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Postby pitcairn » Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:34 am

oh joe, great posts

you said it all and better than I could ever have

sorry about the steiner/schauberger confusion, the biodynamic water whorls are prolly alot the same as schauberger, in the cleansing power especially, I just hadn't hit on the locomotive power aspect in steiner's stuff, and I thought that's where you might have been going

biodynamics, schauberger vortex water, enderlein cyclogenic isotherapeutics - it all works, that's the thing - do we know why? well we sometimes think we do, but we're prolly just making a best guess

rusty looks like a hoot and a half

thanks again for those posts, plan to go back and read them again
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Riding whose horse though?

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Thu Jan 04, 2007 4:27 am

pitcairn wrote:oh and Hugh, the Billy the Kid and Jesse James references are actually really on point - your point
a militarised, lying, cheating, corrupt, and corporatist, for that matter, politics of their day

I like cowboys, pitcairn. Heck, I wear plaid shirts too. But I can tell the difference between inspiring and conning. I'm not sure you have a model in your mind of any harm in nonsense in which case you probably won't get what I'm driving at.
Psychological warfare works whether you realize you're in it or not.

So I still don't like cowboy impersonators acting like the charactor Harold Hill in the musical called 'The Music Man' and singing their version of 'Trouble In River City.'

See if this showbiz plot ring any bells regarding "orgone" and a whole heap of hooie.
Source: Psy-art, an online journal for the psychological study of the arts.

Trouble in River City, or Lacan's "The agency of the letter in the unconscious" by Andrew M. Gordon


A suitable role might be Professor Harold Hill, the Music Man, a glib city slicker traveling through small towns in the Midwest telling them they've got trouble, right here in River City, with a capital T, or maybe in his case, with an "objet petit a." And he's got the solution to their trouble; he sells them gleaning, expensive new band instruments and spiffy marching uniforms, promising he can turn their youngsters into fabulous musicians by Professor Hill's famous "think method." All they have to do is "think" what the notes signify, and voila, seventy-six trombones.

But the bunko squad is hard on his heels. They want to drum him out of the profession for giving a bad name to travelling salesmen; he's already pulled this same Lacan game in fifteen different towns. Only one citizen of River City can see through his act: Marian the Librarian, a professor herself, in charge of all those books, some of which she's actually read. And she teaches piano; she knows her music and suspects this fast-talking slicker from out of town.

So the silver-tongued Professor Hill woos Miss Marian with a barrage of words, swearing by The Name of the Father he's been falsely defamed. He's sure it's just a misunderstanding, "meconaissance." He pleads with her, "Just gaze deeply into my eyes as into a mirror and you'll see the truth." And then he whispers in her ear her secret desire; he's the man who's going to give her what's she's always yearned for: "jouissance" She can't resist a man who talks dirty and talks French.

They embrace, and in the glorious finale the entire town gathers for the big parade down Main Street, led by the Professor and Marian, and the youngsters march, sporting their gorgeous new band uniforms and toting seventy-six trombones, with a hundred-and-ten cornets right behind. And they start to play by the "think method," and the music comes out a glorious cacophony in three registers: some real, some symbolic, but mostly imaginary.
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Postby Joe Hillshoist » Thu Jan 04, 2007 4:45 am

Pitcairn There's a thing called the Joe cell too, nothing to do with me btw, though I am having troubles getting it to work, I think a mate of Rusty has got one going tho. People tend to shut up about it if they do.

My father in law went to school with the guy that invented this mythical joe Cell. Joe was his name, :D , Daddy in law reckoned that Joe reckons God makes the things work. Whatever that means.

Rusty - Yeah rusty is a legend.

He got busted by sniffer dogs in Byron Bay one year, took em to court charged em with assault and won, cos they contacted his groin area when they sniffed him.

He does have the odd messiah complex attack tho. I'd rather have him as a neighbour than a lot of people tho, I live on a several hundred acre farm anyway, so its not like people are a problem.

About the water whorl thing. I was more getting at the idea of turbulance in chaotic systems and their potentially strange properties. in the last year or so I remember hearing about faster than light movement, or increasing the speed of light, I can't remember the details but I think the implication was that in chaotic light events, like maybe interference, inside the light wave form parts of the waveform have a velocity greater than the theoretical speed of light but the entire wave form, what was actually measured, didn't.

I dunno anywhere near enough to make any real analytical comment on this, I just take a passing interest and keep my ears open, so I could be completely misinterpreting it.

