“Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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“Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

Postby semper occultus » Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:50 am

This post, a conclusion to my original thread : “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus
has been hanging around more or less done since Christmas but as I’m never going to get it “finished” or written properly this sprawling mess will have to do so I can purge it from my system & let it drop into the murky depths.
In the unlikely event anyone is going to plough through it some semblance of coherence is imposed in the form of 4 major organisational headings :

· Towards a “Wellsian” analytical model

· Some speculative ruminations concerning the historic roots & character of the Nexus.

· Scotland : archival round-up, more or less up-to-date, of relevant information covering manifestations of the “Loch Ness Monster” in occult / serial-killer connections, more general paedophile networks, Dunblane

· Elite Deviance II : “The Case of Stephen Thomas Ward” & elite occultism

· The Ultimate Evil : reverberations of the Nexus across the Atlantic : US & Canadian Connections

An analytical Model

my conclusion is that the Loch Ness Monster “Nexus”, as I have posited its existence in the preceding posts, can be understood as a confluence of both :

· deep-political structures &
· deep-psychological phenomena

as expounded within the ground-breaking theoretical frameworks afforded us by Professors Peter Dale-Scott & Carl Jung.

I would further contend, perhaps controversially, that the putative Jung-Scott synthesis suggested here – what I take the liberty of referring to – in respect to the host of this board & its associated & now sadly somewhat dormant blog - as the “Wellsian” analytical model - not only offers the most powerful explanatory tools for the understanding & analysis of conspiratorial, covert & occult forces such as the Nexus as they act upon society but that within this framework the existence of such forces is also positively predicted & expected.
The Jungian “Shadow” can be understood as the psychic bump in the carpet which grows as certain “unacceptable” beliefs, behaviours & desires are rejected as unacceptable by the conscious super-ego & swept from sight under the pressure of social value-systems, peer-pressure & “consensus reality”. These rejected impulses are usually, therefore, closely associated with social taboos concerning sexual, violent or amoral actions
The coalescence of this psychic detritus forms the individual’s shadow-self : the mild-mannered Jekyll’s shadow is ofcourse the brutish “Hyde” but obversely someone raised to function in the most violent & reprehensible environment will develop a shadow “Jekyll” totally at odds with their public persona.

Similarly the modern lore of SRA holds that satanically involved individuals will often have public alters that are fundamentalist Christians.

The split appears hard-wired into the individual’s mental system – the strange psychic realm the “collective unconscious” ( CU ) functions, like the individual’s intuitive right brain hemisphere in a language of symbolism whilst the conscious, logical ego-identity controls the rational & verbally-structured left-brain.
Jung’s innovation was to scale-up the concept of a personal subconscious to the collective level – across the entire human race & back in time to its very earliest existence.

The CU is a repository of archetypes : universal symbols concerning the deepest fundamentals of all aspects of the human life-cycle & experience of existence.

When forces or energy from the CU manifest or break through into the realm of conscious perception & the material plane this will be experienced as external, ego-alien manifestations, covering the gamut of mystical, religious, occult & psi phenomena of all types including “synchronicity”.
The flying saucer for Jung was at one level the manifestation or projection of an archetype into the realm of the physical generated from within the collective human group-psyche itself.

At the collective level we can posit the following :
· the ascendancy of scientific materialism
· the Enlightenment’s values of human good & progress
· the decline of supernatural & religious belief

would be expected to energise the shadow with forces of an atavistic pre-modern, irrational, anti-humanist nature expressed in religious forms & able to produce & channel genuine occult & synchronistic manifestations : a fairly serviceable definition of black-magic, left-hand occultism or Satanism.
Such activity has clear psychopathological roots , as described by Gerhard Zacharias in “The Satanic Cult” :

We can further expect that as these represent the very quintessence of the Shadow, the rejected aspects of humanity, that most rational, “left-brain”, ego-driven discourse will tend to react with hostility, disbelief & scepticism to the very idea of the existence of such activities in a modern context.

It is however possible to make a much longer historic perspective on this as indeed it is argued that the emergence of dualistic beliefs from Persia & the rise of monotheism began the process of creating an artificial split in man’s mind – forcing the metaphysical world into a polarity of absolute good & evil quite at odds with the reality of man’s true nature & circumstances.
Whilst on the one hand representing a spiritual evolution from the forms of religions that preceded it as described by Steven Kent in his monograph “Deviant Scripturalism”:

Once such a process takes hold the repressed & bottled-up impulses can burst out in the most extreme & aberrant forms :
Dualistic beliefs led certain Gnostic sects to a cosmogony that saw all physical creation as inherently evil & the monotheistic Judaic God that was its acknowledged creator as in fact Satan himself.
The Borborites for example taught :
…..that there were eight heavens, each under a separate archon. In the seventh reigned Sabaoth, creator of heaven and earth, the God of the Jews, represented by some Borborites under the form of an ass or a hog; hence the Jewish prohibition of swine's flesh. In the eighth heaven reigned Barbelo, the mother of the living; the Father of All, the supreme God; and Christ. They denied that Christ was born of Mary, or had a real body; and also the resurrection of the body.
Epiphanius says the Borborites were inspired by Sethianism, and had as a distinct feature of their rituals elements of sexual sacramentalism, including smearing of hands with menstrual blood and semen, and consumption of the same as a variant of eucharist. They were also said to extract fetuses from pregnant women and consume them, particularly if the women accidentally became pregnant during related sexual rituals.

The problem is that which attends all prohibitions in human history – by banishing the undesirable from the public-sphere the phenomenon merely shifts to an underground level where it merges with the criminal & psychopathic underbelly of human society

The tangible organisational continuities to the present day appear to date from the 17th Century when the modern conspiratorial nexus emerged as the inevitable response to the socio-economic & psychological forces emerging at that time : Overlaying those already identified
· industrial, economic & imperialist growth
· emergence of new middle classes & intelligentsia with consequent democratic aspirations
The importance of the Nexus as a conspiratorial factor in history lies not so much in their command of occult forces – much though that belief system serves to bind & energise it, but in the happenstance of its emergence on the European nation which derived the greatest first-mover advantage from harnessing the emerging forces described above from the rise of parliamentary & legal structures after the English Civil War, the industrial revolution, global economic imperialism & the opium trade.

Historic Roots & Character of the Nexus

Being generally impatient of conspiratorial historic narratives entailing secretive & malign cabals going back to the reign of Nebucadnezzar I do however find myself having to start an over-view of the phenomenon of the “Loch Ness Monster“ Nexus in pre-Roman Britain when & where certain druidic religious practises & beliefs prevailed amongst the indigenous people that historians have named, with perhaps a somewhat Hammer-Horror sensibility : the Cult of the Severed Head. www.druidicdawn.org

I want to argue their sensibility maybe entirely correct.
These pre-Roman peoples – commonly called the Celts, direct descendants of the first hunter-gatherers to inhabit the lands of Britain after the Ice Age, were pushed ever further into the so-called “Celtic Fringe” of Wales, Ireland & Scotland as successive waves of incomers, Romans, Angles, Jutes, Saxons,Vikings & Normans all crossed the North Sea & English Channel to conquer or settle. It was however the spread of Celtic Christianity from Ireland by St. Columba that would eventually spell the cultural decline of the original celtic society , the Druid’s last redoubt being the Isle of Anglesey off the Welsh coast.

Julius Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico, book VI describes the druids as a priestly caste who practised divination & performed ritual sacrifice by means of burning alive of victims – human & animal - within wooden or wicker effigies. The exact nature of their religious & magical practices have been either lost or hidden to conventional history but there is evidence to show large scale ritual sacrificial killings & cannibalism.

The origins of the Severed Head cult lie in the atavistic stage of development of human consciousness described by Julian Jaynes in The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.
The first gods & their attendant religious practices arose from early man experiencing the interaction of the intuitive right brain hemisphere whose language is symbolism with the more conscious & rational & verbally-structured left-brain in the form of hallucinatory external voices which were ascribed to the gods or ancestors.
As a result severed heads were preserved or represented in effigy as a focus of oracular communication with the other world.

John Heathcote, has examined the role of this pagan Severed Head stream in the occult history of Britain, its monarchical institutions & the emergence of Masonry.
john heathcote wrote:Far from being devout Christians the Establishment were involved in a conspiracy to draw all magical knowledge, and therefore power to themselves.
The Union of England and Scotland had less to do with the Stuarts than the final triumph of Templar Masonry which had retreated to the Scottish Court after the destruction of the Order in mainland Europe by the alliance of Pope and French King

If, for the sake of argument, a plausible scenario was to be constructed around Heathcote’s basic proposition that the original “Nexus” was that of ancient occult forces with Templar-Masonry & the Monarchy then its basic postulates would look something like the following :

1) Scotland has been preserved as a resonating centre of an ancient occult current
because of :

2) Its remoteness , relatively unscathed by & inaccessible to countervailing forces from the European continent

1) + 2) =
3) Scotland becomes the bolt-hole & initial staging-post of the Templar’s very own Operation Safe Haven. following their brutal suppression by the French monarch, gaining cover from Robert the Bruce’s excommunication in 1306.

1) + 3) =
4) once bitten, twice shy the leadership elements of the successor generation eschew overt private military force in favour of a new occult, covert, esoteric & conspiratorial vehicle : Freemasonry or a subversive element within it – a sort of Odessa to the Templar’s Waffen SS .
The nexus appears to have lain dormant for an extended period before being re-activated or made operational in the late 17th century as a classic strategic response to “threats & opportunities” in the socio-political environment : In this sense it is a modern & reactionary phenomenon responding to & taking advantage of the emergence of a new dynamic, economically-driven class-based & urban social order.the emergence of a science-based intellectual elite at the universities

5) The union of Scotland & England & the suppression of Ireland was required by this force to provide security & critical-mass for the creation of an off-shore, maritime geo-political entity focused across the Atlantic to the American continent – the final stage of Operation Safe Haven

6) the binding of the occult current to the interests of this political force is embodied as an esoteric mystery within the concept of “The Crown” – to which all servants of the British state swear an oath of loyalty - but that has true meaning only to initiates & to which even the Royal Houses are merely disposable vehicles.

certain internecine religious & dynastic upheavals & schisms relating to possession of the “Crown” were ( …& indeed continue to be… ) attendant upon this development – surface manifestations of far deeper & more subterranean forces, the plate-tectonics of conspiratorial elite power which is transmitted & perpetuated via extended, interlocking clans & crypto-families over many generations.

7) One activates & channels this force by what in layman’s terms would be termed black magic or Satanism.

‘8) There’s another, somewhat touchy, subject that keeps poking its way into this thread & will be in evidence again in this narrative – homosexuality, or perhaps more accurately what Ed Sanders refers to in “The Family” as sado-sodo sex-magick , although sado-sodo-paedo-sex-magick appears to be the operative function.
This is not my agenda but clearly has some meaning & significance : relating somehow ( I’m not an occultist ) to spiritual energies & polarities in sex magick workings as related in the Crowley material posted earlier .
I had clean forgotten Jeff had also touched upon this theme in an old blog post
Presumably there is some sort of “doubling-up” or leverage effect from combining the sexual “force” of 2 males, whilst the negative spiritual energy attendant upon violent & sadistic paedophilia directs the polarity of the resultant energy.

I’ll expand on these points under the following headings :

· Scotland’s ancient occult inheritance
· the Monarchy & the Severed Head
· Political development of the Nexus
· A Satanic Gladio network

Scotland : an ancient occult current

perhaps the most well-known aspect of the occult current is the phenomenon – associated in particular with the Western Highlands of Scotland where it occurs with unusual frequency – of ”second-sight” - in gaelic “Dà Shealladh” - the apparently genetic & spontaneous gift of clairvoyance & premonition.
Elizabeth Sutherland “Ravens & Black Rain”

If Druidism in some form survived until the all important historic juncture of the 17th Century then its roots seem connected to an extremely ancient shamanic tradition transmitted from Asia. For example the Chinese practice of “Jia Gu Wen” - using tortoise-shell or animal shoulder blades as “oracle bones” dating back to the Shang Dynasty in 1300 BC is directly replicated in the practice of slinneanachd - divination from the shoulder-blade of a sheep or pig - that was still being practiced in the Highlands in the 18th Century.

Like Jayne’s bicamaeralism Second-sight appears to be a faculty that is rooted in & connected to specific geographical locales.
Jayenes speculates that one of the declines in B came from the growth of trade & mobility amongst the earliest civilisations & so Second Sight was known to decline & disappear when Scots began to emigrate in large numbers to the overseas colonies.
quite a few years ago as a kid I saw a there was a tv item concerning serious poltergeist-like psychic disturbances experienced by some people who had come into possession of ancient stone effigies of heads that had been excavated from archaeological sites.
They didn’t keep them in their houses 2 nights running……this was a completely real phenomenon, these objects had been charged like psychic duracel batteries with some pretty powerful juju that was still potent after a couple of thousand years or so lying in muck.
I consider some aspects of this in folk-memory & culture later on.

In addition to the Asiatic mystical connection a previous thread on this board discussed the possible seminal links between this culture & that of the Ancient Egyptians via Ireland.
Interestingly Mohammed Al-Fayed, who “…has long been fascinated with Scotland…” refers to these legends having currency in his native Egypt aswell.

The Severed Head Cult is associated with sacred-springs, later appropriated by the Christian Church to Saints & referred to as Holy Wells : people.bath.ac.uk.
'A most important aspect of Celtic religion was the head cult. There is strong evidence showing a close association of this cult with sacred springs and pools, some of it having survived even to the present day, albeit in fragmentary form and lacking the power of the original Celtic stimulus. The Celts were head-hunters… To the Celts the head was the most important part of the body, symbolizing the divine power, and they venerated the head as the source of all the attributes they most admired…
One of the victims of paedophile murderer Ian Huntley was called Holly Wells. As I will note later, names of murder victims with ritual overtones will have symbolic significance – especially as it appears she was drowned in a bath.
Loch Awe is associated in legend with a Holy Well & also with being the home of “Nessie’s” cousin - a lake-monster called “Beathach Mor” or the “Great Beast”.

The Fortean writer Ted Holiday in his 1974 book “The Dragon & the Disc” tied together the historic phenomena of monsters ( “dragons” ) & UFO’s ( “discs” ) – both of which are highly prevalent in Scotland - as archetypal manifestations of spiritual polarities of good ( the disc ) & evil ( the dragon ) & correlated the incidence of lake-monsters to the presence of dark spiritual forces .
Whilst his argument relies on some idiosyncratic interpretations of archeological evidence I suspect he is on the right ley-line here.
The UFO phenomenon also has some interesting facets in the Scottish context :

Monarchy & the Severed Head : an ancient occult current

As Heathcote suggests the elite of the British establishment seeks to somehow “plug-in” to ancient & potent occult forces :
The Queen’s Druidic initiation

Folklore & legend is replete with the severed head motif, notably so with reference to that fortress-like redoubt of the British monarchy The Tower of London, about which a legend..
….chronicled in the Mabinogion states that upon the death of the giant king Bran the Blessed (bran means raven in Welsh), his head was cut off and buried at the “White Hill” in London, (usually identified as Tower Hill) “with the face turned towards France”. This burial is known in the Welsh Triads as one of the Three Happy Concealments of The Island of the Mighty. As long as Bran’s head stays buried there, Britain will be safe from invasion……….these older legends, folktales, and superstitions fused to form the current Tower of London raven legend.
The current legend dates from the reign of Charles II ( the last Stuart monarch ) after a fortune-teller warned catastrophe would be visited upon the Kingdom should ravens ever forsake the Tower, since when a cadre of 6 birds
……are cared for by one of the Yeoman Warders (known as Beefeaters) with the regal title of Ravenmaster.
The current ( 2007) Ravenmaster, Derrick Coyle, a former Sergeant Major, has been at the Tower for 20 years, first serving as Deputy Ravenmaster before becoming full-time Ravenmaster six years ago.
Their names are, appropriately, Hugine, Munin, Bran, Branwen, Gwyllum, and Cedric. (The Norse god Odin had two raven familiars named Huginn and Muninn…
The ravens’ favourite haunt is the Tower Green, the former site of royal beheadings.

Some of you may have come across the mysteriously prolific & ARG-like “Emily Gyde” who has succeeded in making Downard look tame in her producing one of the most extraordinary & fascinating effusions of bizarreness to be found anywhere on the www.
I unashamedly throw in an excerpt as, whoever it is writing this, they have some interesting & creative ideas that chime with some of the speculations herein :

http://www.alicescapesthemenagerie.blogspot.com/ : from the comments

In general, the Royal Arch Freemasonry Satanic cult was divided into those who carried the 'Egyptian' genes i.e. the royal circles and those who had the genes of the slave class i.e. 'Hebrew' genes.

it is interesting to note in this regard that Charles II was in the habit of sending agents to Egypt to obtain the powdered remains of mummies which he rubbed onto his body to obtain “enhanced greatness”.

This follows on from the tremendous fear that the British royal circles had of Hebrew intelligence and the need to suppress and control it.
The most 'secret name' of Royal Arch Freemasonry was: JAHBULON
This manufactured name was a mixture of the different gods that they worshipped. The unholy trinity and worship of Satan.

They had used Jewish/Arabic mysticism to research mind control. See Egyptian Book of the Dead - also the Lesser Key of Solomon, although this book is a fake in terms of 'magic'. It was produced solely as a mind control manual and not for any other purpose i.e. the symbols are used to call up different 'alters' of mind control slaves.

They also experimented with 'time travel' i.e. the disembodied mind can be released from the constraints of time and space, under certain terrible conditions, to produce remote viewers.

What is the new 'password' of Royal Arch Freemasonry? ALRAHYAH
Why have they changed it?
The first one got outed on the net years ago. It had been used to mainly recruit and train Judaeo-Christian mind control slaves.

The second one is specifically tailored to recruit and train Muslim mind control slaves. Therefore, appropriately enough, it begins with 'AL'.

The Monarchists also decided to implant their 'royal' DNA outside the Royal nest i.e. as 'cuckoos' in other nests.
So that they could then use these blood relatives to govern society in all its aspects.

Templar-Masonry & the political / economic development of the Nexus
"The lunatic is all idée fixé, and whatever he comes across confirms his lunacy. For him, everything proves everything else. You can tell him by the liberties he takes with common sense, by his flashes of inspiration, and by the fact that sooner or later he brings up the Templars".
Umberto Eco : Foucault’s Pendulum
To pursue my Dave Emory-style analogy to the post-war Bormann / Nazi diaspora, I am trying to discern some kind of “remarkable & deadly” outgrowth of the Templar Order whose objective is primarily to acquire & wield trans-national geo-political & financial ( banking ) power – in fact the first modern “globalists”.

To this extent my initial view that the political activities of the Nexus be framed purely in terms of a generalised aristocratic reaction to destabilising emergent socio-economic factors must give way in the cause of a more credible conspiratorial narrative to a tighter more organised & cohesive element, a particularly ambitious self-conscious oligarchy existing within the broader ruling-class.

further all this speculative history – absent direct smoking-gun “proof” - hinges on the discernment of influences behind, within or subversive of other more overt public organisations

this is very apparent for example in the almost contemporaneous emergence of publically acknowledged Freemasonry in 1717 with the establishment of the United Grand Lodge of England & the formation of the original Hell Fire Clubs – both of which harboured staunchly arch-conservative Jacobites who deplored the importation of foreign monarchical figure heads such as William & the German-speaking George I.

Many of the Hell-Fire Clubs had close & over-lapping connections to the Masonic establishment : the “Hell Fire Duke” Philip, Duke of Wharton who formed the first London Hell Fire Club in the X Tavern in 1720 served as Masonic Grand Master 1722-23.

The first Grand Master of Irish Freemasonry was the Richard Parsons, 1st Earl of Rosse who operated sub-rosa as a founder member of the Hell-Fire Club.
He wrote the book Dionysus Rising after a trip to Egypt where he claimed to have found Dionysian scrolls looted from the Great Library of Alexandria & went on to found the Sacred Sect of Dionysus. It has been suggested Jack Parsons may have been a descendant.

when looking at the broad sweep it then IF such an oligarchy existed with the power & objectives then it is possible to argue that events transpired in a way very much as they would wish to have orchestrated them.

Its trajectory could be compared to a 3 stage Apollo moon-rocket consisting of the following burned-up & discarded stages :
· Scotland & the Scots Stuart monarchy (1688)
· Britain & the German Hanoverian monarchy (1776)
· The constitutional US republic ( work still in progress…. )
The history of the Templar’s destruction made it an enemy of the Vatican & the French Monarchy & it is, obviously, primarily Anglo-Scoto-American in character, with important Germanic links ( later specifically Nazi ) & long-standing trans-atlantic ambitions.

Not surprisingly the French did not enthusiastically embrace Anglo-Masonry when it emerged although the Templar’s continued “cult” status meant that the initial propagation of their supposed links to Masonry – ironically by the pro-Stuart “Jacobite” Andrew Ramsey in large measure overcame initial Gallic disdain & propelled the growth of the French Grand Orient.
These links have subsequently been extensively researched – infact a entire branch of publishing is now devoted to this genre :

Peter Levenda’s recent book for example points out the close chronological proximity between the Templars suppression starting in 1312 & the mergence of founding Masonic documents in Scotland such as the Halliwell Manuscript in 1390 & the 1450 Cooke Manuscript.

In similar vein Masonic historian Andrew Sinclair’s book The Sword and the Grail details the long-standing historic links between the Templars & The New World : dating from the 1390’s when Henry St.Clair & members of the Venetian Zeno family led 300 colonists first to what is now Nova Scotia ( New Scotland ) , and thence New England, a hundred years before Columbus, leaving behind archeological evidence including possibly the famous Oak Island Money Pit.
Oak Island : engraved stones that may “connect with a very secret society in early 17th-century England and Germany."

Columbus is said to have possible Templar links through his Father-in-Law’s status within the Order of the Knights of Christ into which Templarism was absorbed.

The main evidence of the Templar’s supposed heresy was their veneration of …a severed head :
There appear to be various ideas about the nature of this head’s symbolic significance
The Knight's Templar in Britain, Evelyn Lord, page217-218

There has been much written about Knights Templar eventual involvement in occult activity. In particular there was a strange and persistent accusation that they secretly worshipped a 'severed head' called baphomet. Some stories said that the head glowed in the dark.

'The first of these theories, the 'head of God', takes as its starting point the evidence from the French trials that some Templars reported that they worshipped a mysterious idol in the form of a head, sometimes referred to as baphomet and sometimes appearing as a mummified human head, sometimes as an image in gold and silver. The head, it was said could make the land fertile.
The idea of baphomet as a magic figure surfaced in 1818 with the publication of Joseph Hammer- Purgstall's 'Mysterium Bahometi' Revelation. He saw the head as the symbol of the renunciation of Christ and the symbol of wisdom inherited from the Egyptians'

There are ofcourse 3 opinions for every 2 historians on the symbolic meaning of the head – ALL of which – given the power of symbols to the human psyche - could be as true & valid as any other.
Image Gerhard Zacharias : The Satanic Cult

The research of Lyn Picknet & Clive Prince – of Stargate Conspiracy fame – led them to conclude the Templars adhered to a Johannite heresy – elevating John the Baptist - to the status of true Messiah over the pretender Jesus & ended-up……

In the so-called “Knights Templar” degree at the culmination of the York Rite – of which the Royal Arch degree is an element - the candidate must take the oath :
…under no less penalty than loss of life, by having my head struck off and placed on the point of a pinnacle or spire, my skull sawn asunder and my brains exposed to the scorching rays of the sun----- '

The second major proof of the Templars alleged hereticism was of course : Homosexuality

This is addressed by historians such as Rictor Norton, in A History of Homophobia :
There is a great scholarly controversy over whether or not the Knights Templars actually were gay. It is impossible here to sum up the evidence for either side of the argument. I can only note the tendency in much recent scholarship to conclude that they were not cannibals etc., but that they were indeed "heretics" as defined by the Church, and that they did indeed engage in homosexual sex.
Their initiation ceremony is well documented and has the ring of truth in spite of being extracted by torture. It involved such things as stripping oneself naked, kissing the high priest or leader on the mouth, anus and penis as a sign of fealty, and engaging in homosexual group sex as a symbol of brotherhood.
Like the other heresies, they were theologically opposed to marriage and procreation, and taught that erotic tensions were better relieved with one's brothers than with women.

”Project Monarch” – the creation of the “Nexus” , Monarchy & the Severed Head :

As John Heathcote has identified the catalytic event for The Nexus was activated by the emergence of the ( at that time Protestant ) Scottish Stuart Monarchy in 1603 with the so-called “Union of the Crowns” as, not unlike Mike Tyson uniting 2 boxing titles, the Scottish King James VI succeeded the childless Elizabeth I to the English throne – taking the title James I – a move designed to deny any chance of QEI’s Catholic & French sympathising cousin Mary Queen of Scots wresting the Throne .

This entire period of the ascendancy of the Stuarts up until their over-throw by William of Orange in the 1688 “Glorious Revolution” was the most turbulent & crisis-ridden in British history & in all essential features set the foundations of its future course to the present-day. I am aware I can’t be accused of startling originality in discerning a hidden hand behind many of these key events :

The major upheavals being :
1640-1660 : English Civil War
during which time Britain goes from divinely-ordained absolutist Stuart monarchy to Parliamentary republic ( the “Commonwealth” 1649-53 ) to Cromwellian autocracy ( the “Protectorate” 1653-59 & back to monarchy again with :

1660 the Restoration: of the Stuart Monarchy in the person of Charles II

1688 the “Glorious Revolution” Charles’ successor James II is over-thrown in a quite blatant foreign corporate take-over of the British Crown by his own son-in-law, the Dutch Protestant Prince William of Orange-Nassua, Statthalter of The Netherlands, “King Billy” who, at the head of a large Dutch fleet & mercenary army, launched an invasion at the invitation of a conspiratorial cabal known as The Seven, comprising Lord Shrewsbury, Lord Devonshire, Lord Danby, Lord Lumley, Henry Compton, Admiral Edward Russell ( of the eponymous Illuminati family ) , and Henry Sidney.

