literally an alliterate idiot

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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby backtoiam » Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:05 am

Thanx chump that was an interesting read. I know a "landman" and he travels around trying to talk people that own land into punching a hole in the ground on their property. He makes damn good money too. He spends a lot of time in the courthouse looking up deeds and property ownership boundries, or, riding around talking to people about punching holes. He made an an ass load of money doing it too. It is a good paying job with a lot freedom involved because you don't punch a time clock.
"A mind stretched by a new idea can never return to it's original dimensions." Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby coffin_dodger » Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:24 am

Thanks for the tale of horror that may have been, Chump - it was an interest in these kind of experiences that originally drew me to RI. Thanks for making the effort (and you put a lot of effort into these).
What has been, what is and what might have been, eh?
PS I liked the 'number 9' post you did on the questioning consciousness thread, too. It was studying numbers and their relationship to matter that helped me realise that numbers are real, whilst langauge is most definitely a construct, guiding a means to an end. :thumbsup
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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:42 pm ... 79#p609579
by Elihu » Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:23 am

Let me list the institutions that a Flat Earther has to distrust:

- NASA and other international space agencies
- the scientific community
- universities across the world, going back hundreds of years
- governments across the world
- historians, mathematicians, and academia in general
- telecommunications companies

completely. i'm to the place where the few little beams of light creeping into our indoctrinated lives invites me to infer that our authoritarian state is ALL lies.

not a cloud of confusion such as " everything was going fine with this democracy business until some people i hate began to exercise their perogatives through the system."

no no no. much bigger, more subtle and older than our minds are conditioned to think. a clunky conspiracy, no wonder the word is now an epithet.

the cohesion of the conspirators is that it is a gravy train, predators and prey, or shepards and sheep. they enjoy the club and want to stay in it, not to mention there is no audience to hear it explained as such, and they couldn't absorb it anyway.

maco is right, i almost posted the same things. christopher columbus, what a fairy tale. and we pay to have that taught to our children. funnels disappearing over the horizon, aristotle walking the earth at night and noticing different constellations in different places. man these are creeds, not scientific observations.

so being honest, everything official is in jeopardy with this: dinosaurs, fossil fuel, global warming, space exploration, official history, and the coup de grace, obedient taxpayers. it's obvious that if this cohesion breaks down the state is in real trouble.

that's why this is a political discussion as well as a scientific one. the state has cops and guns and is prepared to fvck people up who stray from the fold. and a part of people would prefer not to think along these lines because it can't be un-thought. it's natural to prefer the familiar and comfortable.

so if it is an edifice of lies, and i believe it is, the bigger and more intricate it is, the more prone it is to collapse with a few key strategic revelations.

hence nasa. if they can be caught green-screening and zero-g-ing, ................................... i'll just put a bunch of periods here because it gets dicey when we consider on who's behalf these lies are being told, and how much money they have stolen and are stealing….

As above, so below...
John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse, p.169 of 287:

Our world exists in three dimensions: height, width and breadth. We can move in many directions within these dimensions : up, down, sideways, forward, and backward. We measure space in relation to our own size, by inches, feet, yards, miles, light years. If we were 25 feet tall and our planet were the size of Jupiter (many times larger than Earth), we would undoubtably have adjusted our measurements of space accordingly. Our inch might be equal to an Earth foot, our mile might be equal to ten earth miles.

Space does not exist except when we make it exist. To us, the distance between atoms in matter is so minute that it can only be calculated with hypothethical measurements. Yet, if we lived on an atom and our size was relative to it's size, the distance to the next atom would seem awesome and beyond reach. The ant lives in a world of giants where even a blade of grass is a gigantic structure and a tree is whole universe. If ants had measurements, their inch might be the size of the point of a pin, and their mile would be less than a foot.

How dare we try to reduce the universe to our own terms? We can't even see or sense a large part of the world around us. Man is not the final, perfect end product of evolution.

He is the beginning...

There is another man-made measurement called time. Unlike the other three dimensions, time has us trapped. We can move in only one direction through it - forward. This forward otion is governed by physical laws. We cannot leap ahead fifteen years any more than we can slide back to 1848. We are trapped in this moment of time. This instant.

The only way we can bridge time is to create something that will endure beyond the immediate moment. We construct buildings, pyramids, works of art, and even laws that become material and lasting things. Our moments become seconds, minutes, days, hours, years. Our lives revolve around clocks and calenders. Time becomes very real to us, and it is inconceivable that we could live without it.

Yet time doesn't really exist at all.

This moment exists to us. The same moment is being shared by other planets or other stars. Or is it?

The light from a distant star may take 30 years to cross space and reach us. We can see a nova (exploding star) 1,000 years after it has actually burst and vanished. With strong telescopes, we can peer into the past. We could see that event 1,000 years after it happened. Perhaps we couls see a planet near that star, see a whole population panic and go mad as their sun started to expand and pour heat and radiation onto them. Perhaps long after our own planet is a dead cinder some dispassionate astronomer in some remote part of the universe will collect the light from this moment and watch us grovelling about this year.

We have learned to measure time by observing the special characteristics of our environment. Our days and nights are measured by the length of time it takes the earth to rotate on its axis. Our years are the number of days it takes to make one complete corcuit around the sun. Our lives are scaled by the number of years our delicate organisms can survive. If the earth did not rotate, there wouold be no days. If it did not circuit the sun, there would be no years. If we were larger or smaller and lived on Ganymide, one of Jupiter's moons, our whole measurement of time would be different...