But it resonated with the idea, so it kind of caught my attention.

Especially in regard to that locomotive thing. tho I thought that was actually schaubergers trip, I didn't mean to imply it with steiner's work.
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Postby pitcairn » Thu Jan 04, 2007 5:12 am

"I'm not sure you have a model in your mind of any harm in nonsense in which case you probably won't get what I'm driving at.

Psychological warfare works whether you realize you're in it or not.

So I still don't like cowboy impersonators acting like the charactor Harold Hill"


now, the essay you linked to deserves a longer and more thorough reading than I can give it right now ... I have some work staring at me at the moment, and it's looking mighty impatient

but the moment is full with irony, nonetheless, as one of the nonsenses in which I find a great deal of harm is psychoanalytic theory, practice, and myth, lol

indeed it may be the quintessential model of same held in my mind

"psychological warfare works whether you realise you're in it or not"

well, sure, there is a very large class of actions, effects, and influences that "work" whether one knows them to be active or not, a very large class; but that is not to say these are or will be successful whether or not you realise you're in the midst of them

psych warfare may indeed be going on like a house afire all around me, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, my susceptibility to it may be great or nil - psychological warfare depends on elements in the warfare affecting elements in the person, in certain predictable ways

for the psychological warrior, it's always a crapshoot, no matter how carefully crafted and planned the strategy and tactics

for instance, if a certain psychological warrior general decided to build a battle plan on principles derived from psychoanalytic theory .... well let's just say it would be really silly and faintly ridiculous with a noticeable "ick" factor, and only harmful if deployed by someone or ones with a legally backed authority to force you to engage with it (in our culture, thus, it serves well as a quintessential model for harm in nonsense, for obvious reasons)

otherwise it would prolly go by like a bad billboard, lol

anyway, will read the lacan essay, prolly tomorrow, tho

meanwhile, I'll try to keep my psychology safe from psychologists, not to mention psychiatrists; it shouldn't be too difficult, it hasn't been yet
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Postby pitcairn » Thu Jan 04, 2007 5:22 am

gee Joe I used to spend a lot of time with all this ... it's great to get those strings plucked again

I need to get to work in the next 5 minutes, lol, but will def be rereading this ... I only just saw a video on the joe cell, but hadn't followed up yet

for the last while got more interested in enderlein based isopathy, so let the other stuff ride for a bit, the enderlein cyclogeny takes time and a strange kind of effort to get your mind around it ...

will pick this up tomorrow, thanks for bringing all this up

btw there is nothing like a biodynamic grape


Everything in nature has a power in it.
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Postby Joe Hillshoist » Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:40 pm

Enderlein based isopathy ...

That looks v interesting, I had never heard of it before.

Some very tripped out concepts involved by the look of it.

Looked at

It reminds of the disease and fire triangles.

A bush fire will only continue to burn if all sides of the triangle are there.

The triangle is fuel, oxygen and heat.

The illness one is similar, for disease to thrive there has to be 3 elemnents as well. It requires immune defficiency of some sort, the presence of disease and something else. I forgot.

V interesting in terms of sterility and infection in that field from a quick glance at the site.

I have actually been thnking about Pendulums and Ideomotion...

In this context.

PP mentioned Tarot as a symbol system and the unconscious...

Years ago my wife and I stuffed around with developing divination typoe systems along the line of tarot and I ching.

It was very interesting, a great way to learn about yourself.

The upshot of it was looking at divination systems as symbolic things, but also how manipulation of symbols can have action at a distance (to quote our favorite whipping boy).

I came to the conclusion that all divination systems try to map the universe.

Not as an accurate "there's a tree over there and a hill and a steep cliff behind it" way.

It works by trying to break reality or existance or experience into identifiable categories and work with them. Much like what PP said.

I don't think they can be used to predict future events as discrete elements.

but the ritual involving divination using these things has a few elements.

1 The symbol system

2 The reader

3 The client/customer (for want of a better term, its the one who is the subject of the reading.)

To me it seems that the universe exists and we are all part of it, somehow connected in some fundamental way.

The forces or aspects of reality that are at play in the universe at any one moment. Universe is the wrong word, multiverse is better, cos its poetic, and couchiverse is the best, cos its comfy.

But anyway although the idea is to bring symbols and see what they are meaning in relation to whats going on in the clients life there is another aspect. In the traditional psychological reading this may be all there is too it.

but I think divination processes expose universal trends.

its easiest to illustrate using the I ching, which is based on the interaction of yin and yang.