William, who was also a grandson of Charles I, ruled jointly with Mary, James’s own daughter to provide a fig-leaf of legitimacy although, re-iterating my earlier point, many of the most traditional & conservative elements of the aristocracy in the Tory Party actually backed the “Jacobite” cause of King James as the true legitimate monarch.

The legal draw-bridge was drawn-up to prevent this – under the 1701 Act of Settlement no Catholic may ascend to the British Throne & – after William & Mary & the stop-gap Queen Anne, ensured the British monarchy was passed onto the Germanic branch in 1717 - in the shape of George I of the Calenberg family, a cadet-line of the Welf / Guelph family, titling themselves the House of Hanover, and, under Victoria, merging into that of the Illuminist Saxe-Coburg-Gothas.

William’s coup is glorified to this day by hard-line Irish & Scot’s “Loyalist” Protestants, the latter of whom still describe themselves as “Billies” in his honour.
It was the climax of a process that had the following very significant (geo)-political & economic effects :

· Oliver Cromwell is wielded as a blunt instrument to suppress the Catholic Irish - the protection of the British Heartland from being surrounded by hostile Catholic powers being the primary stage of the Imperial Project.
· Cromwell exceeds his brief by engaging in his own King Kill ritual - beheading Charles I - & seeking to enlist a countervailing spiritual/occult force from outside - Cabbalistic Jews under Menasseh Ben Israel
It was in 1655 that Manasseh came to England, invited by Cromwell to explore the possibility of a settlement of the Jews in England.

The probable interactions between the English Puritan movement, culminating in the Civil War and the Protectorate, and the contemporary Amsterdam Jewish community , with its intense religious and cultural life, and its earnest Lurianic Cabalism in expectation of the Messiah, is a phase of religious history that has not been examined.

Both Jews and Puritans lived in excited expectation of a coming divine event. The Puritans expected the Second Coming and the Christian millennium.
Jewish Lurianic Cabalists worked with intensive meditation and prayer towards making possible the advent of the Messiah.
The two movements may have interacted upon one another in more ways than we know.
Frances Yates

· Unimpressed the restored Charles II exhumes his corpse & places his severed & decomposing head atop a spike, decorating the Palace of Westminster for several years thereafter.

· The Stuarts are restored but then proceed to go off the reservation by converting to Catholicism & attempting to ally Britain to the French monarchy.

· William of Orange is identified as the New Hope with the additional pay-off of bolstering the Netherlands as a bulwark on the Continent of Europe against the encroachment of the hegemonic ambitions of the French monarchy.

· King Billy’s takeover is engineered at the behest of elite financial interests – lead amongst them the Scottish banker William Paterson, who was not only the man responsible for the creation, oddly perhaps, of the Bank of England (…the Bank of Scotland was established by an Englishman… ) but also a leading figure in the political campaign for the 1707 Act of Union of England & Scotland.

· & led to the creation, in 1694, under Royal Charter, of the private Bank of England & the emergence of global banking & trading concerns, particularly to the New World.

· These oligarchs set-up a Parliamentary organisation to represent their interests – the “Whigs”, named after the Scottish covenanters of that name.

· in 1708 the East India Company merged with a rival to form an unchallenged cartel in trade to India & the Far East – ultimately leading to the running of Indian grown opium into China to balance the haemmoraghe of silver bullion from the nascent Western consumer markets to the insular Chinese.
Imageevolution of the American flag

the basic embryonic global economic infrastructure was now in place.

The science of Ritual Magic & Brain-Washing

Having achieved power, like any mafia, it must eliminate its enemies, rivals & opponents – as punishment, to maintain image & set an example to others & also, perhaps most importantly as sacrificial ritual of the blackest & most powerful nature.

Arguably the French Revolution could be regarded at one level as a deliberate take-down of the French monarchy by the Nexus via its Masonic pseudo-pods, as long-delayed pay-back for De Molay & his brothers – no other monarchy in Europe was to suffer such a drastic fate until the Russian Revolution.

Louis XIV executed by beheading 1793 in the Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde today – site of over 1,000 beheadings & a triumphal Masonic pillar
Egyptian hieroglyphs decorating the pillar

Paris was the location of a further Nexus “wet-job” in 1997 :
"Whoever Controls Princess Diana, Controls the World."
According to this version, the scene of the "accident" contains the real clue to what was afoot: the Pont de L'Alma tunnel, which "is ancient, dating back to the time of the Merovingian kings (ca. 500-751 A.D.), and before". "In pre-Christian times, the Pont de L'Alma was a pagan sacrificial site."
All "true European royalty are descended from the Merovingians, " the article continues, it then repeats the recent claims that the Merovingians were descended from Jesus. Princess Diana, as a Spencer, was descended from the Stuarts who gave England four kings (James I, Charles I, Charles II, and James II) and who are partially Merovingian in bloodline. By comparison, the article says, the current British royal family are "imposters."

"Two factions vied for control of Diana: (1) the New World Order or Bank of England faction, founded by King William III of Orange, who allowed the founding of the (private) Bank of England, and (2) the "true nobility of Europe, i.e., those of the Merovingian bloodline."

If, as Downard claims, the Kennedy assassination was laden with sorcerous Masonic symbolism, part of that may lie in the ritualistic re-enactment of the elimination of the Catholic monarchs Louis of France & James of Britain in the person of the Catholic “King” Kennedy, whose name in gaelic - “Ceannaideach" - according to Downard, has the meaning : Ugly Head or Wounded Head
wikipedia : on this possible etymology states it could be :
…derived from the Gaelic words ceann, meaning "head", and éidigh, meaning "ugly"

the linguistic proximity of this to the idea of the severed head is sufficiently close to reasonably surmise it was an additional constituent element in the symbolic potency of the Downardian ritual.
Dealey Plaza

something about secret societies & severed heads

The modern science of mind-control was pioneered by researchers & practitioners of “hypnotism” in Scotland, notably
James Braid


(19 June 1795 – 25 March 1860) was born at Ryelaw House, in the parish of Portmoak, Kinross, Scotland.

A physician and surgeon, specialising in eye and muscular conditions, Braid was an important and influential pioneer of hypnotism and hypnotherapy. Braid adopted the term "hypnotism" as an abbreviation for "neuro-hypnotism" or nervous sleep (that is, sleep of the nerves), in his lectures of 1841-2, and it is from his influential work that others derived the term "hypnosis" in the 1880s. Braid is regarded by many as the first genuine "hypnotherapist" and the "Father of Modern Hypnotism".

His work was later extended by fellow Scots John Milne Bramwell (1852 – 1925) &, most notably to modern students of the subject, Ewen Cameron.

Brainwash victims win cash claims

From The Sunday Times October 17, 2004

HUNDREDS of mentally ill patients who were subjected to barbaric CIA-funded brainwashing experiments by a Scottish doctor could be entitled to compensation following a landmark court ruling.

Doctor Ewan Cameron, who became one of the world’s leading psychiatrists, developed techniques used by Nazi scientists to wipe out the existing personalities of people in his care.
Cameron, who graduated from Glasgow University, was recruited by the CIA during the cold war while working at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

He carried out mind-control experiments using drugs such as LSD on hundreds of patients, but only 77 of them were awarded compensation.

Cameron was a Freemason

Why might Scotland prove a particularly fertile breeding-ground for the origin of mind-control ?
Having previously noted the genetic inheritance of psychic ability according to Colin Ross “The Osiris Complex” :

Scotland also saw the emergence of such Masonic inspired secret societies as the Society of the Horseman's Word – a fraternity of horse whisperers amongst equestrian workers but whose powers included not only control of horses but supposedly of women aswell.

The continuation of Power via Control – the Satanic “Gladio” Network

from the material presented in the introduction it is possible to theorise the transmission into the modern era of either a deliberate unbroken continuation of primitive religious rites or a destructive psychic “blow-back” fuelled by unsuccessful & repressive attempts to banish such practices.

It is cold hard historical fact that the dualistic belief-system survived hundreds of years of persecution – to emerge in the medieval period under the Cathars & other heresies that practised forms of Gnostic rites, the milder forms, aping the ritual of Communion, becoming known as Rites of Vain Observance
It is also ironic that the original theological motivation behind the desecration of established Church ritual lay in an attempt to reject what was regarded as a satanic deity not as a means of worshipping it – even the killing of children was thus justified as “saving” them from the evil of material existence

From these facts we can :

· posit the on-going existence of secret societies, networks & sub-rosa sects able to incubate & transmit deviant practices over historic periods of time

· find precedent for & identify the origin of the satanistic rites & the Denis Wheatley-style Black Mass – even up to the practice of full-blown human / child sacrifice in beliefs proven to have influenced modern Europe.

· note that one of the Cathars survival strategies was “entryism” or infiltration of the official Church itself

The rural / peasant enclaves of heretical beliefs & anti-authoritarianism had been suppressed by the violent & bloody Inquisitions & internal crusades of the Catholic Church by the end of the 17th Century as described by historian Joseph McCabe in A History of Satanism – destroying with it any residual communal survivals of even more ancient or indigenous pagan religious practices as theorised by historians such as Margaret Murray & perhaps more reliably by others such as Carlo Ginzburg

This left a vacuum out of which the Nexus, by assuming leadership of certain of the multi-generational cult families involved at all levels of society was able to create a sort of spiritual Gladio movement : an instrument of co-option, moral/spiritual contamination & control on the part of the oligarchy , these families including the Astors ( covered later ) , the Russells & the MacDonalds :

the belief system & structure of this new form of cult-phenomenon is defined by modern researchers as Generational Satanism as distinct from the self-styled dabblers, one-man band operations & public religious Satanism ( both malefic & non-malefic ) which tend to draw themselves to the sensationalised attention of the popular press. ( see Appendix )

connecting the Nexus to Modern Satanism

according to one source :
Satanism as an organized activity did not exist much before the 17th century..

….circumstantial evidence there is that might lead one to believe that Charles T. Russell was a Satanist. The author is aware that there are Jehovah’s Witnesses that are covert Satanists. The Russell family appears to have moved from Germany to Scotland and from Scotland to northern Ireland.
The Russell Bloodline


…also, of the contemporary outgrowth, Myatt’s “traditional Satanist” sado-sodo-paedo-nazi sex-magick outfit :
One other aspect of the Order of Nine Angles methods of sacrifice is that the victim is traditionally beheaded.

This tradition stems back to the ancient head cults of Europe, a tradition that was still in existence in Great Britain up until at least the 17th century, when a Scottish clan leader beheaded seven treacherous members of the Macdonnell clan and ceremonially washed their heads in a well on the shore of Loch Oich.

David Sivier, in his article for Magonia magazine Satanism & Class Conflict speaks, albeit sceptically, of…
…….rumours of organised Satanic groups such as ‘Scorpio’, long the target of parliamentarians such as the late Geoffrey Dickens, who allegedly abduct and kill young children as part of Satanic orgies.
I have even heard stories from those with connection to the Class War anarchist group that Anarchist subversives have saved several children from death by decapitation at the hands of such groups.
These gangs, allegedly, killed their victims in such a way as to make demons speak through the children’s violated bodies.

I have to say that beyond this rumour I have neither seen nor heard anything to corroborate the story. It seems significant, however, that this myth of Satanic covens of businessmen is believed passionately both by Conservatives such as Dickens, and anarchist radicals.

From Andrew Boyd “Blasphemous Rumours” :

The Druidic : Satanic Connection

Stephen Kent : Deviant Scripturalism 1993 Image

Kathleen Sullivan : Unshackled 2003

The Nazi : Satanic Connection

A later indication of the existence of the Nexus I believe is revealed by the famous & ill-fated flight to Scotland by Rudolf Hess in 1941 to try to avert war with Britain as Nazi Germany was poised for the monumental invasion of Russia & the “heartland” of the Eurasian super-continent.

The putative occult / genetic links mentioned up-thread between the Celtic tradition & that of the Asian mystical centre of Schamballa would have been regarded as of the greatest interest & significance to the geo-politicians & mystics who attached themselves to the Nazi movement such as Karl Haushofer & Otto Rahn.
Hess was one of Haushofer’s most devoted disciples :
Master & Pupil : Haushofer & Hess
….Hess was privately distressed by the war with the United Kingdom because he, influenced by his academic advisor ( Haushofer ) , hoped that Britain would accept Germany as an ally. Hess may have hoped to score a diplomatic victory by sealing a peace between the Third Reich and Britain, e.g., by implementing the behind-the-scenes move of the Haushofers[clarification needed] in Nazi Germany to contact Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 14th Duke of Hamilton.

It appears that Hess believed the Duke of Hamilton to be an opponent of Winston Churchill, whom he held responsible for the outbreak of the war.

Nazi connections also resonate with the previous biblical passages & strictures concerning the ancient Canaanite Rites of Moloch in the context of the following passage from Posner’s ( * spit * I sneaked this pic in a bookshop so I didn’t have to buy it ) “Mengele the Complete Story” :

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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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The Occult Connection

In Sandra Uttley’s book Dunblane Unburied we learn the following of Thomas Hamilton the paedophile mass-murderer :
Dunblane Unburied pp14-15

As Ed Sanders might put it : Oooo-eeee-oooo !

Certain types of people seem susceptible to certain influences, resonate to some strange vibration – like these …

Satanic killers tell of blood drinking rites

By Hannah Cleaver in Berlin 18 Jan 2002


A WOMAN who says she and her husband killed a German friend with 66 knife wounds on orders from the devil has claimed that she became a satanist in Britain.

German police say any evidence pointing to possible crimes or an illegal satanic ring in Britain will be sent to the relevant authorities.

Manuela Ruda and her husband, Daniel, have admitted killing their friend, Frank Haagen, "for Satan". She said she got a taste for vampirism and the occult while in London and Scotland.

Manuela claimed she was first drawn to satanism during a visit to Britain. She told the court she drifted into the "gothic" scene after the Devil contacted her when she was 14. At 16, bored by her life in the small German town of Witten, she travelled to the Scottish Highlands where she worked in a hotel for a few months and enjoyed the emptiness, the cemeteries and gloomy atmosphere of the low clouds, she said. She spent time living in a cave on the Isle of Skye with Tom Leppard, a heavily tattooed 62-year-old man .
Vampire couple jailed for satanic murder news.independent.co.uk

To what one assumes is the classic paedophilically motivated lone-operator

'Black magic' child abuser jailed

A former police officer who claimed he was a "black magic" high priest while sexually abusing three children has been jailed for seven years.

John McFadden, 42, from Bearsden, was found guilty of abusing a boy between 1988 and 1992 in Kirkintilloch. He was also convicted of abusing two other youngsters at various addresses in Kirkintilloch between 1983 and 1990.
The court heard how McFadden had been running a martial arts club when he began abusing a 12-year-old boy who had joined. He befriended the boy, invited him to stay overnight and told him that demons and spirits would kill him and drag him to hell unless he carried out sex acts.
He dressed in a black cloak and used a crucifix with a skull and crossbones and an onyx ring, which he claimed gave him power, to terrify the youngster into keeping the abuse a secret. The victim said: "He started to get us into this black magic. He described himself as a high priest with this black magic circle.
"He said he could have out of body experiences and could talk to demons and spirits. “

From the teenage dabbler Killer 'obsessed by occult' :

to the fully-fledged coven member Black Magic Fiend
THE evil loner who murdered schoolboy Rory Blackhall had a sick interest in witchcraft and black magic.
Simon Harris, 37, who hanged himself after killing Rory, 11, even joined a coven close to his home.

He admitted his interest in the occult to relatives two years ago……one family member last night confirmed the killer's occult interests.

He said: "Simon appeared at my door one day completely out of the blue about two and a half years ago.

"He told me and my wife he'd become involved with a coven which met just outside Bathgate. At first, I thought he was talking about white witchcraft but unfortunately it turned out to be the opposite.

The Serial Killer Connection

Looking into the paedophilic serial-killer Peter Tobin leads one to reflect that there are extensive Scottish connections to many of the most notorious & worst cases of serial child / youth murder that have occurred in Britain…but perhaps it is no co-incidence that Scotland spawned the legend of Sawney Bean

no modern discussion of such appalling events could start anywhere else but with the “moors Murderers” Brady & Hindley.
Although forever associated with the bleak hills surrounding the northern English industrial conurbation of Manchester in fact Ian Brady was born Ian Duncan Stewart in Glasgow to an unmarried waitress Maggie Stewart & of uncertain paternity .

Whilst certainly by no means the most prolific of serial-killers no subsequent case provoked the same level of shock & revulsion as that experienced in the relatively more sheltered Britain of the mid-1960’s as it was assailed at their trial with the details of the cold-blooded abduction of children for purposes of rape & murder, their ordeal photographed & tape-recorded Brady , abetted by the 19 yr old Hindley, acting as the judas goat, luring children into her car to facilitate their abduction.

Pauline Read, 16, John Kilbride & Keith Bennett ( both 12 ) were lured into Hindley’s car & taken to remote Saddleworth Moor where Brady was waiting to carry out rape, sexual assault & murder by strangulation.
Brady’s sexuality was – besides being massively deviant – also ambiguous. Both boys & girls were sexually assaulted/raped & murdered. It is also the case that these were, in a broad sense, cult murders ..Brady’s own murder-cult devoted to the worship of his twin deities, Hitler & de Sade, a vehicle for the fulfilment of his paedophilic & murderous fantasies & his singular existential & intellectually pretentious brand of philisophical insanity.

Their fifth & final victim Edward Evans was a young homosexual Brady picked-up - his murder staged deliberately to be witnessed by David Smith – Hindley’s 17 yr old brother-in-law identified as the second acolyte he intended to initiate by blood into his murder-cult.

It was however the nature of the murder of 10 yr old Lesley Ann Downey which did most to burn this crime into public consciousness, her ordeal photographed & tape-recorded before she was strangled with a piece of string.
This “snuff” audio was played at the trial : www.telegraph.co.uk
From maximum security Ashworth hospital in Liverpool Brady took a keen interest in his fellow serial-killers, praising Richard Ramirez, the Californian “Night Stalker” as "a Shakespeare of homicide" and a man who would teach the "middle classes the meaning of loss", striking up a correspondence with John Wayne Gacy & even writing a book on the subject.
Inside the mind of Ian Brady. Neil MacKay - The Sunday Herald
Brady can still hear the call & vows to return to Scotland…..dead or alive
The serial child killer recently launched a repatriation bid so he could move to his native country. Scottish government officials say they would not support the move.
But Brady plans to be cremated and wants his ashes scattered north of the Border.

Brady - who tortured and murdered five youngsters with Hindley from 1963 to 1965 - wants a switch north of the Border after being inspired by the release of the Lockerbie bomber.
www.dailyrecord.co.uk Apr 19 2010

Bad Vibrations
There is a distasteful manifestation of what I think of as the “Loch Ness Monster” vibration in the emergence in 1980’s Chicago of someone called Peter Sotos who published paedophilic “samizdat” literature under various titles – the first named “Pure” - focusing particularly upon child murderers like Brady.
He was quoted in the book Apocalypse Culture (1990) :
Considered an artist by those more culturally hip than myself.

Curiously the Chicago police – who paid him a visit in 1985 – were alerted to Sotos’s activities by police in Edinburgh, Scotland – when they intersected with an investigation into a grotesque paedophile murder-case .
Child Pornography Tim Tate ( Methuen 1990 )

I haven’t been able to identify what case Tate is referring to

Sotos has also interested himself in the subject matter of Loch Ness Monster as he is also the author of another “Predicate”
Ten years on, controversial author Peter Sotos re-examines Dunblane, dissecting Thomas Hamilton’s motives and life and revealing the gay sub-culture of clandestine paedophilia which spawned this most reviled of all killers.

A 3rd interesting link arises from Sotos later pursuing “musical” activities very much on a par with the above literary efforts with an industrial group called Whitehouse, whose “schtick” appears to be glorification of sexual violence, serial killers & nazi war criminals, with a mailing address in Edinburgh & whose founder William Bennett – former guitarist with punk band Essential Logic - attended Glasgow University.

Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Andrew Nilsen (born 23 November 1945, Fraserburgh, Scotland) was a necrophilic homosexual serial killer & cannibal.

His 15 victims were all young men although only 8 have been identified – the youngest was his first victim – a 14 year old boy Stephen Holmes who was throttled with a tie & drowned in a bucket of water .
Victims 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 remain unidentified

He was enlisted in the army from 1961-72, his work as a cook serving him in good stead for his future activities, had a stint in the police before ending up a minor functionary at a London job-centre & involved in left-wing political activism via the Trades Unions, the extreme left Socialist Workers Party & their front organisation the Anti-Nazi League.
Nilsen made a bad career move when he relocated from 195 Melrose Avenue, Cricklewood to a flat at 23 Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill in 1981.

Unlike at his previous abode he didn’t have access to space under floor boards or the private garden where he was able to burn many of the remains in a bonfire & dump entrails over the garden fence to be eaten by wildlife although Police later found partial remains of 12 bodies

As a result Nilsen was finding it difficult to process & dispose of the human by-product of his activities.

Nilsen attempted to dispose of the bodies by boiling the heads, hands and feet to remove the flesh and by chopping the entrails into small pieces and flushing them down the toilet.
Beside the inconvenience the neighbours had begun to notice the smell.
In February 1983 some drain-cleaning operatives were called–out to the address & their suspicions were aroused when they found the drain packed with a flesh-like substance.

When they returned next day the drain had mysteriously been cleared but what looked like chicken meat was found in a pipe leading off from it, with rats feeding on it…
The police were on hand when Nilsen returned home from work. They accompanied him up the stairs to his top-floor flat and immediately upon entering were assaulted by the smell of rotting flesh.

Unlike many serial-killers the act of murder wasn’t the orgasmic climax to the fantasy but rather a preliminary starting point of a none too beautiful relationship.
His interests developed after witnessing his dead grandfather in their coffin & began as a young man to whiten his own body with talcum powder so that it resembled a corpse. He'd look in the mirror at this pale spectre, become sexually aroused and would satisfy himself. Being dead was a quality he went on to demand of a partner.

He would stash their bodies under the floor boards and in cupboards. Occasionally he would take one out, wash and dress it, and pretend to have a date. He would lay the corpse next to him in bed and masturbate. Then, return it to the floor boards.
He kept an assortment of body parts around the house as company and sometimes even left them in plain view when he went out to work.

At the time of his arrest Nilsen was co-habiting quietly with his beloved dog & cat & the remains of the three people whom he had murdered at this address distributed around the flat - there were 3 heads stored in cupboards, those parts of the 15th & last known murder victim – Stephen Sinclair ( 20 ) not consigned to the drains were accounted for amongst the bin-bags full of human organs stored in his wardrobe.
Another body was stashed in a large tea chest & the third, , was sitting, shrink wrapped, in a chair in what might be inappropriately described as the living room.

Psychic Terry Stokes conducted a spiritual clean-up operation at the Cricklewood address : www.unexplained-mysteries.com

He claims to have :
…contacted the possessing entity that drove him to commit these crimes. It was in fact a textbook case of malignant lower realm spirit infestation.The house occupant was possessed by a category of spirit known to experts as “haemophagists” or blood eaters, of a similar type as vampires.

In all the occult manifestations discussed in this thread the question is immediately raised as to what extent they are originating external forces or actually egregore psychic emanations produced in the unconscious of practitioners of gross ritualistic activities.

Robert Black

born 21 April 1947 in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, Scotland

a serial killer and child molester. He kidnapped, raped and murdered three girls during the 1980s, kidnapped a fourth girl who survived, attempted to kidnap a fifth, and is the suspect in a number of unsolved child murders dating back to the 1970s throughout Europe.

Illegitimate, he was given up for adoption by his unwed mother & experienced the classic disrupted childhood & claims to have suffered abuse

Whatever the cause Black developed an infantile fixation on sex & anal penetration & first attempted rape with two accomplices at the age of 12.
He experienced feelings of gender confusion & later would attempt to dress himself in the clothes of his tiny victims

He was a prolific molester of young girls in his mid-teens & became a convicted sex-offender at age 17 :
when he lured a seven-year-old girl to a deserted building, strangled her until she lost consciousness and then masturbated over her body. He was arrested and convicted of "lewd and libidinous" behaviour for this offence, but received only an admonishment.

This leniency was to be a crucial factor in Black failing to register on the investigatory radar screen during later Police investigations & doubtless prolonged his career of mayhem .

He was an active child-molester & consumer of child pornography throughout his life & is held responsible for 4 known murders & a strong suspect in many more

His first known murder occurred in 1982 – of an 11 yr old girl Susan Maxwell.
The two other victims were 5 yr old Caroline Hogg from Edinburgh & 10 yr old Sarah Harper of Leeds.
He was arrested in Stow, Scotland in July 1990 attempting to abduct a 6 yr old girl who was, thankfully, released physically unharmed.

He was charged in January this year with the kidnapping and killing nine-year-old Jennifer Cardy near Lisburn, in County Down, in 1981. www.dailymail.co.uk

In July 1994, a meeting was held in Newcastle to consider the possibility of Black’s involvement in similar murders. As well as possible murders in France, Amsterdam, Ireland and Germany, there were up to ten unsolved abductions and murders in England which have Black’s MO:

April Fabb Norfolk in 1969
9-year-old Christine Markham Scunthorpe 1973
13-year-old Genette Tate Devon 1978
14-year-old Suzanne Lawrence Essex 1979
16-year-old Colette Aram 1983 since attributed to Paul Hutchinson
14-year-old Patsy Morris 1990
Marion Crofts 1990

William Beggs
'Serial killer in the making' jailed for life
Youth's body dismembered and limbs dumped in loch

Kirsty Scott and Gerard Seenan 13 October 2001


A college lecturer once described by police as a serial killer in the making was jailed for life yesterday for murdering and dismembering a teenager, dumping his limbs in Loch Lomond and his head in the sea.
William Beggs, 38, was found guilty by majority verdict after a 17-day trial at the high court in Edinburgh of killing Barry Wallace, 18, a supermarket shelf-stacker, of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, in December 1999.