Stretching Time

Much has been written about the fact that astronauts whizzing through space at 25,000 mph return to earth a fraction of a second younger than the rest of us, because as Einstein discovered, the faster a particle moves through space, the slower it moves through time. Time becomes a hypothethical field. Trapped here on earth, we all move through that field at the same rate. Science fiction writers have always made a big deal out of this, and there are endless tales of astronauts dashing off to other planets and, upon returning to earth, finding that hundreds of years hace actually passed, even though they are only a months or years older.

Physicists following Einstein's concepts assert that nothing can exceed the speed of light without becoming infinite mass and being reduced to energy. However, if we want to blow our minds altogether, we can speculate that an energy particle might hit such a high frequency and move so fast that it doesn't move at all. Energies beyond the cosmic rays on our spectrum scale would have such a very high frequency that they would appear to be motionless. A small group of American physicists are now actually trying to build the equipment necessary to test this possibility.

These super-high frequencies would be far outside our time field, yet they could exist all around us, and we have no way of detecting or defining them. We could only guess at their existence, just as men guessed for hundreds of years about atomic structure before we developed the technology needed to confirm the theories.

To repeat this another way: If an astronaut can move more slowly through the time field by accelerating through three dimensional space, then it might be possible for a super-high frequency particle moving at super-high speeds tp escape or be uninfluenced by our time field altogether.

What I'm trying to do here is reduce the complex Einstein theory to the simplest of terms.

Now then, how can all this be applied to the UFO phenomenon?

Throughout this book I have tried to explain that UFOs seem to be transmogrifations: seemingly material apparitions that might actually be composed of energies from the high reaches of the electromagnetic spectrum. If this is so, then one additional factor is necessary: order or intelligence.

The UFO phenomenon does seem to be controlled. It does seem to follow intelligent patterns. If the objects themselves are manifestations of higher energies, then something has to manipulate those energies somehow and reduce them to visible frequencies. Not only do they enter the visible frequencies, but take forms that seem physical and real to us, and they carry out actions which seem intelligent.

Thus we arrive at the source. The source has to be a form of intelligent energy operating at the very highest point of the frequency spectrum. If such an energy exists at all, it might permeate the universe and maintain equal control over each component part. Because of its high frequency, so high that the energy particles are virtually standing still, the source has no need to replenish itself in any way that would be acceptable to out environmental sciences. It couls actually create and destroy matterby manipulating the lower energies. It would be timeless, because it exist beyond all time fields. It would be infinite because it is not confined by three-dimensional space...

... If the energy form were infinite, timeless. and permeated the entire universe, it would have total knowledge and total awareness. It would not need eyes and ears and nerve endings for perception. Like Mount Everest, it would be there and be unaffected by whatever was happening lower on the energy spectrum.

It could surround you completely at this very moment and be totally aware of all the feeble impulses of low energy passing through your brain. If it so desired, it could control those pulses and thus control your thoughts.

Man has always been aware of this intelligent energy or force. He has always worshiped it.

Outer space = Inner space? ... Are Freemasonic mathmen and mystics maintaining and manipulating our manifestation of +/- binary elements, intelligently elaborating an ether - inextricably woven electromagnetically within our mind?
Water is shown to be shoved with magnets, and salty water is more magnetic, so are the electromagnetic sun and moon magnetically moving the electromagnetic ocean tides? Taking what Tesla and Twain tried to explain, perhaps we experience an ego and geo-centric perspective in a co-creation of our ideas, and we can resonate the world we wish to wade in, but for several centuries some serious species have successfully mainstreamed magick, science, movies, books, plays, TV, and of course - physical force, et cetera, so forth, persuading persnickety peoples' personal perspective, to escape themselves at the publics' expense.

Back and forth, like a big flat earth in a petri dish? Are the protein in a petri peeping at us?


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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:15 pm


(Seeing as how, we spent half our honeymoon in San Francisco... )

I was gonna insert this saga in the ' ...songs.. ' thread, but decided to stick it in this one instead...

I distinctly remember listening to this song, a beautiful ballad, back in the 70's, when I was a busboy driving downtown to deliver dishes at a delectable diner.

We'd only been dating for just a short time, when quite suddenly, to both our surprises, as I was leaving late one night, pulling at my pant leg on her parents' porch - swayed by that song and so many others, I suggested my teen should marry me... "Take your time to think it through...", I told her true, "But, I know, now, I'll never love anyone more than you."

Still to this day, I'm stunned that my babe did say, okay.

Many moons later, Say Anything, the marvelous movie with John Cusack and Ione Skye, reminded my wife of the two of us: Totally different, but happy together... She was Diana Cort, of course; and I was a little like Lloyd, but not as nice.

Anyway, walking down the aisle at the store today, a song from the 70's began to play...

Well, we sped back home, stowed away the groceries, then while my woman made me a gourmet lunch - with sliced turkey, lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, and chipotle sauce wrapped in a tortilla, with some chips on the side, I searched for that song and found a cool video, followed by a favorite: Blind Feeling - a synthesizer song from the same ole sleeve; the video synchronistically featuring the street - where we found our first residence in southeast Denver.