The hexagrams in the I ching create a map of the relationship between yin and yang for that moment in time, if there a moving aspect to the hexagram it shows the vector aspects of that energy through time.

Real divination involves being able to read the trends of this energy flow and place that in a context for your life or the life of your client.

Its not just about the subconscious influences on people lives.

Its about how things in the greater world interact with that.

People pick trends all the time, using data and mathematical modelling.

I think divination is basically a similar process, but it uses different (some would say non real) technologies to accomplisgh its goal.

In that context ideomotion could play a role in using a pendulum to extract information that might not be available otherwise.

The idea is to be free of the desire for a result, so that the trends acting in the couchiverse can act on you hand and arm muscles to influence the result. Ideally the same relationship between yin and yang or whatever you want to call it exists in everything, and so acting without desire of a result may make the subconscious movements of your hand more in tune with whatever is driving the pattern of that yin/yang relationship.

I dunno how easy it is to act "free of the desire for a result" cos most people only use these things when they are under the influence of desire for a result.

but anyway they are my thoughts on the subject.
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lacan essay

Postby pitcairn » Fri Jan 05, 2007 12:14 am

well, Hugh I read the Lacan essay, and ... it was a hard slog

I suspect I must be missing your point, after all, cos I have never in my life been able to understand why anyone would ever have found Freud or any of his "disciples" worth any time or credit at all

Gordon takes, as it seems to me, an inordinately long way about to arrive at a conclusion that should have been obvious within seconds of encountering Lacan in any form

there may not be a readily available common language, or even common perceptual bias, thro which you and I can tackle this; I personally think and have always thought that the psychoanalytic "model" of human consciousness is about as wrong headed and destructive as it gets

simply put it is not only a completely erroneous notion of what people are and how they are constituted, it is positively destructive and dangerous in both direct practice and secondary influences, for those poor souls who either accept willingly or are compelled to suffer its bogus and contrived "expertise" and authority

for the rest of us it's meaningless, but clearly cunningly contrived, drivel, produced by cruel, deceitful, and ambitious persons; persons who, despite their conferred status in the world, are actually of remarkably low degree

as far as dragon possibly being a purveyor of dangerous hooey, or hooie, if you prefer, well ... anyone been recruited here? anyone?

as well, anyone been compelled to accept dragon's "expert" opinion on his or her "mental health" and/or suitability for anything at all?

anyone been subjected to the violence of involuntary commission, psychopharmacology, electroshock treatments,any and/or all at dragon's prescription?

maybe I am missing your point(s) entirely, and if so, perhaps you can clarify

I just ... don't see how I am threatened by someone's enthusiastic engagement in activity I might myself doubt as efficacious or even sane, when neither the person nor the activity is being forced upon me or anyone else

what am I missing here?
Everything in nature has a power in it.
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Postby pitcairn » Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:48 am

hey jOE,

I'm getting the feeling that the last few elements of this dicussion are building a sort of geometric shape, or perhaps a dynamic, that will in and of itself have something to say and will show each and all of the disparate elements in a different light and in a previously unseen relationship to each other

to go back to enderlein for a moment, and not to sound theatrical, cos it actually isn't dramatic at all, my experience with sanum isopathy is of a cure for the rare and "incurable," as well as a cure for the usually fatal

so I know it works, but like everyone who encounters it, I'm only slowly beginning to understand it, and in fact it might be exactly a case of something working but not for the reasons originally thought, even by the fellow who discovered it

this article addresses that : ... _100767864

and these respond:
Enderlein Perspective in the 21st Century Part 3: The Super- Microscope
Copyright 2003 by Michael Coyle
(Explore Issue: Volume 12, Number 1)

New Scientific Findings and Their Impact on the Enderlein Perspective, Part II
Copyright 2002 by Michael Coyle
(Explore Issue: Volume 11, Number 3)