The trial judge, Lord Osborne, said Beggs should serve a minimum of 20 years. He said it had been "the most distressing of cases and appalling of offences".

It was Beggs's second conviction for murder and mutilation. His first conviction was overturned in 1989. He was also jailed in 1991 for a razor attack on a man who warned that Beggs would strike again. It is thought police may now reopen investigations into the disappearance of other young men.
The court had heard how Beggs took the youth back to his flat where he handcuffed his arms and legs, punched him in the face, stabbed him in the arm with a needle and sexually assaulted him so brutally that medical witnesses said the teenager may have died from shock.

Once his victim was dead, Beggs dismembered his body, cutting the body into eight pieces, and dumping the limbs and torso in Loch Lomond. He kept the head for two days before throwing it into the sea from the Troon to Belfast ferry.

Like many serial killers this monster of the lochs cultivated political connections :

Beggs trained in public administration at Teesside Polytechnic and dabbled in politics, becoming regional chairman for the Federation of Conservative Students.
He was invited to Downing Street for a Burns Night supper and told friends it had fuelled his desire to become an MP. He was on the far right of the Tory party and there were reports that he had connections with the National Front and had joined Ian Paisley's anti-gay campaign Save Ulster From Sodomy.

Beggs actually originated from Northern Ireland where he was run-out by paramilitaries after allegations concerning hid paedophilic tendencies & quite possibly for matters relating to :

..claims he was involved in a hushed-up gay orgy with prominent businessmen and politicians.
It is claimed the RUC raided the mass sex romp but hushed it up to protect reputations.
The Mirror Oct 13, 2001

There’s one obvious case that comes to mind here, Fred & Rose West.
At first sight there appears little mileage there one would think – the excavation of bodies in the garden of 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, which became a focus of world press lay in the rural heartland of the English West Country.

Not quite……West has some interesting Scottish connections, including his first 3 homicide victims :

West was something of a genetic breeding experiment in degeneracy , issuing from a line of generational incestuous abusers & possibly worse.
He enjoyed the experience of being sexually initiated by his mother at the age of 12 whilst his father shared with him the trick of putting a sheep’s hind-legs down the front of his Wellington boots when wishing to copulate with it. At the age of 19 West had impregnated his 13 yr old sister Kitty.
Before Rose there was the Scottish prostitute Catherine ( Rena ) Costello who became his first wife & with whom he moved to Glasgow to live in 1962 until an odd incident in 1965 caused Fred & Rena to flee back to Gloucester.

Rena continued to work as a prostitute, one of Fred’s few virtues was a marked lack of possessiveness over his wife’s sexual activities. Infact his keenness to “turn her out” & act as willing deputy to her official pimp gave him not only some voyeuristic enjoyment but, I would suggest, also opened doors into the Scottish criminal underworld.
It was in this milieu that the first death attributable to West occurred in 1965 in the Castlemilk area of Glasgow when, whilst working as a mobile ice cream vendor, West knocked-over & killed 3 yr old Henry Feeney with his van. According to author Gordon Burn : "It was then regarded as an accident although locals suspected it was a deliberate act." I saw Fred West run over little Scots boy.

This is somewhat anomalous & doesn’t fit his first phase murders – of Rena in 1971 & a second unfortunate Scottish member of his poisoned circle, 18 yr old Anna McFall, who was 8 months pregnant by West when she was disposed of in 1967 which were primarily personal tidying-up operations of a workmanlike MO, reflective of his experience as a farm-labourer & in a slaughterhouse.

it’s notable ice-cream vans became well-known as fronts for organised crime in Scotland where a lot more nefarious substances than ice-cream cornets were being sold from the back window & whilst admittedly this is pure speculation one possible motive could have been an ordered “hit”, possibly a particularly nasty retaliation aimed at a family member although one can’t rule out a direct attempt to silence the small boy which raises the spectre of some sort of paedophilic overtone to the case .

In 1968 he met his true soul mate Rosemary Letts a 15 yr old who had been engaging in sexual relations with her father from childhood & continued so to do until his death at age 75.

This meeting of warped minds was forged by joint acts of murder – in 1971 that of Fred’s step-daughter from his first marriage, Charmaine by Rose & later the same year Fred completed the path-clearing to their future life together by disposing of Rena herself. Events which marked the transition from the first-phase “tidying up” to the joint atrocities they were to engage in for the rest of their time at liberty in 23 Cromwell Street, run as a semi-official guest house where a transient population of waifs & strays were always welcomed in by the cheerful & friendly, if rather over-familiar & sexually suggestive Fred.
With the experience & conditioning of a hardened sexual criminal & murderer, a willing accomplice, plentiful potential victims amongst his children, unsuspecting guests & any unaccompanied female who crossed his path he also now had a venue : there was a large basement & Fred sweated hard to dig it out & lower the floor to give more room for the activities he planned to carry out there.
One notable signature of many of these more elaborate & grotesque “second phase” sex-murders of young women perpetrated over the subsequent years were the large numbers of bones invariably missing from the discovered remains, mainly fingers & toes, sometimes knee-caps.
It is seems quite likely that West was involved with even more subterranean networks of people existing below the conventional underworld of criminal vice :
Image Image

The last major paedophile murder I want to consider concern that of Sarah Pyne

Admittedly there are no Scottish links although Sussex, where the murder occurred, has no mean reputation as a traditional centre of nefarious occult goings-on.

One of Jeff postings
he links to Ellis Taylor’s
..how names are very important in these Satanic crimes. I have discussed in several articles how the frequencies and meanings of names relate to the circumstances surrounding disappearances and discoveries.
Sarah means 'princess' or 'loved one'. 'Loved One' names were given to Moon Temple priestesses after their initiation. (see Search For Sarah for more detail). Payne comes from the French name 'Payenne'-pagan. Together the name means 'pagan princess'

Paedophilia networks : the Scottish Connection

BEAST BOUND FOR SCOTLAND; And there's nothing police can do.

Sunday Mail Jun 20,1999

A VILE sex beast dubbed Britain's most dangerous man is planning a secret move to Scotland.

Paedophile Lennie Smith, 44, was released from Wakefield prison in Yorkshire last week.
He served 10 years for a series of sickening sex attacks on a boy of six.
Smith was a member of a sadistic paedophile ring which carried out the murders of five boys in the mid-1980s.
The Sunday Mail can reveal that police forces in Scotland have been put on alert after receiving information about the pervert's intentions.

No local authority in England is prepared to give him a home and Smith is believed to want to move to Scotland to make a new life.

He is known to have befriended a number of Scots inmates while in Wakefield and other prisons. He has also told prison officers in Wakefield that he would like a move to Scotland.
A growing number of English paedophiles are believed to be hiding in Scotland, where their crimes are not so well-known.

Though Smith was closely linked to the boys' murders, he was never charged because of a lack of evidence.
One of the victims of Smith's gang was seven-year-old Mark Tildesley who was snatched from a fairground and murdered. His body has never been found.
Smith was named in court as one of the killers but he was never prosecuted.
He is also believed to have been present when Jason Swift, 14, and Barry Lewis, six, were killed in an orgy of gang rape in a paedophile's flat.

One senior Scots detective said yesterday:
"Intelligence reports suggest he could try to relocate in Scotland, where he would appear to have contacts.

WEE BURNEY ...THE VILE TRUTH; He filmed himself copying Children's Panel sex crimes.

Sunday Mail Date: Jun 25, 2000 By : Findlay, Russell

ACTOR Eric Cullen was part of a paedophile ring that infiltrated Scotland's Children's Panel system, the Sunday Mail can reveal.

They used their trusted position to obtain confidential social work documents detailing sexual abuse against children.

A former police officer witnessed a video of Cullen re-enacting one case study with a terrified 12-year-old boy. The tape's opening shots feature pages from Children's Panel reports.

But the video was deliberately withheld as evidence when the Rab C. Nesbitt star was found guilty of possessing child pornography.

A police source said: "It was felt it could cause irreparable damage to the Children's Panel system."

Diminutive Cullen died, aged 31, four years ago after a high-profile campaign to clear his name by MSP Dorothy-Grace Elder.

HELL'S FATHER; Convicted paedophile has baby with 'childlike' girl, 19 Sheriff imposes order to protect hours-old baby boy.

Sunday Mail Jul 28, 2002 By: RUSSELL FINDLAY

A NEWBORN baby is to be taken into care to protect him from his paedophile father.

A sheriff has imposed a court order to stop convicted sex beast Colin Russell and his "childlike" teenage lover taking their son from hospital.

Social workers feared Russell, 41, who has served a jail sentence for abusing a little girl would trade the boy with other paedophiles.

The order was imposed within hours of the boy's birth on Friday and means Russell and the girl, who met at an obscure evangelical church , the Lighthouse Christian Centre in Dumfries.

Two other paedophiles, Alexander Martin, 37, and Russell's brother-in-law David Robertson 39, have also been regular attenders.

Martin was jailed for raping a mentally handicapped girl while Robertson, who recently married a handicapped woman in her 20s, has a history of child sex attacks.

Police fear paedophiles have been using the centre to "network". It is understood all three served time at Peterhead Prison's sex offenders unit.

Last week, Russell welcomed a family with a three-year-old daughter into the house he shares with his young girlfriend.

The girl's 45-year-old stepfather, who comes from England, is a close friend of Russell and also attends the Lighthouse. He is also a convicted criminal, although not for offences against children.

Child sex ring on island is 'smashed'.

Daily Mail Oct 4, 2003 By : JONATHAN BROCKLEBANK

POLICE believe they have smashed a nationwide paedophile ring centred on a tiny Scottish island, it emerged last night.

Seven people have been arrested, with four men charged and more than a dozen quizzed by detectives who swooped on addresses across the country.
Five children are understood to have been put into care in the wake of the raids.

The probe has centred on the island of Lewis in the Scottish Western Isles.
Four suspects were arrested there - all English incomers
- and are expected to appear in Stornoway Sheriff Court on Monday, charged with offences under the Child Protection Act.
Police in Leicestershire, Dorset and West Yorkshire staged co-ordinated raids.
Few details of the inquiry have been released but sources confirmed that it does not involve internet pornography.

Anger as seven face court over Harris child-abuse charges.

The Daily Mail Oct 7, 2003

SIX men and an elderly woman appeared in court yesterday charged with sexually abusing three young girls.

They were arrested as part of an investigation into an alleged paedophile ring on the Isle of Lewis.

The men, four of them incomers to the island, were charged with rape and all seven were charged with lewd, indecent and libidinous practices.

The alleged offences relate to three girls under the age of 16 and are said to have occurred on Lewis.

The accused were named yesterday as Iain Campbell, 38; John Sellwoods, 65; John Gray and Peter Nelson; both 58, all from Lewis; Timothy Tetley, 36, of Dorset; Neil Stretton, 48, and Lily Place or Smith, 75, both from Leicester.
The accused were arrested in a series of dawn raids on Lewis and at addresses in England on Friday morning. A total of 11 people, including at least three women, were detained by police, but four were released without charge.

The raids followed a yearlong investigation into a suspected child abuse ring in the
centred around the Ness area of Lewis.


Sunday Mail Date: Aug 6, 2006 By: By JANE HAMILTON

A PAEDOPHILE kicked out of Australia for a string of sex attacks has been back to Scotland on a house-hunting trip.

William Gallagher , 62, Oz's most notorious child molester, has been living in a London bail hostel since he was deported in June.

The pervert - originally from Glasgow - visited Edinburgh in July and toured housing estates in Pilton and Leith.

Gallagher spent 30 years behind bars for a string of sex attacks on young boys after he emigrated in the 1970s.

More on that “society photographer” Reginald Forester-Smith referenced up-thread :

Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland) Apr 25, 2010

Forester-Smith raped and abused his daughters between 1967 and 1985, starting with Dianne when she was nine and eventually moving on to Tori when she turned six.

He also put a third little girl through horrific sexual assaults.

But to his well-heeled friends and clients, the father-of-five was the perfect gentleman, regularly called upon to take pictures of the Queen and Prince Philip whenever they visited Scotland and photographing celebrity racing drivers like Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill.

After splitting from his first wife, Dianne's mother, he left that family in Edinburgh.
He moved to a seven-bedroom mansion in Annan, Dumfriesshire, with his second wife Sheena, a respected member of the Girl Guide movement.

How could this respectable career woman join a brutal sex ring abusing children?


School governor and former Army major Archibald Wood was looking forward to another day as a "pillar of the community" when the police knocked on his door at 7am on Friday, November 3, 2006.
Perhaps he already knew why they were there, especially when they said wanted to talk to him about "Jack" - the name he used in the paedophile chatroom he liked to frequent, when he wasn't busy at school governor meetings or with his voluntary work.
In June 2005, this same "Jack" travelled 170 miles from Devon to a house in Fleet, Hampshire, with a female accomplice called "Liz" to meet fellow chatroom paedophile Steven Horton and a 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy Horton was offering on the internetfor sexual abuse by strangers.

Born in Musselburgh, Scotland, the son of a bricklayer, Wood appeared to have done well for himself.
He liked to boast that he had two degrees and that he was an Army intelligence officer.

Man guilty of sex acts on children in Shetland

22 January 2011 By Angus Howarth

A FORMER ambulance worker has been found guilty of sex acts against two children in Shetland.
Christopher Readings, 44, of Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire, sexually assaulted a girl and a boy on various occasions between 2008 and 2010.

They included sexual assault, attempted rape and carrying out lewd and libidinous practices towards children.

Defence lawyer John Keenan told the court his client had worked in several jobs, including work with the Ministry of Defence and with an ambulance service while living in England.

Readings, who has never worked with the Scottish Ambulance Service, was one of a group trying to set up Shetland Independent Ambulance Service, a private initiative that would have been funded by the local health board and charitable donations.

Political Connections

I have been, of course, clearly arguing that paedophilic elements are attempting a process of political infiltration & have been using gay/minority rights as their Trojan horse.
It is further likely that the influence of strongly conservative catholic & protestant religious opinion in Scotland may be a factor in creating illicit sexual sub-cultures conducive to the flourishing of the nexus.

A classic example can be seen in the person of Ian Campbell Dunn, a leading activist from the late 60’s in a raft of pressure groups such as the Scottish Minorities Group, International Gay Association, Edinburgh LBGT Centre, aswell as the Labour party & Trade Unions & after whom the Ian Dunn Memorial Award for Activism, was instituted in his memory by the organisation Outright Scotland.

we also learn from an Iain Colqhoun that despite denying allegations of involvement in the creation of the Paedophile Information Exchange he had evidence that Dunn
…had co-founded PIE and was now using his flat as its mailing address.
In December 1984 Dunn organized a 'Lesbian and Gay Socialist Conference' and I attended his 'workshop on paedophilia', and there taped him boasting of having had sex with a 14 year-old-boy.
The tape was later instrumental in his being deselected by the Labour Party as an election candidate, as he had clear political ambitions.
The Quest for the Real Third Secret

Also in attendance at the workshop was one Thomas Hamilton – the Dunblane mass-murderer.

The much sued Scallywag magazine ran the following story “Monster Man of PIE” concerning Campbell Dunn’s links to Liberal Party leader David Steele :


BETRAYED; Are Labour in Scotland backing out of election pledges to fight child sex abuse?

Daily Record

Political Editor KENNY FARQUHARSON investigates. June 12, 1997

Scotland's new Labour rulers are REFUSING to tell parents when a paedophile is in their area - even though English families are being given the right to know.

Labour in England say they will inform local communities about perverts in their midst.

But in Scotland, a Government official said: "There are no proposals to tell the community at large a paedophile is to be released and may be living in their area.

"This does not seem to be the best course to protect children."

And protecting children had clearly been a major priority …
PERVERTS' PLAYGROUND; System in shambles lets abusers get off Scot free.

Feb 25, 1997 Daily Record

The experts who compile our crime figures do not bother to separate sex attacks on children and adults.
So no one knows how many children were raped in Scotland last year, or how many more were sexually abused.

Dr Liz Kelly, of the child abuse unit of the University of North London believes the problem can never be tackled without proper figures.
She asked: "How can the Government assess whether its policies are working if they don't have the data to look at?"

Things don’t seem to have improved much in recent years….
Scotland ‘fails child victims of trafficking’

David Leask Investigations Reporter 14 Mar 2011

SCOTLAND’s children’s czar last night claimed the nation was failing trafficked youngsters.
Mr Baillie, furious at what he saw as official inaction, said: “When children are raped or exploited as slaves in households or businesses in Scotland it becomes our national scandal.

Tam Baillie said authorities were failing to identify many children who are smuggled into the country by criminal gangs, putting them at real risk of exploitation for sex or labour.
Mr Baillie, the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People (SCCYP), was speaking as a report published by his own office suggested at least 80 minors had been trafficked into Scotland in just 18 months.



Paedophiles rehoused for £2,000 a month
Daily Mail


SCOTLAND is giving homes to dangerous sex offenders in exchange for cash from areas of Britain which refuse to accept them.

The Scottish Daily Mail has discovered one council is being paid up to £2,000 a month to take in criminals rejected by other local authorities.

Council chiefs in North Lanarkshire which has one of the highest rates of sex crime in Scotland, were yesterday accused of sacrificing public safety for quick financial gain.

But North Lanarkshire is thought to be the first local authority in Scotland to take sex offenders from outside its boundaries in large numbers.

Airdrie in North Lanarkshire topped a recent review of the number of child sex offences coming to court in Scotland.

A Strathclyde Police insider said Cumbernauld, another North Lanarkshire town, had become a 'ghetto' for sex offenders.

The council was at the centre of a row earlier this year over the housing of paedophiles in a homeless unit. It emerged that offenders with a history of violent and sexual crimes have been placed in the Manse Avenue unit in Coatbridge, yards from two schools.

James Campbell , 19, who tried to rape a two-year-old in Coatbridge in July - just weeks after being released from prison after trying to rape a 91-year- old - had been placed in the unit.

Brian Henderson 53, from West Calder West Lothian was another violent offender who was placed at the unit.
He was befriended by Annie Coogan, 74, who lived nearby.
Henderson slit her throat before setting fire to her home. He suffered burns in the blaze and later died in hospital.

Both men had committed their crimes while housed at the Manse Avenue unit, and crowds of up to 800 people laid siege to the centre, smashing windows and threatening to burn it down.
Sheriff Robert Dickson lambasted the council as 'irresponsible' for placing George Patterson, a paedophile with a 40-year history of child sex offences, at the same unit.

Another paedophile, Samuel Gouther, also lives in North Lanarkshire.
In 2002, the 45-year-old, now living in Abronhill, Cumbernauld, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a ten-year-old girl.

He had also been charged with sexually assaulting another girl of ten, and a boy with learning difficulties, but these charges were dropped on legal technicalities - despite him earlier confessing to attacking the boy.

Gouther, who was placed on probation for two years, now lives opposite Whitelees Primary school in Cumbernauld.
Last year, his probation order was extended for two years after he was accused of entering the school and assaulting a girl.

Last weekend, more than 1,000 people in Glasgow took part in a march demanding legislation to force authorities to inform parents when paedophiles are moved into their area.
The rally was organised after the murder of eight year old Mark Cummings by Stuart Leggate.

Leggate had moved into a tower block in the city's Royston where Mark lived, but residents were unaware he had been convicted three times for sex offences against children.

The Dunblane Network

One of the leading researchers on the Dunblane Massacre perpetrated by Thomas Hamilton, Sandra Uttley, a former paramedic from Dunblane, in her book Dunblane Unburied & associated web-site develops her view that :
Dunblane Unburied p68

Sandra Uttley hypothesises that Hamilton was an instrumental figure in the “Nexus” that is the focus of this thread :
'I believe that Hamilton was a major provider of pornographic photographs and videos to a ring of men prominent in Central Scotland, including police officers who protected him from numerous allegations of physical abuse at boys' camps and clubs he ran.

The Dunblane Massacre The Politicians & the Paedophiles

Hamilton appeared to enjoy oddly close relations with leading Scottish politicians associated with the area including George Robertson, former NATO General Secretary, Bilderberger & member of the Masonic “Speculative Society”.

Before Thomas Hamilton entered Dunblane Primary School to commit his atrocities, he had been a frequent visitor to the Queen Victoria School, Dunblane’s only private boarding school, and was caught on more than one occasion creeping round the dormitories at night.

All his recorded activities, and any complaints and allegations made by pupils, were kept in locked files by then headmaster, Glenn Harrison. We take it that none of the accusations were substantive enough for him to call the police in, but he was sufficiently concerned to write to parents warning them of the risk early in 1991.

Many leading members of the Speculative Society have close links with this school, and shortly after this letter was sent out, Harrison was ousted from his position within the school, and his files confiscated by police.

Hamilton appeared to lead something of a charmed life – for as long as it lasted :

25 blunders that left Hamilton free to massacre kids

He also had extensive “connections” at Stirling University & 2 of the victims : Sophie North and Mhairi MacBeath were daughters of lecturers there.

The universities, & some of the very odd things associated with them, are a recurring feature of the Nexus:

The University Connection
Hamilton's Links with Stirling University
Saturday, Jan 13, 2007
Sandra Uttley, Dunblane Unburied

What was this unemployed, uneducated man - a paedophile and supplier of child pornography - doing with so many contacts at that university?

Hamilton's local councillor Robert Ball - one of Hamilton's protectors, a man who went out of his way to ensure that Hamilton continued to get access to school gymnasiums to run his boys' clubs right up to the time of the Dunblane massacre on 13 March 1996 - was, and still is, a lecturer at Stirling University. He is Dean of the Faculty of Management and Professor of Public Sector Management.

Hamilton's typist, Ina Mack, worked along the corridor from Mick North, whose daughter Sophie was killed in the Dunblane massacre. Ina Mack's husband Thomas Mack knew Hamilton through the Scout Movement, and that Hamilton was ousted from the Scouts because of suspected homosexual paedophile 'tendencies'.

Then there's David MacDonald, son of ex police officer William MacDonald. Both father and son were friends of Thomas Hamilton. David studied at Stirling University in the 1980s and spoke at the Inquiry about often seeing Hamilton at the University. David MacDonald spoke to Hamilton at length on the phone the night before the massacre, and his father spoke with Hamilton on the phone 24 hours before the massacre.

Ex Stirling University graduate Alastair Wilson, a banker in the north of Scotland, was gunned down on his doorstep in Nov 2004. He graduated from Stirling University in 1996, a few months after the Dunblane massacre. Two years later, his murder remains unsolved.

Ex Stirling University graduate Michael Meenaghan, a biochemist and former student of Mick North's, was gunned down at his home in Oxford (Mick's former university) in Dec 1994, almost exactly 10 years before the murder of Alastair Wilson. His murder also remains unsolved.

Meenaghan was murdered just 15 months before the Dunblane massacre. Meenaghan was born and brought up in Hamilton's neighbourhood in Stirling. This could all just be a coincidence of course. I'm sure it can't have any connection to what was going on at Stirling University in the years leading up to the Dunblane massacre.

The First Minister of the Scottish Parliament, Jack McConnell, is a Stirling University graduate. The Home Secretary of the Westminster Parliament, John Reid, is a Stirling University graduate.
Now let's get something straight here. Stirling University is no great shakes (they accepted me for godsake!)
So why are two Stirling University graduates in two such influential positions in government?
What really goes on at Stirling University?
Is it a recruiting ground for MI5 ?
Is it home to some other force?

It was certainly home to Allan Buchan, a GP at the Medical Centre who was convicted in 2001 of sexually molesting young male patients after they consulted him for problems as varied as flu and dermatitis & was known to the management as a member of a group engaging in “cottaging” on the campus :-
SEX SHAME DOC CAUGHT BY COP VIDEO; Uni bosses accused of cover-up.
Sunday Mail

Glasgow University Child Sex Predator finally gets caught by Police, is this the University of choice for Paedophiles?
Friday, February 12, 2010



Most people don’t know that Glasgow University has a history of sexual predators and malicious deviants.

It is the side of the university which the Senior University Management likes to keep secret and protect from outside scrutiny. It is the false front of respectability which the public are shown but in corridors of power in Glasgow University certain people have carte blanche to prey and victimise people.

One of the most dangerous sexual predators in modern Scottish history is Andrew Byrne.

He is a product of Glasgow University, a man so sick and depraved his crimes are beyond belief in their magnitude and scope.

Andrew Byrne used the internet to groom and little children for sex.

At the High Court in Glasgow, the ‘Beast of Gilmorehill’ pled guilty to 32 charges, including having sex with three 13-year-old girls and a 14-year-old.
Among the victims of the Glasgow University beast were 11 girls and eight boys from across the UK who where aged between eight and 15 at the time when abused by him.

Of the 15 "top-level" offenders among the 200 paedophiles uncovered by Operation Defender, Police rated Andrew Byrne of Glasgow University, Number One.

In 2004, the University of Glasgow awarded a PhD to Richard Yuill for a thesis that suggested that sex between adults and minors is a good and positive thing.
Prior to attending Glasgow University, Richard Yuill was struck off the teaching register in 1999 for professional misconduct; he then gravitated towards Glasgow University.
When Yuill’s activities came to light, the Glasgow University Management passed on information that allowed Yuill to alert the paedophiles he was in contact with.

Yuill’s internet name was ‘boylover’.

I was struck by a comment left on Sandra Uttley’s website :
I think Universities are a key channel for shadow government activity. They procure flesh basically. At one level (the academic level), they turn free-thinking critically-analysing minds into drone workers. Whether they be lawyers, doctors, scholars, politicians …….
At another, far more insidious level, the flesh they procure is for ritualistic purposes. Whether you see their angle on this as satanic, recreational or whatever - the taste for the young, and the bias toward the homosexual, is endemic in even our most credible and high-profile universities.