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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:58 pm

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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:30 pm ... 62#p632162
that chart comes from a site that list Henry Makow as a link you may like :roll:

should have at least mentioned that ...I don't think I need to post more really

you should take James Tracy off your tweeter feed...or at least stop posting his shit here

and he follows Kellyanne and James O'Keefe sweet is that?

Defends the trumpty dumbty Swedish Terrorist attack!

now I have to go take a shower for even linking on that link!!!!

Consider the source?


My curiosity commonly compels me to personally peruse a panarama of public opinions. Professor Tracy's conspiracy site, formerly a fairly reliable read, is now apparently inaccessible and actually malicious. So, here and there and now and then, I twitch his Twitter to see it instead. I don't entirely trust Tracy - simply because of his mainstream presence (on Anderson Pooper for instance). I suspect he's a spicket of propaganda, but the Professor's stuff is still more credible than 90... eh, 76% of the shit SLAD's been stickin' in the rigorous discussions around this region... (Sorry... I'm sure I could say the same for myself, and the rest of 'the tribe' ...More power to ya'! Post what you want!!) Shirley, we realize the low reliability of what we are reading, so there's really no risk/reason in reading it... Right?

FWIW ... 4370397189
Federal Court Denies @FloridaAtlantic Motion to Dismiss #JamesTracy #FreeSpeech Suit, Orders FAU to Answer Complaint

Wanna see somethin' seriously disturbing (potentially triggering):

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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:22 pm

I recently saw this concise explanation of the hip Professor's professional hypothesis and some directed energy observations that did sorta seem to make some sense - to a mystery minded minion like me.

Where Did the Towers Go? Implications of the Forensic Study and Its Cover Up
Published on Jun 5, 2017

An updated version of a film about the research of Dr Judy Wood. It also discusses the cover up of the evidence and the implications of this cover up.
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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:03 am

Re: Rare 9-11 Amateur Footage Never Aired On Television

Postby elfismiles » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:38 pm
I've come to believe, more or less, the pancaking theory ... I believe the floor connectors buckled enough to cause the floors to begin descent and that the central supports / core were uneffected and between that core and the external skeleton of the lattice outside those acted as guides for the floors to go more or less straight down. Imagine, I-Ching coins as the floors, with the core columns / elevator shafts thread through the i-ching coin's center holes and a latticework around the edge of the floors/coins. Jostle those coins loose from the connectors on the inside and outside and the coins/floors just fall straight down with the core acting as a guide. To me this also explains why the core columns were still slightly visible before they too crumbled - not due to exotic beam weapon tech creating "dustification" ...

As for the flashes ... I am still open to demolitions being involved ... but the flashes on the copters just seem most likely to just be reflections - but I am no expert on any of this.

To repeat: I am no expert on any of this.

Iamwhomiam » 29 Aug 2017 16:20 wrote:
Thanks, smiles & Elvis. I just think that the flashes from the helicopter needs to be identified and explained. Though I never sought to investigate 911, I'd still like an explanation that I could believe as to what caused the two towers to collapse. Glad to learn folk had been long aware of this video. The flashes from below the helicopter, the collapse of Seven, and the two towers - still unsatisfactory explanations, imo. 'Pancaking' from loss of integrity due to heat would not bring down the massive central supports. I can live with not knowing, but sure wish something more convincing would let the entire incident and the survivors & those who lost loved ones that day or since, from injuries suffered that day, finally rest in peace


I watched the video - way back when, documenting the dust surrounding the city.

I see... The official story should still be true??

Thanks for the theory though: I-ching, ching-a-linga-linga, ring-a ding, dingy... Terrence McKenna, the "King Wen sequence", sychronicity - possibly designed by "ancient... advanced mathematicians":

Terence McKenna: Time & The I Ching

... Out of all the intuitions and revelations I discerned a thread which was about time that began with this conversation with this Logos(?) entity where it's said to me, "Did you know everyday is composed of four other days?"

And I said, No. I not only didn't know that, but it's never occured to me what a bizarre idea. Well, this idea, then, of time being a resonance created by other times, not immediately before or after it - as in scientific causality, but somehow a day, centuries ago, centuries in the future, come together to create an interference pattern that creates the unique moment.

So, that was one of the basic assumptions, and then the structure on which this all was hung was the I-ching; which may seem exotic to American and European audiences, but which is, of course, as familiar to anyone in Chinese society as the Declaration of Independence is to us...

What is the I-ching? Well, it's very ancient method of diving and predicting the future, based on the idea that every moment can be symbolized by a unique idiogram, which is somehow it's essence, much in the way that science believes you can explain all nature with a 108 elements, the ancient Chinese took the position that time itself was made of elements...

...Let me try out a metaphor on you which I think makes much more clear what's going on here: Visualize for a moment sand dunes, and notice when you look at these sand dunes in your mind that they look like wind... Sand dunes look like wind in some sense. Then, analyze the situation:

What is wind? Wind is a pressure variant phenomena that fluctuates over time. In a way, the sand grains moved about by the wind are like a lower dimensional slice of the wind itself. And from photographic analysis of dunes, you can calculate the speed and duration of the wind that made them. So, the dune is a lower dimensional slice of time - of the wind, ebbing and flowing, that made it.

Well now, let's change the metaphor a little bit. Instead of grains of sand, let's think of genes. Instead of a windstorm, let's think of a billion years of evolution: It moves the genes around - in a pattern - which is a lower dimensional slice of the force which creatd the situation. In other words, on every living organism, there is the imprint of the higher dimensional force which made it.