New Scientific Findings and Their Impact on the Enderlein Perspective
Copyright 2001 by Michael Coyle for NuLife Sciences, USA
(Explore Issue: Volume 10, Number 6)

found here (under darkfield microscopy):

please don't bother to read these if they don't seem interesting or provocative ... just in here for convenience, if

another aspect of the therapy, tho, that seems to connect with everything else we've been talking about here, is to do with time and movement through time

the cyclogenic aspect, in therapeutic terms, reverses pathogenic development, returning the pathogenic microbes, through an entirely natural process, to an earlier, benign form; well, in practice, this is palpably "moving backward in time" for the treated person

it is a most remarkable experience, life altering and quietly astonishing

if it's less than interesting, I'll leave it there, but would equally be glad to give particulars if

in the larger picture, tho, this seems to suggest a nature to reality, even at the most basic physical/physiologic level, as something quite other than we have heretofore imagined, and to further suggest that at least some of our less desirable outcomes/persistent conditions in the world are not the result of a poor exercise of the remedies to hand, but from fundamental error in the remedies themselves

in a nutshell, "things" and the world don't work the way we think they do, and we need remedies that function on the real principles and cycles at work in the world, if we want better results

water whorls and locomotion, I suddenly realised, would be a natural "pair" since the whorls themselves are locomotive, and, as you suggest, very likely, in some part, locomotive thro both time and space; so the cleansing effect might be at least in part a consequence of "reversing" a natural process thro time

I want to read your tarot/divination related material again, it prompted an incipient notion but one that's still "cooking"
Everything in nature has a power in it.
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Remote Viewing

Postby Username » Fri Jan 05, 2007 7:54 am

Here are some excerpts from an article about remote viewing written by Joan d'Arc. I couldn't find the article online. The article comes from 'Paranoia Magazine', Issue 21, Fall '99.

Shamen in Army Boots
Remote Viewing: Human "Use" or Human "Potential"?

"In much the same way that the CIA introduced the mind-expanding LSD experience into a closeted youth culture of the 1960s and 70s, the CIA has now introduced "remote viewing" into a mainstream culture totally unprepared for its potential repercussions on an "uninitiated" psyche. Remote viewing has become a tool of the masses, being extensively peddled on the internet with an "anyone can do it" attitude. Several businesses offer the services of a staff of trained remote viewers to perform various tasks, from locating missing persons or underground oil deposits, to other aspects of police, private, corporate or government investigative work.

These companies also offer expensive courses in various styles of remote viewing. On their own time, some of these RVers have been known to human-satellite the ancient cities of Mars, time-track the builders of the Earth pyramids, and zoom in on alien craft with extraterrestrial occupants.

The current fascination with the "tools of the mind" stems, at least in part, from the new physics revelation that the mind is cause rather than effect. Thus, humanity's disposition has shifted from material effect to conscious cause, a concept known in New Age circles as "human potential." But, what's missing from the picture is our initiation into the culture of this knowledge, a life-long education which in ancient times went hand in hand with mystic revelation. The background of knowledge necessary to understand this philosophical shift is missing. We've got the power, but we don't know how to use it. The usurpation of this human potential by the secret government will become evident as the following story unfolds."

but, the following story isn't going to unfold for you here, because I'm going to skip around a bit. (sorry, this is long) The next heading would have been "Remote Viewing: A Short History"; then "OBEs and Hypnosis".

we'll pick up here...
The Monroe Institute

"The RV program at SRI was eventually moved to Fort Meade under the auspices of Major General Albert Stubblebine. Stubblebine began to send designated Army personnel to the Monroe Institute in Virginia for a "professional development" course creatively labelled "Rapid Advanced Personal Training." or RAPT, in order for the Army to pay the tab. The Monroe course became required training for all remote viewers.

Tart's "Mr. X" was Robert Monroe. Monroe began to have out-of-body experiences in 1956, and began his research in "sleep-learning" in 1958. In 1974, he founded the Monroe Institute in Lovingston, Virginia, which is reputed to have long-standing ties with the CIA. The primary area of research at the Monroe Institute is the use of their patented "HemiSync" tapes. This method involves use of a "binaural beat" to cause psychological effects. According to Tom Porter, the more radical research going on at the Monroe Institute "remains only tantalizing speculation."

Monroe's high theta activity and occasional slowed alpha is similar to EEG states reported for advanced Zen masters during meditation. This state is also positively correlated with hypnotic susceptibility. In turn, highly hypnotizable people have been shown to exhibit "preter-natural" skills, such as clairvoyance, psychokinesis and shamanic healing. Theatrical parlor tricks of the 1800s featured such talented "somnambules." A recent study conducted at No. AZ University using Monroe's HemiSync binaural beat technology showed that HemiSync can increase hypnotic susceptibility in persons who had not previously been highly hypnotizable. A state of hypnogogia, associated with hyper-suggestive states of consciousness, is produced after minutes of exposure to the HemiSync signals. This paper also states that Robert Monroe "has been granted several patents for applications of psychophysical entrainment via sound patterns."