My personal belief is that the large scale flesh procurement cannot just be for recreational purposes, for kicks. Nope. A far more sinister and dark spiritual element is at work. Uncovering this, and I think ___ thinks along the same lines, is the key to understanding the individual incidents, the massacre incidents and the organized institutionalised behavioural patterns. Work your way up the pyramid of control and one begins to see more clearly.

Whether it is “a shadow government” or “some other force” I can at least state I am by no means the first to detect that there is something mightily fucking weird at work here………

Doctors & Lawyers frequently seem to crop up in both satanic & paedophilic contexts.…
This is odd – probably nothing….…

Gerry McCann
Gerald Patrick McCann, Madeleine's father, is a cardiologist.
Born in Glasgow, he attended Holyrood Secondary School and studied medicine at Glasgow University.

Kate McCann
Kate Marie McCann (née Healy; born 1967), Madeleine's mother, is a general practitioner. Healy studied medicine at the University of Dundee. She first met her husband Gerry McCann while employed at the Western Infirmary in Glasgow.
Disappearance_of_Madeleine_McCann wikipedia.org


Who Sent a Masonic Gift to the McCanns?

the Grand Priory of Knights Templar of England and Wales
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

Postby semper occultus » Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:54 am

Elite Deviance II

Dr Stephen Ward, who would hardly seem plausible as a character in a Le Carre novel, was… in no particular order….a “society” osteopath, practitioner of ritual magic, master hypnotist, talented portrait artist, hard-core pornographer, procurer of girls for the elite, intelligence asset & diplomatic back-channel.

Trevor Ravenscroft, in the Spear of Destiny, describes the occultist, progenitor of the SS Ahnenerbe & alleged anti-Nazi resistante, Friedrich Hielscher as “one of the most mysterious figures of the twentieth century”.

Ward, whose motivations & loyalties seem as impenetrable as Hielscher’s, could certainly lay claim to a similar distinction despite the conventional view of Ward as simply a social astronaut whose suit sprang a leak in a welter of sexual shennanigins in a more prudish era.

Whilst scorning many of its habitués, it is undeniable that he expended as much effort in penetrating the upper echelons of society as the denizens of that world spent penetrating the young girls he so thoughtfully made available to them.

Stephen Ward

He had 2 main entrees into high-society – one respectable & above board, his skill as an osteopath, the second less so, his equal aptitude for Svengali-style cultivation of a supply of young female flesh for upper class sex-parties & orgies – modern-day counterparts to the notorious “Hell-Fire” clubs of a more openly riotous era :
…the "Mollies", "Gormogans", "Mankillers", "Blasters", "Mohawks", "Sweaters", "She Romps Club", the "Fun Club etc…" & amongst whom the enthusiastic participants numbered the Marquess of Milford-Haven ( David Mountbatten ) & his cousin Prince Philip.
It is possible photographic evidence concerning the latter, which Ward had secreted as some form of insurance may, in a spectacular example of blowback, actually have exacerbated both the speed & depth of his eventual downfall , according to writer Richard M Bennett
Prince Philip / Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret is often portrayed as the black-sheep of the Royals but this is in many ways not only unfair but also naïve in its view of the habits of our social betters, despite the fact both she & her husband Anthony Armstrong-Jones shared a taste for bi-sexual orgies & cross-dressing :

I am reminded, again, of Downard who informs us :
Crossroads were and are of significance to ritual sex magic; the wearing of clothes of the opposite sex and the performance of bisexual acts are so-called "crossroad rites". The women engaging in these perversions were, in the vernacular referred to as "Dikes" and it was said that they traveled "The Old Dike Road" and "The Old Dirt Road".

her liaisons with underworld characters such as the “VWE” gangster-turned-actor John Bindon who once hacked a man’s arm off with a machete & alleged links to one of the main players in the 1977 Operation Julie hippie LSD ring which was busted in a quiet Welsh village with 6 million tabs of pure, highest-quality acid.

One of her closest friends was the Scottish aristocrat Lord Glenconner, owner of the Caribbean millionaire’s playground of Mustique, discreet setting for many of the “parties” presumably where the photos of her participating in an inter-racial orgy were taken.

The noble Lord has odd taste in personal adornment, sporting on occasion a necklace of “…human bone set by Bond Street jeweller Bulgari… “

As an aside, in that always interesting 6 degrees etc..way, one of these colourful upper-class denizens, a Willie Feilding, knew Sharon Tate :
"It was a Wednesday and she was showing me around her lovely old house in Hollywood," recalls Feilding. "She was a very gracious woman. She was bright, funny and articulate, but she complained of going through an uncomfortable time with her pregnancy.
"I told her not to worry because it would all be over soon. She was at quite an advanced stage. But I'll never forget the haunting look on her face as she turned to me and said that she had a feeling something bad was going to happen.
"I left after patting her reassuringly and promising to return that weekend. But I went to Palm Springs instead.
"Imagine my horror when I woke up on the Sunday morning to the terrifying news that Manson and his gang of drugged-up assassins had slaughtered everyone in the house. I felt very lucky to be alive."

One of Ward’s callers at his Devonshire Street surgery one day was a young man by the name of Malcolm Edwards , pretending to have the wrong address for his dead-end clerical job in the next office, intrigued by rumours about the odd goings-on behind the respectable façade. The unconventional Ward would no doubt have been delighted to know the young man would later become notorious in his own right as the Sex Pistols svengali Malcolm McLaren.

The third dimension to Ward was as a magician, a subject about which most books, even the professionally-researched, Summers & Dorril’s Honeytrap are pretty-much silent.

The following did get published…

Doors of the Mind, Michael Bentine (1984)

Ward’s true metier was sex inspite of the fact he appears to have been rendered sexually-dysfunctional at some point in his life, possibly from contracting virulent VD, making-up for it through indulgence in pornography, foot-fetishism & the vicarious experience of the overt & covert voyeur.
Sex seems to have greatly pre-occupied Ward artistically, photographically, socially & also, one assumes, magically.
Any or all of these may explain why his marriage ended after 6 weeks.

Ward the portrait artist
Yevgeny “Eugene” Ivanov – Russian spy
Mandy Rice Davis & “Rosita”

He had qualified as an osteopath in the US in the 30’s, a practice considered virtually a crank branch of medicine in Britain at the time.
The official story goes that soon after the war the then US Ambassador to the Court of St James, Averell Harriman, telephoned the clinic where Ward was labouring in obscurity, seeking their best US-qualified practitioner & Ward volunteered himself for the job.
Impressed with Ward’s abilities, which were genuine, Harriman’s imprimatur opened professional doors for Ward that led to him becoming a healer & often intimate confidante, of a roster of influential & well-connected clients, the great, the good & the otherwise-inclined, from Ghandi to Churchill.
Given these circumstances it is clear what a supremely useful intelligence asset Ward would represent – his connections to the covert world representing the fourth & possibly most important aspect of the Ward persona.

Links to the world of Intel & also to the US are threads that run through his life up to his demise in 1963 ( supposedly by suicide, as he faced trial for pimping ).

I suspect Ward’s connections to Harriman are much deeper than such a flimsy cover-story suggests & Ward was being deliberately launched like a submarine into the murky depths (or heights). Notwithstanding any relationship he may have had with Harriman or the Americans his activities blipped on the radar-screens of both MI6 & MI5 ( for the latter he reported to a case–officer named Keith “Mr Woods” Wagstaffe – an officer of D Branch, anti-Soviet espionage who followed Ivanov to Ward’s flat & found him co-habiting with Christine Keeler.

Whilst his early career appears aimless :
“He found work as a carpet salesman in Houndsditch. In 1929 he moved to Hamburg and was employed as a translator in the German branch of Shell.” *wikipedia* it could equally well have been cover for various covert roles.

At one time he occupied a flat in Wimpole Mews that turned out to have been set-up & operated by the OSS during the war for some nefarious purpose with sophisticated surveillance equipment – the electric-powered 2-way mirror was still in situ & put to further good use.
Later infra-red photography was used to record activities at the communally-intimate gatherings to which Ward was party.

His official war-record is also odd : he was supposedly court-martialled for practicing osteopathy then re-commissioned as an officer ‘stretcher bearer’ in the Medical Corps. Others suggest this was classic cover for assignment to Intel & further that his involvement included hypnotic mind control programmes.

If so it would have explained something of the bond formed between Ward & Lord “Bill” Astor ( 3rd Viscount Astor ) who was also a wartime Naval intelligence officer & was introduced by Ward to both his 3rd wife & a few other ladies besides.
Ward lived rent-free in Spring Cottage on the Astor estate Cliveden which became a site of both magical & more hedonistic activites
Spring Cottage

British Conservative politician William Waldorf Astor, 3rd Viscount Astor (1907 - 1966)
is invested with the Grand Cross of Merit and the riband of
the Knights of Malta for his work with refugees on the
Hungarian frontier, 24th June 1957. The investiture takes
place during the Annual Assembly of the Association of
British Members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta,
held at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth
in north-west London.

The Astors are almost a caricature of an elite conspiratorial super-clan with their historic links to Freemasonry, the intelligence organisations, Rhodes-Milner Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs & the so-called “Cliveden Set” of opponents of war with Hitler in the run-up to WWII.

They appear to have originated from the murk of historical obscurity from the Savoy region of modern Italy before settling in Walldorf Germany. The family’s rise to prominence is much more recent than some of the old-line nobility leading to speculation that they may have emerged as pre-eminent amongst the generational Satanist families that formed part of the modern Nexus.

They are steeped in Freemasonry : John Jacob Astor ( 1763-1848), who emigrated to America from Germany via England to establish the family fortune in the fur trade was Master of Holland Lodge #8 in New York.
Bill Astor was Master of the New Welcome Masonic Lodge No. 5139 open to MP’s & located in the House of Parliament.

They were famous for the hotels named in their honour :
The 2 Masonic pillars
Astor Metropole, Australia – eye atop ziggurat pyramid

Of Astor’s cousin Hugh’s involvement in right-wing political circles we read :
Sir Peter Vanneck, a prominent Freemason, was Deputy Chairman of the Stock Exchange Council, 1973-75 when it hit its lowest ebb since Dunkirk. His key associates were Hugh Waldorf Astor and Anthony Cayzer; all three had founded The Air Squadron in 1966, the most exclusive flying club in the world (The Air Squadron, 2007).
Significantly, Astor (former Intelligence Corps, Hambros Bank and Deputy Chair of the Times Newspapers) was a National Association For Freedom (NAFF) Council member and director of Phoenix Assurance (1962-85) also a funder of right-wing causes.
The Cayzer family, particularly Lord Nicholas Cayzer were the biggest backers of the Tories when Margaret Thatcher’s took over from Heath and the Cayzer Trust funded the Economic League (Socialist Worker, 2000). Airwork Ltd, a subsidiary of the British Commonwealth Shipping Company (part of the corporate empire of the Cayzer family and contributors to NAFF), managed by Lord Anthony Cayzer and Sir Nicholas Cayzer is regarded as a privatised subsidiary of MI6 (Wood & Peleman, 1999).

Whilst his brother David Astor, as Editor of the Observer newspaper covered the liberal end of the spectrum.

Cliveden was already a name with less than lily-white connotations, synonymous as the centre of a circle of right-wing political figures with pro-appeasement & possibly outright pro-Nazi views, around Lord Astor’s mother, the American-born Nancy.
Nancy was the first sitting woman MP in the British Parliament ( not the first elected ) & had previously been involved with Lord Alfred Milner’s “Kindergarten”.
Her grand-son, the 4th Viscount William, is step-father to Samantha Cameron, wife of the current Prime Minister.

Ward’s demise began with the toxic fall-out from the detonation of the Profumo Scandal, Christine Keeler’s over-lapping relationship with the Minister for War John Profumo & Russian GRU officer Yevgeny “Eugene” Ivanov.
One version of events is that Ward was using Keeler as part of a honeytrap to get Ivanov to defect.

Christine Keeler

As the Establishment ran for cover Ward found his “friends” looking the other way as an attempt was made to paint him , with perjured “evidence” from 2 witnesses, as a somewhat sleazy social-climber & pimp. His dealings were far more subtle & murky than that but there was just enough truth to that picture to give it salience to this day

He made the mistake – some believe fatal, of attempting to bargain his way out of trouble with the threat of a bit of gossip he had picked up concerning Prime Minister Harold Macmillan being expelled from Eton for buggery.
Such was the quantity & nature of the material it is likely he had on people it seems inconceivable that some one at some level decided they couldn’t risk the loose cannon letting off any shots. Not surprisingly there are many who believe he met his end at the hands of a certain Stanly Rytter, a spook in the employ of MI6.

Strange as he was Ward was very much part of a scene where politics, sex , the occult, spying & organised-crime formed a bizarre convergence.

The book Honeytrap gives a picture of the social activities organised or attended by Ward :



Ward had no direct involvement in outright paedophilia or abuse. An actor, Peter Arne supposedly was a supplier of rent-boys & was subsequently murdered by a vagrant Italian school-teacher in 1983 who then obligingly committed suicide.
However many of the girls whom Ward picked-up & mentored had been on the receiving end & were suitably “primed” for their future roles : Mandy Rice-Davies had been abused by her step-father & Christine Keeler had some narrow escapes & was only 16 when she met Mandy as a show-girls & hostesses at Murray’s cabaret club in Soho – where aristocrats slummed it with London gangsters.

As stated before there is little revealed about the precise nature of his occult activities & where abouts they were located on the black:white continuum, he was apparently friends with a charcter called Dr Edward Sugden, whose profile seems to more than fit the bill for a possible candidate for outright Satanism:

It is also the case that Astor’s wife subsequently had exorcisms conducted at both the Cliveden manor house & cottage :

Exorcised The Rooms Where Keeler Partied With Profumo

As details concerning this aspect of Ward’s life have been so successfully suppressed it may be worth examining some proxies – Tom Driberg & Evan Morgan, 2nd Viscount_Tredegar, &, in so-doing, also high-lighting Crowley’s immense influence.

Labour politician , journalist & double-agent Tom Driberg.

IN 1925 the self-professed black magician and wickedest man in the world Aleister Crowley received a letter from an undergraduate at Oxford University. The student was Tom Driberg, (not to be confused with Victor Neuberg ( SO ) ) who would progress to become a Fleet Street columnist, Labour MP and peer of the realm. "I have for a long time," confided Driberg to Crowley, "been interested not only in drugs and the possibility of using them moderately and beneficially but also generally in the development of latent spiritual powers and questions of occultism."
Crowley collected acolytes like postage stamps. The educated, the gay and the rich were particularly welcome (he was not to know that while Driberg qualified in the first two categories, his Oxonian status was deceptive: Driberg was church-mouse poor).
So an invitation to luncheon followed. Crowley said grace - "Pardon me while I invoke the moon" - and over a London restaurant table informed his promising young follower that "he had decided to nominate me as his successor as world teacher".
Sadly the two thereafter drifted apart. Crowley may have twigged to Driberg's fiscal poverty and Tom soon had other fish to fry. They collided again only upon Crowley's death in 1947 when an anxious Driberg - by then a Member of Parliament - burst into the apartment of Crowley's executor and anxiously demanded the return of certain correspondence.

Throughout his career, Crowley exerted a fatal attraction on Oxbridge undergraduates. Communism and Fascism were not the only landmarks on the horizon. There was the tower Magick and the mage himself, Mr Crowley, sitting wreathed in smoke at the top. Much, in fact, like Great Raven, the caricature Dylan Thomas and John Davenport drew of him in their satire on contemporaries, the Death of the King’s Canary
The most prominent of Crowley’s varsity fans was Tom Driberg, the first William Hickey, the Daily Express’s gossip columnist, subsequently a maverick Labour M.P. and member of the National Executive. Driberg wrote an oath of loyalty to the Beast on parchment. Crowley took to describing him as his ‘magical son’. Driberg was also an MI5 spy. He infiltrated the Communist Party of Great Britain only to have his cover blown by his colleague Anthony Blunt. MI5 realised they housed a traitor but their report, ‘The Cominterm is not dead’, was binned with famous consequences.
Driberg’s chief was Maxwell Knight, who ran B5b, a section of MI5 so secret that many in the Service knew nothing of it. B5b’s remit was enemy subversion. In 1938, it cracked the Soviet spy ring at the Woolwich Arsenal. Knight shared his headquarters, a flat in Dolphin Square, with a baboon and tame bear he took for strolls along the King’s Road. In the Fifties, he started a second career and became a well-known broadcaster on wild life.
Maxwell Knight
Twenty years before this, along with Dennis Wheatley, he studied under Crowley. Reputedly, he possessed a mesmerising personality, which attracted two wives, though he was devoutly homosexual. Partly because of this, his first wife committed suicide. The other motive was given as Knight’s entanglement with Crowley. Throughout the Thirties, B5b increasingly focused on Nazi subversion, and the fifth column in the Establishment. It infiltrated the Anglo-German Fellowship and crypto-fascist Link, as well as monitoring the activities of Wallis Simpson. This partially explains the Abdication.
Ian Fleming worked for B5b and would later model “M” on Maxwell Knight and Le Chiffre in the first James Bond story, Casino Royale, on Crowley. The Service was already feeding Rudolf Hess doctored horoscopes. Fleming suggested the Beast be smuggled into Germany and entrap the Deputy Führer with further esoteric bait. When Hess was captured, he proposed sending the Beast to Wormwood Scrubs in order to wean out information via a magical dialogue.

2 other interesting fact(oids) about Driberg – his mother was from the Scottish Bell family &, it is alleged, L Ron Hubbard gave him instruction in hypnosis that he intended to use on pursuing his sexual adventures with young boys.

Evan Morgan, 2nd Viscount Tredegar
Another character worthy of attention was the occultist & dedicated Crowleyite Welsh aristocrat Evan Morgan, 2nd Viscount Tredegar (1893-1949) serves I think to flesh out the picture
He shared many characteristics with Ward albeit with more inherited money & social position & several decades earlier - including a taste for hosting the most extravagant socialising for a coterie of & enjoyed access & influence at the highest social & political levels of British society & even the Vatican .


His family were unconventional – his Mother had a habit of building human-scale birds nests & he moved in a Bohemian London circle included artists & writers such as Augustus John, Aldous Huxley, Ronald Firbank and others like Nancy Cunard, Dylan Thomas, & GK Chesterton.
As a Papal Chamberlain Tredegar would spend one month each year at the Vatican where he under 2 Popes

He was also deeply involved in the occult underground , in a private society in London called the 'Black Hand'. It had 13 members only and Evan was known as the 'Black Monk'.
How ever serious such an endeavour was he fell into Crowley’s orbit & devoted much of his resources into dedicated pursuit of the occult. Crowley performed rituals at his hereditary seat Tredegar House

Occult images and adornments were said to have festooned the entire house and upon Evan’s death they were all taken out by a loyal footman and buried in the grounds somewhere, just like the exact location of Evan’s magic room the place where these are buried is a mystery.
http://www.freewebs.com/paranormalhisto ... egar-house

He was a married twice, once to a film-actress & then to a Russian princess but was a homosexual – & in similar vein to the other gay intelligence agent Anthony Blunt also served was an advisor on art to the Royal Family.

he “converted to Catholicism”, becoming Chamberlain to Popes Benedict XV and Pius XI. He went to study at the English College in Rome - although the amount of studying he did was limited in the extreme - and was soon a well known figure around Rome, driving through the city in a Rolls Royce that had a portable altar in the back.

Nazi connections
perhaps the most mysterious and intriguing episode in his life came in 1932.1932. That year he was invited to a small private dinner and meeting at a restaurant in Bad Wiesse, just outside Munich. Nothing unusual in that, you might say - except that you then look at the other guests. They included Rudolph Hess, the deputy of what was fast becoming the most significant political party in Germany, right wing British artist Sir Francis Rose, Ernst Rohm - head of Hitler's SA or Brownshirts - and his deputy Edmund Heines.
What was discussed at the meeting will never be known but all of the diners were ferociously right wing in their politics. Many of them were gay and a large number were fascinated by the occult.

During the war, after he had parachuted into Britain in an attempt to end the conflict, Rudolph Hess was imprisoned at Abergavenny, not too many miles distant from Tredegar House. If Hess and Evan knew each other - however slightly - they would surely have met. Hess might even have come to Tredegar House as he was given a fair degree of freedom and latitude to journey around eastern Wales. Was Evan Morgan one of the people Hess was hoping to use as an intermediary in his bid to end hostilities?

Notwithstanding any sympathies he may he served in Intelligence in WWII s part of MI8 counter-espionage dept. whose brief included not only enemy radio-signals but carrier-pigeon movements
When he openly discussed his war-work he was court-martialled & summoned Crowley to assist in the ritual at which he cursed his CO.

Mind Control & the Morgan Family

this posting is apparently from one of Evan Morgan’s descendants & is fascinating :
My Father, a one time Masonic Lodge leader, is a member of the Morgan family of Tredegar, Wales. His half uncle, Evan Morgan, aka Lord Tredegar, was a buddy of Aleister Crowley, and a bunch of famous science fiction writers of the time. Evan Morgan, it turns out, is what crowley refers to as the "adept of adepts" He was a rich man, and chamberlain to the pope as well as being the occult expert of Wales. I believe, from what i have read and learned from authors of books about Morgan family members, that the Morgan family was into mind control, Im guessing it was a normal thing for the aristocracy to be doing - esp if you were viscounts and barons, peerage types. The Morgans fit into the mind control mould completely, the Mother, a Katherine who was reknowned for MAKING HUMAN SIZED BIRD NESTS and her daughter, Gwyneth had bolted and hidden out in London for some months; she was found later dead in the Thames. She was still wearing her bluebird pendant that was precious to her.. and her Dad, my great grandfather, Courtney, didnt want Gwyneth buried at Tredegar House. The poems written by Evan about his sister seem to me to be full of mind control themes and symbolism, and she certainly fits the idea of a mind controlled woman - she was known for her Bohemian side - to me this means she partied with the men chosen for her by her handler/brother, and was handed around to men of his choice... only to start recollecting her memories and realizing that she was controlled? The BBC recently aired a radio show about Gwyneth and the upshot is that she had taken to drugs and some unpaid drug supplier had probably dumped her body into the Thames. I believet thats BOLLOCKS BBC and that story of theirs is simply SPIN. Ithink, at 29 the poor girl had started to remember horrific things and tried to escape her own family and the mind control trap - but failed.

Ward & the Monarchy

one interpretation of Ward’s activities was that his true occult loyalties actually lay in opposition to the Windsor faction & were concerned directly with the psychic forces embodied in the “Crown” & possible attempts to displace the Windsors from the monarchy itself.
It is possible that his stable of girls were primarily serving as a private intelligence network for this group.

Interestingly there was an odd incident in 1950 when the Stone of Scone or Stone of Destiny used in coronation ceremonies was stolen ( or recovered, depending on your point of view ) from Westminster Abbey by 4 Scottish students.

It is also possible that he acquired or took hard-core pictures of QEII in that regard although , perhaps as a result of the failure of whatever plot was afoot he ended up selling them to the KGB for a huge sum.

Now that might seem the most outrageous claim of the lot but then rumours have long abounded of an affair between the Queens & Lord Harry Porchester “Porchy” that has raised questions as to Prince Andrew’s paternity :-
Secrets Of The Thursday Club; Are There Pictures In Hidden KGB Vault Which Could Destroy The British Monarchy ?

by Tim Luckhurst

Daily Mail June 28, 2003

ONE summer afternoon, a mysterious emissary sauntered into the Museum Gallery in London's Holborn and bought all the work by an artist displayed on the walls. He offered no explanation for his interest, simply handing over a large banker's draft.

Unlike the buyer, there was nothing strange about the artist - Dr Stephen Ward, the society osteopath described by MI5 as 'the provider of popsies for rich people'.

by At the time the pictures were bought from the Museum Gallery in July 1963, Ward was on trial at the Old Bailey. He faced charges over his role in the notorious Profumo affair in which the call-girl Christine Keeler had brought the Government to the brink of collapse by conducting simultaneous affairs with Secretary of State for War John Profumo and Soviet military intelligence officer Yevgeny Ivanov.

Twenty-nine years later, during the chaotic collapse of Soviet communism, a Russian researcher scurried away from the infamous grey Lubyanka, headquarters of the KGB, carrying a bundle of canvasses thought to be the Ward paintings plus documents, pictures and photographs said to contain 'material which was devastating for the British Royal Family'.

The photographs, it is claimed, reveal members of a high society club in compromising acts.

The official chose not to sell his treasure' immediately, instead concealing it in a nondescript safe house beyond the Moscow perimeter, intending to capitalise on his ill-gotten hoard at a later date, when interest would be at its most intense.

Such a moment arose this week with the state visit to Britain of President Vladimir Putin, the first such trip by a Russian head of state in more than 100 years.

Mr Putin would have been gravely embarrassed if vicious legacies of Cold War loathing had been made public while he was inspecting the Household Cavalry with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

But that was never going happen.

Putin, as a former KGB man himself, knows all about kompromat, the Soviet era name for black propaganda designed to humiliate Western leaders.

Indeed, several years ago, his own FSB (the new name for Russia's still mighty intelligence service) had raided the safe house. The images, described by intelligence sources as the 'crown jewels' of KGB espionage in Cold War Britain, were taken away and placed safely back under lock and key.

So, what are these 'crown jewels' and what was Stephen Ward's involvement?

And why would they cause so much embarrassment to our Royal Family?

STEPHEN WARD will never tell us the answer because shortly after midnight on July 30, 1963, at the conclusion of his trial, he swallowed a bottle of Nembutal sleeping pills and slipped into a coma from which he never recovered.

However, by talking to sources in Moscow and London, the Mail is now in a position to piece together this extraordinary story.

