A Thorough Understanding Of 9/11 And The Esoteric

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A Thorough Understanding Of 9/11 And The Esoteric

Postby 8bitagent » Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:10 am

I have to say, that in my years of 9/11 research...as much as I can go indepth about Ptech and protected Saudi financiers, and FBI obstruction and all these multi layers of criss crossing narratives and nexus points...

nothing Ive seen sums up 9/11 so completely, so completely as this article Ive been sent.

Youve read articles from the left about 9/11's significance in terms of human kind. Youve read articles from the patriot side about how 9/11 has brought us into an Orwellian state.

Well, I ask for those open minded, to please read this. I guarantee this is unlike anything youve ever read.

So let us begin ...
from Egypt and Ethiopia to NYC and DC, its an epic tale.


Numerology, 9-11, and the Occult: Assessing the Evidence

by Frater Antilio

Certainty is an elusive thing in life. Certainly it is an uncertain thing in the search for 9-11 proof and truth. What can we say conclusively about what happened on 9-11-2001? How were the events of that day planned; who planned them?; why did they do it?; and so forth, ad infinitum and ad nauseum? In this essay, I would like to explore the underlying significance of the events of that day—and events prior to it and following it—that appear to be purposefully interlinked via various numerological and symbological clues.
I come at this agnostically—I am neither a Christian attempting to expose an anti-Christian plot, nor an apologist for occultism. I am simply someone who always found it strange that the most obvious clues surrounding 9-11, its odd set of associated numbers, was never in any way, in any document or discussion of which I am aware, linked to “Al Qaeda” (i.e., to Islamic fundamentalism). Indeed, the obvious numerological clues--almost taunts--and associated symbolism imbedded into that day never became the subject of serious discussion. At the time, of course, “experts” made vague references to “Black September” and somehow loosely tied September 11 to historical Palestinian terror events (e.g Sept. 5-6, 1972, Munich) and the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to September, some even repeating the error that the Balfour Declaration was signed on that day (it was not). No one bothered to dig deep into Islamic numerology to find out whether the numbers and symbols that reigned that day were somehow significant—or at least, if they did, nothing persuasive has ever been released. I would suspect that interest in the obvious numerological aspects of Sept. 11 fizzled because it became clear that Islamic numerology was NOT involved. (Please note: I will not take seriously any linkage of numbers to Quran or Bible verses.)
I admit I haven't read all the literature and so-called literature on Islamic extremism that has emerged since 9-11, but in what I am familiar with I find no convincing case for why 9-11-2001 was picked as a date. Of course, as many remember, 3-11-2004, the Madrid train bombing, occurred 911 days later, and was also blamed on Al Qaeda. So, as well, were the 7-7-2005 London train bombings. I will make reference to these two latter events below; the reader should note that other bombings blamed on al Qaeda have also occurred on the 11th of the month (e.g. Tunisia: 4-11-2002) or on the 10th or 12th.
Wasn't our gut reaction “911 Emergency!” when we thought of that date? Surely that was why such a date was used, I thought. But this initially troubled me, because in the countries presumed to the homes of the planners (e.g. Egypt, Saudi Arabia), that date is written 11-9. It would be counterintuitive to someone not using our date system.
Initially, some rather convincing—and other not so convincing—numerological analyses occurred, lumped together with astrology and often concluding with some sort of claim that God, the gods, or Satan himself had been involved (e.g. http://www.greatdreams.com/trade_numbers.htm). Many very shoddy claims—silly numerological imputations—were repeated again and again, muddying the already silty waters and making it look (surprise! Surprise!) like anyone who wondered about the numerological implications of 9-11 was a “tinfoil hatter.” But I would also like to point out that the mainstream of the 9-11 Truth movement—dissidents from the official US government view—also ignored the numerology. I would like to suggest that a golden opportunity has been missed. Because it was so undeniably seeded with numerological and symbological clues, 9-11 WAS an event with importance on the esoteric level, not just the exoteric one. Hidden meanings were imbedded within it. I would argue that the existence of such intentional “occult” (hidden) meanings has never, at least in recent human history, been clearer. Only the JFK assassination comes close, but other earthshaking events: e.g. the burning of the Reichstag, D-Day, the bombing of Dresden, did not have nearly the amount of intentionally obviously symbolism and numerology associated with them. 9-11-2001 almost looks like it was planned by magi (plural of magus) to be functional at both exoteric and esoteric levels, with multiple meanings for various symbols, but that it was meant to be read—well, if not by us, the sheeple, then by whom? The fact of apparently non-Islamic symbolism and numerology seeded into an event of such world-shaking significance is the showing of the hand of Something that most of us would either rather chalk up to Providence or the Devil, or just not think about. Meanwhile, we focus on the material clues of the exoteric events, but we do ourselves a disservice, since clearly the esoteric level is primordial.
Discarding everything that doesn't seem important, I have analyze the most obvious numerological and symbological clues of the day (discarding the “number of letters in Afghanistan” and that sort of thing). After that, I do some speculation of my own; please note that I am not interested at all in the multiple layers of plausible deniability separating patsies and people with identifiable linkages to 9-11 (and associated events) from the group who planned the esoteric significance of it. Nor am I interested in who says they're Muslim, who says they're Jewish, who says they're Christian, and so forth.

The event itself

9-11-2001 was evidently planned to be a world- and history-changing event. It was expected, even if only vaguely, by those who needed a War on Terror to follow the Cold War. Enough has been written about that already, but we need to remind ourselves that those who benefit and those who plan events are not necessarily the same crew. I would caution readers to separate the War on Iraq from this—simply put, no convincing case could ever be made, even by the US government itself, to link 9-11 to Saddam Hussein (the fact most Americans believe this to be true is a real boon for the USG, of course). If Saddam had been the true or even a principal target for the planners of that day (for example, in the theories of those who believe Dick Cheney was the mastermind), how difficult would it have been to implicate him in some way? Instead, the USG struggled and floundered in making its case for an invasion of Iraq, and could draw only general parallels to Saddam's regime; Cheney tried some quite unsubstantial ruses, but none of it really stuck (as it won't stick to Iran, either). As we will see later, we need to look at who actually created the Al Qaeda legend in the first place—and who created or at least resuscitated Islamic fundamentalism [e.g. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt]--if we are to get closer, but even there, we need to remember that it is not and has never been agencies or known groups per se who plan things of this type; rather, planners such as those who brought about 9-11 use already-secretive groups and networks as shields of invisibility. Finally, bear in mind that many of history's most brilliant plots (e.g the Gunpowder Plot) are NEVER unraveled, and the planners are never brought to justice. This is more a function of what History really Is, rather than some innate weakness in those of us who investigate such things. More on this later.

Clearly, those who planned the event—picked the planes, set the dates, planned other events, and so forth—are trying to say something and trying to change history for some reason. They created an event that did change history, but why pick such a date, and why focus so much on the number 11? As you will see, those who formulated what I will henceforth refer to as the Plan carried this out on several different levels. This was a conspiracy to commit mass murder, but more than that—given that we haven't gotten any confessions from the real perps—most likely the work of a secret society, some sort of high-level cult imbedded deep within an already-secretive group—a group such as the Catholic Church, the Pentagon, Freemasonry, etc. This is a Plan formulated by a Group that likely swears on blood oaths and has made it abundantly clear to its inner circle—its initiates, its adepts—what will happen if an oath is breached. This is likely a Group for which Skull and Bones would be nothing but a nursery from which adepts, occasionally, might be selected.
I am not asking you to suspend belief here, but simply to admit the possibility that what we see and understand about all of this—given our extreme conditioning that doesn't even allow us to grasp the importance of the Masons in US history, and that by design of a group that prefers to work in the shadows, often for noble purposes of making America great and fulfilling its destiny as the beacon of the always-beckoning New World—is a function of our own conditioning. If you are at this point already lost or skeptical, please do some basic research on the importance of secret societies in political history, and also research how many of them were (like the Thuggee in India) said to be legendary during the time that they were most active. And I'm not talking about known groups like the Masons or the Templars, but rather groups like the Garduna (enforcers of the Holy Inquisition in Spain, and biascally uncovered by accident). And be sure to research the Propaganda Due (P2) to understand that this is not a slight against any of the often noble exoteric institutions—simply that their very secrecy makes them easy prey for secret societies, the inner circles of inner circles, and so it has always been.