Now somebody could say that that's God. Well, but in a scientific context we don't speak like that. But, whatever it is that made blind matter into whales, squirrels and human being, it left it's calling card inside each human being, each squirrel, each whale: That's the DNA.

Well, the DNA codons are based on a system of 64 - exactly like the I-ching! So, my belief is that someone, some group of people thousands of years ago, looked into human organism, looked by meditative techniques into the center of their own beings, and they were not mystics, nor were they empiricists, they were simply curious, but at the center of the meditative experience they an ebb and flow, an energy field that was in a constant state of flux. And they asked themselves, how many elements are necessary to describe this energy field? And the answer was more than 10, less than a thousand... more than 20, less than 500... And when they got it worked out, lo and behold, 64 situations are all the possible potential situation there are: Out of 64 sub-types of time, you can create everything from the coronation of Queen Mary to the resignation of Madonna - out of 64 types of time.

So really, what the I-ching is is not a book of Chinese mysticism. It's a book of molecular dynamics that sees through biology to the physics that allowed biology to come into existence...


Terence McKenna - Time and the I-Ching
24 minutes:

Interviewer Jeffrey Mishlove: ...We've got about five minutes left, so could you summaraize that point or amplify it a little bit?

Terrance McKenna: I think the point we're trying to make here, that I have been involved with over the past few years, is that a revisioning of time would asuage much of what is called modern anxiety, and that we have limited ... the categories we were willing to entertain in dealing with this problem, and that we must genuflect to the ancient Chinese, and take a page from their notebook in this matter. The I-ching, as a divinitory system of a great age, reflecting the dynamics of our own genetic material, and also, as ? has mentioned, the seedling has cylindrical properties, can be used to keep track of time, lays a basis so an understanding of this curious phenomenon called sychronicity - the coincidental meshing of interior psychic events and exterior events in the real world, it lays a basis for us to understand the unity of ourselves with the real world that our present approach makes difficult to discern.

Mishlove: So, whereas Carl Jung, the great Swiss psychiatrist - who wrote incidentally the preface to Richard Wilhelm's Book of the I-ching, and postulatedly this theory of synchronicity. Well, Jung didn't really provide any mechanism for synchronicity, he simply said that it works this way, that the mind seems to be related to these events, and he found an enormous therapeutic benefit from that understanding. What you're suggesting is the potential mechanism behind the Jungian notion of Sychronicity has to do with the structure of time itself.

McKenna: That's right.

Mishlove: And you must be suggesting therefore that the human mind, at this very deep level that the sages discovered from stilling their organism, that the mind has a paralell structure, an isomorphic structure?

McKenna: That's exactly the central point: The mind arises out of matter. This is why the I-ching works in both worlds. One is the reflection of the other. The key to healing, the apparent dualism, lies in studying the temporal mechanics indicated by the I-ching; and I believe we've done this, formally (unintelligable)

Mishlove: Terrence McKenna, you're taking the provoative position that the I-ching, which some people view as religion and other people dismiss as superstition, is actually a science; and I gather that your computer software package, Time Wave Zero, proposes to be the demonstration of that?

McKenna: We believe it does demonstrate it. Of course, ultimately, it will be up to our colleagues to judge the worth of our case.

Mishlove: Terrance, it's been a pleasure. Thank you very much for being with me.

McKenna: Well, it's been a pleasure to be here Jeffrey and discuss this with you. It is not an easy subject, believe me.



Ruminations on R-r-r-resonance!!??

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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:04 pm

WeatherWar101 was a worthwhile whiff of whether we're really warming our world, but what we will do when the world wide-awakens to the wonderful way we've weaponized weather - worldwide?

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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:26 am

September 18th, 2017

… Knowing Premise

A professor (Cage) finds that the contents of a time capsule at his son's elementary school makes predictions of the future that have come true. The predictions lead the teacher to believe the world is ending, and that he and his son are involved in the apocalypse...

Normally, I’d never known nothing of Knowing on Netflix (with Nicholas Cage and an unknown cast), but a faraway friend recently recommended I rent the rambling rendition of determinism vs chance... Though it wasn’t that great, I was glad to get it.

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Re: slaughterbots??

Postby chump » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:57 am

Slaughterbots, baby... we better be scared!!

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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:51 pm

Tuesday 3-20-2018

I recently read an ironic rant that reminded me of some memories from way back when...

Michael Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare (p.35):


... The Occult in Protestantism and Catholicism

According to contemporary adherents of paganism, the 16th century coven of Wiccans sided with the Protestant Queen Elizabeth against the Catholics, in appreciation of her having awarded Satanist John Dee (1527-1608), the founder of Freemasonry, high office in her government.

Dee served in many capacities as an official in Elizabeth's government, including that of international espionage agent 007. Dee's espionage expertise was gained in part from his mastery of the late 15th century cryptography text, Steganograhia, attributed to the Kabbalist Johannes Trithemius, as well as the top-secret volume of twilight language , of uncertain providence, known as the Soyga.

Dee was the architect of the British empire itself; conceived as a magical act; "magical" in the sense that this empire would be powered mainly by illusion, deceit, the double cross and profound secrecy, as embodied within the science and art of espionage and the religion of esoteric Judaism.