But first, we must return to 1946 and the private upstairs room at Wheeler's Oyster Bar in Old Compton Street, Soho. This was the meeting place of an exclusive society of rich, fun-loving young men, called the Thursday Club.

Lunch at the Thursday Club was a bacchanalian ritual of lobster and oysters washed down with magnums of vintage champagne. It lasted long into the evening and was accompanied by the telling of bawdy, often overtly pornographic, stories.

The club's founder was known to contemporaries simply as Baron. His real name was Baron Nahum - a photographer and socialite who had risen to prominence in the years immediately before World War II when he was invited to take official pictures of the Royal Family.

Baron's fellow Thursday Clubbers included luminaries like Pip Youngman Carter, editor of the society bible Tatler; Ian Macleod, the Conservative MP who served as Leader of the House of Commons during the Profumo scandal; artists Vasco Lazzolo and Felix Topolski; and showbusiness figures including the actor James Robertson Justice and the harmonica player Larry Adler.

WHEN the 25-year-old Prince Philip of Greece and his cousin, David, Marquess of Milford Haven, became regulars, the Thursday Club became an irresistible magnet for Dr Stephen Ward, an accomplished painter who recorded the antics of his fellow members.

Ward hoped that friendship with Baron Nahum would give him the opportunity to increase his own social standing.

His work as an osteopath and physiotherapist among the dancers and showgirls of London's Theatreland introduced him to the allure of a glamorous lifestyle. But it did not pay enough to win him access to the elite whose friendship he craved.

Nahum opened those doors and Ward became a regular at his flat near Piccadilly Circus.

To Ward's ill-concealed delight, this social scene included Prince Philip, who would often drop in on Nahum while cruising the London streets in his red MG sports car. This time marked his final bachelor days, a year before he married our present Queen.

Strikingly handsome, his reputation preceded him; as one friend observed: 'He liked blondes, brunettes and redheads - he was very impartial.' Another of Ward's friends, Anthony Beauchamp, was appointed keeper of the Club records, which included numerous drawings, notes and pictures capturing the shenanigans of the Thursday

Newspaper illustrator Tony Wyzard, a fellow member, recalled that these record books were 'very near the knuckle. Definitely not for publication'.

The writer and academic Stephen Dorril, who has studied the period, has suggested that membership of that club gave Ward his first introduction to the world of spying.

This probably came out of his friendship with Jean Nicol, press officer of the Savoy Hotel and wife of an MI5 officer in charge of monitoring the mood and conduct of 'people in influential circles'.

Nicol's husband Derek Tangye once revealed that his wife's ability to…..

The Death Toll

Girls who were members of Ward’s network also seemed to have an above average propensity for meeting with misfortune :

Ruth Ellis achieved grisly fame in 1955 as the last woman hanged in England for the apparent cold-blooded shooting of her violent lover, despite pleas from many quarters & petitions to the government for a reprieve.
Her case arose years before the Profumo Affair & many years before any link with Ward was public knowledge.
Ruth Ellis

there were many odd aspects to the case :
files related to the case were closed til 2031
forensic & circumstantial evidence gathered by researcher Monica Weller
suggests she didn’t commit the shooting
her conduct at the scene & subsequent demeanour strongly suggest mind-control :

The first shot missed but the second brought him down. Ellis then stood over him on the road and fired three more shots, the fifth from point-blank range at his left shoulder.
Some reports say she then lifted the gun to her head and pulled the trigger, but it clicked on an empty chamber.
Witnesses claimed to have heard several more clicks as she attempted to fire again at Blakely, before turning to tell Mr Gunnell to call the police.
Ellis was arrested at the scene by an off-duty officer. Before she was led away she said: 'I am guilty, I am a little confused.'

In her police interview, she recounted the killing: "….I took the gun from my bag and I shot him. He turned round and ran a few steps round the car. I thought I had missed him so I fired again. He was still running and I fired a third shot. I don't remember firing any more but I must have done."
Asked later why she did it, Ellis replied: "I do not really know, quite seriously, I was very upset."

Vickie Martin, Ruth Ellis’s best friend, was another of Ward’s proteges. She became the lover of the Maharaja of Cooch Behar before being killed in a mysterious car crash in January 1955.

The Jack the Stripper Murders

in 1964, a year after Ward’s death, prostitutes started turning up murdered in West London, the tabloid press quickly dubbing the killer Jack the Stripper.

6 victims were positively attributed to “Jack” before, equally abrubtly, the killings stopped the following year.

Two of the victims were involved in Ward’s affairs or in a very similar milieu :
One of these, maybe significantly, was the first victim, Hannah Tailford (30)

Hannah Tailford

In his book on the case, Found Naked And Dead, author Brian McConnell reports that Tailford told friends of being paid to participate in bizarre orgies at the homes of aristocrats.

Later that year Margaret McGowan (21) also known as Frances Brown, whose testimony saved Ward from being convicted of living off immoral earnings became the fifth victim.
Margaret McGowan

The Head of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad John du Rose subsequently claimed in a 1970 tv interview that the killer was identified & committed suicide as the investigation closed in.

The suspects background is interesting, according to Brian McConnell he was :
… a respectable man in his 40s, with a wife and several children.
He had suffered a grim childhood in Scotland, characterized by extreme puritanism and frequent beatings.

hmmm…..so a Scot with an apparent religious cult background.
Two of the 6 victims including Margaret McGowan were also from north of the border.
He was later identified as a man named Mungo Ireland who committed suicide in March 1965 from inhaling car exhaust fumes.

In his suicide note to his wife he wrote :

"I can't stick it any longer. It may be my fault but not all of it. I'm sorry Harry is a burden to you. Give my love to the kid.
PS. To save you and the police looking for me I'll be in the garage."

As Police placed him in Scotland at the time of at least one of the murders it seems a safe bet “Jack the Stripper” was another case of a classic serial-killer media frenzy providing convenient cover as some sort of tidying-up operation was being run.

According to writer Stewart Home another theory identified a senior policeman, Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Butler as the nude murderer !

Mariella Novotny

although not a direct protégé of Ward, Novotny fulfilled a similar role as organiser of parties at which she acted as hostess / dominatrix – including one in December 1961 that became known as the "Feast of Peacocks which achieved notoriety for the unidentified “very famous person” ( either Royal or politically prominent ) who served dinner in a maid’s frilly apron, leather mask & little else.
Alongside the use of the whip one possibly apocryphal tale alleges she once secured a polythene bag full of wasps around a male’s genitalia.
Both Novotny, Mandy Rice-Davies & Christine Keeler were taken to America in the early 60’s.
Novotny at least was made available for JFK at Bobby Baker’s Quorum Club, given her Czech background possibly as part of an attempt to compromise him.

She died of an apparently accidental overdose of drugs in 1983 after which her diaries & records, not unsurprisingly, were stolen in a burglary.

Mariella Novotny
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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Popular Culture & the Occult Nexus
avatar of ancient evil ?

er no actually ..not him….although come to think of it wasn’t there an episode where he got possessed by the spirit of Jack the Ripper or something ?

Shakepeare’s Macbeth : referred to by superstitious theatrical luvvies as the “Scottish Play” it is traditionally said to be cursed & to bring bad luck even by mention of its name – possibly having to do with the Bard having used genuine witch’s spells in the text. It was written sometime between 1603-07, the time of the Union of the Scottish & English Crowns under James VI / James I.

Downard examines this point :
Before pointing to the mystical associations between the murder of the president and Shakespeare's tragedy of Macbeth I wish to call attention to the appearance of the witches in Act I, Scene 1 and to the line in which they chant "Fair is foul, and foul is fair". This is reminiscent of Hermetic Art (alchemy) as well as the "individuation" or "shaping" of an integrated personality in the psychology of C. G. Jung…..
Next it is important to note the appearance of Hecate to the three witches in Macbeth.
Hecate is triple-countenanced and being three-fold in aspect she is known as Diana on earth, Luna in heaven and Hecate in hell. These three women, of course, comprise one of the triads of western mythology. Such triads were a central part of ancient religions and the "mystical triad" idea became part of Masonic symbolism; in fact there is a triad of three governing officers to be found in almost every degree and in the higher degrees there exists a symbolical triad that presides under various names, just as Hecate presides in different places under various names.

Alongside notables such as WB Yeats another writer in particular intuited the existence of this force in a particularly profound way, the Welshman Arthur Machen, the Lovecraft of the Celtic mind-space, in works such as The Great God Pan.

Arthur Machen

The story, concerning the hybrid offspring of a human woman & “Pan” is somewhat reminiscent of Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby.
Mr Wiki opines that :
…Lovecraft's reading of Machen in the early 1920s led him away from his earlier Dunsanian writing towards the development of what became the Cthulhu Mythos.

Lovecraft pays tribute to the influence by directly incorporating some of Machen's creations and references, such as Nodens and Aklo, into his Cthulhu Mythos and using similar plotlines, most notably seen by a comparison of "The Dunwich Horror" to "The Great God Pan" and of "The Whisperer in Darkness" to "The Novel of the Black Seal".
He was involved in occultism in the form of the Golden Dawn & was close to A.E.Waite in particular.

Talking of Rosemary’s Baby : the character of the High Priest of the devil-worshippers who seek to incarnate Satan into the world in the form of a human child, is the son of “Adrian Marcato”, a Scottish Satanist……“from Glasgow.”

a more benign spin was put upon such matters by twinkle-eyed old oo7 himself in “Highlander”
whilst Guillermo del Toro concocts an entertaining melange of Indiana Jones nazi-occultism & Lovecraft in the opening scene of Hellboy, (…shame about the rest if it… ) where :
…in 1944, the Nazis send a secret expedition, Project Ragna Rok, to a ruined abbey on Taramagant Island off the coast of Scotland. The abbey—probably based on Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh—is built on an intersection of ley lines, meaning that it is a prime location for a portal to other dimensions.

But ofcourse the daddy of them all ( or mummy if you’re Neal LaBute ) has to be :


wherein an isolated community on a Scottish island revert to the old religion under the leadership of the aristocratic Lord Summerisle. This has some relevance to the next section.

The Ultimate Evil – Reverberations across the Atlantic

Consider the following article in the light of the story posted below : The American right and Scottish nationalism

Back in 1964 or '65 (my memory fails me) I encountered a strange man while my friends and I were on a trek to the infamous historic French Quarter section of New Orleans
He was an older man (50s or early 60s), distinguished, impeccably dressed, good manners, well educated without a hint of an accent (obviously not Southern--in fact there was nothing Southern about him). The man stopped me to comment how convinced he was that I was a natural witch and would like to have me join a large coven he belonged to in San Francisco. It was such a bizarre encounter that I decided to hear him out though I didn't trust him.
Unfortunately, I don't recall all the details of our conversation but I agreed to talk with him again soon. He told us his name and where he taught (he was a college professor of psychology or philosophy--I can't remember though I do remember his name and the university but it will remain nameless here).
Eventually, we took him up on his invitation to visit his home.
What a strange place it was, too! The walls were painted red. There were many interesting antiques and endless bookcases lined the walls along with huge gold framed paintings. One of the paintings was of a strange-looking blonde haired woman that he claimed as his late wife. The eyes of the woman in the painting looked as if they followed one everywhere. He commented on the fact that it was painted that way intentionally. He welcomed us to look at his collection of books. Those were strange indeed! Many of them were privately published and even hundreds of years old. It was obvious that the collection was of exceptionally rare value. What was truly curious about them was the fact that they were mostly about occult subjects (even the ones that were impossible to read due to age and language--many had engravings that revealed their subject matter).
Things got stranger yet when he allowed us to listen to some tape recordings he claimed to have made at some coven rituals. One thing I am sure of was that those tapes were genuine and not commercially made (I doubt that there were such tapes available commercially anyway at that time). The rituals and the sounds of individuals on those tapes were the most disturbing I have ever heard to this day! I have never forgotten them! I realized that this man was not talking about any ordinary witchcraft coven.
He was a Satanist and an important one at that. He told me of his genealogy (he traced his ancestry back to a famous historic figure in the Knights Templar) and of a long line of occultists in his family lineage.

There was no doubt about his serious connections to the Darkside. This here was no impostor! He was the real thing! He showed me so many old documents and books, family portraits and photographs that I became convinced of his authenticity as a representative of the Darkside. When I remember back upon it I felt a bit like Rosemary in "Rosemary's Baby" when she said, "All of them witches!" However, he was not a witch and he wasn't connected with witches. Instead, he was one of those rare finds that most people never have the opportunity to encounter--here was a real Satanist--a genuine generational Satanist--not the silly teenager playing at satanic rituals or some disturbed lone individual such as a serial killer who claims to be a practicing Satanist--this was a member of that select group of rich, cultured, and professional elite Satanists whom are only whispered about but never exposed--they are much too dangerous--too powerful since they come from the rich and professional classes and can make anyone disappear if they feel threatened by exposure. He offered me a key to his place so I could go in and read his books at my convenience. It was apparent he was convinced that I was perfect for his group.

One wonders if the girl’s Scottish background / name was a catalyst for this interest…anyway back to the story :
He gave me a set of copper bracelets which he claimed would improve my powers. I accepted the bracelets and put them on. I already decided to pretend to go along with everything because I wanted to learn more about what sinister things he did in his coven.
The last time I went to his place I went alone. I felt as if I was being watched and that painting of the strange-eyed woman didn't help. I felt the sudden urge to get up and run out of there and never return. I left the key in his mail box. After that my friends and I took an alternative route in the Quarter. We also made a point of going in another direction every time we noticed him approaching on the street. Those times were frequent for many years. I almost felt as if he was following me.

In the mid-70s to late 70s while investigating some right-wing subversive political groups for a research paper, I called a phone number that was listed in a book for an important group. Upon answering I recognized the man on the phone as none other than the man I had encountered so many years before. I introduced myself with a different name and told him I was simply doing research for a college paper and would like some general background information about his organization. He was cooperative with his answers but before I was able to hang up suddenly he asked if I was someone he had met many years before. Of course, I said that I wasn't and that he was mistaken. I couldn't wait to get off the phone at that point! I never called him again.

For many years I passed his place in the Quarter and looked up to one of his windows where I could plainly see certain items on his mantle and the red walls. Finally, sometime in the 80s (I don't remember when) I noticed the things were no longer there and the walls weren't red. I assume that he passed away since he would be extremely old by then.

I never was able to find out anything else about him. Perhaps I could if I checked the university where he taught. Other than that I think it doubtful I will discover anything. Unfortunately, there was no Internet in those days. That might have made a big difference in available information regarding his background.
I do know that he played an important role in a very well known paramilitary right-wing organization with a dangerous reputation. From what he told me he was the head of it.
The oddest thing about all this is the fact that the man trusted a total stranger enough to invite me into his home, show me his collections, give me a key, tell me all about his occult affiliations and later about his political affiliations (and though that time he thought at first he was talking to someone else he figured out I was the one he met previously before the conversation was over--I'm sure he didn't believe my denial--and isn't it strange that I should place that call and it turn out to be HIM!) My whole life has been an endless series of strange coincidences but then that's another story. The first encounter left me with a strong conviction that some strange and dangerous cults did indeed exist in this world. Since then I have been driven by an overwhelming interest in a need to know more about just what is out there. And, every time I hear or read another poorly-informed individual's comment that there is no such thing as generational Satanists I smile to myself and think, "I know better!"

the Son of Sam Sado Sodo Paedo Cult as an outgrowth of the Loch Ness Monster


Yours in Murder, Mr Monster

Often derided as a sensationalist pot-boiler in the “Michelle Remembers” style & of appeal only to gullible victims of a delusional “satanic panic” Maury Terry’s The Ultimate Evil actually represents well over 20 yrs research into officially-suppressed facts surrounding a degenerate occult under-belly of society, involving a whole cast of journalistic, legal & police investigators & even the mathematician Mandelbrot.

I hope to be able to squeeze a few more drops of interest from its dried husk as there are some elements to it that resonate somewhat when taken in the context of this thread – in fact the Sam Cult, “The Children” or whatever seems to be a product of 2 “sleazo-inputs” that directly relate to the same Nexus.

According to Maury Terry in a 2002 interview the cult was a classic sado-sodo sex-magick operation that originated in Britain, where paedophilic abuse served both occult, commercial &, as shall be seen, political aims :

MT: I trace it back to a physician who was forced to flee England after World War Two. He arrived in Yonkers sometime around 1946 or ’47 and established a practice on North Broadway, not far from the neighbourhood where Berkowitz would eventually live. In addition to being a Nazi sympathiser, the doctor was also a self-proclaimed demonologist who utilised sex for occult purposes.

Something like the sexual ‘magick’ advocated by Aleister Crowley?

MT: Yes, but the man I’m talking about involved legal minors – boys – in his sexual activities. He eventually organised a group of like-minded people in Yonkers back in the 1950s. By 1970, this group had been absorbed by a branch of the Church of the Final Judgment.A nucleus of the local cadre probably still exists in some form, but it’s maintained a very low profile over the last 25 years. Also, more than 20 of the group’s original members eventually died under violent circumstances.

More here, from the source for Maury Terry’s information :

Now I’d dearly like to know, when Maury says “English”, whether he has lapsed into the common confusion between the terms English & British, whether we could be looking at somewhere north of England.
Before dismissing that as hopeless straw-grasping consider the “Sam Letters” – the 2 manifestos of murder circulated by the cult at the height of the Sam-Psy Op because I confess I do find it spectacularly fucking odd that they should be drenched in references to a Scottish “father” …..that I believe point directly to the origins of the Cult, its “father” infact that they duly - note the spelling - “honour” :

To my knowledge no one before explained the meaning behind this aspect of the letters, yet it was obviously important enough to be repeated throughout the letters that were designed for the maximum possible media exposure

Image Image

the Sam Cult’s Theology : Druidism & Satanism


they appear to have an interest in severed heads :

the cult were aware of the activities of Dr Stephen Ward :

The cult used to meet in Devil’s Cave in Untermyer Park – which had Druidic connections to those attuned to such things :
…once the estate of multi-millionaire Samuel Untermyer, who had large stones from Great Britain incorporated into the fountain he built for his daughter’s wedding.
There is reason to believe that the wealthy lawyer had an interest in arcane spiritual beliefs, and the design of the Eagle’s Nest suggests a deliberate attempt to imitate megalithic sites of Wiltshire.
Although it should be pointed out Untermyer was actually a hugely anti-Nazi Jewish Zionist.

The 1999 edition of the book reveals some interesting data about Mr Real Estate the Leader of the Cult, or “Moloch” to use his official honorific :

· He was a Mason, with local political connections
· When lying in rest at a funeral home in 1996 a police officer who attended for purposes of identification observed :”the standard holy picture mementos were replaced by cards imprinted with a Celtic cross – a cross which in this instance represented Druidism.”

the Sam Cult & the Process

Always the most controversial element in both Sander’s & Terry’s work has been the true nature of the link between the Process & homicidal cults like 4-Pi & SoS.
The SoS Cult was, according to Terry’s sources – including apparently Berkowitz himself, energised & radicalised by an external organisation which was none other than the Process, as described here :



The deeds being perpetrated events called for the traditional “lone-nut” - & Berkowitz drew the short-straw :
Sam arrested : August,11 1977

Certain features in Berkie’s back-ground have a ring of familiarity :

From his website http://www.ariseandshine.org/
Ever since I was a small child, my life seemed to be filled with torment. I would often have seizures in which I would roll on the floor. Sometimes furniture would get knocked over. When these attacks came, it felt as if something was entering me.

During this period of my life I was also plagued with bouts of severe depression. When this feeling came over me, I would hide under my bed for hours. I would also lock myself in a closet and sit in total darkness from morning until afternoon. I had a craving for the darkness and I felt an urge to flee away from people.

Occasionally this same evil force would come upon me in the middle of the night. When this would happen I felt an urge to sneak out of the house and wander the dark streets. I roamed the neighborhood like an alley cat and would creep back into the house by climbing the fire escape. My parents would never know that I was gone.

Thoughts of suicide often came into my mind. Sometimes I spent time sitting on a window ledge with my legs dangling over the side.
I also felt powerful urges to step in front of moving cars or throw myself in front of subway trains. At times those urges were so strong that my body actually trembled. I remember that it was a tremendous struggle for me to hold on to my sanity.

In 1975, however, I met some guys at a party who were, I later found out, heavily involved in the occult. I had always been fascinated with witchcraft, satanism, and occult things since I was a child. When I was growing up I watched countless horror and satanic movies, one of which was Rosemary’s Baby. That movie in particular totally captivated my mind.
Now I was age 22 and this evil force was still reaching out to me. Everywhere I went there seemed to be a sign or a symbol pointing me to Satan. I felt as if something were trying to take control of my life. I began to read the Satanic Bible by the late Anton LaVey who founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966. I began, innocently, to practice various occult rituals and incantations.

I am utterly convinced that something satanic had entered into my mind and that, looking back at all that happened, I realize that I had been slowly deceived. I did not know that bad things were going to result from all this. Yet over the months the things that were wicked no longer seemed to be such. I was headed down the road to destruction and I did not know it.

Charter Arms .44 Bulldog

But still there a few interesting things about this passage :

Of course his fascination with Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby is not only synchronistic for the Manson Connection
Now conventional psychiatric rationales can be applied to such mental states & equally DB has become a fervent born-again Christian, ( I’m not cynical about his faith, I genuinely wish him well, as he is the only killer in this narrative for whom it is possible to feel some measure of sympathy & who seems to have some measure of decency within & about them ).

Berkowitz in one of his confessional letters from prison wrote of :
..certain powerful persons who are able to gain entrance into other people’s minds and souls…
this & his previous testimony reminded me strongly of an article concerning the experiences of a man who, like Berkowitz, got involved with cult practices, I think its interesting enough to post even if, as the journalist John Cornwell states, it only records
“…the barest outline of Philip Tudor’s story. There were many other things he told me about the improvised ritual & his reactions to it that cannot be printed.”
An educated guess would be that this involves homosexual rape or sex-magick of some sort, Tudor is gay, the cult leader Michael H. is described as bi, someone who “gave the impression he dropped out from something…medicine or law.”

Tudor’s sexuality may well explain his being targeted as a victim of the cult, being seen as vulnerable or susceptible in some way , Berkowitz’s troubled & unsuccessful relations with women also fuelled his descent & may have related to youthful exposure to Satanic paedophile activity prior to the time his involvement with the Sam Cult is commonly supposed to have begun:


Tudor’s final words “I was lucky to escape. The idea that they’re doing this to children is appalling.”

Tudor’s experience & situation is also very reminiscent of that of Richard / Rita, a post-op male to female transsexual, recounted in Malchi Martin’s Hostage to the Devil. As an androgyne analog to the hermaphroditic Baphomet figure of religious occult iconography Rita was of great interest to the Satanic cult leader s/he encountered

Also of relevance is the following concerning the very odd Satanic network/organisation Order of Nine Angles :
Searchlight : April 1998
one of O9A’s leading (ex ? )members is now based in Scotland : http://www.myspace.com/richardmoult

as stated the exact nature & chronology of Berkowitz’s involvement with the occult / paedophilic under-ground is also open to question :
it seems likely the conventional narrative placing his contact with the Sam Cult in his twenties may not be the full story as we learn from Terry that as a young boy Berkowitz was close friends with a boy known as “Eggs” who was already involved in the cult

The young boys in the cult were used as rent-boys in a network controlled by political & mafia operator Roy Cohn :


An Early “Brownstone” Operation --Sex and Blackmail Ring


A number of sources indicate that Roy Marcus Cohn operated one in Metropolitan New York area, beginning in the 1950s, and in the DC area at least in the 1970s. In the 1950s, Cohn was chief aid to Senator Joseph McCarthy and used sexual blackmail to compel testimony. Sometimes they just accused liberals of having homosexual tendencies, and when one targeted person committed suicide, Cohn celebrated with champagne. At that time, he operated a prostitution ring and sometimes victimized gays in various ways.

Cohn ( centre ) with Steve Rubell ( right ) 1979
Cohn may have sometimes obtained boys from a satanic sect that was known to send young males to the homes of the wealthy in the Greater New York area. On one occasion, Alexander ( sic ) Berkowitz—of the Son of Sam killings—was sent to Cohn’s house in Connecticut, and met the famous man. According to Anthony Summers, Cohn procured boys for FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in 1958. The famous lawman was dressed as a girl and went by the name “Mary.” It was reported that Cohn’s services including providing boys for men of wealth and power. Detective James Rothestein, a respected former New York City vice officer said of Cohn:
Cohn’s job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn’s job was to set them up, then they would go along. Cohn told me that himself.

Some write that CIA agent Edwin Wilson became involved in the Cohn pedophile and homosexual sex rings as early as the 1950s. By the 1970s, Wilson was clearly working with Cohn in operating a sex ring in the Washington, D.C. area. The agency was connected later connected with the sex ring so that mind control experiments could be carried out by permitting subjects to act out in real life their sexual fantasies. The sex ring was also useful in blackmailing politicians. A escort service was used as a “cut-out” for the sex and blackmail operation.

Cohn was connected to an allegedly elite member of the cult – he acted as lawyer for the millionaire New York art-dealer Andrew Crispo, who had grown rich from his association with the Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza & was implicated in the S&M style murder of a Norwegian fashion-student/male model Eigil Dag Vesti.

Another set of ritualistic murders that were in the geographical & chronological hinterland of the Sam Cult occurred in the so-called Double Initial Murders

again where the victims names appear to contain symbolic significance to the murders – in this case their first names & surnames being of the same letter.

Madeleine McCann is ofcourse a “double initial”.

There was a very recent development in this case concerning double initial murders in California – one of which even shared an identical name to one of the earlier victims :
'Alliteration murders': man charged with killing four women linked only by their repeated initials
A man in California has been charged with the murder of four women – all of whom have alliterative names.
By Caroline Gammell 7:55AM BST 15 Apr 2011

Joseph Naso is alleged to have killed Carmen Colon, Pamela Parsons, Roxene Roggasch and Tracy Tafoya.
They were murdered between 1977 and 1994 and the linking of their names has prompted police forces across the US to revisit their old files.
Detectives in New York are now investigating whether Mr Naso, 77, has any link to three child killings in the early 70s.

