threats not all that different from those the government assesses.

“If you take a look at any of our products, they’ll probably look like what the president reads every day” in his daily intelligence briefing, said Faraon, the company’s director of global intelligence and threat analysis (yes, that’s really a job title at the company). He also noted that his unit has grown from a small cadre of analysts to a “world-class intelligence enterprise.”

A spokeswoman for the National Counterterrorism Center, Leslie Jewell, offered no comment on the Disney-fied development of the facility.

But Rick Foglesong, a professor at Orlando’s Rollins College and author of “Married to the Mouse,” says it’s a natural convergence of professional niches: Disney’s people are among the brightest in corporate America, and they tend to be patriotic.

They’re also, well, nosy. “Disney really excels in providing invisible security, relying on cameras and undercover security officers and background intelligence reports,” Foglesong says. “They have a special need at the park: the need to provide security without giving alarm to their guests.” A
s with NSA surveillance initiatives, some of the theme park’s security measures — such as fingerprint scanning — have drawn fire from civil libertarians such as the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Tony Mendez, the legendary former chief of disguise for the Central Intelligence Agency, says that, at least in his case, the lines of influence also ran the other way, from spookland to the Magic Kingdom. “It’s a robust relationship, and if you’re looking for the best, sooner or later you’re going to end up at Disney,” says Mendez, who is now on the board of Washington’s International Spy Museum.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:40 pm
by Hugh Manatee Wins
There's a BBcode snafu making my original post fixed.
Maybe since the server was recently updated...

Re: A "Disney Approach" to NSA Total Surveillance

PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 9:01 pm
by MinM
Hugh Manatee Wins wrote:NSA looks to informatics to connect dots

BTW Abraham Zapruder's and Mrs de Mohrenschildt's Nardis of Dallas, one year after the Kennedy Assassination, was commissioned to work on the set of the second most famous lone-nut Marine in the world:

Was Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. intended to reinforce the -- exception to the rule, Lone Nut Marine Meme -- that the Warren Commission was trying to sell in 1964?
*** :: View topic - Back-and-to-the-left? Well yeah, but...,_U.S.M.C.

Re: A "Disney Approach" to NSA Total Surveillance

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:55 am
by Hugh Manatee Wins
MinM wrote:.....

Was Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. intended to reinforce the -- exception to the rule, Lone Nut Marine Meme -- that the Warren Commission was trying to sell in 1964?
Yes. Former Marine Oswald's intelligence career was meme-reversed into a dumb Marine.

You're on the right track, MinM.
"Gomer Pyle" was a television character created to serve two sequential psyops functions.

The original context for "Gomer Pyle," 'The Andy Griffith Show,' featuring mellow Sheriff Taylor was meant to dispense nuclear-themed counterpropaganda because of the scary nuclear-themed best-selling book by the whistleblowing former chief of the Army, General Maxwell Taylor, called 'The Uncertain Trumpet.'

Taylor abhorred the shift to Mutually Assured Destruction in the first nuclear war plans and warned that the US civilian population was not protected from nuclear strikes. Plus the spooks were worried about the image of General Curtis Lemay whose nuclear war-mongering was later decoyed as farce in 'Dr. Strangelove.'

So we got "Sheriff Andy Taylor" who doesn't even wear a gun and is slow to alarm.
General Taylor's book title, 'The Uncertain Trumpet,' became alarmist Deputy Barney Fife who also looked like the US Surgeon General Burney who was concerned about nuclear fallout.

So. The spooks created counter-associations with the urban names where nuclear weapon technology began, the Pile at the University of Chicago and the Manhatten Project. "Aunt Bea" was the mnemonic successor to the A-Bomb, the hydrogen bomb.

Nuclear concepts connected to 'high intelligence,' like Albert Einsten's Theory of Relativity and chain reactions , got meme-reversed into a dumb guy named "Go more pile" or Gomer Pyle.

"Opie" was a subliminal reference to Oppenheimer whose nickname was "Oppie."
Remember the opening credit sequence with Taylor and Opie goin' down to the FISSION hole? Right.

But after the assassination of JFK and the patsying-up of a former Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald, it became useful to meme-reverse the intelligence background of Oswald into a dumb Marine...named Gomer Pyle.

Re: A "Disney Approach" to NSA Total Surveillance

PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:32 pm
by MinM

Re: A "Disney Approach" to NSA Total Surveillance

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:32 pm
by MinM