While it is certainly true that the English soldier was a formidable warrior, and adventures like Sir Francis drake were daring and resourceful mariners, England was a geographically marginal, impoverished, debt-ridden minor power when Dee presented his audacious manifesto for empire to Elizabeth I on Nov 28, 1577.

Dee's pivotal role as molder of Elizabeth's regime and the mighty British empire itself, is one of the best kept secrets of English history...



(deep breathe… )

Ready for a ride?

Remember a woman named Ms Singh, the capable, compassionate, big-brained, little lady who lived and worked as a "risk assessment computer expert" for JP Morgan in the midst of Manhattan on the memorable morning of 9/11? She was lucky to live when she was late to work - at the WTC; where she witnessed the Twin Towers' total destruction and where her lungs were damaged by the toxic dust - when she went to work anyway - serving on site as an EMT!

Inspired by her experience at Ground freakin' Zero, Indira was driven to decipher how, why, and who was responsible for those truly atrocious, terror attacks. She wrote a book, Blueprint For Terror... , but it never unnerved the nerdy networks daring to do the dastardly deeds.


Maybe you remember a Mr Corbin? I'd listened to more than 10 of his shows (most of them more than once, of course); because he seemed to be sincerely researching and explicitly discussing some of the crimes of 9/11.

In 2005, Ms Singh, describing her experiences on 4acloserlook - his radio talk show at the time, pointed at P-tech - a private company of computer consultants, owned by terrorists - apparently protected by the justice department, who pretty much specialized in secretly inserting surveillance software on sensitive government and corporate computers...

... Mr Corbin: Umm hmm.

Ms Singh: And what else do they have in common? What they have in common is in this warehouse district in Braintree, Massachusetts…Now this area, and this warehouse, and this trucking company that runs out of there are affiliated, according to the FBI and private investigators through sources, to the Whitey Bulger mob.

Mister Corbin: That’s significant.

Ms Singh: It is very significant because the Boston FBI rated by the organization that rates FBI considers the Boston FBI as one of the most corrupt in the nation because they basically let the mob run wild with the murders and whatever else.

Mr Corbin: Yeah.

Ms Singh: But going back to this address in Braintree, Massachusetts, listed there are a bunch of names and five companies. Five companies where the people running these companies are closely affiliated with P-tech. One of the companies we just talked about is Care International. Another one is E-com. Another one is Logan Furniture. Another one is Bannon Information Technology. The interesting thing about these things is that they all share the same address as a warehouse.

It’s one room in a warehouse. If you go… Now, I’ve visited 20 Plain Street in Braintree some time ago, and I went there and went inside and went upstairs, and it’s basically just a warehouse. There are no offices, and the companies located there share one huge warehouse, and when you take a look at what’s going on there, there’s a lot of trucking in and out. I walked up to the Logan Furniture people and I spoke with them. I asked them, “Why do you call this Logan Furniture?”; and he said, “Because of Logan Airport.” And the person who runs Logan Furniture is an Emad Muntasser. His name comes up all over the Muslim Brotherhood terror financing and other operatives. So Bannon Information Technology, these are all fronts. They’re all cut-outs. They’re just names. Bannon Information Technology is actually a Texas incorporated company with an address at 20 Plain Street, and in the Sudan, and also co-located there is something called the Geneva Capital Group.

Mr Corbin: Ooh!

Ms Singh: And the Geneva Capital Group is kind of interesting because it’s connected with a small Wall Street company with none other than Kalizad in charge. Kalizad, that name comes up in the Bush administration regarding Afghanistan, and ambassadors and people in key positions in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

Now what we have here is part of an elaborate money-laundering scheme. They were involved with not only smuggling to Bosnia and Chechnya, but they were involved with smuggling to Switzerland, Lebanon, um, you name the Middle Eastern country, they were shipping stuff back and forth from there.

But at this point we need to stop and see what we have. The people behind this quad of companies through their associations have well-publicized and historical access right into both President Bush's and into President Clinton’s administration.

Mr Corbin: Mmmm.

Ms Singh: Now this is a matter of, not a conspiracy theory. These are accusations and these charges were brought against all of these people in court. Umm, but we are going to move now into the other aspects of what was going on with Bannon Information Technology that has never been made public, and Care International

Mr Corbin: OK.

Ms Singh: When I started investigating Care International, they still had a website up. When I started investigating Bannon Information Technology, their website had come down. When we took a look at these websites it was clear that there was no business being run out of these. They were just fronts. A private investigative firm investigated both websites and took a look at it and deconstructed it and came across some very strange pages. The pages they determined were quite likely used for conveying information through the use of steganography.

Now steganography is the technique that Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 operatives used quite extensively; and what it means, how it works is as follows: You can have a page on a website - and a picture, and embedded in the picture are basically documents, other instructions, test messages, e-mails, Word documents, whatever content can be embedded in there, and if anyone looks at the website, all they see is a harmless looking picture.

Mr Corbin: Right. I’ve heard this stuff before. This is kinda super-spy kinda stuff isn’t it?

Ms Singh: It’s absolutely super-spy stuff; and at the time that I looked at it, you can pretty much tell what is used for... Steganography, to the practiced eye, is something that…I’ve had some skills in it myself, going back to the mid ‘80s, actually to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Mr Corbin: Umm hmm.