The binaural beat-induced state of consciousness is described as "mind awake/body asleep." This common hypnogogic experience occurs naturally in the netherland between waking and sleeping and is characterized by an oblivion to location of extremities (hands and feet) without losing consciousness (i.e., falling asleep). By using stereo headphones which emit a slightly different beat frequency is each ear, the difference in tone creates a brain wave on which the human brain easily "entrains." Some researchers disagree that the word "entrainment" is descriptive of how the HemiSync sound method works. Researchers claim that HemiSync safely guides the brain to enhance and synchronize itself at its own natural frequency. HemiSync produces "hemispheric communication," or synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain, which has been shown to produce feelings of euphoria. Deep meditative states do the same thing naturally. The binaural beat can be embedded in music and has been utilized this way in studies of children with developmental disabilities. Another study in creativity demonstrated that the HemiSync tones caused "highly divergent thinking," i.e. subjects tended to think about matters far removed from the actual physical environment.

Euphoria, creativity, and 'happy smiling people holding hands' is nice, except in situations where a state of alertness is warranted. Could this technology be used to produce a docile populace during a period of social crisis? Assuming consensus-reality to be the norm, what would be the impetus to attempt to induce "highly divergent thinking"? Also, since HemiSync increases hypnotic susceptibility, could this technology be used to simulate an out of body experience? Canadian researcher Dr. Michael Persinger has utilized the basic HemiSync method to simulate paranormal experiences, including religious rapture and a distinct sense of presence, including alien presence. Persinger has also used "solenoids" to pass a magnetic pulse through the frontal lobes of the brain, magnetic coils used in psychiatry as a non-intrusive alternative to implantable electrodes for brain stimulation. As Susan Blackmore has written in the New Scientist, "by controlling the nature of the magnetic fields, causing them to simulate brain patterns, Persinger is able to stimulate strong emotions and hallucinations, including the illusion of touch and movement." The simulation of certain brain wave patterns is the method behind HemiSync."

I'm going to submit this and be back with 'Part Two' of this article.
Please stay tuned.
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Remote Viewing (cont)

Postby Username » Fri Jan 05, 2007 9:38 am

Shamen in Army Boots Part Two

Commandeering Dreams

"Researcher Alex Constantine has asserted that psychotronic devices using ELF (extremely low frequency) electromagnetic waves were being tested on the RV subjects at SRI. He alleges that the managers of the project "engaged in projecting words and images directly to the cranium." Previous studies at SRI in the processing and storage of sensory imagery have noted that "mental imaging bears a close resemblance to hologram projectin." Constantine wonders whether the results of these studies were later tested under the misnomer "remote viewing." In addition, he notes that the medical oversight for these studies was provided by the infamous CIA mind control specialist, Dr. Louis Jolyon West, who is a specialist in "dissociative states." Constantine notes that years of covert CIA experimentation has left a legacy of multiple personalities. He asserts that the CIA can trigger such dissociative states remotely, and that such biotelemetric subjects routinely complain that their dreams are "commandeered."

Speaking of commandeering our dreams, while we were being told "plastics" was the wave of the future, the new physics of nonlocal consciousness was being "commandeered" by the secret government. The CIA began backing young geniuses, paying their physics educations, and pairing them up with UFO lounge-lizards at the Esalen Institute."

skip some. she discusses Jack Sarfatti then goes on to say...

"This story merely underscores the point that the new physics has not grown in a vacuum of social forces, but is inextricably tied to secret government experiments in parapsychology and, possibly, mind control. This is not to say the "human potential" does not exist, or that Jack Sarfatti is mistaken in his memory of this event. The potential ramifications are much more frightening than this simple explanation might offer. What if this human potential does exist, and the secret government is trying to usurp and control it for psychic warfare purposes? What if this human potential does not exist, and we are being manipulated for mind control purposes? Or what if it does exist and it is being technologically cultivated? in any case, how is the ET question related? Is it real or is it Hemisync? Why is telepathy in humans being cultivated? Perhaps to better blend genetically with a telepathic ET race? Or, to be pitted against a hostile ET race? I will leave it up to the reader to imagine other potential reasons for the commandeering of the human mind."

