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Postby smiths » Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:30 pm

well i for one found the rockefeller / war of the worlds link very interesting

long before i had heard about any of the weird shit that bobs around here,
i had heard of the 'panic' caused by that broadcast,
to find now that the radio project funded by rockefeller was the driving force is amazing,
heres the guys that ran the project,

* Paul Lazarsfeld - Director of the Radio Project
* Theodor Adorno - Chief of the Music Division
* Hadley Cantril - A Princeton psychologist (umm, princeton)
* Gordon Allport - another of Lazarsfeld's assistants, went on to be the Tavistock Institute's leading representative in the United States.
* Frank Stanton - Researcher from CBS sent to help the project, went on to be president of CBS. (Council Foreign Relations)

good stuff
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Postby anothershamus » Sun Nov 04, 2007 10:29 pm

8bitagent wrote:

Does it get any more bizarre that a guy funding and promoting 9/11 truth was partners with al Qaeda financier Mafouz and funding Osama while helping terrorists slip into America? Not to mention famous for his deep involvement in BCCI/Iran Contra?

Them is the they that all seem to be tied up in the Illuminati.


Hey 8bit can you tie in Zignev Brezinski? He seems to ALWAYS turn up like a bad penny.
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