Coincidence or Kek the Frog God

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Coincidence or Kek the Frog God

Postby Hugo Farnsworth » Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:23 pm

Coincidence? FDR sez no. Kek the Frog God sez it's M-A-G-I-C. ... -frog-god/

I suppose we could have a survey, but I hate them.
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Re: Coincidence or Kek the Frog God

Postby American Dream » Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:29 pm

Hell Comes to Frogtown: Alt Right and Triumph of Transhumanism



Synchronicities related to emergence of Kek the God and his merging with Trump in the bowels of Internet forums early on in the presidential campaign, are so numerous and, frankly, mind boggling that we cannot list them here, for the sake of brevity. For our purpose it is sufficient to point out that for many alt right aficionados, including core leadership, Kek is the God and Trump is his prophet, all declared with smug grin and ironical stance, yet with all the necessary power of conviction.

Namely, chaos magick relies on laughter, or irreverence of its own principles because it is essentially un-principled. Fairly in accordance with its postmodern nature it seeks to deconstruct any kind of order to enable its “practitioner” to impose his own will and change the world – as Spencer would put it: make his dreams a reality.

I would go further and add: make all reality a dream; because, chaos magick and alt right are nothing more but novel forms in the development of virtual, i.e. posthuman, world. The idea of adherence and reattachment to tradition that the alt right movement professes is nothing more but simulacrum appealing to people tired of liberal nihilism – in its essence, however, it is a complete opposite: a disintegration of all substantial traditional principles – above all an idea of preexistent hierarchy of Being – into nothingness of primordial Chaos.

Posthuman traditionalism

ImageI already developed this insight regarding the subversive work of Alexander Dugin, who is probably the most consequent subverter of Tradition with recognizable public persona acting in our age, but now we can see how his affiliates in USA and Europe are doing the same thing – with less philosophical subtlety, but fueled by much greater raw power. Namely, alt right, if we are to judge by what it’s leadership advocates, is ideologically nothing more but project of building the simulated tradition – something Richard Spencer likes to call “political theology” – founded on New Age filtered Aryan myths, racial interpretation of Nietzsche and generally crossbred with “do your own thing” mentality, all done in the virtual ether of information technology. After all, if we are to agree with Spencer – half jokingly of course – that God Emperor was inaugurated by the act of Kek the God, then the victory of alt right “traditionalists” is in fact the victory of technological magic; the act of pseudo magus waving the same wand Ray Kurzweill and his ilk offer to progressive lunatics.

In the end, therefore, we are talking about another victory of posthumanism, branded, spontaneously or otherwise, as traditionalism. The obsession of alt right adherents with “identity” in general and “white identity” in particular points to a fact that they are unable to realize the simple truth of Tradition they supposedly defend: they understand identity as something that can be created and not something that must be accepted. Observing the plethora of various, rather eccentric individuals in it’s vanguard, from macho gay postmodern Spartans to adherents to all kinds of exotic – and to a large extent made up – pagan religions one is at the lack to find a common denominator, save maybe for quite unchallenged neo-darwinist stance, especially to be found among “game” bloggers as Chateau Heartiste. If someone thinks that he can reattach himself to pre-modern spiritual history of humankind – actually the only one there is – while at the same time musing about “alpha and beta males”, “sexual market”, “signaling and counter-signaling”, professing therefore his proud monkey ancestry and reducing human relations to mental GMO of memes, genes and biological analogies, he is doing nothing else than unconsciously subverting the very thing he seemingly defends.

The allure of alt right lies in it’s dialectical opposition to political correctness and rampart destruction of moral substance of the West, induced by process of globalization. Yet this is an eristic or, to use an excellent neologism invented by one correspondent of mine: discordian dialectic; the process of infinite division into ever multiplying opposites founded on the principle of Chaos. It is all done with the crooked half grin, a pinch of salt to every smug remark – with irony of the man who knows he’s a liar and a cheat. But smug humor goes just a short way. In the end it morphs into sarcasm and irreverence of what should in fact be revered and subverts the very principles it professes to defend, far more effectively than dead serious PC brigade or techno loonies of posthumanist movement could ever hope for.


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