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Postby divideandconquer » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:31 pm

slomo » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:42 pm wrote:
divideandconquer » 17 Mar 2017 04:48 wrote:This link posts some of the artist that was selected to pain the mural's work (TRIGGERING)

So what I am seeing now is a conflation of homosexuality with "demonic". That seems to be the perspective of author Maureen Mullarkey. Admittedly, Cinalli's work reveals an obsession with, shall we say, the lower chakras, exactly the kind of thing you don't want in a space that is supposed to be spiritually uplifting. But my reading of her subtext isn't that she exclusively objects to the profane materiality of the artist's work, rather she objects to the artist's homosexuality (and, via guilt-by-association, Archbishop Paglia's potential homosexuality). Again, it's easy to find evidence within the gay community of the kind of hedonism that could be characterized as demonic, but there now seems to be a desire to conflate homosexuality in general with evil.

Reflecting back over the last 4 months, I see that in Pizzagate as well. Sure, some of the players are shady AF, and there are hints of real-world abuses, but the lasting memetic content seems to be that gay = pedophile. While it's true that some PG "researchers" are in fact primarily or exclusively concerned about elites' abuses of children, a great many of them seem rather to be morbidly focused on the scandalous details of abuse, especially as they may pertain to those fag pedifiles. Certainly, most of them seem to be ignoring the potential culpability of current members of our administration, making PG a seemingly partisan exercise after all.

So now the whole national vibe feels like a coup by Opus Dei.

I think it's all a part of the "terror dialectics" that they use to divide and conquer. At the same time that the ruling class/globalists/powers that be seem to be promoting gay or LGBT rights and acceptance at every turn, they are simultaneously throwing these people under the proverbial bus. The homosexuality-is-evil subtext is blatant to anyone who dares to look beyond the outward appearance of this so-called push for equality.

Another wedge vehicle being driven home to divide us are recent laws cropping up across the nation that appear to be anti-family. Apparently thought police at both the national and state levels of government are pushing a militant LGBT agenda to absurd, divisive heights, in effect driving a wedge between both gay and straight populations. The public education agenda is derisively teaching openly gay lifestyle choices in schools to children from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. There are laws in California that allow a student 12 or older to be taken off campus without parental permission to reeducation centers where they are “reeducated,” instilled with politically correct brainwashing of proper LGBT orientation and attitude.

Sounds very much like Hillary’s “fun camps” to reeducate adults who aren’t quite lapping up her official politically correct adult programming agenda. It’s one thing to uphold antidiscrimination laws protecting Americans of all persuasions and lifestyles which are obviously important, but it’s another to aggressively indoctrinate and brainwash youth [or adults] about individual sexual preference and alternative lifestyle choices especially at such young impressionable ages. This appears to be yet another nationalized ploy to dictate another divisive wedge between people rather than inclusively bring them together. It also is a longtime subversively globalist agenda to weaken the family bond and family structure

In other words, in my humble opinion, I think they are setting up the LGBT population to be one of their scapegoats. As more and more people struggle to survive; lose their quality of life; lose their children to a demoralized, dehumanized and debased world, they will look for someone to blame.

"Look what happened to our world when the gays came out of the closet, got their equal rights!"

I mean, is it any coincidence that the emergence of pedophilia scandals--from the Catholic Church to the boy-scouts to Jerry Sandusky to Pizzagate--and gay rights/mainstreaming of LGBT population occurred right around the same time? And that the exposed pedophilia involved mostly men and boys?

They need us to be at each others throats; they need scapegoat populations, so we don't see who our real enemy is.

“Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it, so that when men come to be undeceived, it is too late; the jest is over, and the tale hath had its effect."

How the New World Order “Globalists” Are Dividing Americans
'I see clearly that man in this world deceives himself by admiring and esteeming things which are not, and neither sees nor esteems the things which are.' — St. Catherine of Genoa
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