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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby stefano » Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:00 am

On Rotherham, from The Economist. Lots of reasons to suspect that the police were actively protecting a gang. And some good sociology.

On one occasion, officers attended a derelict house and found an intoxicated girl with several adult men. They arrested the girl for being drunk and disorderly but detained none of the men. Some fathers tracked down their daughters and tried to remove them from houses where they were being abused, only to be arrested themselves.

Three reports had been commissioned in 2002, 2003 and 2006 to investigate early allegations. These found that some of the Pakistani men who were exploiting girls were also involved in gun crime and drug-dealing. Ms Jay noted that the reports “could not have been clearer” about the sexual abuse, yet the first one was suppressed because senior officers disbelieved the data it contained and the other two were ignored. As the council belatedly got to grips with the situation, five men were convicted in 2010 of sexual offences against girls, the only convictions to date.
What the report does not spell out, but which is true, is that the horrors in Rotherham fit into a pattern. In other northern towns such as Oldham and Rochdale, as well as in southern cities such as Oxford, gangs of Asian men have been convicted of grooming and abusing young, mostly white girls. This is a specific ethnic issue more than a religious one, says a community worker in a city near Rotherham. Young Pakistani men are increasingly alienated from their conservative parents, who want them to marry girls from back home (often the Mirpur district in Kashmir) and also from religious leaders, who often cannot speak English. Discussions of sex are taboo at home and in the mosque, so some learn about it from pornography, about misogyny from rap music and come to view white women as fair game (though the report also suggests Pakistani girls were abused, and that this was hushed up).

In Rotherham, this ethnic misogyny then ran up against the institutional misogyny of the police and the mostly white council. Ms Jay writes of one female employee at the council being told that if she wore shorter skirts to meetings “she’d get on better” and other senior male officials making explicit sexual remarks to female workers. Some senior police officers clearly saw the abused girls simply as sexually precocious young women.

In apologising to the victims, Rotherham council’s chief executive, Martin Kimber, said he had commissioned the review to understand what went wrong so that it could never happen again. But there is probably much more to come, from other cities. The sound of accusations flying in Rotherham could just be the sound of the floodgates opening.
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby Col. Quisp » Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:41 pm

Not sure where to post this - so here goes - Am I the only person who is disturbed by images of a child being 'bounced" on a man's shin, like they are playing "horsey?"
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby stefano » Fri Sep 05, 2014 4:34 pm

Col. Quisp » Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:41 pm wrote:Not sure where to post this - so here goes - Am I the only person who is disturbed by images of a child being 'bounced" on a man's shin, like they are playing "horsey?"

I'm very much on the fence about stuff like this - part of me thinks yeah, that's a bit off, and part of me thinks I think that because of an unhealthy conditioning from an environment that sexualises children, and stigmatises perfectly normal affectionate displays between men and little girls. I don't know, really, but I tend to think it's fine and being creeped out by it is the unhealthy thing. It's now actually a criminal offence in some places to take pictures of kids in a bath, and those are such cool photos. Everyone's a potential pedo these days, and that just adds to the way we're alienated from each other.
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby Col. Quisp » Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:11 pm

thanks - I guess I'm unhealthy then! Yesterday's "Henry" comic showed a kid bouncing on a man's shin and as soon as I saw it, I was having flashbacks and felt sick. Guess it depends on the manner in which the bouncing was done. Even as a kid, I felt it was a bit weird when my dad did it to me. I don't recall him doing it to my brother..hmmm....My dad was very weird. He was abducted by a stranger when he was a kid and taken onto a boxcar but he managed to escape. His mother used to make him wear sailor outfits even after they were out of style, and he had long blonde ringlets. She used to dress him (put his socks on) even when he was in his early 20s. I can still hear him going ""Bumpy bumpy bumpy" in that weird way...
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby Ben D » Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:17 am

Ex-Holy See ambassador faces 1st Vatican child sex abuse trial

Published time: September 24, 2014 08:06


Josef Wesolowski, the Vatican's Ex-ambassador to the Dominican Republic (Reuters / Luis Gomez / Diario Libre)

The Vatican has put its former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Josef Wesolowski, under house arrest ahead of a trial on pedophilia charges. It’s the first time in modern history a senior Vatican official has faced such a serious prosecution.

The Holy See, the Catholic Church jurisdiction in Rome, summoned the cleric last August, following reports that he allegedly sexually abused teenage boys in the Dominican Republic and paid them to masturbate in front of him.

For some time, Wesolowski lived freely in Rome, prompting victims of sexual abuse to voice concerns that he would escape justice, Reuters reported.

The government of the Dominican Republic started a criminal investigation, but did not press charges due to Wesolowski’s diplomatic immunity. Last month, though, a Santo Domingo court considered the possibility of charging him, as Vatican had defrocked him, thus canceling his immunity.

On Tuesday, the office of the Dominican Republic's attorney general asked for more information from the Vatican on how it made the decision to put Wesolowski under house arrest and start a criminal trial against him before advancing further in the case, AP reported.

Polish-born Wesolowski, 66, was defrocked in June, following the Vatican’s canon law finding him guilty. At the time, the toughest religious penalty was implemented: laicization, or the return to life as a layman.

Wesolowski handed in medical documents claiming he had health problems that ruled out confinement at the Vatican’s only prison, a couple of rooms attached to the courthouse, a Vatican statement said.

He could face up to 12 years in jail if found guilty by the Vatican’s criminal court, but it’s not clear if he would serve the term in a Vatican or Italian prison.

Speaking on the case, Pope Francis said that no prelate, whether a priest or a cardinal, has any privileges protecting them from prosecution over child sexual abuse.

The Vatican said in a statement that the arrest was in accordance with the wishes of Pope Francis "that such a grave and delicate case be handled without delay, with the just and necessary rigor."

In July, Francis said that the Church should "weep and make reparation" for sexual abuse by clergy.

Last May, Francis called pedophilia an "ugly crime" and compared it with "a Satanic mass," Reuters reported.

Wesolowski is the highest-ranking cleric to be arrested since Paolo Gabriele, an ex-papal butler convicted two years ago of stealing and leaking private documents belonging to Francis’s predecessor, former Pope Benedict XVI.