Let us imagine, then The Group coming up with The Plan. They were either responsible for the earlier 1993 attack on the Twin Towers, or are piggybacking on it and perhaps hiring some of the same intermediaries. The Twin Towers symbolize capitalism and free enterprise, the Pentagon symbolizes American military might, and (we might presume) the intended target of Flight 93, the US Congress, symbolizes the follies of representative government. Strike a blow at the West, show America how weak it is, etc. and so forth. The events are designed to suggest on the exoteric level that a death blow is being dealt to America. This, at least, is consistent with the thinking of those who purport, or are purported, to hate the West.
We all know, however, that there are very serious questions about the connections between the supposed hijackers and planners, and elements of the US government itself. There are numerous schools of thought on this within the “9-11 Truth Movement,” but I will sidestep all of that, as I want to focus right now ONLY on the esoteric, arcane, occult significance of these acts, because I believe the evidence points to The Group being quite different than has hitherto been speculated upon. For example, gagged whistleblower Sibel Edmonds often hints about other countries' involvements, about drug trafficking, transnational crime networks, people within our own government, and so forth. Indira Singh also points at a very complex meshwork of perpetrators; some look no farther than Dick Cheney, or Israel, or something like that.
I would like to submit that 9-11-2001 shows the hand of an uber-powerful group (call it the Illuminati at your risk—the term has been hopelessly clouded by true believers and disinformation, not to mention shoddy scholarship; besides, that's a name that many secret societies have used for themselves over the last 500 years) that cuts across lines of religion and nationhood, and is invested in far more than mere profits. It is interested in creating a New World in the collective mind of America, and in cementing a new Manichaean battles between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness.
The reigning symbols of the day are those that have helped cement this new, stark dualism in Western minds, and made those who “sleep with the Enemy” de facto guilty. The use of airplanes appears to be highly significant, as is the use of trains in 3-11 and 7-7. Both are human-made phallic emblems; you can use your imagination to figure out what the living people inside them symbolize. And then we have the repetition—The Group would have known full well that the images of planes smacking into buildings would be played over and over and over again in the media, and it is through the repetition of images that powerful symbols become part of the human mind. Indeed, thanks to ubiquitous telecommunication, one can say that the images of that day are now seared into the collective memory of the human race. Quite a statement to make! The images are seared in the same way that the swastika was in WWII, or the Cross has been throughout the history of Christianity. And, of course, we should also understand that symbols like that can be employed to create a mass consensus (they are FAR better at that than mere words and speeches). There is NO ESCAPING and NO ARGUING with these symbols—they are with us forever.
The collapsing towers are the complementary image. They formed an “11” on the New York skyline, a pair of portals to the New World, as it were, but NOT PHALLIC (not like the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building). We watched the towers fall...again...and again...and again. Perhaps explosives were also used—we won't get into that debate, for it hinges on physical evidence that was quickly disposed of. In any case, in esoteric thought the image is far more important than the mechanism. What is important is what most people see at the time. The important image is the Towers falling. The Group realizes that we have phallic penetration followed by rapid collapse. We shall return to what these towers symbolize, and what their collapse was meant to signify.
On to the Pentagon. We have penetration of this 77-foot tall building, ground for which was broken on 9-11-1941. Again, we are not quibbling on how the building was penetrated; the point is that it was (at its weakest point!--notice how attention appears to have been paid to minimizing casulty counts on 9-11). The impression of the world is what counts—remember that Magic has often involved sleight of hand! The Pentagon is a magical symbol, of course, and this one is NOT upside down, as some have erred in stating. In other words, it is a Pentagon of Power, not one of use for dark forces. Pentagonal buildings housing powerful military apparatuses should raise some eyebrows among rational Christians (at very least), but it seems to have been like the pyramids and the obelisks that dot the Western landscape—what's a little Egyptian/Axumite symbolism among friends? Such designs have been favored by Freemasonic elites for centuries, of course, and we shall return to this theme.

The use of the number 11

In numerology, this is the first of the Master Numbers, the others being 22 and 33. But it is devilishly hard to find a group of people who have a real attachment to it. 10 and 12 are far more significant in the West, and particularly in Christianity. But nevertheless, 11 proliferates, as in the day itself, the shape of the Twin Towers, and the number of the first flight to hit.
What about dates and times with 11? There is the “11th hour” expression, made famous by the 11/11 at 11 AM Armistice coming into effect, which ended the Great War, the War to End All Wars—but I'm not sure who was responsible for that date. It is the first date with so many elevens that I can encounter, and I thought I'd throw it in here as a possible precedent. We shall return to this theme. Even casually, 9-11 as the 11th hour for the West makes a lot of sense—except that it's something mostly unfamiliar to the Muslim world. Why would extreme Islam be so careful as to sow the event with numerological clues that are alien to their own culture?

The use of the number nine

I will below have occasion to return to L. Picknett and C. Prince's now-prophetic The Stargate Conspiracy (1999, Berkeley Pub. Group, NY). For now, suffice it to say that the number nine figures heavily in their account of the political and occult underpinnings of the “New Egyptology,” and particularly in Andrija Pujarich's channelling of the Nine (the Ennead, or 9 gods of Heliopolis, Egypt). They also underscore the importance of the number nine in earlier New Age accounts of the Sirius connection (e.g. in Alice Bailey), running all the way back to Freemasonry. The only “9” I find relevant in 9/11 is of course the month itself, but this is important inasmuch as it is linked to September, and to Sirius qua Sept or Set (e.g. as a male god of chaos and destruction), an interpretation specific to Aleister Crowley and Pujarich, according to Picknett and Prince.

The day of the week. Tuesday, consecrated to Mars, the God of War, in most mainstream astrology. It has other astrological connections, as we shall see later—most relevantly, Aleister Crowley equates it with Horus and the New Aeon.

The numbers of the other flights

93, 77, and 175. One would assume that if it is rather beyond coincidence that Flight 11 was picked as the first phallic death missile of the day to begin the destruction of the Two Towers (Jachin and Boaz?: America as Solomon's Temple?), the numbers that the other missiles carry might also be significant. But these are not immediately evident. Numerology can see significance in anything, and a convincing case could only be made if all or most of the numbers have specific significance for one group or one philosophy. As we shall see, it turns out that they do.