Dubbed the “double initial murders”, Wanda Walkowicz, Michell Maenza and another Carmen Colon were all killed between 1971 and 1973.
The girls – aged 10 and 11 - were all abducted, raped and strangled in the city of Rochester, New York state.

Bob Hetzke, chief deputy of Wayne County Sherriff’s Department, said they were trying to work out if there was a connection.
He told The Times: “The only link that we have established so far was that he was in the area back at the times of those murders.”

Mr Naso, a photographer, appeared in court on Wednesday, charged with the murders of four women, but did not enter a plea.

Now based in Reno, he comes from New York state and was known to be in Rochester around the time of the killings.

Given the Sam Cult’s druidic connections & the centrality in the “ultimate Evil” thesis of the Sam : Manson connection Elizabeth Sutherland’s book provides an intriguing detail :
Elizabeth Sutherland “Ravens & Black Rain”

Now, annoyingly of course, Manson wasn’t Charlie’s biological father, although this was apparently a man named Scott, one is still left pondering the nature of this odd cosmic joke .

Whilst there may ambiguity about Manson’s lineage no such doubts need be raised concerning the final character with whom this exploration concludes – directly into the heart of the Process itself :

Mary Ann MacLean / De Grimston : Dominatrix of The Process


…while DeGrimston was the scribe and spokesperson of the Process, MacLean really called the shots (“It was a matriarchal cult”)

Mary Anne DeGrimston worships spank-spank.
She was born on November 20, 1931, in Glasgow, Scotland, an illegitimate child.
In her youth, she was slapped into reform school. At some point she moved to the United States, where she became engaged to the former boxing champion Sugar Ray Robinson. After breaking up with Sugar Ray Robinson, she went back to London, where she was a dance-hall hostess and a prostitute. She set up hooker headquarters at 31 Lesusington Street in London where she was a kept woman for several influential men, including one gentleman who was later to become the lawyer for the Process.
She was energetic during the Christine Keeler era at sado-sodo in London.
Mary Anne, in the manner of all occult ladies who dote on worship, possesses that fixed gaze of imminent punishment. Her hair has been in the past coppery red in color. Her vehement fingernails have been known to be long and painted silver. Process members are trained to fawn and grovel at the very thought of her. And, of course, none but the most trusted are ever allowed to see her in person.

Now the fact of her origins & later appearance within precisely the same mileu as Ward & Keeler is interesting in itself – in fact according to Tate – although not corroborated anywhere else MacLean :

like many of our subjects she had some odd childhood experiences :
Stewart Home expands on the fascinating background & politically incorrect sympathies of the cuddly animal-loving Mary-Ann…
The history of The Process is essentially this: in 1963 two former Scientologists Mary Ann MacLean and Robert de Grimston established a therapy business in Wigmore Street, London. Mary Ann MacLean was a former prostitute who grew up in poverty in Glasgow, while Robert de Grimston was from an upper class family and had served as an officer in the British army before becoming an architecture student and then dropping out three years into these studies.
Even from Wyllie’s rather misty-eyed account, it is apparent MacLean was a hard-bitten hustler who’d mastered the con game when she was working as a high class London hooker throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s.

“Mary Ann (cult leader Mary Ann MacLean) never made any apologies, for instance, about having considerable sympathy and respect for the Nazi regime.
Doubtless it suited her authoritarian personality.

A story I have heard her relate more than once is of her as a small girl of nine or ten, who found herself leaving her physical body and being transported into Hitler’s bunker during World War II. There she would slip around the table in her astral form whispering into the generals’ ears. Whether she ever claimed to observe der Fuehrer’s legendary rages, I don’t recall, but if she had I can only imagine she would have egged him on in his carpet-biting frenzies.” (Page 56).

Elsewhere Wyllie recalls:
“Michael and I stopped in to visit George Lincoln Rockwell, the ‘American Nazi’, out of allegiance to Mary Ann’s interest in extreme ideologies…. Rockwell sat in the only armchair… He looked younger than I thought he was going to be, with a buzz-cut and a surprisingly open, pleasant, face, marred now by a fixed scowl that didn’t leave him while we were there… He had a military bearing but was clearly a frightened man… Later I found out that Lincoln Rockwell was killed in August of 1967 by a disgruntled ex-member of his party and only days after our visit.” (Pages 80-81).

In his 2001 book The Shadow over Santa Susana, Adam Gorightly wrote that a mysterious woman named Circe, the leader of a cult called the Kirke Order of Dog Blood (they believed in sacrificing the hounds), seemed very much like one Mary Anne DeGrimston. Furthermore, this Circe had been running an occult shop, and had bought up a number of properties around Toledo, OH in the days following the exorcism of her ex-husband:

Retired Captain Griffis of the Tiffin, Ohio Police Department believes that Mary Ann DeGrimston was the mysterious ‘Circe’ who went underground in the early 70’s to achieve her goals. According to Griffis, Mary Ann-as-Circe surfaced in Toledo, Ohio in the mid-70’s and opened an occult shop there. This mysterious ‘Circe’ also brought property adjacent to a location reported as being a site where satanic rituals involving human sacrifice were performed. In 1985, law enforcement officials dug up the site, discovering ritualistic paraphernalia, although no evidence of murder was uncovered. Shortly before the police raid, the occult shop in Toledo closed and ‘Circe’ disappeared.


Canadian Connections

Is Canada the “Scotland” of North America – it seems to have some strange correspondences – some of which I mentioned in a previous post.

In fact my inaugural post on this topic alluded to a mysterious “ Mr Henderson" who was part of the Paedophile Information Exchange mailing-list network inbetween his alleged role as a high commissioner in Canada.

Walter Bowart

A paradise for pedophiles

Montreal, it seems, is the place to be if you're attracted to children

MARTIN PATRIQUIN | May 28, 2007 |

For over a decade, Robin Sharpe has been known as Canada's most notorious child pornographer, a label he wears with considerable pride. After a 1995 raid on his Vancouver apartment, where police found pictures of children engaged in sexual activity, along with several often violent works of fiction depicting sex between men and young boys, Sharpe launched a sustained legal campaign for the right to be a proud, practising pedophile.

His ensuing notoriety, though, meant he could hardly walk down the street without someone recognizing and, more often than not, swearing at him. So after his many legal battles(and 18 months in jail)Sharpe moved to Montreal, a city that affords him not just anonymity but also respite from the persecution to which he is subject elsewhere. "I love it," he said in a phone interview from his apartment in the city's Plateau district. He's been here a year, ever since returning from Sri Lanka to visit what he calls a "young friend." "Things aren't taken as seriously here as they are in English Canada. It's a bit more laid-back, accepting. I think people tend to mind their own business a little more."
Dozens, if not hundreds, of pedophiles would agree. The arrest of Steve Goldberg, a notorious U.S. pedophile in his own right with a spot on America's Most Wanted list, in a Montreal suburb this week further illustrates a point many pedophiles themselves admit: far more than any other city in North America, Montreal is a good place to live if you happen to be attracted to children.(Goldberg was ultimately arrested on immigration charges; he was living in the city illegally.)

"I have never felt persecuted in Montreal," pedophile Ian Hodgson said in an email. In 1990, Hodgson was convicted of gross indecency and sexual assault against boys as young as 11. Nevertheless, the 63-year-old has been an active member of the city's pedophile community, particularly as a founding member of the Ganymede Collective, a loosely organized group of pedophiles -- adults who are attracted to children -- who gathered for 10 or so years until about 2004 to chat, socialize and, according to one member, encrypt their computers to better hide child pornography from the authorities.

Montreal is also home to Epifora, a company that provides hosting services to some of the most prominent pedophilia-related sites in North America, if not the world. These include Boy Chat, Girl Chat, Open Hands, Christian Boylove Forum, as well as Sharpe's own sites and Alice Mail, a pedophile-friendly site owned by prominent pedophile Lindsay Ashford, who recently waxed poetic about Barack Obama's six- and eight-year-old daughters. The city is also the birthplace of Free Spirits, an online resource "dedicated to promoting open communication among boylovers, the most underserved and misunderstood sexual minority remaining in today's human society," according to its website.

These sites, all of which are text-based and include no explicit images, serve as online bulletin boards for pedophiles worldwide. Topics range from the banal to the profane: everything from recent court cases to cute young movie stars to graphic descriptions of sexual fantasies. "None of our resources are used to meet children or making dates or anything," says Epifora's president, John White, an admitted pedophile who says he has effectively taken a vow of celibacy.

Epifora was started in 2000 by White, a Montreal computer programmer and founding member of the Ganymede Collective, in conjunction with two others. Aside from hosting, Epifora collects subscription funds for services such as Web Bleu, which promises pedophiles anonymity when sending emails. Potential clients must prove they are pedophiles by answering questions about other contacts in the scene. Only then -- and after a three-month trial period -- are they instructed to place their fees in cash in an envelope between two sheets of paper and send it to the post-office box that serves as Epifora's mail drop. Subscribers are urged to stop using popular email services such as Hotmail when communicating with other pedophiles.

Site users say the Montreal company is doing well. "It has led to a substantial reduction in the amount of abuse that would have been carried out by the people who lurk or participate," says Sharpe. "Popabear," a computer technician at a Montreal CEGEP and lifelong pedophile, agrees. A founding member of the Ganymede Collective, he is unequivocal that he couldn't live his lifestyle anywhere else in North America, particularly since he has a prior record of abuse against a boy in the early 1990s. "Because of attitudes in Montreal and Quebec, there was a level of comfort for us to make some public announcements," he says. "I'm not saying we had billboards up or anything, but I don't think people in Toronto would do that."

He is probably right. Notwithstanding the recent capture of Steve Goldberg -- which came thanks to a local tip to TV's America's Most Wanted(the Laval resident has been promised a $100,000 reward by Oprah)-- police have done little to monitor the Montreal pedophile scene, according to Université de Montréal criminologist Pierre Tremblay, who wrote a definitive study of pedophiles in 2001. He points to the Ganymede Collective, in which at least three members had prior sexual assault records against children. "What I find incredible is that it worked for 10 years without any trouble," Tremblay says. "That surprises me. It's public information. I asked the cops why [Ganymede] was working, but I never got a response."

Popabear suggests Ganymede was only a club for pedophiles to talk about computers, though there is evidence members tried to cover up the sexual exploits of a fellow member. John Melanson, a convicted pedophile, was part of Ganymede for roughly a year; he left suddenly after allegedly molesting and abducting a young boy. His then-roommate, Jason Garrison, allegedly spoke to the boy's mother and shared his alarm over Melanson's actions with other members, only to be told to hush up. "To make a long story short, the people in charge ... decided that they didn't want anything to do with it," Garrison wrote in his blog. "They said that if anyone asked about the [collective], that we'd say it was a computer users' group, and that's all."

Montreal's cultural climate remains tolerant. Recently, Garrison, who is Sharpe's former webmaster and Epifora's original designer, published On the Possibility of Just Pedophilia: An Ideal Approach. It was his honours thesis at Concordia. He was due to speak at the university but the talk didn't happen.

Sureté de Québec representative Jason Gauthier, of the police force charged with rooting out pedophiles, says Epifora had its"backbone" removed when Verizon stopped providing Internet connections to the company in November 2006 -- and that most of the company's hosted sites were taken off-line as a result. But as Epifora's John White notes, getting someone to provide bandwidth and hard-drive space for its forums was as easy as sending a few inquiring emails to hosting companies overseas. Today, he says the majority of those sites that went down in November are back up. "It's actually really easy."

A pedophile destination

Montreal is back in the news for all the wrong reasons

Macleans.ca staff | Aug 01, 2007 | 20:40:27


Montreal has emerged yet again as a pedophile's destination of choice - this time on a website suggesting a children's festival there is a place where pedophiles can watch "little girls," the Montreal Gazette reports.
The site, called "Puellula," appears to be based in the Netherlands. It provides a link to a City of Montreal webpage on the Fête des enfants de Montréal, an event scheduled for August that attracted over 200,000 people last year. Besides Montreal, the site also suggests pedophiles check events in California.(Note: no links in this article lead to Puellula.)
Just two months ago, Maclean's explored Montreal's reputation for hosting one of the most active pedophile communities in North America. The article, entitled "A paradise for pedophiles," noted that the Ganymede Collective(a loose organization of pedophiles), Epifora(an Internet service that hosts some of the continent's most prominent pedophilia-related sites)and Free Spirits(an online pedophile resource)are all based there.

Université de Montréal criminologist Pierre Tremblay said police have left the city's pedophiles relatively at peace and noted that at least three members of the Ganymede Collective had prior sexual assault records against children. "What I find incredible is that it worked for 10 years without any trouble," Tremblay said. "That surprises me. It's public information. I asked the cops why [Ganymede] was working, but I never got a response."

(As for Puellula, Sgt. Ian Lafrenière said Montreal police are taking the matter "very seriously.")
Puellula's stated inspiration is self-described pedophile Jack McClellan, who is infamous for blogging about young girls and posting pictures of fully clothed children on his own site. His borderline-legal activities have led some parents in the U.S. to track him on a website of their own.
McClellan, who has no criminal record, is also no stranger to Montrealers. After his site was shut down by a U.S. service provider in May, he moved it to Epifora, which states on its website that it "accept[s] controversial speech" and has "respect for client privacy." Epifora's president John White is an admitted pedophile who claims to have taken a vow of celibacy.
When it was revealed McClellan's site has been moved to a Montreal-based host, Quebec provincial police told reporters that websites like his push the law's limits but don't violate the Criminal Code. "There's not much we can do about the sites because they go around the law - they never go across the line," Sgt. Jason Gauthier said.

In response to the latest news, Montrealers are sounding off on some of the city's more prominent blogs.

Free speech or crime?
'Boy love' websites. Montreal is host to network for pedophiles

Paul Cherry, The Gazette Friday, August 10, 2007

At one point, the Free Spirits website was said to be hosting 85 pedophile

A sprawling international network of websites promoting discussion about
sexual attraction to children is hosted by a Montreal company and has ties
to a pedophile group based in the city, The Gazette has learned.

Police say there is little they can do about websites that post items like
recommendations of places where pedophiles can watch children at play. But
critics allege there is something even more sinister behind groups like Free
Spirits, an organization based in Montreal whose website is dedicated to
"promoting open communication about boy-lovers."

Mengele on Mount Royal

by KRISTIAN GRAVENOR www.montrealmirror.com

It is still often said that Josef Mengele lived here in 1962.

Mengele, if you missed the movie, perpetrated incredibly gruesome experiments on concentration camp victims before escaping post-war capture, living peacefully in South America until drowning in 1979.
So why do people swear he was here? As we know, the CIA organized bizarre mind-control experiments led by Albany, New York, resident Dr. Ewan Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute. The CIA funded Cameron’s “psychic driving” experiments, which involved ridiculously powerful electroshock treatment and inducing extended LSD comas.
In those years, the CIA hired many former Nazis, as has been noted in 1.2 million pages of notes declassified over the last five years. Earlier this year, congressmen from all sides complained that the CIA was still illegally repressing more files, presumably the more damning stuff.

The CIA-Mengele connection has become a conspiracy cliché of sorts, repeated so often that the CIA issued a denial of any connection between the agency and the doctor on their Web site. Some were suspicious of Mengele’s many escapes from capture. And while Mengele was one of the most unthinkably sadistic people that Western Europe has ever known, his knowledge could have been valued, despite having been derived from horrific scientific experiments that could—hopefully—never be duplicated.
This is where Ann Diamond comes in. The novelist grew up in Pont Viau, Laval, and recalls that in 1962, when she was 11, her father, a previously solid sort of chap, was suddenly admitted to the Allan and administered treatment that left him permanently altered.
Her father said little about his plight until his death in 1974, and she’s taken to trying to solve the mystery of his treatment.
She says that the Mengele-in-Montreal stories were so widespread in 1962 that the president of the Canadian Jewish Congress wrote the government to ask whether it was true.
In 1984, the Mulroney government concluded that there was no evidence of Mengele ever coming here, but some doubt this, as Mulroney’s father-in-law was one of Cameron’s colleagues, and could have been implicated by a serious investigation.

Diamond believes that Mengele was involved with the Allan experiments. Cameron and Mengele’s timelines dovetail: Both were in Bavaria in 1945 (Mengele was hiding, Cameron was at the Nuremberg Trials). Cameron was keen on some controversial ideas. For example, he supported an application in 1956 to explore links between schizophrenia and eye colour, Mengele’s pet obsession.

Diamond has integrated her research into an unpublished 310-page manuscript called My Cold War. You can download it for a few bucks from http://www.lulu.com, it’s in novel form, and since it’s not printed on paper, she can change it at any time.

Diamond figures that what went on here was far larger than believed. “The current view is that there were a handful of mental patients badly treated by this one madman, Ewan Cameron, but I think it was a large program with some high-profile people. It’s a huge can of worms.”

She notes that much of the evidence is rumour and conjecture and has been relatively unexplored. The owners of the local English press of those years were also major benefactors of the hospital and wouldn’t necessarily be all that keen to expose evil plots within the walls.
Among the questions haunting her include whether McGill’s American-born principal, F. Cyril James, was a CIA agent. She’s curious about local legend Heinz Lehman, a German psych pioneer. And then there’s the weird speech from 1943, in which Duplessis reported a Nazi offer to send more scientists here.

Diamond believes that other researchers could also make a dent into deciphering the scandal. “Fifty years have gone by, so I think it’s time we start asking questions. I went to Washington and got CIA files. Even though they say there’s nothing there, it seems there’s a lot there—description of projects, financial records. I think anyone who really wanted to could start piecing this together.

“There are scars and wounds, and I think people are protecting their turf and their secrets.”

Comments? kgravy@openface.ca
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

Postby semper occultus » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:02 am


French counter-Nexus ? Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem


Drugs Connection

If I was writing a book it would be interesting to explore the organisational relationship this nexus has with the history, & present-day reality, of the drugs trade & the attendant significant “financial services” industry that attends it…as a conjoined manifestation of the new underworld order.

Scotland 'worst in world for drug crime'

Scotland 'worst in world for drug crime'

Calls for action as crime hits six times worldwide average.

21 February 2010 10:58 GMT

Scotland is the worst country in the world for drug-related crime, according to an international study….
…its drug crime rate is more than double that of England and Wales, and six times the worldwide average.

The United Nations found there were 656 drug offences per 100,000 people in Scotland. Second-placed Iran recorded 619 per 100,000.

Scotland is Europe's drug capital

Scotland is Europe's drug capital

UN report reveals country is biggest user of cocaine and amphetamines

Mark Macaskill From The Sunday Times June 28, 2009

Scotland is the drugs capital of Europe, according to a United Nations report that shows cocaine and amphetamine use is higher than in any other country.

Figures published by the UN show that 3.8% of Scots consume cocaine, compared with 3% in Spain, 2.3% in England and Wales and 2.2% in Italy.

Just over 2.2% of Scots use amphetamine, more than double the proportion in England and Wales. Scotland is also ranked second out of 47 European countries for heroin, cannabis and ecstasy use.

Scotland overtakes USA as world's cocaine capital
By Gavin Docherty and Rod Mills
Publication: LexisNexis
Date: Wednesday, February 10 2010

Scotland overtakes USA as world's cocaine capital

THE shocking scale of Scotland's cocaine problem was laid bare yesterday with figures showing its grip on the country is more widespread than the US.

Previously unseen statistics from last y ear's United Nations World Drug Report suggest Scots have the worst cocaine habit per capita in the world.

Researchers found 3.8 per cent of Scots adults used the drug regularly, compared to 2.8 per cent in America, where demand has traditionally fuelled the world's cocaine industry.

Scotland's addiction to the deadly drug outstrips all other European neighbours, and is six times worse than that of France, at 0.6 per cent.

Generational Satanism

Andrew Boyd “Blasphemous Rumours”

Sara Scott “Beyond Disbelief”
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

Postby semper occultus » Fri May 20, 2011 2:20 pm

British royalty dined on human flesh (but don't worry it was 300 years ago)

By Daily Mail Reporter
20th May 2011


It will come as quite a surprise to Prince William's new wife, but the ancestors of Kate's in-laws once dined on human flesh.
A new book on medicinal cannibalism has revealed that possibly as recently as the end of the 18th century British royalty swallowed parts of the human body.
The author adds that this was not a practice reserved for monarchs but was widespread among the well-to-do in Europe.

Even as they denounced the barbaric cannibals of the New World, they applied, drank, or wore powdered Egyptian mummy, human fat, flesh, bone, blood, brains and skin.

Moss taken from the skulls of dead soldiers was even used as a cure for nosebleeds, according to Dr Richard Sugg at Durham University.
Dr Sugg said: 'The human body has been widely used as a therapeutic agent with the most popular treatments involving flesh, bone or blood.

'Cannibalism was found not only in the New World, as often believed, but also in Europe.

'One thing we are rarely taught at school yet is evidenced in literary and historic texts of the time is this: James I refused corpse medicine; Charles II made his own corpse medicine; and Charles I was made into corpse medicine.

'Along with Charles II, eminent users or prescribers included Francis I, Elizabeth I's surgeon John Banister, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, Robert Boyle, Thomas Willis, William III, and Queen Mary.'

The history of medicinal cannibalism, Dr Sugg argues, raised a number of important social questions.

He said: 'Medicinal cannibalism used the formidable weight of European science, publishing, trade networks and educated theory.

'Whilst corpse medicine has sometimes been presented as a medieval therapy, it was at its height during the social and scientific revolutions of early-modern Britain.

'It survived well into the 18th century, and amongst the poor it lingered stubbornly on into the time of Queen Victoria.
'Quite apart from the question of cannibalism, the sourcing of body parts now looks highly unethical to us.

'In the heyday of medicinal cannibalism bodies or bones were routinely taken from Egyptian tombs and European graveyards. Not only that, but some way into the eighteenth century one of the biggest imports from Ireland into Britain was human skulls.

'Whether or not all this was worse than the modern black market in human organs is difficult to say.'
The book gives numerous vivid, often disturbing examples of the practice, ranging from the execution scaffolds of Germany and Scandinavia, through the courts and laboratories of Italy, France and Britain, to the battlefields of Holland and Ireland and on to the tribal man-eating of the Americas.
A painting showing the 1649 execution of Charles I showed people mopping up the king's blood with handkerchiefs.


Dr Sugg said: 'This was used to treat the "king's evil" - a complaint more usually cured by the touch of living monarchs.

'Over in continental Europe, where the axe fell routinely on the necks of criminals, blood was the medicine of choice for many epileptics.

'In Denmark the young Hans Christian Andersen saw parents getting their sick child to drink blood at the scaffold. So popular was this treatment that hangmen routinely had their assistants catch the blood in cups as it spurted from the necks of dying felons.

'Occasionally a patient might shortcut this system. At one early sixteenth-century execution in Germany, 'a vagrant grabbed the beheaded body "before it had fallen, and drank the blood from him..".'

The last recorded instance of this practice in Germany fell in 1865.

Whilst James I had refused to take human skull, his grandson Charles II liked the idea so much that he bought the recipe. Having paid perhaps £6,000 for this, he often distilled human skull himself in his private laboratory.

Dr Sugg said: 'Accordingly known before long as "the King's Drops", this fluid remedy was used against epilepsy, convulsions, diseases of the head, and often as an emergency treatment for the dying.

'It was the very first thing which Charles reached for on February 2 1685, at the start of his last illness, and was administered not only on his deathbed, but on that of Queen Mary in 1698.'

Dr Sugg's research will be featured in a forthcoming Channel 4 documentary with Tony Robinson in which they reconstruct versions of older cannibalistic medicines with the help of pigs' brains, blood and skull.

The book, called Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires, will be published on June 29 by Routledge and charts the largely forgotten history of European corpse medicine from the Renaissance to the Victorians.

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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

Postby stefano » Tue May 31, 2011 5:35 am

Wow, just found this, have bookmarked it for a leisurely read-through later. Thanks semper!
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

Postby stefano » Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:47 pm

Just finished it, might need to read the whole thing again. Wow, thanks for all your efforts! You should write a book...

Interesting about Diana's descent from the Stuarts especially in light of William's recent wedding: he will be the first English king descended from the Stuarts (and from the Merovingians if that bit is true) since Queen Anne. And turns 30 on the summer solstice in 2012, just before the London Olympics.

on edit - where can I get Stephen Kent's Deviant Scripturalism and Ritual Satanic Abuse? Is that a pdf you have?
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

Postby semper occultus » Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:15 am

4 updates to mention :

under the Political Connections section in my second post I have included a rare 1994 article from Scallywag magazine "Monster Man of PIE" concerning Ian Campbell Dunn.

I quote below from a transcript of interview with Stephen Kent - whose Scriptural Deviance articles I used - concerning Masonic abuse in US / Canada

I attach a scan of one of the orginal press articles - by Peter Conradi of the the Sunday Times - alleging Satanic links to the Dutroux case - this is widely dispersed on the net in transcripted form but I think there's some value in seeing the original artifact of such controversial material

I also cut-paste some RI postings from distinguished board member Joe Hillshoist concerning his personal contact in Australia with a descendant of an esoteric Freemasonic / Druidic organisation originating in Scotland.
I don't necessarily implicate them directly in the black nexus I am writing about although it clearly emerged from precisely the same confluence & their involvement with uncovering or controlling some dormant force called the "Grail" does seem to tie back to the Stephen Ward case...

Dr. Stephen Kent : Interview on Cults and Ritual Abuse


Now I know you have spoken about the involvement of the Masonic Lodge or some members of the Masonic Lodge and allegations towards them of being perpetrators of ritual abuse. Can you talk about how you first received this information?