Let's see here..."Superpowers of the Human Bio-Mind" talking about Ingo Swann. then there's "The Scientology Connection" saying that Ingo Swann was a Scientologist at OT Level VII.

"...There were fourteen Scientology "Clears" running around at SRI. Yet, among psi critics, Scientologists could never really be trusted to conduct psi experiments impartially, since "negative results were against their religion."

and she goes on to discuss Swann and Puthoff's connections to U.S. intellegence in this section, and brings up Hubbard, Crowley, Parsons, Druids...all very interesting, but I want to get to the end of the article.

next section is "The Thetan's Briefcase". More Hubbard stuff.
then "Remote Viewing as Telepathic Time Travel" which we'll skip too.

Slipping Into the Ether

"Even at upper management levels, the individules in the RV program had strong beliefs in the paranormal and, in particular, in the reality of the ET presence. Ed Dames, who later went on to found Psi-Tech, began to choose exotic targets for viewers to locate. Using Monroe's HemiSync tapes to induce "deep trance bilocations," a small group of RVers began investigating all types of anomalous phenomena. Dames' "Enigma Files" began to fill with descriptions of such things as UFOs, the Loch Ness monster, Virgin Mary sightings, and Atlantis. Some were so fascinated with UFO lor that they quickly homed in on a UFO as soon as they set foot in the ether.

Angela Dellafiora began experimenting with a style of remote viewing called WRV, or written remote viewing, which was essentially channeling. She would go into a trance state (also known as self-hypnosis) and announce the presence of either George, Maurice, or Dr. Einstein, who would take control of her hand and write answers to questions she was asked. The "Jedi Knights," those who had been trained by Ingo Swann, lamented that the project was regressing "from high tech wizardry to archaic and vaguely feminine witchery." The rivalry intensified and the program eventually slid into chaos and mismanagement. Ed Dames blamed it on "the witches and their wiles."

Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute studied at the Maharishi International University in the TM-Sidhi program, which involves "yougic flying." As a student of the Monroe Institute, Brown learned to use the HemiSync method. He then went on to study with an anonymous remote viewer, whom some assert was Ed Dames of Psi-Tech. The remote viewers at Brown's Farsight Institute were responsible for the Far-Side claims that flying saucers were trailing the Hale-Bopp comet. A few months after his outfit made these Far-Out claims on their web site and on the Art Bell radio show, a UFO-cult group called Heaven's Gate committed suicide to join their space family. Wired News reported that notes posted to "alt.religion.scientology" by one of the group members referred to remote viewing information as "fantastic proof that the 'Next Level' mothership is coming." Using the e-mail address "," the writer stated he was working in seclusion with his disciples, preparing them for membership in the next world..(Art Bell has just suddenly retired from his radical radio career with cryptic reasons. Could it have something to do with Heaven's Gate?)

In addition to its irresponsible use in this social mind control scenario, does remote viewing have any physical dangers? Several persons involved in the RV program have noted the serious possibility of psychiatric problems. After coming out of an RV session, the "doors of perception" are open wider than usual. Total concentration on "barely perceptible" experience turns one's sensory "volumn knobs" all the way up. Once you come off the highway, the radio is on full blast; there is an "electric tingle" in the body, and you feel like you've taken a "mild donse of LSD."

It is also possible that having these daily deep altered-state experiences could make your mind more liable to slip into that state spontaneously. Army veteran David Morehouse had a psychotic breakdown from his "addiction" to remote viewing. He states that every viewing session was followed by a period of slipping in and out of the "ether" with no control, and that viewers who performed more than two sessions a day had to be driven home, because "the chance that we would slip back into the ether was too great." The Army eventually categorized remote viewing as "human use experimentation," requiring a "blizzard of consent forms and a medical review panel."

By 1983, Richard Kennett of the CIA began questioning the Army about all the money they were spending at the Monroe Institute. He began to suspect that the active promotion of altered states of consciousness might actually make the brain unstable, and more prone to "spontaneous hallucinations and delusions." It turns out that Kennett had also had a spontaneous OBE after following the Monroe Institute materials. He had left his body and walked across the room, but noticed there were other beings in the room. Some kind of entity had put its face right up to his. He became frightened that he would not be able to get back into his body. After his own experience in this realm, he wondered if repeated experience could cause psychological trauma, psychotic breaks, or even a heart attack. McMoneagle also wondeered if the act of remote viewing might produce a hazardous effect on the human nervous system. The numbers of remote viewers experiencing heart attacks and different types of cancers became "too high to ignore," and it was unsettling that "so many of them had seemed to die before their time." [Come on, a CIA program that's hazardous to your health?] Then McMoneagle himself had a heart attack and a near death experience.