Ms Singh: And so you begin to... recognize what it is; and sure enough, we were going through, when I was being debriefed at CERT, the Carnegie Mellon Institute that worked with the Secret Service on cyber crimes; which they considered Ptech to be a cyber crime because of the software from being PROMIS 2 as they suspected. We looked at these sites and the experts looked at it and said, “steganography”. And yeah, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist in this day and age to figure something like that out. There’s software that will deconstruct the images and, you know, try…you can at least find that something is there, even if you can’t decode it.

Mr Corbin: Right.

Ms Singh: So one of the pages was extraordinarily significant. ‘Cause once you sort of navigated your way through it, you went to lower and lower levels and all of a sudden, there were a set of pages where the codeword “Babylon” was featured very heavily. So again, this is a point to stop and say, “What do we have here?”

Mr Corbin: Umm hmm.

Ms Singh: We have here a set of companies that have been covered up that had ties to Geneva, ties to Wall Street, ties to Kalizad, ties that were on FBI lists in both Boston and Chicago where good FBI agents were stymied in their efforts to research them. And at the core of these companies in Braintree is a codeword for an operation called “Babylon”. Now what is significant about this, when we started looking at it, is that Babylon, of course, is Iraq. And what is significant about this is that these people funding the smuggling of stuff. They were smuggling it into the areas around Iraq and into Iraq itself. When I first came across this and the WMD search in Iraq, I thought that, for sure, they would find it. Because, from what I could see, we were shipping it to them.

Mr Corbin: Umm hmm...


I kinda quit listening to Corbin for awhile; but a couple of years later - a decade ago, biking around and across the ‘burbs, I sorta experienced some synchronicity when a procession passed me with their daylights on. Sensing that maybe I should be sad, ’Sure had some friends!', I said to myself... A friend of a friend's father had recently passed, so removing my sombrero, I stopped for a second, stood at attention and watched from the sidewalk as inside the cemetery - a few hundred feet away from me, friends and family with fronds and flowers gathered to grieve at a gravelly grave.

Well… I mourned for a minute then pedaled on past the pearly gates, biked back home - against the breeze, and began to browse a few old favorites on my clunky computer, and will never forget when the first site I clicked on - for the first time in months, t'was a brand new headline in bold big letters:

...Corbin Dead at 52

Clicking the keys for 4acloserlook, I was certainly stunned and definitely surprised when I found that Mike's funeral was the same friggin’ mourning - at the same certain cemetery I'd just peddled past!

I almost biked back!!

Surely, Indira was wearing black!!!

...but I'd sorta already expressed my respects.
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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby Iamwhomiam » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:00 pm

No mention of William H. Kennedy's mysterious death at his home in August, 2013 at 49 years of age?
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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:54 pm

Since you mentioned him, I was kinda re-listening to William Cooper while he’s reading the 1970 Open Skies Treaty in this recently re-released radio broadcast from ’97 - describing a UN document detailing the disarmament of the Untied States, when I glanced at the screen and chanced to see the infamous mural displayed that decade at DIA.


William Cooper: School Shootings, Disarmament, & The New World Order ... -theories/

The definitive guide to Denver International Airport’s biggest conspiracy theories

Nazi runways, remote locations, underground bunkers, aliens and artistic depictions of the apocalypse.

Andy Cross, The Denver Post

A traveler looks over a wall mural, part of an installation at the Denver International Airport entitled, “Children of the World Dream Peace” October 20, 2016.

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Re: Remote Viewing Making Cruelty Visible

Postby chump » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:35 pm




Wikipedia - Martin Luther King, Jr

... Poor People's Campaign, 1968
Main article: Poor People's Campaign

Rows of tents

A shantytown was established in Washington, D. C. to protest economic conditions as a part of the Poor People's Campaign.

In 1968, King and the SCLC organized the "Poor People's Campaign" to address issues of economic justice. King traveled the country to assemble "a multiracial army of the poor" that would march on Washington to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience at the Capitol until Congress created an "economic bill of rights" for poor Americans.[151][152]

The campaign was preceded by King's final book, Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? which laid out his view of how to address social issues and poverty. King quoted from Henry George and George's book, Progress and Poverty, particularly in support of a guaranteed basic income.[153][154][155] The campaign culminated in a march on Washington, D.C., demanding economic aid to the poorest communities of the United States.

King and the SCLC called on the government to invest in rebuilding America's cities. He felt that Congress had shown "hostility to the poor" by spending "military funds with alacrity and generosity." He contrasted this with the situation faced by poor Americans, claiming that Congress had merely provided "poverty funds with miserliness."[152] His vision was for change that was more revolutionary than mere reform: he cited systematic flaws of "racism, poverty, militarism and materialism", and argued that "reconstruction of society itself is the real issue to be faced."[156]

The Poor People's Campaign was controversial even within the civil rights movement. Rustin resigned from the march, stating that the goals of the campaign were too broad, that its demands were unrealizable, and that he thought that these campaigns would accelerate the backlash and repression on the poor and the black.[157]

After King's death

The plan to set up a shantytown in Washington, D.C., was carried out soon after the April 4 assassination. Criticism of King's plan was subdued in the wake of his death, and the SCLC received an unprecedented wave of donations for the purpose of carrying it out. The campaign officially began in Memphis, on May 2, at the hotel where King was murdered.[158]

Thousands of demonstrators arrived on the National Mall and established a camp they called "Resurrection City." They stayed for six weeks.[159]

Wikipedia - Martin Luther King, Jr

Assassination and aftermath

Main article: Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Lorraine Motel, where King was assassinated, is now the site of the National Civil Rights Museum.