Dr. Stephen Kent:

Early on in my research when people were coming forward with accounts, some accounts appeared about deviant Freemasons - some of the people making allegations were indicating that their fathers had been Freemasons and that somehow their alleged abuse they thought was connected with the Lodge or Freemasons. Occasionally, abuse accounts, and I can't say definitively, but if they were true, seem to have occurred inside Masonic Lodges and so on. I was really quite perplexed by the appearance of Freemasonry in a fairly significant number of accounts. I was not getting any allegations about other kinds of philanthropic or civic groups. I was not getting accounts about Kiwanis or Lions Club or Knights of Columbus or Rotarians or whatnot, it was only allegations about deviances involving Freemasons sometimes in Masonic Lodges. My sense all along is that even if some of these allegations are true, ordinary Masons would be appalled about the allegations I was hearing but nontheless, I was faced with the dilemma of trying to make sense out of what I was hearing. I undertook an investigation about Freemasonry, and I had already published an encyclopedia about Freemasonry several years earlier, in the 2nd edition of the Canadian Encyclopedia so I had some background. What I found is that related to Freemasonry are countless splinter groups involving just men, sometimes women get involved, in traditions involving high ceremonialism, elaborate ritualism and so on. For example if one goes back several generations, one can even find Masonic connections to a group like the Solar Temple. These are people who, I often call them "ritual junkies". They love the pomp and ceremonialism that they see in Freemasonry, but they want to go further with it. Freemasonry does not have a developed sense of a demonic figure in it. There aren't these kinds of rigid satanic vs. god images that appear in Christianity. What I did find however were some mentions of Lucifer, but more importantly the sense in some of the upper level rituals, that God was a threefold character. Jahbulon, Jahweh - 'bul' referring to Jahweh - The Ba'al reference is a reference to pagan gods in the bible, old testament gods who required child sacrifice. Ordinary Masons would talk about the god, Jahbulon, and not really think too much about what they were saying. But it is plauible to me that Masonic deviants, these people I call "ritual junkies", might see in this figure you combine both good and evil, you combine a higher god with a god who requires child sacrifice. It is part of my attempt to come up with a plausibility structure as to why deviant Freemasons may be involved in these kinds of allegations, I found a point of entry, you might say, that would allow deviant practitioners to develop rituals in the context of what they thought could be worship to a higher god.

Wayne Morris:
The people making allegations against certain of these deviant Freemasons - do you have a sense of what positions they held within the Masonic organization, whether they were lower or higher ranking Masons?

Dr. Stephen Kent:

I don't know for sure. I know that some of the people who have made allegations (that haven't been proved) have named fairly high ranking Masons. I also know that some ordinary members hear these allegations and they are in desbelief -- to these Masons, these allegations are part of a long history of persecution towards them because of the secrecy and so on. It is certainly not my intent - I have no axe to grind with Freemasons. It is a peculiar group in the context of issues about women's rights and equality and so on - and so there are ways to discuss Freemasonry in the context of male exclusiveness and so on, but I have no axe to grind with the Freemasons at all. Once I got I challenged on the Masonic issue, I started finding out there are people right around North America who have also made allegations that they have been ritually abused by Freemasons. There are a number of organizations based in the States that specifically insist that deviant Freemasons had abused them. Even in Canada, there is one organization whose leader is absolutely convinced that she is a survivor of deviant Masonic abuse. So when I was able to see t hat the accounts I was getting were part of a l arger North American context, I became even more intrigued with the kinds of specific allegations I had been receiving.

Wayne Morris:

As you said, the Masonic Lodge has had a long history of being persecuted. Is there any indication that the allegations being made against them may be part of some kind of propaganda campaign against the Masonic Lodge?

Dr. Stephen Kent:

I am very wary of so-called information that comes out of a conservative Christian context. A number of conservative Christians see Freemasonry as being involved in forms of the occult and devil worship, so organizations that are related to these conservative groups and the information they put out is highly suspect, so I do my best to stay away from that kind of information. I don't get the sense though from most of my informants that they have these kinds of axes to grind about Freemasonry. They don't seem to be involved in these conservative Christian contexts. Most of them have no interpretative context in which to place their own memories about the Freemasons. For them they feel extremely isolated with these kinds of accounts. They have no sense of other people in North America making these kinds of allegations. I cannot place most of the accounts that I have received in a context of some sort of vengeance against the Masons.

Wayne Morris:

Do you feel that the people you have come in contact with making allegations have any kind of knowledge of what Freemasonry is about?

Dr. Stephen Kent:

I certainly don't get that sense from people. Again, these are people for the most part women, and as you know women are excluded from Masonic ritual and practice, so it wouldn't be impossible for them to gain internal knowledge about Masonic rituals, but it takes a lot of effort. You have to go out and actively seek the information. I just don't get any sense that these people have a vendetta, or at least most of the people, against Freemasonry.

Wayne Morris:

Within the accounts coming from the survivors, do you get the sense that what they are telling you in terms of the rituals, are specifically Masonic, are there specific Masonic elements to the rituals themselves?

Dr. Stephen Kent:

Some of the contents of the rituals seem to take place in Masonic Lodges. Many people talk about alters, many people talk about black and white floors, some people talk about pillars in the ceremonial area, and so on. I have had some people who have had these memories, and try to get a context for them, because their fathers are Masons. They will actually try to get into Masonic Lodges so they can look at them and see if the Lodges have any semblance or similarity to what they are recalling. Ordinary Masons would be appalled at these kinds of things. I have no absolutely no indication that any ordinary Masonic ritual is involved ... anything even close to child abuse. It's the deviants within Freemasonry, and possibly some of these splinter groups that hold the most concern for me. It is entirely plausible for me to imagine that deviant Freemasons would pull some material from some of the extremist writings of Aleister Crowley or take some of his statements about children and sex literally, or take some of his statements about child sacrifice or human sacrifice and take them literally and build rituals around them. The Crowley-ites insisted that he was talking metaphorically, but if it is written down, any tradition is going to have fundamentalists and literalists. People who read it, think it is true, then act upon it.

Wayne Morris:

Are you aware of what the response has been from the Masonic Lodge to the allegations concerning ritual abuse, and has there been any attempt at any kind of internal investigation?

Dr. Stephen Kent:

I am not aware of any kind of internal investigation. I met with some Masons in Thunder Bay and my impression was that what I was talking about was so far from their experience inside Freemasonry, that they couldn't even grasp what I was saying. It would be unfortunate to make judgements based on a meeting of just a couple of hours, but I had no indication that these particular people were involved in any way with what I was hearing. In fact, during the meeting they invited me to explore Freemasonry and I declined the invitation. I think most Freemasons say these allegations are nonsense. I had one practicing Mason contact me, because he was concerned. I had another practicing Mason contact me because he saw me as part of this anti-Masonic movement and thought what I was saying was dangerous and inaccurate. I have had some responses from Freemasons but not a lot. I have some friends, not close friends, who are Masons and this stuff seems to be wholly outside their experience but I have gotten repeated accounts, and they are similar to those from right across North America.

Wayne Morris:

I would like to thank you very much. It has been extremely fascinating talking to you, and thanks for joining us in this radio series.

Dr. Stephen Kent:

It is my pleasure to speak about a very contraversial and contentious issue.


Excerpt from Joe's postings :

I've talked about my mate whose family were alleged Scottish Druids/Freemasons who left Scotland at the time of the Highland Clearances here before.

Although his story sounds a bit like the Da Vinci Code, there are a few differences, including the painting his great granddad had that depicted some hidden code about some secret that had to do with resonance and unlimited amounts of energy and the Mahdi....

I dunno if the painting is still around. He said it was old, mouldering and fell apart when he was a kid.

He's not really into this stuff, just brings it up every now and then if the conversation goes that way.

Wed May 25, 2011
The Rosslyn Code The real mystery lurking in the chapel

I remember tripping off my head on shrooms once and seeing a design for something like the power system of a UFO, or more likely the TARDIS. And its reminiscent of those images actually, and anyway we were talking about some wild stuff tangential to that and the grail being a 3D parabola of plasma that this engine generated. I got drunk that day came here and posted about it before I forgot...

Yeah anyway according to the Freemasons or something* its the Mahdi that will unlock this device, and it'll be apocal-epic with everyone recognising him as the anti Christ or the true Christ or some shit. There'll be war and upheaval and business as usual. I dunno its the usual thing. Anyway the Madhi or Jesus or the anti-Christ or whoever its sposed to be, is gonna come from the San Graal bloodline, tho they dunno who it is cos they lost track over the centuries or something.

He reckons every govt and powerful person or organistaion is looking for the Mahdi, even the Chinese spooks. And I've across some weird Chinese people over the years. One for sure (as I can be) I know was one.

He's a good mate, in fact his whole family is, I have coached all his kids in one jr football side or another, watched em grow up, I went to his 50th a couple of months ago. Known him for years, and every now and then we have a bit of a rave about this stuff but never with the time and right company to get into the depth we did that night.

Its one those I'm always meaning to do one, sit down and have a long rave with him, but like so many of those things ... I better make a time to do it soon or it'll be another 5 years gone by.

I dunno. Is that the plot of the Da Vinci Code? I haven't actually read it. But that story has stuck with me all those years.

* His family left Scotland after the Highland clearances. His (n)great granddad was a Druid or something with serious ties to or a high position in what I presume is Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Thats how he got out and came to Australia.

The g-granddad brought some painting, I think it was important, but ended up falling to pieces in the shed in suburban melbourne years ago.


Yeah I read Focault's Pendulum, never got the bit about the grail being a Joe cell or some such device.Focault's pendulum seemed to me about the process of ideas moving from Kether to Malkuth as some sort of Psychological Map. The book to me somehow reflected the process of Cabalism, not that I have studied it properly. I knew a guy who studies Cabalism at some uni in Israel, he seemed to know his stuff.I suppose it makes sense, I thought Eco was using the grail as a metaphor for blindly chasing power.the best literature bleeds into realityI never thought much of Gardiner... Always seemed he was trying to push an agenda of justification.For elitism and the aristocracy, afetr all what is the concept of bloodlines if it isn't some attempt to justify "The divine right of kings". Then again he could be just doing his job and not full of shit (his job as geneologist, not some hypothetical psyop manager for royalty.)(This bit went missing edited in)Now I am not so sure. The bloodline thing has been around for a while, its a funny ole meme. And it gets confirmed from the weirdest places. So now I am prepared to give Gardiner more of a go.(Missing bit <-)

Especially after last night's conversation where he told me about his ancestors from Scotland. Apparantly they fought the Poms in the last war there, about 150 to 200 years ago, I dunno what battles, perhaps the highland clearances... They were from the highlands.Anyway three brothers, who were facing being hung were saved with the intervention of a Scottish Laird woirking with the British. They were given the opportunity of travelling to Aussie as either free settlers or being sent here as convists.They took artifacts with them including a painting of Stonehenge, with inscriptions in latin. Me mate said it eneded up rotting in the shed in the back yard. they are connected to Scottish Freemasonry, his Grandad was one.Grandpa told him they were all about protecting the bloodline till the second coming, which is more akin to the story of Aragorn ala Lotr than Jesus coming back and Revelations. At least it seems that way from what ole matey said.I never expected to hear anything like this off this bloke.BTW he is referring to the Mahadi or whatever that Muslim thing is, as well as the Christian expectation of the second coming and blah blah blah.He also said every power institution in the world is looking for this guy/girl right now, cos they know once he or she gets here its all over for them. Thats why they are all claiming to be him and on his side. They want to stop it before it happens.The conversation we had went long into the night and covered so many different things.I mentioned the Joe cell, cos Joe X is from around here somewhere.He went to school with my father in law.Joe X of Joe cell fame reckons that basically God showed him how to build the cell, and that it also fits with my rates rave. He knew nothing of the Joe cell btw, or so he claimed. Apart from that people build H cells and try and get them to work properly.(The proper Joe cell is supposed to run cold, annd silent and cause implosion not explosiions apparantly, I dunno I can't the bits of the one I have to even generate gas.)I dunno where all this leads. One thing I do know is that in Focault's pendulum all the characters took this stuff too seriously and had no sense of humour about it. No wonder they lost the plot.Gotta go, I have my sister in laws wedding today.Oh seamus thanks for your wishes about the cup.Oh yeah that monoatomic white gold or whatever LG goes on about. That really grabbed my attention. But I read it in Nexus, and suddenly there were so many adds for the stuff in the mag. Then the royal apologist stuff just made me bored with him.

16 Jun 2006

Further thoughts on the conversation I had with old matey down the hill.The whole point of the bloodline thing was that the person who would develop the free energy device that will change humanity in the way fire did, would come from that family line.That they would be spiritually and emotionally developed enough to be able to tease out the details. personally, I think that is a bit much. Almost like a meme designed to prevent others from investigating the subject.Some comments my friend down the hill said were interesting.- That the device has been in use before, that it may be hidden in the world, but it may also hidden in the universe of ideas, waiting for the right mind to come along and pluck it out.- That the grail reference was also to a property of the device, that it caused a glowing cup or grail shaped fire to form when it was in operation. Apparantly people have been burned by this device, though whether the device caused radiation burns is unclear.The description he gave was of something that immediately made me think of plasma. That somehow the device caused plasma to form...

18 Jun 2006
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

Postby semper occultus » Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:39 pm

interesting little snippet from the great radical journalist Paul Foot re the public school Fettes ( the "Scottish Eton" ) attended by Tony Blair. If any proper writer could do full justice to this material it would probably have been PF.

( see earlier postings re Blair & this "Establishment" establishment

rigorousintuition.ca ... keep paging down ...!

also rather ties into the repeated theme of Scotland's function as the bolt-hole of choice for any English P-Philes seeking a fresh-start away from any nasty & scurrilous accusations ....
Words as Weapons : Paul Foot 1990

got slightly weird eyes....

Anthony Chenevix-Trench 1969 : National Portrait Gallery

He was Headmaster of Eton College between 1964 and 1970 and, under his Headship, Eton was reformed with the introduction of sciences in the junior years, the end of corporal punishment administered by senior boys, and a reformed curriculum. In 1970, he was appointed Headmaster of Fettes College, Edinburgh, and died, in office, in 1979 shortly before the end of the summer term, when he was to retire.

How Deep Purple proved that our slippery PM never carries the can
Last updated at 14:22 10 April 2005


It was a long time ago, a few days before the Easter holidays in a year that had already seen Britain plunged into economic crisis.
Certainly that weekend it was not cool to be confined to school. Not if you were stuck in Edinburgh where the hugely popular psychedelic rock band Deep Purple were featuring at the local Odeon.
But while the year marked the zenith of hippydom and liberal culture, the world of Fettes, a bastion of privileged education north of the border, remained locked in traditional values where indiscipline was met with swift and harsh punishment.
This, however, did not stop a group of the school's senior boys who were determined to see Deep Purple perform live. Among them was Anthony Lynton Blair, a 17-year-old with a passion for rock that, if we are to believe him, lasts to this day.
Blair : Fettes basket-ball team

The story of what he did is revealed in correspondence I have received from a fellow pupil at Fettes. He has asked not to be named, although he is recorded as an old boy in the school's records. Let him take up the story:
"Four of us decided to break out of the school - in civvies of course - and go along. This was no simple undertaking. We were breaking the school rules in a serious way and knew that the consequences of being caught could be expulsion. We had to slip out of our respective houses and scale the school's 12ft perimeter wall without being seen.
"It was great fun, shinning down drainpipes. We managed all this and went straight to the Odeon mighty proud of ourselves. When we got inside the foyer we soon realised that we weren't the only boys from Fettes - there were another ten who had done exactly the same thing - and among them was Tony Blair.
"We watched the concert and Deep Purple were fabulous. By the time we got back to school it was about 3am. We got back in OK and thought, wrongly as it turned out, that we had got away with it.
"But our misdemeanour was announced at breakfast and all 14 of us - Blair included - were told to report to the headmaster's office at 10.30.
"Only 13 turned up - Blair went missing. You might think that he was the one who snitched but I know for a fact that he wasn't. Instead, he had done something, made some kind of deal, who knows, to get out of being punished. We never found out what it was.

"We were all given the option of expulsion or the 'headmaster's punishment' which, I seem to remember, was six of the best. We all opted for the cane.
"It was all pretty trivial looking back. But I think it says quite a lot about Tony Blair and the way that, even as a 17-year-old, he was able to slither out of trouble."
AS it is, it has taken us all of 35 years to rumble what Blair's mates at Fettes found out the hard way. That you simply cannot trust the blighter. I have tried to no avail to find out whether Blair's truancy was worth the trouble. A trawl of the Scottish newspapers reveal no critique of Deep Purple's antics at the Odeon.
But politics of the time did change that spring of 1970 as our future leader was working out how to avoid a beating.
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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...knew I'd read something in Springmeier regarding dodgy eyes....seems to be some dispute as to whether left or right eyes are the danger signal : I'm going right....


"You can see the energy animating a person, by the love radiating out from their RIGHT eye. Left eye is WILL power. Now, look at the pics of daddy bush and all these leaders. Always a lazy or dead right eye, and an unusually larger left eye.

Now in darker souls and those on a satanic path, the right eye becomes lazy over the years, then finally "dies." After a bit of time, it doesn't even track on the same eye as their dominant left eye, which is will energy. And that fits, because, the satanic credo has but one law and one law only: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole law. And wilt, being old english for WILL.


Blair’s mad eye and British censorship

WHAT IS objectivity? Two London Freelance Branch members - Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell and broadcast journalist Bruce Whitehead - pondered that difficult question at the Branch meeting in November.
Steve gave an example of a hidden truth in cartoons: "Blair's mad eye, inherited from Thatcher". He built his "caricature on the fact that Thatcher has one staring eye and one hooded eye: I observed it (in the flesh, I never saw it in photos, until a picture of her on the day she was kicked out - in the Financial Times. If you stalked her (Thatcher) with a hide you wouldn't see it. The strange thing about Blair is that he has it too, that mad eye. You see it in a flash, and more so in the last few years when he gets a bit wild."


Bell's portrayal of Blair's dead right-eye

which gradually morphs into a monocular organ :
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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snippet from Defence of the Realm by Christopher Andrew concerning one of MI5's earliest women entrants who rose to an important level in the organisation, whose rather odd situation & attributes suggest the possibilty of some form of alter-programming


interesting snippet from a web-chat with Sterling Seagrave concerning his book Gold Warriors :-
…. McCloy was part of the group that used Nazi looted gold and Jap looted gold to set up the Black Eagle Trust and a multitude of slush funds growing out of it. We identify most of these people in our book, and they are essentially the same people you include in your excellent Assassination text. Webster Tarpley and Tony Chaitkin also identify them in THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF GEORGE BUSH. And they’ve been identified in other books we list in our bibliography, such as those about the Dulles claque and the Carlisle Group. It’s a network that includes the actual owners of The Fed and The Bank of England, Brown Brothers Harriman, Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Rockefeller Holdings, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove, Alpine Lodge, etc. etc. I think of the apex of this group as the Druids. Below them are their servants. People like McCloy, the Dulles Brothers, were just outsiders who became insiders because they had talent and could do the leg work. We added two additional chapters to the trade paperback from Verso, which explains a lot about these networks. We’ve dealt with them in the past in ALL our nine books, in different ways, which means we’ve spent thirty years writing about them in various manifestations. The more we learn, the more interesting it becomes (and the more depressing).

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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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the Crystal "Skull of Doom" as artifact of a "European esoteric cult"


Amongst New Age circles & fans of ancient mysteries the artifact known as the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, carved in two pieces from a single crystal of quartz, became renowned amongst similar objects for its unusually skilled creation & anatomically sophisticated design, the seemingly unfathomable mystery surrounding its origin & provenance & last but not least, alleged psychic properties.

Its supposed discoverer, Frederick Mitchell-Hedges, always somewhat cagey & evasive about how it came to be in his possession, appears to have settled on a colourful tale of the artifact being uncovered in 1927 during an excavation, of which he was part, in a Maya temple in Lubaantun, British Honduras ( modern-day Belize ) & proceeded to spin as much mystery about the cursed "Skull of Doom" as possible.

Mitchell-Hedges, Lady Richmond Brown and Dr. Thomas Gann at Lubaantun.

In this endeavour Hedges was one of a line of enthusiastic & adventurous 19th Century amateurs who pursued explorations & pseudo-scientific research into speculative & occult notions of Atlantean cultural diffusion between pre-columbian American & Eurasian civilisations. Pioneers such as Augustus Le Plongeon, William Niven & James Churchward pioneered the form that is still alive & kicking in the guise of Graham Hancock & his like & often had Masonic connections.

fortunately some of the fog of deliberate obfuscation & mythology was somewhat dispersed by thorough research in the Fortean publication Strange Magazine & subsequent researches, much of which implies a European origin.

Intriguingly though as far as the subject matter of this thread is concerned many of their documented findings seem at least as mysterious as Hedge's pulp-fiction efforts.

Firstly it seems very likely Hedges acquired the skull by the more prosaic route of buying it at auction, years after it was supposedly found, & rather closer to home - in London.

According to records, the skull was first put up for auction by British art dealer Sydney Burney in September 15, 1943, at Sotheby's in London. The British Museum tried to buy the skull at the sale so that they would have the two life-size crystal skulls known at that time. A note by H. J. Braunholtz of the British Museum reads: "Bid at Sotheby's sale, lot 54, 15 x 43 up to £340 (Fairfax). Bought in by Burney. Sold subsequently by Mr. Burney to Mr. Mitchell-Hedges for £400." A recent letter to this author from Adrian Digby states that he believed Mitchell-Hedges to have purchased the skull from Burney at Christies auctioneers, not Sothebys.

Mitchell-Hedges did not mention the object's existence in any of his published works concerning Lubaantun until 1954. He made no mention of the skull in any of his numerous lecture appearances and many friends and acquaintances of Mitchell-Hedges who have been queried do not recall him having the skull or discussing it before 1943.

A letter, written by Adrian Digby to Dr. A. Werner (of the Research Laboratory in the British Museum Department of Ethnography) on April 17, 1968, states (based on the photo of the Mitchell-Hedges skull that Dorland sent him) that the skull was the one which originally belonged to Sydney Burney. Digby goes on to say that Burney sold the skull to Mitchell-Hedges, who, Burney says, incorrectly claimed to have found the object.

the origin of the artifact remains a baffling enigma but some of the theories propounded by experts in the field are interesting to say the least :

The first time the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was mentioned in print was in July 1936, in an article in Man — A Monthly Record of Anthropological Science ("Published Under the Direction of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland") in which G. M. Morant and Adrian Digby of the British Museum compared the similar British Museum skull with the Burney skull (as the "Mitchell-Hedges" skull was known at the time). They were not able to deduce much, not even reliably which one was created first, or — if their creations were related — which one served as the model for the other. Even the British Museum skull's origin is shadowy — though it was supposed that it might have come from Mexico.

This leaves us with some tough questions about the skull. Is its style of workmanship truly Mayan? Or is its style that of any other culture of the area?

Dr. Frederick Dockstader (the former curator of the Museum of the American Indian) has commented that between 1575 and 1650 there were European craftsmen working with crystal; and that they would have had access to similar objects and native materials. He does not think it likely, though, that they created the Mitchell-Hedges skull, because the skull's separated jawbone does not seem typical of their work. He is inclined to identify the skull as an Aztec creation.

Elizabeth Carmichael of the British Museum feels quite differently. "Aztec it isn't," she states categorically.

Adrian Digby, formerly of the British Museum, has stated (in correspondence with the author) that his opinion is that the crystal skull is "not pre-Columbian, though it may very well have come from Mexico." Digby thinks that the crystal skulls "were ritual objects made for some esoteric cult of European origin."

Norman Hammond has enlarged upon this latter idea and, after commenting on a possible 16th to 18th century origin, states that "while a Renaissance origin is not improbable, given the size of the rock crystal block involved, manufacture in Qing Dynasty China for a European client cannot be ruled out."

Frank Dorland has been told (by people who knew Mitchell-Hedges) that the skull was brought back from the Holy Land by the Knights Templar during the Crusades. The skull was then supposedly kept in their Inner Sanctum in London and later hidden. Mitchell-Hedges rediscovered it when he was dealing in antiques. Dorland's sources hypothesize that after finding the skull, Mitchell-Hedges made up stories to explain where he got it. It is to be wondered if this may be the legendary "head" supposedly used as a centerpiece in the rituals of the Knights Templar.

As for the source of the crystal used in the Mitchell-Hedges skull's manufacture, it possibly came from the deposits in Calaveras County in California (which people like Dorland and jewel expert G. F. Kunz have speculated is a possible source for one or the other skull).

Coming more up to date the rather less impressive “British Museum” skull has also been identified as most likely of European origin : 'Aztec' Crystal Skull 'Likely to Be Fake'

Ignoring the imaginative flights of fancy what is of particular relevance & interest to this thread is the seeming likelihood on the part of several experts that a probable source for the skull could be a European esoteric cult, dating somewhere between the 16-18th Centuries, clearly of substantial means, for whom a skull / severed head is clearly of considerable symbolic significance.

the second most interesting aspect is the supposed paranormal effects emanating from the object , something also experienced by those who had come into possession of the ancient stone head effigies associated with the Druidic Cult of the Severed Head

When Frank Dorland began to work with the skull he was an art restorer based in San Francisco. He started his skull studies in 1956, and in 1964 the Mitchell-Hedges skull was entrusted to him by Anna Mitchell-Hedges.

The Dorland Manifestations
Strange Magazine

Frank Dorland, to whom Anna loaned the skull for many years, experienced visionary phenomena through the use of the skull. In particular, he was fascinated by its "aura," as well as the buildings, seemingly from antiquity, which he saw displayed within its eye socket (and on other portions of its cranial "anatomy"). "Visionary" is not the only word for its effect on him and others, since he has heard what he takes to be the sound of faint high metallic bells, chimes, and other noises apparently emanating from it. Dorland has also heard human voices softly singing strange chants. Dorland also claims that the first time he kept the skull in his residence overnight, there was the sound of a prowling jungle cat within his home, as well as the ringing of chimes and bells.