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Beat It

Postby Plutonia » Sun Nov 09, 2014 6:52 pm

Thank-you Caleb Carr and Mark Judge!

Warning!: A retelling of a situation of child sexual abuse and other psychological abuses.

Son of famous Beat murderer Lucien Carr disputes ‘Kill Your Darlings’ film’s version of events ... -events/4/
The murder of David Kammerer became known at “the crime that united the Beats.” While a student at Columbia Lucien Carr, who was called “angelically handsome,” had introduced Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs to each other. The later three men became lights of the famous “Beat Generation” of countercultural writers. It is often thought that the murder was a pivotal moment in cementing these friendships.

Why did Carr kill Kammerer? According to the film “Kill Your Darlings,” Carr was a conflicted homosexual who couldn’t come to terms with it. Kammerer was his lover, and the shame of this in conservative 1940s America led him to commit a crime of passion. When the authorities at Columbia and elsewhere try and cover this up, poet Allen Ginsberg, played by Radcliffe, refuses to go along. It’s a favored Hollywood trope: that brave young outsider facing off against the homophobic old guard.

The truth, in my view, is far different. I’ve always felt that David Kammerer was a homosexual pedophile stalker, and that Lucien Carr plunged a knife in his chest because he was the victim of years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of Kammerer — abuse that had started when Lucien Carr was a pre-teen boy.

Caleb Carr, the son of Lucien Carr, agrees with me. Carr the younger is the bestselling author of The Alienist and other books. He was not consulted by the makers of “Kill Your Darlings.” Carr details the abuse his father endured at the hands of Kammerer (remember, David Kammerer was 14 years older than Lucien Carr). Kammerer was effectively Carr’s father figure since the time he was twelve, after his father had abandoned the family. Every time Lucien Carr moved, and it was several times, Kammerer followed. Several accounts by Beatniks and friends of Beatniks called Kammerer a “pest.”

When I contacted Caleb Carr about the Beatnik murder, and openly stated what I thought had driven it, he replied with an account that is long, absolutely riveting, and, in my mind, the truth.

I feel that Caleb Carr’s full account is historically important and should be reproduced in full.

Here it is

You’re wholly right that “Kill Your Darlings” was a tired, ludicrous reading of the story of the murder case; and like all the other terribly inaccurate readings that have been put out there, it was based almost entirely on Allen Ginsberg’s versions of events. And Allen had an awful lot of reasons for revising the facts to suit a narrative that served his ego and his agenda far more effectively than it did the truth.

First off, the facts of the case: David Kammerer did not begin his obsession, as you have rightly suspected, when my father was an adult: it began when my father was only twelve or so, and Kammerer was his Boy Scout troop leader (and the fact that my father later killed Kammerer with his Boy Scout knife is not something that any psychologist or detective I know would ever dare to call a coincidence).

Thereafter, Kammerer used that position of trust to convince my grandmother to allow him unusual access to my father. You have to remember that my grandfather had abandoned his wife and two children (my father and my aunt Barbara) when my father was only four: Kammerer therefore became the first really sympathetic adult male influence in the life of an angry and very confused boy, and he used that position to leverage even greater access to him. That access included such things as trips to Mexico: private trips. And when people began to “talk,” Kammerer tried to still such talk with such classic predatory behavior as pretending to court my grandmother: a young mother in fairly high St. Louis society who had been abandoned by her husband, and was therefore in a very uncomfortable position.

There are very few moves out of the child predator’s playbook that Kammerer did not use — and all before my father was even out of high school, most before he was out of junior high. So the idea that their relationship was an example of “the love that dare not speak its name” between a young man and an older man is farcical: it was prolonged, sustained child abuse, begun at an age when my father was looking for an adult man to be intimate with, and when Kammerer could sexualize that relationship with ease, since, like most such victims, my father had very little idea when it began of whether or not such was standard behavior in all such surrogate relationships or not.

It has to be said that my father, whose feelings about Kammerer were as classically conflicted as is so often found in the victims of early child abuse, did not quite know what to make of Kammerer’s continued attentions. Part of him was repulsed by them and wanted to flee, and part of them remembered his sexualized but close relationship with this surrogate father as the only experience of both intimacy and kindness from an adult male that he had known as a boy, and he unquestionably felt flattered — and trapped. And escaping Kammerer became, for a time, a form of adolescent rebelliousness — nothing more lethal than that, for he had no frame of reference to understand that there was any other way to relate to such a person, and that, in fact, he was not just being rebellious, but was playing with psychological fire, in both his own mind and in Kammerer’s.

And he was not to gain such understanding — not fully, at any rate — until he went to Columbia; and he did not even gain that understanding in his early days there, when his association with Kammerer led him to friendship with Bill Burroughs (a friend, though how close is argued, of Kammerer’s) and Allen, a homosexual who my father, who had long since learned to manipulate homosexuals, had no trouble making into his friend in a very adoring way. And it was this heavy crush, intellectual as well as romantic, that Allen developed on my father — which would endure for the whole of their lives, though it was never made physical — that led Allen to develop the deliberately distorted version of the murder story that he periodically propagated in an attempt to (successfully) injure my father as retribution for his failure to return Allen’s affections.

So what brought my father to any kind of clarity on these issues, while at Columbia?

More than any other single relationship, it was his friendship with Jack Kerouac. Because Jack, despite Allen’s similarly vindictive attempts to portray him as at least bisexual and probably, in his heart of hearts (according to Allen) gay, was very much a “man’s man,” a lower middle-class football player whose friendship was my father’s first serious introduction to the “fraternity” (although I hate to use that word, as I, like all the males in my family, have always despised those organizations) of real male bonding. You can see this if you look at photos of my father before and after he met Jack: he evolves from being very much the blond, smooth-faced pretty boy to a darker, mustachioed adult man, very concerned about projecting just that image; and it was largely the friendship with Jack that brought that on. It was Jack with whom he shared heterosexual laughs and pursuits (and sometimes women), and it was the friendship with Jack that made him begin to see not only the inappropriateness, but the psychologically devastating and indeed criminal nature of his relationship with Kammerer.