I've Been to the Mountaintop

On March 29, 1968, King went to Memphis, Tennessee, in support of the black sanitary public works employees, who were represented by AFSCME Local 1733. The workers had been on strike since March 12 for higher wages and better treatment. In one incident, black street repairmen received pay for two hours when they were sent home because of bad weather, but white employees were paid for the full day.[160][161][162]

On April 3, King addressed a rally and delivered his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" address at Mason Temple, the world headquarters of the Church of God in Christ. King's flight to Memphis had been delayed by a bomb threat against his plane.[163] In the close of the last speech of his life, in reference to the bomb threat, King said the following:

And then I got to Memphis. And some began to say the threats, or talk about the threats that were out. What would happen to me from some of our sick white brothers?

Well, I don't know what will happen now. We've got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn't matter with me now. Because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. So I'm happy, tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.[164]

King was booked in Room 306 at the Lorraine Motel (owned by Walter Bailey) in Memphis. Abernathy, who was present at the assassination, testified to the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations that King and his entourage stayed at Room 306 so often that it was known as the "King-Abernathy suite."[165] According to Jesse Jackson, who was present, King's last words on the balcony before his assassination were spoken to musician Ben Branch, who was scheduled to perform that night at an event King was attending: "Ben, make sure you play 'Take My Hand, Precious Lord' in the meeting tonight. Play it real pretty."[166]

King was fatally shot by James Earl Ray at 6:01 p.m., April 4, 1968, as he stood on the motel's second-floor balcony. The bullet entered through his right cheek, smashing his jaw, then traveled down his spinal cord before lodging in his shoulder.[167][168] Abernathy heard the shot from inside the motel room and ran to the balcony to find King on the floor.[169] Jackson stated after the shooting that he cradled King's head as King lay on the balcony, but this account was disputed by other colleagues of King; Jackson later changed his statement to say that he had "reached out" for King.[170]

After emergency chest surgery, King died at St. Joseph's Hospital at 7:05 p.m.[171] According to biographer Taylor Branch, King's autopsy revealed that though only 39 years old, he "had the heart of a 60 year old", which Branch attributed to the stress of 13 years in the Civil Rights Movement.[172]

This is the tale told on the TV and in taught school, but there's certainly no shortage of substitute stories to mangle the mantra of Martin King' s murder:

According to his attorney William Pepper, James Earl Ray was a serial loser whose psychological prisoner profile was a perfect fit for a typical patsy, so J Edgar Hoover instructed his henchmen to specifically help the hapless hack escape from prison - to put him in place for an assassination:

- ... -kill-king

from the video above@16:16

Corbett: ... I think one of those stories..., like the story of Lee Harvey Oswald, once what we are expected to believe about this person is really interrogated, it starts to fall apart of it’s own accord. Not only, as I alluded to, a question of the motivation for the supposed assassination - blamed on Ray that is, or the money with which he was traveling internationally during his time as an escaped convict, but some really remarkable details that I didn’t know until I read this book, including this one, which I'll read here:

(from The Plot To Kill King)
... after being profiled for use as a scapegoat, ...James Earl Ray's escape was arranged by the warden, who was paid $25,000 that was delivered from Hoover - J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, by Clyde Tolson - his second in command, and taken to the prison by their Dixie Mafia collaborator Russell Adkins Sr.. Ray would never become aware of this high-level plot...

Corbett continues: That is absolutely mind-blowing information that his escape from the penitentiary in 1967 was actually arranged by the FBI! Can you fill us in on the details of that?

@17:35 minutes, William Pepper talking to Corbett:
Yes, well Hoover, some while earlier, had asked the Commissioner of Corrections of the State of Missouri, where James was incarcerated, to come up with a prisoner who was effectively docile, passive; someone who could be used as a patsy in a killing of this sort without disclosing, of course, who the victim was to be, or anything of that sort. So, they did profile him, and they did profile prisoners, and they came up with James.

Now James, it is important to understand that he was a non-violent character and his incarceration was, more or less, for petty crimes. He had no facility with a weapon… He had none of those tendencies toward violence… Also, he was not a racist. Though he was characterized as being a racist, he was a poor white struggling guy who worked when he could work, and then when he lost a job, in order to survive, he would engage in petty burglaries and robberies, things of that sort… He was often his own worst enemy and ended up getting caught! …When he used to work at one factory, he would end up shooting craps with a lot of his fellow workers who were black, and he got along perfectly well with them…

So, he turned out to be an ideal candidate in terms of personality. Hoover’s number 2, (Clyde) Tolson, was a regular, regular visitor to the Adkins family, who were a Dixie Mafia family who worked with Hoover; nearly as we could see, worked with Hoover on a very regular basis on a number of other matters that Hoover wanted taken care. Tolson would come in, and he would carry instructions from the director, and he would carry money to pay off informants and local people who were co-operating with them. So, he was very regular visitor, very well known.