These occurred after Dorland entertained a most unusual visitor: Anton Szandor LaVey, the founder of San Francisco's Church of Satan. LaVey, in the interests of publicity, had brought the editor of an Oakland paper, claiming that the skull was the work of his deity and thus belonged in his church. To Dorland's discomfiture, LaVey did not leave in a hurry, having become ensconced at playing Dorland's organ. (In addition to being Satan's representative on Earth, LaVey is also a masterful organist.) Dorland had wanted to get the skull back into the vault, but found it had now become too late.

Dorland's experiences were not all entirely subjective

After the Satanist had left, Dorland and his wife found a safe spot for the skull and went to bed, but not to a peaceable rest. "All night long there were lots and lots of sounds," Dorland recounted. But, explorations of the house at that time revealed nothing. When they got up the next morning, they found that their belongings had been moved around. "We had a telephone dialer (which was made out of crystal) that had been moved from the telephone at least thirty-five feet to the front door — and it lay right across the front door threshold. I never believed that this [poltergeist activity] happened until it happened to me...."
Dorland attributes the phenomena to LaVey and the vibrations around him, saying that there was a reaction between the Satanist's mind and the skull. "I think there was a conflict of one type of energy against another type of energy which interfered somehow with physical objects."

It is to be wondered, however, if LaVey had more to do with the phenomena than give off conflicting "bad vibes."

Yet, curiously, when Dorland and his wife found their belongings scattered about the house the following morning, there was no sign of outside intrusion (and the doors and windows were still locked). He has experienced lesser but similar phenomena from other crystal items.

Less benign proponents of a particular brand of pseudo-scientific cultural diffusion emerged in the 1920’s who found a congenial home in the Nazi Ahnenerbe.

The March issue of the Swiss ”Mysteries Magazin" reported the discovery by their Editor Luc Burgin of a Crystal Skull identified with Nazi Grail explorer Otto Rahn.

According to the Daily Mirror, who also carry the following picture, it was

….found resting on a beam beneath the roof of a house in a Bavarian village….The skull, which weighs nearly 20lbs, is of the same design as the death’s head on the uniforms of Himmler’s henchmen.

It was found in the home of an old lady once married to a high-ranking SS officer and is now in the hands of Swiss journalist Luc Burgin, who said: “I am 99% sure that this is one of the skulls of the Mayans, but we need clarity and all available tests will be carried out to ascertain authenticity.”


Some more details come – via google translate - from the German Bild :

Crystal skull of SS leader Heinrich Himmler discovered ?

They are mystical and mysterious - the crystal skull of Native American cultures. Now, one of these supposed "Gods skull" has been found in Bavaria and was probably once owned by SS leader Heinrich Himmler!

As the magazine "Mysteries" reports, the Swiss journalist Luc Burgin (40) the skull (12 kilograms, up 17.5 centimeters, 21 centimeters deep) was found in the attic of his Bavarian informants (45) - hidden in an old wooden box. "Custom-made, which in turn was located in an old, worn leather knapsack."

The discovery enables historians in an uproar! For centuries give the mysterious skull of riddles.
Twelve of these crystal skulls are known, it would now be the secret thirteenth. Supposedly they come from the remains of the civilizations of Central and South America, where the priests of the Maya or Aztecs, with their religious rituals performed.

December 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends and will go under the world, create a new age of light and thus prevent the apocalypse.

Moreover, in the possession of Bavaria: A highly controversial Nazi-List!
On the unknown, four-page paper, there are 35 valuable art treasures, the order of the top Nazi leadership of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, shortly before the end of Augsburg in the south Bohemian Strakonice (Sudetenland) should be transported.
Including Item 14: The Crystal Skull. „263-2 FRSS Sammlung Rahn, No 25592, leather case, crystal skull, Colonies, South America."

According to list the skull belongs to the researcher Otto Rahn, who went for the Nazis on a quest for the Holy Grail, and in 1939 under mysterious circumstances, was killed.

And the inventory number 25 592 on the list was also on the wooden box.

Is the skull, the informant allegedly bought three years ago "for the price of butter bread," actually genuine ?

Quite guarantor wants to leave a former editor of a daily newspaper Basler, not the words of his informants: "We will certainly seek expert advice on the list and the skull in the coming months. Until then, I can only rely on my journalistic instinct - and that tells me that the list could actually be real. "

Hocus-pocus or sensational discovery? How much truth lies behind the legend of the crystal skulls is controversial. Scientists had already disputed the genuineness of an alleged gods skull from the British Museum.

By electro microscopic investigation researchers can tell if rather than the ancient Maya there is more likelihood a 19th Century grinding center of that time, such as Idar-Oberstein, produced the skulls.

Whilst doubts remain forever, because crystal working can not be dated exactly, it may be that the secret skull is anything but magical - just a nice decorative piece from Idar-Oberstein.

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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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Neil Whitehead : Kanaimà, Dark Shamanism & Assault Sorcery

Anthropologist Neil Whitehead is a leading expert on Amazonian indigenous cultures. His researches have led into some interesting areas which arguably bear comparison with the speculative theory advanced in this thread, in particular :

* the practice of Kanaimà – Dark Shamanism – involving grotesque ritualised violence - & its function as a reaction to foreign colonialism & outside economic, cultural & religious incursions in the Highlands of Guyana

* the co-opting of such occult belief-systems by emergent political forces

* the relevance of “political witchcraft” as a model to understanding the modern hegemonic forces of militarised capitalism

the following interview – appended to the end - covers much of his work & background :



the practice of Kanaimà – Dark Shamanism


the ritual infliction of anal & other torturous violence


Dark Shamanism as a reaction to foreign colonialism & outside economic, cultural & religious incursions


the co-opting of such occult belief-systems by emergent political forces





an interesting inter-connection to modern parapolitics ( & to the ravens of the Tower of London…. )


the relevance of “political witchcraft” as a model to understanding the modern hegemonic forces of militarised capitalism



He is a native of London who came of age “watching the IRA blow the fuck out of us,” yet is married to an Irishwoman. He smokes Natural American Spirit cigarettes but also swims a half-mile three or four times a week at the Natatorium because it keeps him in shape for fieldwork and because “I quite enjoy swimming, and I’m quite vain.”

An Oxford-educated member of the faculty here and a leading authority on shamanistic warfare, assault sorcery and indigenous social structures in Amazonia, Whitehead, 48, can recite Shakespeare with ease but can also howl along with prepubescent conviction to a Huckleberry Hound children’s album.

And he has the scholarly enthusiasms of a polymath.

“Guess what I’m on about now?” Whitehead asks.

“Umm, uh, hmm...what?”

“Comic books!” he exclaims with disarming enthusiasm. And not the goofy U.K. comics like The Beano and The Dandy that can render him almost gleeful in unguarded moments, but vintage graphic stories from Amazonia featuring, as he puts it, the kind of nonstandard antihero who at the surface represents working-class feelings and ideas.

“Sure, that’s all there, that’s your Damon Runyon, fine,” he explains. “But there’s a whole ’nother level, or should I say, smelly seam of this. It’s a different way of narrating violence for the purpose of stabilizing or controlling it.” A tangential way of approaching kanaimà.

Kanaimà (kuh-NI-muh) is the form of Amazonian assault sorcery Whitehead has been studying for more than 10 years. It is the subject of Dark Shamans, his career-defining 2002 book about the history of kanaimà, its persistence in the face of colonialism and commercial exploitation of the Guyana highlands, its resistance to academic inquiry, its meanings in the context of indigenous cultural expression — and its relevance for understanding the human capacity for violence.

It is also a prolonged, torturous way to die.

A kanaimà practitioner first stalks the victim, at night or on isolated forest trails, announcing the intention to kill with a whistling noise but then waiting until the victim is deemed vulnerable, as Whitehead describes in a paper published in 2001. The initial attack is swift and incapacitating, resulting in broken fingers, dislocated shoulders and spinal injury but leaving the victim alive with the knowledge that he or she is almost certainly doomed.

The fatal attack may come months or even years later. Once again, the victim is set upon. The tongue is pierced with snake fangs to cause swelling, rendering the victim speechless and unable to eat or drink. The anal cavity is stripped out by the friction of an iguana or armadillo tail. Part of the sphincter muscle is forced out and cut off. Herbs are packed deep into the victim’s rectum to induce auto-digestion, the body is rubbed with natural astringents and the victim dies a lingering death due to diarrheal dehydration.

“Kanaimà violence is very humiliating, and it is in that sense doubled,” Whitehead says. “I mean, no one wants to be hurt physically, but there are clearly ways of being hurt physically that are more humiliating than others. Insult on top of injury, if you like. Which redoubles the force of kanaimà violence, and I think it causes all these outsiders including myself to have their attention grabbed by it.”

The ritual achieves its greatest symbolic potency after the victim’s death, when the kanaimà visits the victim’s grave to suck the cadaver’s juices and retrieve pieces of bone and tissue for use in the next cycle of stalking and killing.

This is the fate that Whitehead appears to have narrowly avoided in 1992, when, during a visit to Guyana to conduct a preliminary survey of archeological sites for the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, he unwittingly disturbed an artifact in an effort to photograph it.

“I have no proof otherwise and make no accusations,” he writes in Dark Shamans, but how else to explain what followed? A wretched meal was served back at the boarding school where he was lodged, and “I started feeling extremely ill within a few minutes of finishing.” He was soon afflicted with fever and “incessant” vomiting.

Suspecting that his food had been poisoned, Whitehead nonetheless soldiered back out into the field to continue his survey, only to be overcome with intestinal distress. “I had never ever laid down on the forest floor before,” he writes, “for the obvious reason that it is home to many voracious biting insects, but neither can I recall having felt quite so grim, even though I have had malaria, hepatitis, and pneumonia, as well as ‘normal’ food poisoning.”

His symptoms eventually waned, but a series of unnerving encounters with shadowy figures and his continued weak state ultimately led him to beat the retreat and fly out of the region with a vow to return and to continue his study of kanaimà.

“I had a lot of people backing me, walking around with guns,” Whitehead says. “This was all very reassuring. I was angry, too: ‘You don’t do that to me, because I’m going to study you till you’re dead.’ You know, my form of revenge is I’m going to write a book about you and then you’ll be fucked, right? Ha ha ha ha! Or whatever, something like that.”

At the same time, he says, “I felt like, ‘get kanaimà fucking off my case.’” But it wasn’t easy to pull up stakes. “That is a very difficult thing for an ethnographer, because if you lose your nerve.... It’s all about sustaining some kind of, you know, identity and forcefulness when you are necessarily challenged quite possibly to your inner core.”

The meanings of kanaimà rituals among the Patamuna and neighboring Amerindian groups are shrouded in darkness and secrecy. Western observers in the 19th and early 20th centuries ascribed their brutal aspects to pathology, or to notions of revenge rooted in primitive beliefs about magical power.

But Whitehead and his colleagues have peeled back the historical misinterpretations that colonials superimposed on kanaimà and similar shamanistic practices. They have found meanings that are more profound than mere psychopathology.

Whatever their functions in antiquity, for example, kanaimà rituals appear to have metamorphosed during 19th-century colonial encounters to become a cultural performance that “was explicitly understood as a means to resist and reject the white man’s materiality and spirituality,” according to one paper co-authored by Whitehead.

The mutability of purpose continued into the 20th century, as kanaimà and other forms of assault sorcery became a potent expression of autonomy, ambiguous yet spiritually significant, braided into remote sociopolitical structures as a defense against other Amerindians and against what Whitehead calls the “depredations” of the nation-state.

Kanaimà, he suggests, has served to help the Patamuna sustain their culture. Their society is primarily agrarian, focused on the harvesting of manioc, the root that yields tapioca. It is a way of life supplemented by hunting and fishing — “a very standard mode of existence in Amazonia,” Whitehead says.

Clustered in villages of 400 or 500 people, the Patamuna are “hardly Westernized at all,” he adds. Though they may wear T-shirts and other modern attire, he says, those visual markers are deceptive because the way people dress has been globalized — blue jeans and Tommy Hilfiger castoffs are, like cigarettes, universal currency. More significant, Whitehead says, is the fact that the Patamuna are “not part of the nation-state. Kanaimà is part of that independence. It’s a signal that, ‘We’re still Patamuna.’”

Indeed, “part of the challenge of kanaimà is its intimacy,” he says. “The killers and victims are known to each other. Everyone in that sense is at risk. The Patamuna haven’t professionalized violence and handed it over to specialized police and military. It is still very much part and parcel of the community.”

As we sit in his office, which is crammed with books and files, he says, “By and large, scholars and even policymakers have often shied away from contemplating violence, not in the sense of talking about it but actually unpacking what it is.

“Everyone thinks it’s obvious, everyone thinks they know what violence is, and they’re damn sure that it’s always wrong. But my question is, do we really know what it is and is it always wrong?

“The troubling answer I’ve received, through my own fieldwork and my engagement with this extreme and almost incomprehensible killing and murder, is that when I came to understand its origins and context, while I don’t advocate it, there has to be, you know, yes, I do see meaning in this violence.

“I do now think it is not so straightforward to say all violence is bad, we can never tolerate it.”

I ask him why it’s important to come to an understanding of kanaimà violence in the greater context of the world.

“Because kanaimà seems to fit all our prejudices and assumptions about the savagery of others and the civilized nature of ourselves,” he answers. “In other words, yes, we think we’re violent too, but our violence has rationale, it is disciplined and controlled, whereas kanaimà seems to be simply cruel, florid, gross and unnecessary.”

The study of anthropology can help Westerners move beyond this stereotype, he says. “Because people know nothing about kanaimà, they’ll give me the chance to talk about it and put in place an explanation that they, when they’re finished reading, might surprise them. Makes them at least ready to understand that not all violence is meaningless.

“We can turn those frameworks on ourselves and ask: ‘Well, what happens if we look at our own violence as performance, as actually meaningful and not meaningless?’ And face up to the fact that some of us do approve of some forms of violence — that there are some legitimate forms of violence.

“Who legitimizes it?” he asks. The question hangs there, echoing, succinct and rhetorical amid the adverbs Whitehead uses so precisely in conversation.

As editor of last year’s scholarly collection on Histories and Historicities in Amazonia and co-editor of In Darkness and Secrecy: The Anthropology of Assault Sorcery and Witchcraft in Amazonia, published this summer, Whitehead finds himself in the middle of one of anthropology’s hot lines of inquiry — one that re-engages old questions with new scholarship and new methodologies.

“What happens is, certain parts of the world get hot because they seem to spit out important new ways and thoughts of how to approach things,” says Whitehead. In witchcraft and Amazonia, “we’ve got a lot of very, very, very important themes here, cross-cut by modernity and globalization, which is what ties us all into it.”

In Darkness and Secrecy the subject of sorcery “is global, because what we’re seeing across the globe is a resurgence of traditional forms of violence, principally. Look at those two Wisconsin missionaries. Who were they shot down by? They were killed not because they were Americans but because they were missionaries.

“Now, this is important. They were killed explicitly for the reasons of witchcraft, darkness, secrecy. It’s the shamanic warfare going on there. But you know, when we look at Sierra Leone or Rwanda, we try and read it as Nazi genocide. What we’re missing is what is actually driving these people. We are looking at a post-colonial culture of witchcraft.”

The field is simmering so close to full boil that Whitehead has joined with UW journalism Prof. Jo Ellen Fair and political science Prof. Leigh Payne to marshal a three-year, $30,000 grant to fund a “Legacies of Violence” project that will, over the next two or three years, produce workshops and seminars to address child soldiering, perpetration, collaboration and related topics. (See sidebar.)

“We’re going to truly try and change the agenda,” says Whitehead, “and, you know, stimulate people with, you know, some extremely frightening and challenging ways of thinking about violence.”

I ask him if the sensational aspects of shamanism and warfare, sorcery — dark sorcery — obscure the profound nature of it.

“Absolutely,” nods Whitehead. “That’s exactly what I think happened with kanaimà. You know, people are entranced, the colonial mind was entranced by kanaimà. But it was exactly that which meant that it failed to perceive, just as is the case with radical Islam, the profound spiritual meaning of this violence. What we’re missing with Osama, what we’re missing with Hamas.... These are spiritual acts for them.”

Part of Whitehead’s job as a member of the anthropology faculty here involves lecturing. He’ll teach a course on the anthropology of war this fall — a course that has long since filled to capacity.

During one lecture I sit in on this past spring, he is engaging, dynamic and rigorous, with a rhythmic cadence of speech that provides for thorough note-taking and a volume that projects well throughout Room 5206 of the Social Science building.

His lecture does not break stride when tardy undergrads trickle in a few minutes late, or when a cell phone rings. Bracing himself on the lectern, gripping its edges, or thrusting his hands into his pockets and pacing a bit, Whitehead’s physical presence serves as the vessel for a restless mind.

He appears to work off an outline instead of a fully formed text, and employs the good habit of repeating key words and phrases for emphasis. He gestures little. The heads of his audience are upright, attentive. Time flies by in a jet stream of ideas until the bell.

Whitehead’s capacity for examining a topic that makes other people recoil may be attributable to the experiences of a youth spent in violent times and circumstances.

“I came of age during the whole Irish thing,” he said earlier, when we spoke in his office. “I was deeply involved with the anti-war movement. I’d been to Northern Ireland, I’d talked directly to IRA personnel. This was not part of anthropology but part of life’s journey itself. I’m married to an Irishwoman, so I would say the whole Irish situation was very important in allowing me to formulate ideas about violence that were somewhat nonstandard, because that experience was my growing-up experience. I saw our country go through what this country is going through now. Right?”

He is also the product of a brutal English school system, the pupil of schoolmasters who “were all shattered people from prisoner of war camps, people with tattoos on. I grew up in a world in which Germans were still enemies. I grew up in a world in which the Second World War had finished just 15 years previously.”

Whitehead averts his gaze down to his hands, grows subdued at the memories of being schooled in violence. “I think I was encouraged as a youth to inflict it,” he reflects, “and I’m afraid I don’t have a problem inflicting it as a result.”

He acknowledged this early in life, “because that’s what English public school is about.” But acknowledgement does not mean he is not troubled by it.

“It’s hard now for people to understand, and perhaps it never was like this in the States, but if you lived in England through the ’70s and ’80s as you people were deploying Cruise missiles, we really felt that, hey, the first strike would be on England,” he says. “The imminence of complete annihilation was not something that could easily be put from one’s mind. I think that sentiment was far stronger throughout Europe than it ever was in America.

“I don’t see the world getting any less violent. And this makes it I think a central issue for anthropology. Our thinking on this matter is as primitive as our thinking on sexuality was 30 years ago. You know, we’ve come out of the closet sexually, but we haven’t come out of the closet violently.”

Instead, he suggests, we have co-opted violence, rendered it abstract and distant. “What I think is relevant to know here in the States, the representation of violence, violence as entertainment, I mean, people’s lives here are pretty unviolent. I know we have all that stuff out there, but I was saying to my wife, Jesus Christ, people have no idea what it’s like to live on the West Bank with rockets coming down.

“So we live pretty safe, nonviolent lives here, which is why I think we spend so much time rehearsing it through the media. You know, what a nation this is! Jason and Freddie?!?!? What’s that? The whole — Hannibal Lecter is a hero, he’s not a villain! You know, that’s how far we are lost in all this.”

Whitehead himself lives a pretty safe, nonviolent life with his wife, Theresa — a homemaker and former lecturer in industrial relations — and their four children in Shorewood Hills. When I rang the bell some weeks later, his two youngest daughters and both of the family’s beefy Labrador retrievers (one black, one chocolate) answered the door, followed by the professor. Another daughter and a son are away this evening; he expects Theresa home at any moment. Two cats, a budgie and two hamsters complete the household.

“I don’t see that my story is exceptional,” he says. “It’s because I think my story is part of everyone else’s. My reaction to [acts of violence] is to understand them as not just being produced by individual bad decisions or poor judgment or lousy character, but by the way structurally and socially people are impelled into these violent situations.

“I’ve tended to take risks in life to begin with,” he explains. “I don’t think very conservative characters become anthropologists in the first place, so you’re a bit wild and wacky to begin with.”

How does your wildness and wackiness express itself in daily life?

“Ha! Well, you’d find my classroom less formal and proffy than many,” he replies. “I’m not very respectful of my betters and my elders, necessarily. I spend hours leafing through medieval illuminated manuscripts instead of getting on with my job.

“I also hunt and fish,” Whitehead says. “I like the outdoors, I like all that engagement, and by the way: No, I don’t think hunting is wrong. I think it’s a more real relationship with the natural than wandering around gawking at it.”

At the back of the house, on the three-season porch overlooking the backyard, Whitehead does something wild and wacky indeed. He pulls out an old 33-1/3 rpm album from the stereo cabinet and brandishes the cover. It is a well-played Huckleberry Hound children’s album. He cues up the theme song.

“The biggest show in town is Huckleberry Hound,” the song begins. “For all you guys and gals/The biggest clown in town is Huckleberry Hound/With all his cartoon pals.” As the song builds towards its refrain, Whitehead gathers himself and finally joins in, chorusing the cartoon dog’s name, elongating it into a howl: “Huckleberry Ho-ow-w-w-wnd.”

As a cultural performance, it is thoroughly disorienting. A scholar of ritual violence at the peak of his career, howling along to the theme song for a vintage children’s cartoon. But his howl makes perfect sense. Here is a man at home in a violent world.
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Re: “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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Scotland: is the British Establishment selling the Union down the river?

Civil servants and diplomats are helping Alex Salmond to break up the UK .

By Alan Cochrane
8:37PM BST 22 Sep 2011

Seeing the funny side: the Queen and Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland

We shall probably never know what was said over the Balmoral Castle dinner table by the Queen and Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, this week. Of all this nation’s great secrets, none are more sacred than what passes between the Head of State and the senior politicians who govern in her name.

There is little doubt that Mr Salmond has struck up an extremely amicable working relationship with Her Majesty, which includes regular visits to the royal residence on Deeside. In fact, while David and Samantha Cameron had a rare overnight stay at Balmoral three weeks ago, Mr Salmond and his wife Moira have probably notched up five or six “dinner, bed and breakfasts” at the castle. He also sees her regularly when she visits her Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Although he is hell-bent on holding a referendum within the next three years to break up Elizabeth II’s United Kingdom (she’s only Elizabeth I in Scotland, by the way), he has reassured the House of Windsor that Her Majesty would remain Queen of Scots if his separatist plans come to fruition.

He has abandoned his plans for a referendum on the future of the monarchy north of the Border and said that, while he wants to repeal the 1707 Treaty of Union between Scotland and England, he is determined to honour the 1606 Union of the Crowns, which saw James VI of Scotland become James I of England.

Whether this concession made any difference to the Queen’s attitude towards the leader of the Scottish National Party we shall never know, given her steely determination to stay out of political controversy.

Still, royal backing or not, there is no doubt that the nationalists are now Scotland’s only viable political force. Their staggering victory in the May elections to the Scottish Parliament, when they won 69 of the 129 seats, and the feebleness of the opposition, are the main reasons for this. All of the opposition party leaders resigned immediately and Mr Salmond appears master of all he surveys, to the extent that Scotland now bears a striking resemblance to a one-party state.

Worse than all this, though, is a growing concern that the British establishment and its institutions are actually helping the SNP leader to achieve his ultimate goal.

There are fears that the Civil Service in Scotland has become part of what leading separatists call “The Project” – that is, the plan to break up Britain. This week saw an unprecedented attack on the politicisation of civil servants at St Andrew’s House – administrative centre of the devolved regime – since the SNP swept to power.

Tavish Scott, the former leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, complained that Sir Peter Housden, Scotland’s most senior civil servant, had allowed statements from officials to “cross the line into party politics” and called on him to remind his team about “what is political and what is government”.

There is no doubt that all civil servants everywhere like working for accomplished ministers and there is equally no doubt that the SNP has some talented performers. But the feeling is growing that this may be blinding civil servants working in Scotland – who are, after all, members of the British Civil Service – to the SNP’s main aim. It is one thing to assist ministers in pursuit of their goals on social housing or more hospital beds, but entirely another to help them achieve major constitutional change leading to the end of the United Kingdom.

That’s what opposition politicians believe was taking place when officials were engaged in what Mr Salmond called his “National Conversation” – an attempt to enrol the public in his attempt to change Scotland’s position in the United Kingdom. However, when a Labour MP complained to Sir Gus O’Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary and head of the British Civil Service, he was told, in effect, that Scottish civil servants had to do what their ministerial masters asked of them. These same civil servants are also devilling away at present on the SNP’s mission to transfer far more powers from Westminster to Holyrood than Mr Cameron is prepared to concede.

There is a suspicion, too, that British diplomats serving abroad are – wittingly or unwittingly – assisting “The Project”. MPs, on an all-party group visit to Washington last month, were astonished when they asked senior State Department officials for their government’s views on the possible break-up of Britain.

“What they said might have come straight from an SNP press release,” said one senior Labour MP. A North of England Tory MP added: “We couldn’t believe it. Here were representatives of the US government parroting nationalist policy.” The question both MPs posed was: what on earth is the British Embassy in Washington doing if the United States accepts the SNP’s side of the constitutional argument?

Another British minister was equally aghast when, on a visit to Canada, he discovered that the British High Commission in Ottawa had arranged a meeting between Canadian oilmen and the minister they reckoned was in charge of North Sea oil taxation – Jim Mather, an SNP minister, who had no responsibility for either North Sea oil or its taxation regime.

All of this leads me to pose some questions: have the higher reaches of the British establishment decided that maintaining the present union between Scotland and England is not worth a prolonged fight? Are they happy to act as handmaidens to the creation of an independent Scotland? Why isn’t David Cameron leading the battle to save Britain? Am I wrong to smell a sell-out?
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