All of these were experiences, it is very important to remember, from which Allen was very largely excluded; and when he was included, it was often in a role to which Allen was unaccustomed, one in which his homosexuality was dismissed or even openly mocked. People do not generally realize that, even within that small circle of friends, there were jealousies and factions; and as much as the murder case reinforced the bonds of the friendship between among them all, it also highlighted those divisions.

And certainly, the State of New York agreed: for although he refused to accept the exculpatory explanation of “an honor killing,” the judge in the case did accept that Kammerer had put my father into a psychological pressure cooker out of which, after going on seven years of stalking and abuse (and we all know how long such years can seem, to young people), he finally burst in a fit of explosive violence. And this was NOT a judge who was homophobic or inclined, as I say, to let criminals off based purely on anti-gay explanations.

Again, when my father went to Columbia, initially he fell in with Burroughs and Kammerer, who he’d known in St. Louis and Chicago and points in between, and soon he fell in with Allen, who fit the pattern of the kind of men he was used to relating to. But then he met Jack, who opened up a different world for him — a truly heterosexual world, in just the way that Allen had wanted to open a homosexual relationship to him, but had failed (the scene where my father and Allen make out in the movie is just one of the many that had no basis in anything other than Allen’s fantasies). Now, one point that cannot be stressed enough is that Jack, in the movie as in Allen’s narrative, is an insignificant character, both terribly cast (although Jack Huston has proved himself a fine actor, the only real shining light in “Boardwalk Empire,” he has neither Kerouac’s solidly-built, linebacker’s frame, nor his plainspoken ability to move among factory workers, lumberjacks, and intellectuals with equal ease) and is only onscreen for brief moments: all of which, again, fits in with Allen’s version of how he would have liked things to have been. But they were not. By the time the murder occurred, Jack’s friendship, not Allen’s, was the most important of my father’s life; Allen and my father would forever be close (with very stormy periods caused by Allen, who periodically told his version of the murder to some newspaper or magazine, for reasons I will explain, but it was Jack, again, who introduced my father to the world of being, not simply the love object of adoring gay men and certain women, but a “man’s man” — an experience my father very much enjoyed, and which would be the hallmark of his career at UPI, where his reporters and fellow editors, nearly all men (although he was very graceful with the women there, too) felt deep but distinctly platonic love for him; where he became the kind of safe father figure he had never had, had wanted Kammerer to be, and, interestingly, could never be for his own sons.

But then, during that period before the fateful night, my father’s relationship with Jack deepened; his physical image changed, as did his attitude and interests; he began to much more actively pursue women with Jack, and to distance himself, not only from Allen, who felt the sting, but from Kammerer — who was driven nearly insane by this move toward independence and a new way of life on the part of his sex-object. Thus when the confrontation was forced — and I don’t think anyone really knows for sure who forced it, because both had reasons to — you had, now, not a boy and a man, but two men facing off, and moving in different directions: one a pedophile who was getting older (toward that time at which pedophiles classically become seriously violent, because they know their behavior, if they keep it up, will not “pass” in society at large, but will raise eyebrows and alarms everywhere), and one a young man moving into a new life that did not include the predator for the first real time, but a young man who was, nonetheless, uncertain of his ability to break free by force of character alone.

Importantly, in the aftermath of the killing (a fact that, again, is not addressed in the film, that is indeed scarcely touched on) my father went, for counsel, not to Allen, but to Jack: and it was Jack who advised him to get rid of the boy scout knife (which I think the court was right to think at least suggested some level of premeditation on my father’s part, or maybe it would be better to call it readiness), after which the two planned to go to the top of the Empire State Building and jump off. Now, they were Romantic young men, and this was bravado, of course; but even the suggestion of truly close friendship that it implied, along with his own exclusion from the cover-up, was yet another thing that made Allen near-crazy; and his invention (and invention it was, according to everyone else, including my father) of the jailhouse “Judas” scene, in which my father was shaking and terrified, and reliant on Allen to help him, was nothing but another of Allen’s fantasies. In fact, my father, as court and police records demonstrate, was entirely fatalistic about his punishment: not unafraid, but resigned, and at times, in court, almost detached. This is not the image that the movie suggests, but it is the true image that Allen needed to replace with the narrative in which he played some sort of crucial role in “rescuing” my father.

Now, we must, of course, address the issue of why this narrative was so important to Allen; and the answers here are not simply personal: they are philosophical (if we can apply so lofty a term to them), and they are disturbing. Allen very soon became, not only a militant member of the gay community, but a fringe militant member: a representative of that extremist wing, repudiated by most of the gay community — even the activist gay community — that believes that all men are inherently gay, but most are simply too repressed to embody it. This is a belief that all of us have heard from somebody, in modern times, in a didactic position — I remember hearing it from a gay English professor I had at Kenyon College — but that doesn’t make it any more psychologically or sexually unsound. Indeed, if we accept the contemporary majority view that some men are simply born gay, we must of necessity accept that most men are not; but Allen never did buy into that. Neither, apparently, did John Krokidas, the writer-director of of “Kill Your Darlings.” And if you come from that school, you need to believe in Allen’s philosophy: with the increased recognition of gay rights in so many states, and the probable acceptance of nearly all parts of the mainstream gay platform in the near future throughout the country, if you want to maintain the militancy of the cause, you have to assert this essential homosexuality of all men. Most members of the responsible gay community will acknowledge, with great regret, that this extremist wing, which had its roots in people like Allen, still exists.

But here is the even darker side of it, and it is very telling when you turn to the story of my father in particular: Allen was also an early proponent of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, NAMBLA, which is now acknowledged by just about everybody save its few remaining members to have been a cover for pedophiliac criminals. Indeed, Allen once defended NAMBLA by making the statement, and I recall being absolutely stunned when I first read it, that “to consider pedophilia a crime is ridiculous.” And yet this is the man (although I doubt the “research team” of “Kill Your Darlings,” which could not even be bothered to contact any of us for information concerning the story they were trying to tell, discovered any of this) that John Krokidas chose to use as his revealer of truth for the film: someone who never believed that there was anything inherently wrong with the sexual stalking of children in the first place. And if that doesn’t tell you all you need to know, not only about Allen, but about the filmmakers, I fear further illumination from me won’t do any good. What Kammerer was doing was not criminal, was not even morally wrong, to such people; what my father did, on the other hand, was a horrendous betrayal, not only of his relationship with Kammerer, but of the philosophy that Allen and his friends espoused. So what are they going to do but portray Lucien Carr as the “Judas of the Beats”?