The dates

9-11-2001. 254th day in the year; 111 left. 911 days later, another massive attack happens on an 11th. The only event after that pinned on the same group and of similar scope is 7-7-2005. Interesting—“7/7” is like “77,” and we've already seen that number twice. But the date of 9-11-2001 itself—is it an anniversary of something? These types of thing often occur on anniversaries, right? What had happened before on that date? Well, nothing of great note in the Muslim world, but precisely 11 years earlier, George Bush, Sr. gave his “New World Order” speech, and 60 years earlier, the cornerstone of the Pentagon was laid (BEFORE PEARL HARBOR, by the way). The only other possibly related major event is the death of Salvador Allende in Chile on 9-11-1973. It is interesting to note that both 9-11-1973 and 9-11-1990 occurred on Tuesday as well. But in any case, no matter how you figure it, the Chile coup doesn't seem of particular importance (unless you factor in occult-obsessed fugitive Nazis, I suppose—see writings by Peter Levenda).
There's another part of the date significance that is intriguing, however—this was an event to change the world, to instill some sort of new world order or new order of the ages, but it came 254 days too late, didn't it? Why not do it on New Years', to usher in the New Millennium in style? There were supposedly foiled Millennium plots, but this wasn;t one of them. Well, as it turns out, 9-11 WAS a new millennium of sorts, just not for the Gregorian calendar. 9-11 IS (in most years) the fixed New Years' date in two calendars, the Ethiopian church and the Egyptian Coptic church. The former religion just celebrated the end of its second millennium in 2006. The Ethiopian church bases its calendar on (and is intimately politically connected to) the Coptic church and its calendar from Egypt, which in turn is based on the ancient Egyptian calendar. Indeed, the Egyptian Coptic calendar is the oldest continuously functioning calendar in the world. On almost every year, New Years' is September 11. But WHAT does Egypt have to do with all this? (other than the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood started there, and of course Ayman Al-Zawahiri is from there, and many of the supposed hijackers...but they're Muslims, right?) What does Coptic Christianity have to do with anything? Well, it could be, nothing directly, but the Egyptian connection is undeniably strong, as you will realize after we delve into this date a little more. However, there are other groups out there with an interest in Egyptian symbolism.
I'll summarize what you need to know about Ethiopian Christianity, because it might have some significance, and we may need to look there before this is all over (and I do mean “all over”). One little fact—according to Ethiopian tradition, the Ark of the Covenant was taken from its hiding place in a monastery on Lake Tana, by Ezana, AKA Abraha, and placed in a sanctuary in the Church of Saint Mary's in his capital, Axum (home to the world's largest obelisks) in the 4th century AD. Abraha is credited with bringing Christianity to Ethiopia, and many centuries later, was followed by the god-king Haile Selassie, Ras Tafari, Lion of the Tribe of Judah so-called, fierce ally of the West driven out by Stalinism, and last of the Solomonic lineage to reign. Abraha was preceded by Meneses the First, supposedly legendary founder of Ethiopia, son of King Solomon the Sorcerer (and friend of Hiram, the builder of Solomon's Temple and legendary founder of Freemasonry, as many Freemasons would have it [at least allegorically]). When Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the First Temple and took the Jews into capitivity in Babylon, the Ark was lost—the Ethiopian tradition has it that Solomon arranged for Meneses to take the original for safe-keeping in Ethiopia.
But let us return to Egypt, and take on the inevitable Freemasonic linkages we find to its symbolic architecture. But we need to be very careful, and stress that the symbols utilized by Freemasons—such as those that David Ovason reveals in his magisterial study of Washington, DC (D. Ovason, 2000, The secret architecture of our nation's capital: The Masons and the building of Washington, DC; Perennial, NY)--have also been utilized by “Black Magicians” (and I can hopefully convince you that The Group utilizes grand tactics of Black Magic) for hundreds of years. Also, an obsession with Egyptian motifs is not unique to Freemasonry (the speculative phase of which began in the early 1600s), but was revived in the West with Renaissance hermetic magic, and was as we all know a fascination for the ancient Greeks and many other non-Egyptian societies.
“The Masons did it” is probably a cop out—they also “did” the American Revolution, the Mexican Revolution, and had roles in the French Revolution and many others that have helped to free us from the shackles of “government” by the bloodlines of royal families (though their devotion to hierchical models of control is odious to many, including this author). They're associated most closely, however, with the erection of physical and spiritual edifices, not their massive destruction. As you will see, though, The Group MUST have great familiarity with the symbols used allegorically by Freemasons, but as an act of magic (essentially, it was the casting of a spell on the world, a “megaritual” as some have termed it; a fascination; a “holocaust” [burnt offering, from the Greek], and so forth) perhaps something was meant to have been summoned forth, some power was meant to become incarnate. The fact that 9-11 and its cognate acts operate on many levels shows them to be “magical,” and you may at this point accept this phrase as purely metaphorical (hopefully, I will change your mind in a little while!). Mainstream Masonry is not known for its magical attributed, but MANY Masonic offshoot groups have been. Let us not forget that John Dee, the greatest of magi, birthed the idea of the British Empire and America as a new Atlantis (prior to Francis Bacon), and did much in exploration to see that this came about; his legacy is also found in the Rosicrucian One World before the End manifestos of the 1620s, while John Winthrop, alchemist and controversial governor of the Massachusetts Colony, used Dee's famous Monas Hieroglyphic sigil as his own. Winthrop it was, after all, who gave the later famous City on the Hill speech, which is believed to be the origin of American exceptionalism. In any case, read Frances Yates or other mainstream, accepted authors to understand that magic and politics has long gone hand in hand.

So we had an Attack on America, which is itself a beacon of hope, opportunity, etc.--very much the pinnacle of the West, and in many versions, Christianity. Occultist Blavatsky held that the Americans were evolving into superior beings; John Dee, the 16th-century English magus who launched the British Empire, was the first to call the Americas Atlantis, and reinvoke that old legend. But we don't need to be occultists to know all that America stands for, and we have heard it again and again. It was an attack on Freedom itself, and Freedom is perhaps the highest ideal of Freemasonry. So it is in a certain way ludicrous to think that orthodox Freemasons would attack themselves, though it is permissible in higher levels of the Craft to conceptualize doing evil to achieve a greater good. That has happened a lot during our wars, and is a tenet through all of human history and existence, so this doesn.t get us far. But 9-11 is different—it was a violation of the very principles of America, an attempted destruction of its reigning symbols. Sort of. For lack of planes or time, that great beacon of Freedom, the Statue of Liberty (conceived by Masons as Virgo and Isis, so pretty much the archetypal Mother Goddess) was unharmed. The Washington Monument, pyramid-on-a-stick once consecrated to Horus, was also unharmed. The Pentagon, presumably signifying the containment of great powers, was only breached, not destroyed—so, symbolically, whatever metaphorical or actual demons that have been harnessed and shackled within, were let loose that day.
Sound crazy? An obelisk marks the spot of an earlier Ground Zero, the Trinity Test, carried out very close to the 33rd parallel in the New Mexico desert just days prior to Hiroshima. Oppenheimer claims he muttered a quote from the Bhagavad Gita attributed to Kali, “I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds,” (or, I am become Time—but the meaning is virtually the same), an image evoking the power of a “thousand suns.” Oppenheimer was a devotee of Blavatskian mysticism and Hindu sacred texts, and he was also well aware of what had been unleashed that day—but to do good and to preserve the world; better the US have the bomb than Hitler! Again, though, a far cry from a Reichstag-style false flag attack, unless we are looking at perpetrators who see things in a wholly diferent light.
David Ovason, apparently not a Mason, unveils in highly scholarly prose the argument that Washington, DC was meant by its Masonic founders (GW prime among them) to become a celestial city, via the L'Enfant Plan, and this is nothing unusual, given that the Hermetic “As above, so below” mantra from the Emerald Tablet has been key in anchoring not only the street plans of imperial capitals to the heavens, but the very buildings themselves, via the dates on which their cornerstones are laid, the carvings they contain, and so forth. To be an eternal nation that will come to lead the world inot the light (perhaps, into the light that signifies the end, as the millenarian theme has been near and dear to the rise of the West for, what, 2,000 years?), one must have an eternal capital, and the only eternity available to most of us is the nearly-unchanging dome of stars.
Ovason shows, however, that the very secrecy of the plan to anchor Washington as an Imperial city backfired because the deeper esoteric significance of relevant star charts, alignments, angles, architectural symbolism, and so forth, was kept mostly hidden by that secrecy-obsessed society, the Freemasons. This is partly due to the Masonic scare of the early 1800s, but also to the belief that common people are not really qualified to understand it any way, or will misinterpret it. One way of conceiving this is to compare with Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, where the wise and powerful scientist-politicians realize that they can only make accurate predictions of the chaotic future involving billions of souls—then, seek to control that future—if the masses, about whom they are making predictions, do not know the details of their predictions. Statesmen use astrology and architecture to build for eternity; in essence, to “entrain” the future, and lay both exoteric and esoteric plans to do so. At the founding of America—saturated, as it was, with Pietist Rosicrucianism and Deist Freemasonry, both in its early 17th-century and late 18th-century moments—we can presume that something big was being planned, a new order for the ages. Following Asimov's logic, the process would have been contaminated if the plan to bring about the new order itself was known to all in more than general outlines. And, of course, it has been the project of the Western esoteric mainstream to bring about a one world order since at least the time of John Dee and Giordano Bruno (1500s). But on the exoteric level, all we get is a very general outline, and the perhaps mistaken conception drummed into us that THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY.
Ovason shows that the pseudo-obelisk of the Washington Monument was built to anchor DC to America's ruling star, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Isis, Venus, Virgo is the reigning Goddess (if this sounds bizarre, the reader is advised to pick up a Masonic text such as Pike's Morals and Dogma to understand how certain forces are believed to be embodied in series of iconic gods and goddesses through history—inherited from one belief framework to the next. “God” is referred to by Masons—who are ecumenical, and admit non-Christians—as the “Grand Architect of the Universe.”) Sirius, the blazing star of Masonry, is Solomon's Seal, the Star of David, intimately asociated with Solomonic revival magic (The Lesser Keys of Solomon, for example), and in another way with the stars on the American flag, Great Seal, and so forth. At another level, Sirius and Isis are two aspects of the same principle.
Sirius, the Dog Star's, traditional annual date of heliacal rising (i.e. at the same time as the sun in the morning) in ancient Egypt was thought to coincide with the start of the Nile floods, and its fixed date became September 11 in the Egyptian calendar, marking the New Year. This might explain the significance of the date of the laying of the Pentagon's cornerstone (9-11-1941), and certainly would have been known to The Group who planned 9-11-2001. (I won't speculate on whether the same Group was behind both events, but I don't possess a shred of evidence for this.)
In esoteric terms, what else makes ancient Egypt so dear to occultists? Why have Europeans been so desperate to make pyramid copies, put them on their money capped by the Eye of Providence/Eye of Horus, loot obelisks and erect them in every Western city with pretensions of Imperial grandeur, from Istanbul to Washington, DC? These are certainly not Christian symbols, nor Jewish. The answer of course lies in the almost eternal fascination that outsiders have had with these stone constructions, and is entangled with the fascination that secret societies since the time of Pythagoras—who was said to have studied in Egypt--have had with the mystery schools said to exist in places like Heliopolis. (The mystery schools so often these days are tied in direct and unbroken lineages to the present, by pop occultists—but based on extremely thin evidence). Pure and simple, the pyramid and the obelisk represent power—phallic, eternal, celestial, mysterious power—and far more so than the “weak” figures of Christ, for some. Beyond that, we have the whole “Stargate” idea, as Picknett and Prince (1999) outline in some detail.
There were nine gods of the Egyptian pantheon, and all of these were being channelled by the likes of Uri Geller (supposedly a Mossad asset), for the purposes of US military-intelligence during the Cold War, under the tutelage of mind-control pioneer Andrija Pujarich, starting in 1952. Apparently there were quite a number of believers in their predictions, though according to the authors, only 8 of the 9 gods ever made their appearances. The one that was closest in appearance to Satan, Set, Sept or Sothis, had not made an appearance in the world. Sothis's glyph is that of the Star Sirius.
Picknett and Prince write