"Sources are fairly certain that the CIA-military remote viewing projects are over. But why continue to spend money when they can just oversee the programs being run by private companies? Most of the remote viewing companies are founded by veterans of the SRI and Fort Meade RV projects, and are connected to big names in Psi-Ops.

There is evidence that psychic functioning is exhibited by some people as a natural talent, and the latent ability for the mind to be two "places" at once has been sufficiently demonstrated. However, we don't really know what kind of technologies are being tested on unwitting subjects under the guise of "enhanced creativity" and "intuition development." The potential for mind tools to double as mind control is very real, and we should beware wherver the CIA is involved. Is "national security" a cover for something else that's going on?

The techniques which cause the mind to bilocate are the kept secrets of shamanism and are counterintuitive to the Western scientific brainscape. The CIA has surreptitiously dug into the magic bags of the world's occult and shamanistic traditions and has opened a potential Pandora's box. Take heed to the words of L. Ron Hubbard during a 1952 lecture of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course. Hubbard warned that Scientology contained "methods of controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe." He stated that these control mechanisms were "of such awesome and solid proportions that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be appalled at the danger to beingness that exists in scientology." Hubbard concluded that George Orwell's "1984" would be "the palest imaginable shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of scientology with no remedy in existence."

Inserting the words "remote Viewing" in place of "scientology" in the above statement might indicate that these words should be taken as a warning. With a strong foothold in the New Age psyche, remote viewing has become a faith-based prescription for a lost civilization: millennium cosmopolitans stuck in vibrational transport to the Next Level of Human: Heavens Gate's conveyor-belt to God. The dissociative dynamics of this new cottage industry is ironically reflected in the fact that it is being peddled within the "virtual reality" landscape: a land populated by the "techno-pagans" and cult recruiters. Since it also has the ostensible stamp of "science," remote viewing is a symbol for the boredom-fatigue of the technological age. It is simple: we want to be "anywhere" but here."

The End

That was kinda rushed kids. Pardon any mispellings.
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Postby Telexx » Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:59 am

Thanks Username - a fascinating article.

The binaural beat induces trance through the difference in the two frequencies played on Left and Right channels - your brainwaves sync with the difference (which can then be lowered in frequency to take you into altered states of conciousness).

Binaural beats are v.effective for inducing deeply entranced states, especially when used with headphones. Via speakers, they are less effective, because you need that clear stereo effect so that the brain can work out the difference in frequency on Left and Right channels effectively. In an open space, or without true stereo, or with walls etc - there would definitely be challenges.

I wonder if this research has paid off with any populace control weapons? Surely they'd be deployed in Iraq but then again I presume we wouldn't get to know about them.

There is clearly SOME research going on into frequencies & crowd control - see this for example:

Speculating here, but you would certainly imagine more sinister research being carried out into this AND non-Herz'n waves and their potential for populace control.


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Postby Trifecta » Fri Jan 05, 2007 12:10 pm

Telexx wrote:
Speculating here, but you would certainly imagine more sinister research being carried out into this AND non-Herz'n waves and their potential for populace control.

Well this is one of the things Dragon and myself would agree on. What do you think the towers with the microwave arrays are being used for?, and why orgone activists gift every tower they ever come across..the crystal is important here tho, no water, mud balls and messiah like fingers.

You must hear the frequency changes, the high pitch twinges in your ears, but mostly things are broadcast while you are asleep...gotta keep the apathy and consuming going.... more neverous stuff if you are more than a coach potatoe or arm chair hero.
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A little history

Postby marykmusic » Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:55 pm

Karl Welz claims that the invention of orgonite was his idea, and even has a patent pending on it (so he says.) But he's only talking about metal shavings and resin.

Don and Carol bought a tiny chunk of it from him in the spring of 2001 for $200, to experiment with it as a zapper add-on. What they changed was the addition of crystals, at first on the wires within the electronics of the zapper. That Changed Everything!

The Cloudbuster was next, and they put crystals in the pipes.

Other people started adding all kinds of things. Dragon started building Cloudbusters in October of 2001.