However, It is terribly necessary, both from the family’s point of view and especially from my own, to understand that my father learned only one thing from his relationship with Kammerer: that he did not want to be gay. He did not, however, learn not to be abusive, whether of his friends, of women, or, critically, of children, most especially his own and most especially (as is typical of abusive parents, who generally pick one child as their victim) of me. My father fit perfectly “the cycle of abuse”: of all the terrible things that Kammerer did, perhaps the worst was to teach him this, to teach him that the most fundamental way to form bonds was through abuse. My father was psychologically abusive of all his friends — most especially Allen, who took a perverse delight in any attention that he received from him — as well as of my mother, and of my brothers and myself. For my brothers, this came in the form of psychological belittling and terrorizing; for me, it took that form, but also the form of often extreme violence, as well. In short, although Kammerer did indeed turn my father into an abusive monster, my father did not have the strength of character to seek out the kind of professional counseling that would have prevented his embodying such monstrous behavior himself. I could give several speculative explanations for why my father chose me for his violent outbursts; but my mother remembers quite clearly his repeatedly saying, from the time I could speak at two years old, that he had to get me before I got him — and that was his exact phrase. What terrible fantasies must have been lingering in the man’s mind, that he could find so young a child a threat? What aspects of his terrible relationship to Kammerer had been left unresolved by killing him?

Again, I can speculate, but the main thing is this: that my father was considered a hero at UPI was more than outweighed by the fact that he was considered a terrifying monster at home. He did not, in the end, “kill” Kammerer by depriving him of life: for he did not perform the elementary psychological task of killing him in his mind, as well, of finally cutting the connection between them. Indeed, so terrible was this lingering belief system that, when I confronted him many years later about his extreme violence toward me, after I had entered therapy, he at length asked (after denying that such violence had occurred for as long as he could, then conceding it), “Doesn’t that mean that there’s a special bond between us?” And I remember that my blood had never run quite that cold: because I thought, “No, it doesn’t mean that; but it does mean that there’s still some terrible bond between you and your own tormentor.” And that was a realization as frightening, in its own way, as anything he’d ever done to me.

I guess what I’m saying, in sum, is that you’re right to consider my father the victim of a sustained campaign of criminal child abuse, and that is the real story behind “the murder that united the Beats.” The irony about the movie, of course, is that the true story, insofar as I have pieced it together — and that’s as close, as I say, as anyone connected thinks it can be to reality — would have made a far more interesting tale: but it would not have served the sexual agenda of John Krokidas, of Daniel Radclliffe, or of the very extremist wing of the gay movement that they have demonstrated themselves as representing. A pity, but that is the disease of our times — the subordination of truth to agenda. It has stymied history, personal and national, and it has stymied politics. It may just be the end of the nation, for as James Madison wrote so long ago, only the “diseases of faction” can destroy a democracy.

[the British] government always kept a kind of standing army of news writers who without any regard to truth, or to what should be like truth, invented & put into the papers whatever might serve the minister

T Jefferson,
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby stefano » Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:52 am

Thanks Plutonia.
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby Iamwhomiam » Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:26 am

It seems that lately there are more news articles about pedophiliac sex crimes being reported than ever before; today there were two.

If these are inappropriate for the thread, I'll delete them. Not sure about triggers, but both are disturbing.

Queensbury man accused of transmitting child porn
Published 4:29 pm, Friday, November 14, 2014

Seth Stedman (Warren County sheriff's office photo)

QUEENSBURY — A Warren County man was arrested Friday, charged with felony promoting a sexual performance by a child, deputies said.

Seth S. Stedman, 31, of Queensbury Avenue was arrested after a search warrant was used at his home, according to the sheriff's department, which started the investigation on Oct. 29.

Stedman used EMULE, an online peer-to-peer file-sharing program, to receive and transmit hundreds of child pornographic videos and images, deputies said. He was arraigned and released to appear in court later this month.

The arrest was made by investigators Mo Aldrich and Douglas David, with help from the FBI.

Rotterdam man sentenced to prison for girl’s rape
Posted on November 14, 2014 | By Tim Blydenburgh

By Robert Gavin

SCHENECTADY – A man who repeatedly raped and sodomized a young girl when she was 12 and 13 was sentenced to 13 ½ years in state prison Friday.

Gary Bottomley, 43, of Rotterdam attacked the child, who knew him, over an 11-month period between 2012 and 2013, Schenectady County District Attorney Robert Carney’s office said.

Bottomley, who installed home theaters for a living, admitted to most of his sex crimes on video during an interview with State Police Investigator Steven Koveleski. Bottomley went to trial before visiting Judge Frank Milano in October claiming police manipulated the video, said Assistant District Attorney Brian Gray.

“It was a ridiculous lie and obviously the jury didn’t buy it,” Gray told the Times Union.

The young victim confronted Bottomley in court with her testimony, he said.

“She’s a really strong kid and it took a lot of guts to do what she did and I was very impressed with her,” Gray said.

On Oct. 6, a Schenectady County jury convicted Bottomley of second-degree rape, first-degree sexual abuse, second-degree sexual abuse, criminal sex act (the legal term for sodomy) and endangering the welfare of a child. He was acquitted of one second-degree rape count and one endangerment count.
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby Luther Blissett » Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:20 pm

Back to Sandusky since he's back in the news. The mainstream media seem to be soberly focused on some superficial facts surrounding Attorney General Kathleen Kane, but some of the details rocked me and I think need to be given a better treatment.

Porn emails in scandal involved kids, violence against women, Pa. attorney general says

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Some of the pornographic emails that were exchanged among state government officials in a scandal that has claimed some of their jobs involved children and violent sexual acts against women, the state attorney general said Tuesday.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane said in an interview televised Tuesday night on CNN the images are "deplorable."