It is telling that while the Council of Nine...should include Set, he never appears in their channelled material. Are they saving up Set for later? Has he arrived already, hidden away in the Trojan Horse that is the Nine? Is Set here? And if so, what role will he play in their plans? Will he be on the side of Them – or Us? There is something sinister in the Council of Nine's avoidance of this dark god, the archetype of destruction. (p. 336)
The authors are referring to a long-term channelling exercise that resulted in a virtual cult within USG military and intelligence circles linked to predictions and instructions made, supposedly by these gods, regarding the coming of a New Age around the year 2000 (!). Picknett and Prince were off by 254 days, but it, then, little surprise that on Set's day (according to the equation of Set, Sept, September, and Sirius that they claim is unique to Pujarich and Crowley followers), He made an appearance. But this is outlandish to me, as I don't believe in extrahuman forces guiding events in the mundane world. The Devil that has convinced the world it doesn't exist is a wholly human construction, in my mind; Oz (Aiwass?) seem more like unpopular men from Nebraska.
Given that Picknett and Prince mention the authority of Crowley follower Kenneth Grant, it is useful to mention that in 20th-century Left-Hand Path occult lore, Set is equated with Typhon and Choronzon, depending on which interpretation of glyphs, Gnostic arcana and Egyptological texts you prefer. Whether he represents Evil or Liberation depends on your perspective; numerous Gnostic texts had Satan and/or Lucifer as the “good guy” (to put it really simply), while Blavatsky, Pike, and their ilk had a “thing” for Lucifer. This doesn't bother me in the least, given that the God of the Old Testament is quite bloodthirsty himself, and in any case hundreds of millions have died in the name of Yhaweh, Jehovah, Allah, and Christ over the last few thousand years.

To get back on track: 9-11 is consecrated to Sirius or Sothis, in some accounts (but not all) Set, a God and a star that also happens to be the star reigning over Freemasonry (as Pike points out) and over capitals with Freemasonic origins, such as Washington, DC. It is also the start central to 20th-century New Age accounts drawn from Freemasonry that locate a Brotherhood there involved with channelling the forces of the universe to Earth (etc., etc.).
Now, at this point, I'd like to be able to launch into a deep astrological analysis of 9-11, but I do not have the expertise; I will simply say that it is highly likely that the time of day was picked to be auspicious, given that the date itself seems to have been determined by numerology rather than astrology. That is to say, the time that the first plane hit the first Tower would likely be coordinated to the minute with an astrological event of some significance.
I would also like to mention a few more factoids of importance. The first is the origin of the emergency code “911”; unfortunately, the answer is that we only know that someone at AT&T picked it in the late 1960s. No one has ever come forth and claimed to be the person (or committee) that picked the number, or offered an explanation as to why that number was picked (many theories have been offered). This is similar, I believe, to the pick of 11 AM on 11/11/1918.
We should also take notice of the “911” number that was the New York lottery pick on 9-11-2002 (http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/WhosCo ... 845&page=1). This dismissive article also contains an intriguing quote (used to belittle “conspiracy theorists,” of course:

in his 1973 novel, Rendezvous with Rama, [Arthur] Clarke wrote: "At 0940 GMT on the morning of September 11 in the exceptionally beautiful summer of the year 2077, most of the inhabitants of Europe saw a dazzling fireball.... Somewhere above Austria it began to disintegrate.... The cities of Padua and Verona were wiped from the face of the earth, and the last glories of Venice sank forever..."

Creepy, without a doubt. Also creepy that Uri Geller, that protege of Pujarich, is the most famous person popularizing the power of the “11:11” current in New Age circles (http://www.uri-geller.com/articles/11.htm).


So, the million dollar question—what group with connections to Freemasonry utilizes the most important numbers of 9-11-2001? As it turns out, there is not only a group, but an entire 20th-century belief system whose most important numbers are 11, 77, 93, 418, and 666. It is the occult “religion” known as Thelema, created by master occultist Aleister Crowley, a brilliant and extremely well-read English intellectual who claimed that an entity called “Aiwass” (or ”Oz”) dictated the Book of the Law to him in Cairo, Egypt, in 1904. The Book is basically a set of instructions for the founding of a New Aeon, namely the Aeon of Horus, one of the Ennead and child of Isis and Horus. Eleven is the number of the new Aeon, and Crowley was to be the first “Beast 666” who would begin to spread the doctrine of the Aeon and help bring it about. The Aeon of Horus will be one in which “the slaves shall serve” and those who find their Thelema (True Will) will “Love under Will,” for “Love is the Law.” The Word of the new Aeon is “Abrahadabra” (see below). 93 is the number of one's Holy Guardian Angel or higher self; Thelemites (who come in many stripes) sign their web posts “93” or “93/93.” I want to stress that this is the ONLY belief system that basically enshrines 93 as an extremely important number.
In Thelema, 77 is 11 times 7 (7 being basically the most important of all numbers, in many numerological systems), and Liber 77 in the Crowleyian oeuvre is the all-important Liber Oz, or Thelemic Declaration of the Rights of Man, a short list that includes the rights to make war on those who infringe upon our sacred right to “Do What Thou Wilt” which, according to the Book of the Law, is “The Whole of the Law.”
The Book of the Law, then, is a type of received scripture for occultists. It is clearly and blatantly anti-Christian. Crowley himself claimed to never really understand it, as becomes clear in his two sets of commentaries upon it. Crowley was well familiar with Masonry: he had come through the initiatory systems of the Golden Dawn (a late Victorian magic revival society) and also claimed to be a Freemason. His writings (which are innumerable, but all, by his admission, are his own invention or at most “inspired,” except for the “channelled” Book of the Law) are filled with subtle jokes and with multiple possible interpretations based on a variety of magical and mystical systems, chief among them the Enochian magic of John Dee and Edward Kelly, and Qabbalism, particularly via occultism (where we have the Tarot associated with the Tree of Life; Crowley was obsessed with both).
On the surface, the Book of the Law, by issuing the law of Do What Thou Wilt, appears to be calling for free love but also for a New Age society in which the strong—those who have discovered their true wills—will trample the weak; the weak in large part are made of Christians, while Muslims rate slightly better. Thelemites protesteth (too much?), needless to say, claiming that this type of magick (involving sex) is between consenting adults and the question of infringing upon the rights of others is very thorny. But suffice it to say that we are not arguing that Crowley is behind it, or that Thelemites per se are behind it. Picknett and Prince (1999) have already shown the Thelemic roots of much of the Council of Nine phenomenon. We are simply pointing out that:

1.Eleven, the master number of 9-11, is the master number of Thelema
2.The number 93, the Holy Guardian Angel, by which one realizes the injunction to “Do What Thou Wilt,” was the sign of the missile apparently headed to destroy Congress. Representative government, according to Thelema, is government by the weak; in government under the Child, Horus, in His Aeon, the strong will rule, while the weak “slaves” will serve.
3.The missile headed to the Pentagon, whose sign was 77, was meant to unleash the forces of Liber Oz, Liber 77, which includes the rights to make war.
4.175 is the weakest case, though I think the argument stands even without it. Thelema associates it with Venus. I will say simply that a lot went wrong that day (93 was downed, for example), and it possible that they had to go with the flight number they got. They're not all-powerful, after all! (If they were lcose to being all-powerfuo, they wouldn;t need to do this kind of stuff. Indeed, they are weak, because they cannot control Chaos, which to them means US, the people.) In any case, 175 is numerologically very powerful, as its digits sum to 13; 17+5 =22; 1+75=76, 7+6 = 13; etc. Not that 13 is a very important number in Thelema (22 is, as it's the number of the paths on the Tree of Life, and the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet); Crowley wrote that 11 was the number of members of the coven of old. In the Golden Dawn system of initiatory magic, 11's significance is that is the number of the Qlippoth, or Qlippothic Forces, the demons that rule the abyss. According to Crowley, the Abyss is ruled over by Choronzon (in neo-Crowleyian versions, Typhon or Set), and it represents Knowledge or Da'ath, the apocryphal 11th sephira of the Tree of Life (Jewish Qabbala has only 10 sephira).