Don developed his idea further, including the Mobius coil, which had been a part of that Terminator zapper. One was put around a good-sized crystal and hooked up to the basic electronic configuration that is in the zapper, with the 555 timer. He called it a Succor Punch. (The Crofts have always been clever with words. Our daddy was voted "Most Witty" when he graduated U Kansas City in 1945.)

Many other people jumped on the bandwagon in developing all sorts of variations. Don got irate, then outraged, that his methods weren't the only ones being used, and he started alienating people who were innovating, although he had at first encouraged it in his "I am not your leader" leadership style.

Thus was the "Orgone Movement" split. By July 2002 he had left the original Cloudbusters Yahoo group and someone, Stuart Jackson, offered to help starting up a brand new forum. I got my first computer in August of that year, and found Don there... and then Dragon. Yes, we met and courted online.

The boys and I moved to his place in Casa Grande just after Thanksgiving. That forum, Cloud-busters, was a hotbed of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and became a sort of training place for Agents. The best of them was Don's own "Secret Buddy."

Don Bradley knew a lot. He posted much truth, what he had learned in a lifetime with the Great White Brotherhood. His family history went back many generations... and he thought he had gotten away from them.

More later. --MaryK

On edit: I think I'll just start a new thread on the history of the orgonite and cloudbuster movement. See y'all there.

"You cannot wifstand my supewiew intewect." --Tweety Bird
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Postby pitcairn » Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:03 am

hey Joe,

this board pretty well zooms along, and I'm a bit of slowpoke, lol

but I did turn over in my mind what you posted about divination, becos from the first reading it provoked a line of thought and imagining that I couldn't quite get full hold on

but it was really taking me to music, and sound, over and over, and then dropping me there

some years ago I had one of those expereinces of waking up from a dead sleep and "knowing" I needed to study music theory and the science of sound

that very day I walked into a second hand shop and found a series of textbooks on those subjects, which I struggled to read and understand

when I moved house not long after, the books somehow got lost and I also lost track of the study I had started

but there seems to me to be something essentially vibratory about the conveyance of both substance and meaning, such that i ching or tarot, or other similar devices are a form of amplifier, or listening horn, or tuning fork, or some combination of those

and so they are able to concentrate and even replicate the "sounds" of energy and energy armature fields that are actually around us all the time, and are, yes, always "trending" or expressing influence(s) upon themselves and/or us

desire being influential, yes, it might well get in the way of a proper "hearing" altho it might equally be said to be a legitmate actor in play

interesting too about the three sided forms that may be/are necessary for manifestation, as in disease, yes, fire and other elementals, but also in "wherever two are gathered together in my name" for effective prayer/healing

I've been to the website for the rosslyn chapel music and listened to the sound clips ... maybe with the missing notes, and performed as prescribed, it would in fact open a dimensional door, or a time door, established and "held in space" by the music

I know classical dancers who say that it isn't only an expression, that they really do step into a shape created in space by the music, and male ballet dancers do this when they are able to "rest" at the height of a jump, they are "resting" on the crest of the music, quite literally

oh and another triangle: in the retrocausality experiments, greater effect is demonstrated by one man and one woman, over many persons in a mixed group, and the greatest effect, by far, by a man and woman in love with each other - another triangle: man, woman, and love, the third being, also called Creator, or the Divine
Everything in nature has a power in it.
-Thomas Banyacya
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another bird story

Postby pitcairn » Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:15 am

joe I meant several times already to thank you for the currawonga sotry, I've thought of it very often since I first read it

my daughter has been having bird "contact" recently:

not long ago she took some girls she cares for to a unique place, plaza blanca, an area in new mexico where there are mysterious "figures" of volcanic material; there are no volcanoes in this area, nor have there been for as long as can be determined, so there's the first mystery, how the figures got there

the second mystery is the effect these figure have: it can be very difficult, even unbearable for some people, to be near some of these figures, or near some round stones in the same vicinity - the legends go that only the pure of heart can bear to be there, for all others are unwanted by the spirits/beings who dwell in the figures and the stones

as they were leaving the area, a hawk circled over the vehicle and "rode" with them, gliding, not beating its wings, until they were well out of the "enchanted" area, a good long way; when my daughter got home, a crow who has taken to cawing to her regularly, came and cawed to her every time she spoke and/or called out to one of her pets, and then sat just opposite her and looked her right in the eye for several minutes

she said she had the oddest feeling that crow "knew" about the hawk

guess we'll see what happens next
Everything in nature has a power in it.
-Thomas Banyacya
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