"When I saw them they literally took my breath away," Kane said. "And they are deplorable: hardcore, graphic, sometimes violent emails that had a string of videos and pictures depicting sometimes children, old women. Some of them involved violent sexual acts against women."

Kane, a Democrat, said a court order is preventing her from investigating them or explaining why. The court order stems from an investigation by a special prosecutor into whether Kane's office breached grand jury secrecy when it gave documents about a 2009 investigation to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Kane did not describe the material involving children and violent sexual acts against women or say who exchanged it, and she was not asked in the interview to elaborate on it. In any case, no one who has viewed the emails has described them as having involved child pornography.

One of Kane's lawyers in the case, Lanny Davis, said he had not seen all of the emails involved, and he was not sure to what Kane was referring. But, he said two images he saw of children were inappropriate but not necessarily child pornography.

They were "borderline," he said.

In one image, there were two children kissing, and in another a boy and a girl were peeking into each other's underwear, Davis said.

Regarding material involving sexual violence against women, Davis described a scene in which a champagne bottle is used in a sex act and points to state Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald Castille's description of a video of a "woman in sexual congress with a snake."

Last week, Kane said four of her employees had been fired and 11 suspended without pay for involvement in the pornographic email scandal, which also has prompted a state Supreme Court justice to step down.

The hundreds of emails that Kane has released included pornographic or explicit photos, videos and jokes. Kane's office plans training, starting in December, for all employees and will set up a way for staff to report such behavior without facing retaliation.

Kane previously had said the emails surfaced during an examination of how state prosecutors handled the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case under her predecessors, a review she promised while running for the office in 2012.

She also had disclosed the participation of eight former employees of the office, including several senior supervisors. That led at least four to leave government jobs elsewhere, including the state's environmental protection secretary. Others who remain in their jobs include the state's police commissioner and a prosecutor in the Philadelphia district attorney's office.

Last month, Justice Seamus McCaffery retired after his fellow justices suspended him amid the disclosure he had he sent or received 234 of the emails. McCaffery sent most of the emails to a now-retired agent in the attorney general's office, who then forwarded the emails to others in the office, Castille has said.

Kane, a former Lackawanna County prosecutor, is the first Democrat and first woman elected attorney general in Pennsylvania. She took over from Linda Kelly, one of two Republicans to serve on an interim basis after Republican Tom Corbett stepped down to become governor in 2011.

Corbett has said he was not aware of the emails while heading the state prosecutor's office.
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby Elvis » Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:54 am ... s-27257812

9 Penn State Trustees Demand Freeh Documents

Nine Penn State trustees elected by alumni have demanded access to documents used to create the Freeh Report on the school's handling of child sex abuse complaints against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

The group said the board has a responsibility to review the materials and verify the sources of criticisms in the 2012 report by former FBI director Louis Freeh.

The Associated Press obtained a letter the alumni-elected faction sent Wednesday to board Chairman Keith Masser asking for access to the supporting documents. They said the materials are the property of the board.

"Louis Freeh and his report greatly damaged the reputation of Penn State," trustee Albert Lord, who joined the board this year, said in a statement. "As fiduciaries of Penn State, we have both a legal as well as a moral obligation to ask questions about such an inherently incomplete work product."

Masser said through university spokesman Lawrence Lokman on Saturday that the request is under review.

Penn State President Eric Barron vowed earlier this month to review both the report and the source material, given acrimony that has developed over Freeh's report. The school had hired Freeh to lead an investigation.

Then-president Graham Spanier, former athletic director Tim Curley and former vice president Gary Schultz are charged criminally with covering up complaints about Sandusky, a retired defensive football coach. Sandusky was convicted in 2012 of sexually abusing 10 children, sometimes on campus, and is serving 30 to 60 years in prison.

Freeh's report was issued shortly before a consent decree between Penn State and the NCAA resulted in a four-year bowl ban, a $60 million fine and a temporary loss of football scholarships. The NCAA recently ended the bowl ban and restored the scholarships.

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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby RocketMan » Mon Dec 08, 2014 11:14 am

Meet pedophiles who mean well ... socialflow

Nick Devin is a happily married man in his mid-60s with four grown children. “I have advanced degrees from prestigious universities, a very good job, a lot of friends and am well-respected in my community,” he writes on his Web site. “In short, I have a very good life.”

But he’s also a pedophile. While he experiences some attraction to adult women, he only fantasizes about pubescent boys — and none of his family or friends know. He says he’s never acted on his desires, though.

Devin is the co-founder of a new organization for men like himself: Virtuous Pedophiles. “We do not choose to be attracted to children, and we cannot make that attraction go away,” reads the group’s Web site. “But we can resist the temptation to abuse children sexually, and many of us present no danger to children whatsoever.” The goal of the organization is to offer support to pedophiles who want to live virtuously and to raise public awareness about the fact that such pedophiles exist.

It’s hard to know just how many there are of these “gold-star pedophiles,” as sex columnist Dan Savage calls them. James Cantor, a clinical psychologist and editor in chief of the scientific journal “Sexual Abuse,” says, “In my clinic, roughly half of the people who commit an offense against a child is pedophilic. We do not know, however, how many pedophiles there are who never commit any offenses and never come to our attention.” That’s because very few pedophiles will voluntarily out themselves, given the stigma; and due to mandatory reporting rules, which are open to interpretation, non-offending pedophiles can reasonably fear being reported to the police.
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby RocketMan » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:36 pm

17 is over the age of consent in several places, but nonetheless abuse is involved. ... llegations

A woman who claims that an American investment banker loaned her to rich and powerful friends as an underage “sex slave” has alleged in a US court document that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew.