Let's boil this down (particularly for you skeptics!)—it is hard to believe that 9-11-2001 and its associated events were not planned with numerological significance in mind. It seems very, very likely that numerology played a hand. This means that some belief system had to be behind it, no matter how it was being twisted, or perhaps not even being taken seriously—a ludibrium, perhaps? The only belief system that places prime importance on the major numbers of that day is Thelema and its offshoots.
Now, you are probably thinking, What does some marginal cult have to do with 9-11? Think again! Thelema, as a belief system, is far from marginal. Perhaps its most famous practitioner after Crowley was the self-styled “Second Beast 666,” Jack Parsons, employee of the JPL and Hughes Aviation, occultist, partner in the Pasadena OTO Lodge (Crowley's American occult branch) with fellow OTO member L. Ron Hubbard, and pioneer of American rocketry (yes, that's right—phallic things that explode!). Parsons blew himself up in the early 1950s, but not after claiming to have received the fourth part of the Book of the Law, with 77 verses, channelled to him by the goddess-force “Babalon,” the Whore who was meant to usher in the new Aeon. (I should explain that occultists have never been clear on just when this Aeon was meant to start, or which was its primary driving force. Crowley initially claimed it had begun in 1904 with his reception of the Book of the Law. See below.) Babalon, as Crowley had written, was what you might think of as a positive force (Crowley hated Christianity, hence he reinterpreted what the Bible called “evil,” like “666” and various types of “deviant” sexuality, and turned them to his own use. He was what we might call a Gnostic, seeking to become one with God, or become a God, believing that Christianity is a religion for the weak.) The origins of Babalon are obscure, but it can indeed be equated with Babylon, thence in the imaginations of some with New York City or America; others may see Iraq. In any case, Babalon called on Parsons to produce a child, which he attempted to do during the Babalon Working, but it appears likely that the “child” is metaphorical or is some sort of other act (Crowley appears to have made the same mistake). In any case, Babalon claims that the new Aeon will also belong to her as the feminine principle, and that it will require various acts for her to become manifest in the world.
So that's one Thelemite, a father of American rocketry. Most, of course, keep their identities secret. Crowley took over the Ordo Templi Orientis, but imbued his very own Argenteum Astrum (A'A'--that's right, like the acronym of the airline, and as the “Silver Star,” an apparent reference to Sirius) with the ultimate power to gain converts who would work to achieve the reign of Horus on earth. The A'A' was set up with 11 degrees, and there is a proliferation of 11s throughout its organizational structure. However, like in many magical initiatory systems, the highest grades are secret, their goals are secret, and indeed they are painted to be a sort of secret brotherhood very much like others favored by quasi-Rosicrucian New Age adepts (Blavatsky, Bailey, etc.).
Please remember that I am attempting to keep this simple and only deal with essentials—whether Crowley meant, or thought he meant, things literally, or not, I can say with relative certainty that nothing in Crowley's own writing indicates the belief in the powers of a megaritual. His various workings involved small groups of people, even though it is true that he tended to ascribe a relationship between these multi-week sex-soaked rituals with the outbreak of world war. Crowley was by no means a pacifist, but it would be a long shot and unfair to claim that he sat down and planned out a series of events leading to a 9-11. Obviously, someone usurped him—indeed, given his apparently gullible nature, it is possible that he was chosen in the first place to channel and record the Book of the Law, a scripture for, well, for what? Other than Parsons, we have Do What Thou Wilt in one way or another at the basis of 20th-century hedonism, rock n roll, much that went on in California—in short, Crowley has been nearly as important as Blavatsky in what many call the New Age, and Thelema is certainly one of the New Age religions. But Thelema is also found deep within the defense hierarchy of the Pentagon!
That's right—Michael Aquino, retired US lieutenant-colonel and intelligence specialist, is a “Setian” with roots in LaVey's Church of Satan. LaVey's controversial and somewhat humorous treatment of Satan aside, Aquino claimed to have been channelled the “Book of Coming Forth By Night” (NOT in the public domain) and basically to have been named the spokesperson of Set, with the Aeon of Set having begun in 1975. The Temple of Set follows the Law of Thelema, which, one has to admit, is a rather interesting law to follow if you're a high-up in the military. And there are other Setians in the military, though we haven't an indication of how many. Aquino is famous as having been accused of involvement in Satanic Ritual Abuse, but we won't get into that here. Suffice it to say that so-called cults that believe in a New Age beyond Christianity, where we will finally have the triumph of the Will through Gnostic enlightenment of the individual, are not restricted to teenagers and Internet surfers. I should also remind you that in Rome, a certain cult named Mithras was particularly attractive to military leaders. You see, it is doubtful that “Love Thy Enemies” and “Turn the other cheek” do much in time of battle. As Crowley said, Christianity is for the weak.
You're probably shaking your head and admonishing me about the Age of Aquarius, peace, and free love. Indeed--that's another part of Madame Blavatsky's heritage (read S. Cranston's HPB, G. P. Putnam, NY, 1993). Aquarius is simply the zodiacal sign that “rules us” over a roughly 2,000-year-period, thanks to the precession of the equinoxes. Each two millennium period is “ruled” by a sign—most recently, Pisces (the Fish, as in Jesus), in standard astrology. One can read numerous astrological interpretations of when we go into the next Age. (2012 is a popular one). Those who lean more heavily on Egypt prefer to talk of Aeons, but the key point to make in all this is that even Thelemites do not agree on when the next Aeon begins, or what it is called. There is also, according to Crowley disciple Kenneth Grant, an Aeon of Maat (see also http://www.hermetic.com/dionysos/beyond3.htm as a typical example of esoterica associated with interpretation of Crowley's many writings) that is a sort of “twin” of the Aeon of Horus. But Grant is associated with the Typhonian OTO and followers of the idea that Crowley was wrong in believing that one did not achieve union with one's higher self (the Great Work and goal of following the Path) by struggling with Choronzon, the Guardian of the Abyss (after which one crossed into the City of the Pyramids—it's a long story...); rather Grant and his ilk belief that one must unite with Choronzon [they call it “Typhon”] and let the forces of chaos into the world (Malkuth). This is intimately tied into UFOs, which we won't go into here, but if you are interested, research “Lam” and also Jack Parson's keen interest in them.
It's the old magician's struggle with the demons, the forces of evil—Crowley, and Blavatsky before him, and many, many others. were seeking enlightenment for their followers, and there was certainly a place for calling for demons and vanquishing them (as Crowley claimed to have done with Choronzon in the Sahara); much more dangerous is the attempt to call forth the demons and have them do your bidding, as in the Book of Abramelin the Mage and similar grimoires. Goetia (necromancy) IS scary stuff, but it is also the stuff of all times and all places. “Pacts with the Devil” were not something invented by the Dominicans to punish dissent; harnessing the forces of Chaos is central to humanity's struggle with nature, at whatever level you choose to interpret what happens.
All this is to say that there are CERTAINLY thought systems out there that appear to be telling us that it is OK to unleash the forces of chaos and evil in the world. But this is nothing different from certain versions of any of the major world religions (AIDS as God's punishment of homosexuals; Jesus Christ as Holy Warrior against the Muslims in Iraq; etc.). On the other hand, the numerology associated with 9-11 is not associated with other religions; it is associated with the New Age, and particularly with its Thelemic strain. Again, I stress that I am only demonstrating compatibility and am in no way suggesting that this or that group is responsible. Adherents to most New Age magic[k]al systems are focused on themselves, and seek to change the world through changing themselves—the battles that go on are not allegorical or metaphysical, but according to them involve action on other planes (no pun intended), by making use of the astral body. Essentially, they are shamanic initiates using techniques of ecstasy such as deprivation, meditation, drugs, and sex to put their own worlds in order, and through infection, perhaps, the worlds of others. In short, I've looked and looked and do not find the theme of staging massive rituals of slaughter as part of the publicly-available rituals or theory of any extant group (except, of course, the Nazis!). So I think we are looking at something very new, but at the same time also very old.
Thelema, by the way, was named after the blue and gold Abbey of Thelema in Rabelais, who apparently intended it to be satirical. The motto of that Abbey was “Do what thou wilt.” This was put into practice by the Monks of Mendenham, an 18th-century sex-magic cult, the Hellfire Club, in England, that is a primary clue for us, in that its members included some of the most influential politicians of the day (Ben Franklin's relationship with it is, predictable, rather obscure). Crowley, out of the recesses of his mind at very least, was certainly referencing the Hellfire Club. Anything more would be speculation. But it is clear that Crowley's Aiwass had a detailed knowledge of Gargantua and Pantagruel!
So what of the 11-letter magic formula of the New Aeon, Abrahadabra? This was Crowley's adaptation of that all-important word Abracadabra, which is indeed a central word of power for Western ceremonial magic. Its origin is obscure; Crowley claimed that his version united the 5 and the 6 (the Rose and the Cross), thus the microcosm and the macrocosm, and gave mystical interpretations that had it ultimately derived from “Abrasax” (Abraxas, Father Sun) and numerologically, through Gematria, also equal to 418 and 22. There are numerous possible translations of the original Abracadabra; I would offer another for the stew: Abraha as in Abraham, and Dabra, Hill. The joke is that they are transliterations of Ethiopian Coptic (Geez), combined in a careless way. The reference is back to Solomon, as the “Hill of Abraham” is supposed to Mount Moria, by some accounts the Temple Mount itself. And so we return to Solomon's Temple.
We have rambled along long enough; it is time to cut to the chase. What did the Two Towers represent, and why destroy them? Let us speculate. We have the Tower Card in Tarot, eerily similar to one of the towers on 9-11. But the Two Towers themselves can clearly be interpreted as Jachin and Boaz, with America lying behind, the Temple of Solomon, as in Salomon's House of Bacon's New Atlantis. If we allow ourselves to presume that Freemasonry is entwined with the rise of America and had something to do, if only in spirit, with the erection of the Twin Towers, we can reject the symbolic destruction of America—indeed, the symbolic destruction of Salomon's House itself—as a “Masonic Plot” but at the same time affirm that the Group behind it is sending a powerful message to high-level Freemasonry and the One World Order based on GAOTU that the Aeon of Horus is nigh, or perhaps already upon us. Now, many readers, with visions of the Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones dancing in their heads, are probably thinking that the force that has come to free the strong and enslave the weak IS the same as high-level Freemasonry, but I submit that what we are after is a 20th-century variant practiced by a particular but still unnamed cult that is intent on bringing about a Third World War, a final conflagration that will show organized religion as well as Freemasonry and “universal brotherhood” to be in error, and will erect on the ashes of civilization a purified synarchy. What better way to do this than for the adepts to lead the followers of the three One-God religions into a collision from which none will emerge victorious? The lure for Jews is the rebuilding of the Temple; the lure for Muslims is the coming of the Mahdi; the lure for Christians is Armageddon, cleverly woven into Thelema via the utilization of 666 (a number that many true scholars disregard in any case).
Unlike Picknett and Prince, it strains my credulity to believe that the Ennead are about, but whether the Group is followers or simply exploiters of the New Egyptology, they are certainly bent on a less-than-benign version of the New Age. Indeed, it is a Thelemic and not a Christian version, though of course many of us might say that Christianity (or Islam) thus far have hardly been shining example of universal peace and love. But I also say, read the Book of the Law carefully and in light of “Aiwass's” cribbing of Rabelais, and see what is foretold.
As to where this cult is headquartered, I would think that would be obvious. It would have to be in the heart of the wealthiest conurbation of the wealthiest nation in the world, as close to the action as it could possibly get. Where else could one have a command center close to the action; where else could it make use so easily of the FBI's counterterrorism unit, where the very adept John O'Neill came to rest—the O'Neill who almost literally gave birth to Osama bin Laden the same John O'Neill whose disgruntled underlings nicknamed “Satan”? Where else but in the home city of the next US president, whose very father was part of a powerful secret society that uses blood oathes and other secret rituals—the same future president who saved the day on 9-11? New York City is the heart and the key, presumably with those same City of London linkages that have existed for centuries. Whatever It is, It is evil, in my mind, and is tied to power by money and rule by the elite. They hide in plain sight, out in the open, taunting us and bribing our elected government; their temples are closed to outsiders, yet they flaunt their wealth and power at every step. Yet they fear us because we are legion; even with Madison Avenue we cannot be controlled, totally, nor can Total Awareness and Total Control work, as we may lose our urge to consume, and if we do that we will lose our urge to live. They are parasites, bloodsuckers; we are statistics to them, but we continue to mutate and to change; we are like the weather.
Remember how fragile we are—one word (Abrahadabra?) and the world can be set on fire, yet they have stayed their hand. Why? Kill the host, and the parasite dies, too. Also, if the host becomes too aware of the parasite, it will seek to root it out and destroy it (AKA communism). Better to keep the host like sheep or cattle, a content herd, kept safe from the wolves. Better, in The Village where we live, to create the terror that cows them, and channel and subvert the dualisms that divide them and keep them weak. Ah, you say, but this is pure paranoia! But remember that the greatest trick they have played on us is to convince us that they do not exist.
It could be that they knew they were faltering, and 9-11-2001 was a desperate ploy, for never before have they showed their hand so openly (to those who are not fully blind). There are many ways to fight them, given that Unity on our part seems unlikely. Going underground might be the key—forget illumination altogether, and go where the Eye of Providence cannot penetrate. I mean all this metaphorically, you understand...
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Postby 8bitagent » Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:19 am

As my own side caveat...

I do not believe Crowley was some child sacrificing creep as some assert, merely he had a unique seat to percieve his time and times before, as
did Manly P Hall...like when Hall said America had a "secret destiny".