The accusation against the Duke of York is contained in a motion filed in a Florida court this week in connection with a long-running lawsuit brought by women who say they were exploited by Jeffrey Epstein, a multi-millionaire convicted of soliciting sex with an underage girl after a plea deal.
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby seemslikeadream » Fri Jan 02, 2015 8:07 pm

Financier Epstein’s Sex Case Leads to New Claims
Anonymous Woman in Civil Suit Accuses Prince Andrew and Dershowitz of Involvement in Scandal

Financier Jeffrey Epstein, center, is shown in custody in West Palm Beach, Fla., in 2008. He subsequently pleaded guilty to a felony charge of solicitation of prostitution involving a minor and spent about 13 months behind bars. ASSOCIATED PRESS
Jan. 2, 2015 6:49 p.m. ET

A British royal and a famed U.S. lawyer have each vigorously denied an anonymous claim that they were involved in the sex scandal that led to jail time for Jeffrey Epstein, a Florida financier who pleaded guilty to soliciting an underage prostitute.

The claims against Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, and Alan Dershowitz, one of the most recognizable names in American law, surfaced this week in a civil lawsuit over a deal that U.S. prosecutors struck with Mr. Epstein in 2008.

That year, Mr. Epstein pleaded guilty in Florida state court to a felony charge of solicitation of prostitution involving a minor. He spent about 13 months behind bars.

Mr. Dershowitz, a professor emeritus at Harvard Law School who represented such high-profile defendants as Claus Von Bulow and O.J. Simpson, helped Mr. Epstein negotiate an agreement with the federal government, which had also investigated him. By agreeing to plead guilty to the state charge, Mr. Epstein avoided federal prosecution.

The civil suit in federal court in West Palm Beach, Fla., now in discovery phase, alleges that federal prosecutors violated the rights of Mr. Epstein’s alleged victims by not consulting them while negotiating and entering into the deal with Mr. Epstein.

The allegations against Prince Andrew and Mr. Dershowitz appeared in a Dec. 30 motion filed by the plaintiffs asking a federal judge to allow two additional alleged victims—listed as “Jane Doe #3” and “Jane Doe #4”—to join the suit.

The motion, filed by Florida lawyer Bradley J. Edwards and University of Utah law professor Paul Cassell, said that Mr. Epstein forced Jane Doe #3, a minor at the time, “to have sexual relations” with Prince Andrew and Mr. Dershowitz on several occasions.

It also alleged that the deal that Mr. Dershowitz helped negotiate “provided protection for himself against criminal prosecution.” As part of the deal, federal prosecutors granted immunity to several “potential co-conspirators” of Mr. Epstein. The government never identified Mr. Dershowitz as one of the potential co-conspirators.

Mr. Dershowitz said Friday that “I couldn’t have remained on the case if I were ever the subject of any investigation.”

He called the sex claims a “completely, totally fabricated, made-up story,” saying he was an “innocent victim of an extortion conspiracy.” He said he would deny the claims in a sworn affidavit and vowed also to try to initiate disbarment proceedings against Mr. Edwards and Mr. Cassell, a former federal judge.

Asked about the claims against Prince Andrew, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said that “any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.”

In 2011, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, stepped down as the U.K.’s special representative on trade and investment, months after the British royal was heavily criticized over his ties to Mr. Epstein, as well as to controversial figures in the Middle East.

Mr. Dershowitz said that before taking him on as a client, he “knew Mr. Epstein socially.” He said he and his family visited Mr. Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands about a decade ago. “My one-day visit to the island was with my wife and young daughter, and I was never out of their presence,” he said. “I was never alone with Jeffrey Epstein in the company of any young women.”

Attorneys for Mr. Epstein didn’t respond to requests for comment.

In a statement, Mr. Cassell declined to discuss what steps he and his co-counsel, Mr. Edwards, took to verify the allegations. “We carefully investigate all of the allegations in our pleadings before presenting them,” he said.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office declined to comment.

I'm not going to be bullied, says woman who claims Prince Andrew abused her

12:55 PM Saturday Jan 3, 2015

The woman who claims she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew on three separate occasions says she will "not be bullied back into silence".

The woman, who has named Prince Andrew in court papers filed in a Florida court, alleges an American billionaire loaned her to his rich and powerful friends.

Jeffrey Epstein, an investment banker and former friend of the prince, was convicted of soliciting paid sex with a minor.

The woman, referred to as Jane Doe 3 in the court papers, says she was 17 at the time of her alleged meetings with the prince, meaning she was underage according to Florida law.

In court documents she accuses Epstein, the prince, his friend the socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, and - among others - the leading American defence lawyer Alan Dershowitz of abusing her when she was underage.

Her lawyers, who are also representing another woman, Jane Doe 4, also told an American court that Prince Andrew had lobbied the US government over Epstein's case.

The prince has issued a comprehensive denial of the allegations, with Buckingham Palace insisting any suggestion of underage sex on his part is "categorically untrue".

Prince Andrew and Epstein were friends and were seen together in Central Park, New York in 2011 after the financier's conviction, which came in the wake of an FBI investigation into his associations with underage girls, especially in Florida, where he maintains a home.

'Totally fabricated charge'
Jane Doe 3 claims that she was groomed on behalf of Epstein by Maxwell - the daughter of disgraced newspaper owner Robert Maxwell - when she was just 15 and forced into a world of sexual abuse.

The court papers allege she was "forced to have sexual relations with... Prince [Andrew] when she was a minor in London at Ghislaine Maxwell's apartment, in New York, and on Epstein's private island in the US Virgin Islands in an orgy with numerous other under-aged girls".

Her claims were denounced yesterday as an attempt to make money by Dershowitz, who was part of O.J Simpson's "dream team" defence and is a professor of law at Harvard.

He told the Guardian: "It is a totally fabricated charge in every possible way. It just never happened. This person has made this up out of cloth, maliciously and knowingly in order to extort money from Mr Epstein."

However, Jane Doe 3 told the same paper that she was being "unjustly victimised" again.

"I am looking forward to vindicating my rights as an innocent victim and pursuing all available recourse," she said.

"It appears that I am now being unjustly victimized again. These types of aggressive attacks on me are exactly the reason why sexual abuse victims typically remain silent and the reason why I did for a long time. That trend should change. I'm not going to be bullied back into silence."

A spokesman for Prince Andrew said: "This relates to long-standing and ongoing civil proceedings in the United States, to which The Duke of York is not a party.

"As such we would not comment on the detail. However, for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue."

Flown across the world to meet Prince Andrew
In 2011 Virginia Roberts, a mother-of-three living in Australia, waived her anonymity to confirm she was one of 40 women abused by Epstein, and claimed at the time that she had also been "sexually exploited by Epstein's adult male peers including royalty".

She said she was recruited as Epstein's masseuse when she was just 15 and paid $200 a time for an "erotic massage" for him and his friends. She claimed she later became the billionaire's sex slave.

She alleged that her services were offered to a number of politicians, businessmen and international statesmen.

She also met Prince Andrew. The first time was at the London house of Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the disgraced former media tycoon Robert Maxwell.

The second time was at Epstein's grand New York townhouse and the third on Epstein's private Caribbean island.

It was reported that she was flown across the world to be introduced to the Prince. On one of those occasions Virginia Roberts was subsequently paid $15,000. One picture, said to have been taken by Epstein during Andrew's first encounter with the girl in March 2001, shows the Prince with his arm around her waist.

Describing what happened she said Epstein invited her to accompany him on a six-week trip. "He said we'd be going to Europe and North Africa to meet architects and interior decorators because he wanted to redo his New Mexico house. I threw my arms around him and gave him a peck on the cheek."

They flew to Paris, then Spain, then Tangier and finally, they went to London. "After we landed, we drove straight to Ghislaine's Maxwell's house' and 'was given a small upstairs bedroom," she said.

"The following morning, Ghislaine came in. She was chirpy and jumped on the bed saying, 'Get up, sleepyhead. You've got a big day. We've got to go shopping. You need a dress as you're going to dance with a Prince tonight. She said I needed to be 'smiley' and bubbly because he was the Queen's son.

"Ghislaine and I went to Burberry, where she bought me a £5000 bag, and to a few other designer stores where we bought a couple of dresses, a pair of embroidered jeans and a pink singlet, perfume and make-up.

"We got back to Ghislaine's house at around 4pm and I ran straight upstairs to shower and dress. When I went downstairs, Ghislaine and Jeffrey were in the lounge. There was a knock at the door. Ghislaine led Andrew in and we kissed each other on the cheek.

"Ghislaine served tea from a porcelain pot and biscuits. She knew Sarah Ferguson and they talked fondly about Andrew's daughters. Then Ghislaine asked Andrew how old he thought I was and he guessed 17.

The four of them went out to dinner and on to Tramp nightclub where, she says, Andrew danced with her.

"After about an hour-and-a-half, we drove back to Ghislaine's. All of us went upstairs and I asked Jeffrey to snap a picture of me with the Prince. I wanted something to show my Mom. Ghislaine and Jeffrey left us after that, and later Andrew left.

Her shocking account of her four years as Epstein's personal masseuse is supported by court documents, an eyewitness, photographs and flight details of Epstein's private jets.

She said: "Epstein had trained me to do whatever men wanted. I told myself I was special. Basically, I was training to be a prostitute for him and his friends who shared his interest in young girls.

"After about two years, he started to ask me to 'entertain' his friends."

It started when Epstein called Virginia at the Palm Beach apartment he had rented for her.

"He said, 'I've got a good friend and I need you to fly to the island to entertain him, massage him and make him feel how you make me feel."

He didn't spell out what I had to do. He didn't have to. "He'd trained me to do whatever a man wanted. I was shocked but I told myself he was sharing me around because he trusted me and I was special. I was worried, but I would do anything to keep Jeffrey happy and to keep my place as his number one girl."

- Daily Mail
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby Spiro C. Thiery » Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:20 am

Alan Dershowitz Denies Sexual Assault Allegations As 'A Complete And Total Lie'
The Huffington Post | By Igor Bobic
Posted: 01/03/2015 3:23 pm EST Updated: 01/03/2015 4:59 pm EST

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz on Friday dismissed as "a complete and total lie" allegations of sexual assault levied by a woman who claims she was kept as a sex slave by billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein.

"I was never anywhere near her, with her, under any circumstances," Dershowitz said in a voicemail left with Laura Goldman, a HuffPost blogger and freelancer for ABC and Metro International.

Attorneys for the woman, who is identified in federal court documents as Jane Doe #3, charged that Epstein forced her "to have sexual relations with Dershowitz on numerous occasions while she was a minor, not only in Florida but also on private planes, in New York, New Mexico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands." The woman also made allegations against Britain’s Prince Andrew, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and French model scout Jean Luc Brunel.

According to Politico, Jane Doe #3 made her accusations in a Tuesday court filing in West Palm Beach, Florida, as a part of a larger lawsuit arising out of Epstein's guilty plea to two state felony counts related to prostitution. Epstein served 13 months of a 18-month sentence and was released in 2009. The lawsuit contends that federal prosecutors improperly failed to consult with Epstein’s victims before signing off on the plea deal. Dershowitz was part of Epstein's legal team, Politico noted.

The latest court filing, from lawyer Bradley Edwards and University of Utah law professor Paul Cassell, a former federal judge, seeks to add Jane Doe #3 and another woman to that lawsuit.

On Friday, in the voicemail message for Goldman, Dershowitz said that the charges against him were "totally made up." Goldman forwarded the message to The Huffington Post.

Dershowitz called the woman a "serial liar" who he contended has a history of making up false charges against public figures, including former President Bill Clinton.

"It's just a completely categorical lie made up to gain money for her, and I hope no one takes it in any way seriously," he added.

Dershowitz, whose famous clients have included Claus von Bulow and O.J. Simpson, told Politico earlier this week that he was planning legal action against the attorneys who signed off on the filing.

"I'm planning to file disbarment charges against the two lawyers who signed this petition without even checking the manifests of airplanes or travel itineraries, et cetera," he said to Politico. "I'm also challenging the young woman and the lawyers to level those charges against me outside of the courtroom, so that I can sue them for defamation. ... Finally, I’m challenging the woman to file criminal charges against me because the filing of false criminal charges is a crime."