Crowley's ideas however could be taken to task by those with a troubling agenda, just as Einstein's theories could be used for evil

On 11...Crowley wrote

"My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red. My colour is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the seeing. Also I have a secret glory for them that love me."

On 77, he writes

77 is the number of Laylah (LAILAH), to whom this chapter is wholly devoted. The first section of the title is an analysis of 77 considered as a mystic number. 7, the septenary; 11, the magical number; 77, the manifestation, therefore, of the septenary.”

Crowley wrote extensively on the supreme power of 93 of which there is many quotes

on 175
In the book of the law, CLXXV 175 is
"Liber Astarte vel Liber Berylli"—On uniting oneself to a Deity

175 is the third number of Venus.

Again, very interesting.

I also wanted to add my own observences:

*Clearly this article isnt to say Crowley's followers are behind 9/11, but merely that "powers that be" may have bastardized or used Crowley's teachings for their own twisted benefit. Curious, that Crowley's group "A.A." had 11 agrees. AA11.

*It is significant that the North tower is struck first(by 11), and the South tower second. theres a strong Masonic influence in this idea.

*The big antenna on the north tower could be seen to represent male, the south tower female. We know the towers were nicknamed "David and Nelson", for David Rockefeller the WTC creator and his brother Nelson

*Collapsing duality(two towers) into one(freedom tower) is significant, because the Freedom octogonal tower rises to the public and opens in 2012...11 years after 9/11

*For 33 days, the NYC skyline was illuminati by two piercing lights to memoralize the WTc, A "Tribute in Light" it was called

*The WTC, envisioned by David Rockefeller and built by the Bin Laden Group's star architect yamasaki, was infused with mystery and symbolism


*It is said NYC and DC were chose based on energy lay lines,
"as above, so below" indeed

The guy who made this, "9/11 Star Gate"
points to the symbolism of Masonic tracing boards,
the pyramids of giza and WTC 1, 2 and 7


The Boaz and Jachim pillars in Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike is a strong possibility


This author mentions an obelisk marking the trinity test by scientist and occult adept Oppenheimer(of whom the Manhattan Project is officially said to be brainchilded at Bohemian Grove)

Where else do such statues mark a horrific event?
obelisk w/ eternal flame where JFK was killed


and directly above the 13th pillar where princess Di crashed on the 31st of august(theres the 13/31 thing)

a black pentagram with an eternal flame
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Anti-esoteric comment..

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:05 pm

Esoterica may be interesting but it clogs up the wheels of social activism and justice.

Sorry, 8bitagent, but I have to point out WHAT IS MISSING, as usual from your threads that you always advertise as the complete last word in some way on the 9/11 topic.

The author shows his IGNORANCE with this stinker-
Perhaps explosives were also used—we won't get into that debate, for it hinges on physical evidence that was quickly disposed of.

NONSENSE. Lots of irrefutable evidence still exists despite the numerology carnival ride fun. Here's my response to that author's ill-informed statement-


Physical evidence not destroyed and FAR more important than numerology:
> The too short a time it took for three WTC buildings to come down proves demolition
based on Newton's fundamental law of Conservation of Momentum.
> Every photo and video of this happening shows explosive projectile forces.
> The huge pools of molten metal under the three buildings for many weeks.
> The chemical signature of thermate in the dust and debris.
> The iron-rich globules in the dust and debris.
> The first-responder eye and ear witnesses to the explosions.
...etc....there's even more physical evidence...

As to the numerology, the only items I'd affirm are:

> basic marketing and anthropology use of a date that would be retriggered every time the emergency phone number, 911, was seen in order to amplify the meaning of the date as a permanent national emergency where men in uniforms are the solution.

>the covering up of the date 9/11/73 when the US overthrew the elected government of Chile under a terrorist program called Operation Condor.

The Washington Post on the morning of 9/11/01 had the news that the son of a Chilean general who was murdered in that coup had come into possession of documents that allowed him to procede with a lawsuit against Henry Kissinger and other US officials responsible for the coup against Allende and the following wave of torture and murder.
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Re: Anti-esoteric comment..

Postby slimmouse » Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:58 pm

Hugh Manatee Wins wrote:Esoterica may be interesting but it clogs up the wheels of social activism and justice.

The author shows his IGNORANCE with this stinker-
Perhaps explosives were also used—we won't get into that debate, for it hinges on physical evidence that was quickly disposed of.

It should be obvious to everyone here Hugh, that the author is overlooking everything exoteric about 9/11.

And he/she knows its an inside job along with the best of us.

I thought it was a fascinating piece in the larger scheme of things. But naturally, as a reductionist this doesnt appeal to you.

Which makes me wonder why you bothered with it :roll:
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Postby DrVolin » Sat Nov 24, 2007 11:07 pm

The author certainly hits most of the main points. He misses (I think) that pre 9/11, there was a widespread belief in bible prophecy circles that Jesus was born on September 11th 3 BC.

The nine of 9/11 is misleading. Clearly the roots of the numerological system are 3 and 11. Together, they give 33, the age of the crucifixion, but more importantly, the age of the resurrection, the age of transformation. The key numbers in the system should be 3, 9, 11, 27 and 33. As far as I know, 27 has not yet been used. Whoever is planning these is a serious numerologist and is using an essentially christian cosmology.

The other thing the author misses is that the first independent US operation of WWI was launched on Sept 11th 1918 (Eastern Time) at St. Mihiel. So we have:

9/11 1918: St Mihiel (Wed)
11/11 1918: Armistice (Mon)
9/3 1939: UK and France declare war on Germany (Sun)
9/11 1941: Pentagon groundbreaking (Thu)
9/3 1945: First day of Post WWII era (Japan Surrendered Sept 2nd) (Mon)
3/30 1981: Reagan assassination attempt (Mon)
9/11 11th 1990: Bush NWO speech (Tue)
9/11 2001: NY and Washington attacks (Tue)
3/11 2004: Madrid attacks (Thu)

Using those milestones, there is no immediately obvious significance to the day of the week. However, it is apparent that many of the early dates are for militarily significant events, whereas the later ones, starting with the attempt on Reagan, are distinctly more "civilian" in flavour.
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Postby 8bitagent » Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:25 am

I do remember years before 2001 hearing that many believed Christ's birthday to be September 11th.

From an allegorical sense, the destruction of the towers(duality); instantly ripping the souls of thousands could be seen as a giant ritual.
The ritual completing in 2012, when the Freedom Tower rises; harnessing the souls of 2750.



"By 2012 we should have a completely rebuilt World Trade Centre more magnificent, more spectacular than it ever was."

So let's see...

John Dee envisions America for the European elite
America is formed
DC and NYC are chose, allegedly based on ley lines
Washington DC is formed as a celestial mapping with sacred geometry
The Statue Of Liberty is brought to the US 100 years later
The Pentagon's official groundbreaking ceremony is 9/11/1941
Two decades later David Rockefeller brainchilds the World Trade Center
The Bin Laden Groups' star architect makes the towers
David Rockefeller by 2001 had devoted much of his life to helping forge super states toward a one world government
Rockfeller happens to chair the elite US/German exchange program Carl Duizberg Society(CDS Intl) that creates Mohammed Atta
David Rockefeller says in 1994(the year Atta gets into CDS Intl)
"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
David Rockefeller speaking at the UN, Sept. 14, 1994

9/11/2001 happens, destroying David Rockefeller's WTC, blamed on Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Atta.

No surprise, David Rockefeller and his lackey Henry Kissinger happen to be associated with UN NGO Lucis Trust(formerly Lucifer Publishing), created by Alice Bailey.

As for the post 9/11 "al Qaeda" terror attacks

9/11 (11 years to the day after bush sr's nwo speech)
3/11 (911 days after 9/11, the 2004 Madrid Spain attacks)
7/11 (2006, confirmed to be the work of pakistani ISI in mumbai india)
7/7 (MI6 Haroon Aswat masterminded 2005 london attacks)
10/7 (tourist hotels in the Sinai in Egypt in 2004)
4/11 (Algeirian capital attack in 2007)
4/11(al Qaeda attack in Tunisia, 2002)
11/9 (2005 attack in jordan, mirrors the date "9/11")
7/23 (2005 bombings in Egypt)

al Qaeda has a thing for 11 and 7 apparently:)

Just to get a little bit deeper with 9/11:
Beginning with American Airlines Flight 11,
the other three planes had a sequential order:
United Airlines Flight 93 9 + 3 = 12
United Airlines Flight 175 1 + 7 + 5 = 13
American Airlines Flight 77 7 + 7 = 14

Even ABC News wondered if al Qaeda had a thing for such numerology:
http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/200 ... ll_ma.html

You also gotta love the irony of all the assassinations

JFK = 11/22
MLK = 4/4
RFK = 6/6
Reagan attempt by Bush family friend = 3/30

Aww, Washington DC. Aint she a beaut?