Cassell and Edwards responded in a statement sent to HuffPost: "We have been informed of Mr. Dershowitz's threats based on the factual allegations we have made in our recent filing. We carefully investigate all of the allegations in our pleadings before presenting them. We have also tried to depose Mr. Dershowitz on these subjects, although he has avoided those deposition requests. Nevertheless, we would be pleased to consider any sworn testimony and documentary evidence Mr. Dershowitz would like to provide which he contends would refute any of our allegations."

Listen to Dershowitz's voicemail here. ... 10380.html
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Re: The Pedophile File

Postby Large Ptarmigan » Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:17 am

Apologies if this should go in the 'Billionaire goes free' thread. Mods, move or delete as appropriate. (Not to mention the tabloid provenance.) ... ed-4915421

Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with underage girl he is alleged to have abused

Papers filed against his pervert pal Jeffrey Epstein say he recorded VIP orgies he threw at his luxury homes using cameras hidden in the walls

Jan 03, 2015 23:00
By Matthew Drake

Prince Andrew’s tycoon pal may have taken compromising photos of him with the underage girl he is alleged to have abused.

Details buried in original court papers filed against pervert Jeffrey Epstein, 61, reveal that he recorded the sordid orgies he threw for VIPs at his luxury homes using cameras hidden in the walls of guest bedrooms.

The woman known as Jane Doe 3 – said to be 30-year-old Virginia Roberts – claims she was held as a sex slave and forced to sleep with the Duke of York in London, New York and the US Virgin Islands.

She says she was 17 at the time – under the age of consent in Florida.

One of the sexual encounters with the Prince, 54, is alleged to have taken place at an orgy ­involving other underage girls on Epstein’s private island.

The financier, who was jailed for 18 months in 2008 after pleading guilty to solicitation for prostitution, kept a sickening stash of images on a computer seized at his Palm Beach mansion in 2006.

Prince Andrew was a frequent guest at the house.

Lawyers representing Roberts, originally referred to as Jane Doe 102, mentioned the hidden cameras in a 27-page filing at the Palm Beach Federal Courthouse in Florida.

The six-year-old papers, seen by the Sunday People, state: “Some of the photographs in the defendant’s possession were taken with hidden cameras set up in [Epstein’s] home in Palm Beach.

“On the Day of his arrest, police found two hidden cameras and photographs of ­underage girls on a computer in the defendant’s home.

“[He] may have taken lewd ­photographs of Jane Doe 102 with his hidden cameras and transported [them] to his other residences and elsewhere.”

There is no suggestion that Prince Andrew knew Roberts was being held as a sex slave by the tycoon and she claims she first met the royal when the financier took her to Europe and North Africa in 2001.

During a stop in London they called on his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of crooked media mogul Robert Maxwell.

Roberts claims in the latest court documents, filed on December 30, that she first slept with the prince at Maxwell’s home.

Court papers also allege that Maxwell presented nude pictures of her she had taken herself to Epstein as a birthday present.

They add that Roberts’ claims that she was forced to tell Epstein all about her sexual encounters so he could use the information to “blackmail” the royal.

She further claims she was sex-trafficked to “many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well known Prime Minister, and other world leaders”.

Prosecutors believe Epstein, who enjoyed watching other people have sex, had cameras fitted at his other residences across the world.

Prince Andrew – who was photographed with Roberts during a party in New York – was holed up in a luxury ski chalet in Switzerland on Saturday.

Buckingham Palace repeated his strongly-worded denial of the allegations.

Prince Andrew holidayed with Epstein in Thailand in 2001 and was snapped surrounded by topless women on a yacht.

A handyman who spent 11 years working for the tycoon claimed Prince Andrew often had massages when he was a guest at his Palm Beach mansion.

Juan Alessi said the Prince enjoyed daily massages from young women and often emerged “smiling” after rub-downs.

He said the massages were carried out in a private part of the mansion only Epstein and selected guests could access.

Alessi also told how he witnessed parties at the ­waterfront mansion at which the Prince was present while young girls frolicked in the nude.

Despite his friend’s 2008 conviction for child sex offences, Prince Andrew continued to see him and the pair were pictured together in Central Park, New York.

The ensuing furore led to him quitting his role as Britain’s trade envoy.

Epstein served 13 months before he was released.

Jane Doe’s claims against the Prince come after she joined three women in a lawsuit against prosecutors, claiming they broke the law by failing to consult them before signing a plea deal for the tycoon.

It is understood that without the agreement he would have faced up to 15 years in jail.

The ongoing lawsuit was filed by Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell and names the US Government as the defendant.

The lawyers say Epstein’s treatment was “contrary to the Government’s normal approach in prosecuting federal sex offences”.

The US State Attorney’s office in Florida still has the vile haul of images from Epstein’s Palm Beach home, which were captured on devices hidden in walls inside guest bedrooms.

A spokesman said: “These matters are subject to ongoing litigation. We have no comment.”

Ghislaine Maxwell branded claims against her as “untrue”.

Her spokesman said: “The allegations... against Ghislaine Maxwell are untrue. The original allegations are not new and have been fully responded to and shown to be untrue.

“Each time the story is retold it changes with new salacious details about public figures and world leaders.

“[The woman’s] claims are obvious lies and should be treated as such. Ghislaine Maxwell’s original response to the lies remains the same. [She] strongly denies allegations of an unsavoury nature... and reserves her right to seek redress.”

Buckingham Palace has denied “any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors” by Prince Andrew.

Prince holes up in luxury ski resort

Prince Andrew was holed up in a luxury Swiss ski chalet tonight as the sex abuse claim hit the headlines worldwide.

He did not leave the holiday home in the posh village of ­Verbier, where he is on a family holiday with ex-wife Fergie and their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

On every other day of the New Year break he left either to ski on Verbier’s famous slopes or dine at the resort’s restaurants.

Some reports suggested Andrew may be preparing to fly back to the UK today.

Eugenie, 24, and her friend Cressida Bonas, 25, were seen at the chalet on Saturday afternoon.

Eugenie’s sister Beatrice, 26, was in Verbier earlier last week but by yesterday had left for a break in the Caribbean.

Singer Pixie Lott, 23, is also in the resort and celebrated New Year at the exclusive Farinet hotel.
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