Of course, we know the global elite arent totally humorless fuddy duddies.

The death of Yankee's Star Pitcher Cory Lidle, who died on
10/11/06(thats 9/11/01 upside down) when his plane crashed into a NYC highrise evoking images and emotions of 9/11...Im sure was a big knee slapper yuk yuk joke to em

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Postby theeKultleeder » Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:43 am

"Signs, signs, everywhere signs, blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind..."

Kabbalistic matrices of associations only work in the subjective universe.

You could apply any number of cyphers to history. I bet I could derive from the Enochian Angels a code that spells out that our current Tribulations are the Herald of bright new future.

In fact, I would like to believe that...

Postby DoYouEverWonder » Sun Nov 25, 2007 9:48 am

9/11 was the fulfillment of the Plan and the numbers take on new meanings.

The first plane - the start of the attack

Flight 11 on 9/11 hit the (11) Twin Towers

The last plane - the end of the attack.

Flight 93 - Remember the past - WTC 1993

Flight 175 - the 2nd plane

93+93-11= 175

The Pentagon

Flight 77 - Almost like 11

77 represents a higher octave of 5

7+7= 14
1+4 = 5

Flight 77 hit the 5 sided building
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Postby Crow » Sun Nov 25, 2007 10:44 am

Very interesting article. There was a lot I didn't know in there.
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Postby 8bitagent » Sun Nov 25, 2007 10:10 pm

Crow wrote:Very interesting article. There was a lot I didn't know in there.

I agree. Our own "geogeo" is quite the researcher. I keep saying, I wish people like Jeff or GeoGeo or others would write a book or make a documentary or do a radio weekly show.

And before any Thelemites, Satanists or left hand path folks get bent out of shape hearing this information...

the same hate given toward Christians, Jews, Muslims, or other branches of Abrahamic faiths for "massacring people" and such does not mean the people as a whole do bad things.

I myself am not of any faith, and see religion as a way to control people as much as I believe religion should be protected(as its not in, of course Burma or China)

What GeoGeo was attempting to do in this article is to shed light on an alternate explanation for 9/11 other than the tired "9/11 was for oil", "9/11 was to attack our freedoms", "9/11 was blowback" memes.

Sirhan Sirhan was an ardent Rosicrucian, doesnt mean Rosicrucians are bad.
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Postby theeKultleeder » Sun Nov 25, 2007 10:42 pm

8bitagent wrote:
On 11...Crowley wrote

"My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red. My colour is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the seeing. Also I have a secret glory for them that love me."

Which has nothing to do with your own projections onto the number. 11 is the number of magick because of its property of illustrating duality and the way it multiples with other numbers. Also, the pentagram (spirit at the top) is the symbol of the inner-universe, the microcosm; the hexagram is the symbol of the outer-universe, the macrocosm.

The Great Work, the Magnum Opus, is uniting the inner and the outer.

Hexagram=6 (outer) + Pentagram=5 (inner) = 11

8bitagent wrote:On 77, he writes

77 is the number of Laylah (LAILAH), to whom this chapter is wholly devoted. The first section of the title is an analysis of 77 considered as a mystic number. 7, the septenary; 11, the magical number; 77, the manifestation, therefore, of the septenary.”

LAYLAH, the muse of the great book of poetry The Book of Lies (Falsely So-Called) was a historical "scarlet woman" as well as a symbol connected to the spiritual emergency of "ego-death," the Night of Pan, where oneness is attained with the universe in the annhilation of the self-idea.

Love Always Yieldeth Love Always Hardeneth - connected to Yin and Yang.

8bitagent wrote:Crowley wrote extensively on the supreme power of 93 of which there is many quotes

Indeed. According to ancient sources, according to the first and authentic "Bible code": Agagpe=93=Thelema.

Both "Love" and "Will" in Greek have the same numerical value, which is supposed to demonstrate their closeness as metaphysical qualities.

8bitagent wrote:on 175
[b]In the book of the law, CLXXV 175 is
"Liber Astarte vel Liber Berylli"—On uniting oneself to a Deity

This text is specifically about the mystical state of union with deity by means of loving devotion, what the Hindus call Bhakti Yoga.

The rest is your own personal kabbalah, and as a spiritual teaching, 8bit, I find it severely lacking.

It is good to look critically and make fresh connections, but your theories have nothing to do with the teachings you reference. They are almost all available online, it would behoove you to study them.

I invite you to come and read one of my recent Kultblogg posts:

The "Great Beast," Aleister Crowley, regardless of his personal failings and unwholesome deeds, has left the world with a symbol system as intriguing as it is dense. Without having been "initiated" in any of its mysteries, the present author can only interpret Crowley's "religion" of Thelema within the context of personal understanding within the Wisdom Traditions. This reveals the value and the danger of symbolic and archetypal schemes: they can be interpreted according to the understanding of the person who thinks about them. To Mega Therion wrote in Magick in Theory and Practice:

http://cyberkult.blogspot.com/2007/10/w ... point.html

Postby 8bitagent » Sun Nov 25, 2007 11:08 pm

As you mention, the yin and yang in life.

There's the centuries old meme of "evil Masons out to control the world" that even Hitler used; but clearly the template of Masonry has been used by countless "secret socieities" and orders...some of which most would agree were pretty nefarious, others merely misunderstood.

Some may say Crowley was just a plagarist of Francois Rabelais, some say he was evil incarnate; my point is that it is entirely possible for groups of people to take things and invert it for their own nefarious purposes.

People call Blavatsky and Theosophy "evil and racist", but there can be no doubt that it's ties to Tibetan beliefs, and it being beloved by Gandhi and folks within India is evident.

You cant tell me some nut hasnt read Crowley's work, and mistaken peaceful, neutral or even, satiracle writings and twisted it to their own intensions.

Ya wrote "This reveals the value and the danger of symbolic and archetypal schemes: they can be interpreted according to the understanding of the person who thinks about them. "...

indeed, you answer it yourself...it's about interpretation.

Underneath the layers of Crowley lore, it's obvious one must have an understanding of ancient India, Tibet, Hebrew Mysticism, I Ching and a whole myriad of global mystery wisdoms and esotericism.

I understand youve been bonked over the head by too many "those evil left hand pathers, sacrificing babies!" Christian insanity, as well as huksters taking Crowley's work as some sort of prophetic message.
But like Rabelais, people miss the patchwork of comedy and humor intended for people to make their own interpretations. All of which will come with people's own filters.
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Postby theeKultleeder » Sun Nov 25, 2007 11:26 pm

Come read my blogg, 8bit! The whole article is pretty darn good (I think - I hope).

Let me correct you a little bit here - the anthropology and even linguistic understanding of Tibet in Crowley's time was sadly primitive. Crowley cannot have had a very good idea of Tibet, nor could have "Hell"ena Blavatsky. Crowley's knowledge of Buddhism came from one of his lovers/disciples, who was a monk in the Theravada, an entirely different geographic region and sect of Buddhism - vastly different.

Theosophic and Nazi references are beliefs about Tibet, not Tibetan beliefs!

PROOF: With Tibet's vast pantheon of symbolic deities, NOT ONE of Tibet's symbolic gods is mentioned in Crowley's book of kabbalistic tables, 777.


Postby Joe Hillshoist » Mon Nov 26, 2007 4:53 am

The book of lies, what a classic.
Joe Hillshoist
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Postby MASONIC PLOT » Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:59 pm

VERY interesting read, thanks for sharing this.

I do wonder, however, about the author, "frater" means he is a Rosicrucian.


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