Our chief witness on these matters was the son of Russell Adkins, Ron Tyler Adkins, who was involved by his father. He sat in on meetings. He often brought the coffee and donuts in, and he would hear everything that was going on, and he actually rode to the prison with his father when they delivered the $25,000 that Hoover had sent in with Tolson. So, yes, that’s a shocking detail, but it showed the degree of longevity and collaboration in the plot to kill Martin King - once that decision had been made...

Ray's alias was a Canadian cat with a Union Carbide (of Canada) security clearance (for working with weapons and transportation... to Israel, for instance); which was a perfect alias for a con on the run - because he could show his credentials and unwanted inquiries "would be quashed".

Pepper: ... James Earl Ray... due to some kind of probably misguided loyalty, would never reveal who gave him the alias, Eric S Galt. Now, Eric Galt was a senior official at Union Carbide in Canada, and in charge of their warehouse and in charge of their military equipment and arranging for the shipping of that equipment to places like Israel. Why Union Carbide in Canada.was used for that purpose, and Galt had a security clearance...??

It was a very good alias to give James because he was an escaped convict, and they had him out and would lead him around in preparation for his ultimate utility. If he ever got picked up, they’d be able to make it go away very quickly. He had a protected alias, in a sense, with Eric Galt as his name. So, that’s another aspect of the planning that shows the details concerned; and military intelligence, who worked very closely on this, and I’m sure on other matters with the FBI and with Hoover, was responsible for selecting the particular identity at facilitating this.

John Downey was the head of the 902nd military intelligence group, and was the only MIG that was based in the capital area. One of Downey’s senior officers had visited Galt not long before this alias was given to James. James received the alias when he was on the run, early on, by the summer of 1967.

Ray's 'handler', who he knew as 'Raoul', provided Ray with a white Ford Mustang, and a rented room - where Ray was to wait for further instructions. But, James decided to suddenly drive to a service station - to repair the spare tire in the trunk, so that it wouldn't be flat when he gave the car back. The boys were too busy to fix the flat tire, but by the time Ray returned cops were crawling all over a crowd! So, spotted by witnesses speeding away, "...he got the hell out of there... drove straight to Atlanta... and only learned about the assassination later."

@ 28 minutes:
Pepper: ...The man who pulled the trigger, in my view, and whom I invited to lunch, was a former Memphis Police Department police officer named Frank Strausser. He was the best shooter on the force, and in every way a virulent racist.

I had to pay Frank $500 to sit down with me at what was going to be a lunch. He refused to eat, but nevertheless we talked, and when I indicated that he had been named by Lloyd Jowers, who was involved in the plot, and who was out there in the bushes and took the gun from the shooter, that he had been involved, that he had been named by Jowers, he said he couldn't understand why Jowers would name him, and of course he denied it. But he told a different story as to where he was at the time... His memory was uncertain as to what he was actually doing.

I had known about Strausser for a number of years because a janitor at the rifle range at the police department named Lenny Curtis saw him practicing with a specially delivered rifle, all day, the day of the shooting; and in the background of that had heard him make comments that King was going to get his head blown off and things like that, and very derogatory rascist comments. So, Lenny saw him practicing all day, and then saw him leave with the rifle at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and had no doubt that he was going to do what he did do, that he was going to participate in the assassination of Martin Luther King. Lenny tried to communicate that to someone, but he couldn't... He was trying to get a hold of a peacher he knew, couldn't get a hold of him, and just finally had to give up.

In subsequent weeks and months following the assassination, they became very suspicious. The shooter became very suspicious of Lenny, and used to appear outside of his house in an unmarked car, and Lenny saw a V, like a rifle nest, pointed into his kitchen out of the back window. Once when he was entering the house, he was about to light a cigarette and smelled gas, so he quickly put it out. Someone had turned on the gas in his house. And he happened to see on more than one occasion this same fellow surveilling him, and was very concerned... Once the shooter asked him to ride into town with him to the main headquarters to pick up some salary checks... They took a short cut - or a long cut I guess it was, through a wooded area, and he started pumping him about who he thought killed King, and if Ray really killed King, and all of that... Lenny of course played dumb and said yes of course he was. He believed he was a marked man in terms of what he had seen and what he knew...

I couldn't use Lenny's story while he was alive... I had to hang onto it for some years... because I had no doubt they'd kill him...

But that was the story of the actual shooter. He went down the back stairs with his spotter, and the back stairs of the rooming house, out into the bushes, and met Lloyd Jowers, whose job it was to take the rifle inside through the back door, the kitchen door, break it down and hold it under wraps until it was picked up; and Jowers, of course, was seen doing this by his long-term girlfriend, who stood at the door as he rushed in with the still smoking rifle, and him as white as a sheet, and watched him as he broke it down in front of her. She didn't tell that story for many years... I finally got that from her... uh, 92 - 93... She kept quiet for all those years because she thought Lloyd was actually the shooter. Well, he wasn't actually the shooter, but he played a role that, when we confronted him on it, he admitted it, and allowed us to make him a defendent in a civil trial that we ran in 1999 where we had 70 witnesses over a 30 day period... I represented the King family in that trial... It took 59 minutes for the jury to find for the King family against Jowers and government agents who were involved in the assassination...

Pepper explains that the Army, the FBI, the local 'Dixie Mafia', and the Memphis PD, had all placed professional snipers in several positions who were all prepared to kill Dr King. ... kill-king/
Pepper:...The shooter was in the bushes in the back area. He had a spotter. The spotter was a Captain, also an excellent shot, a captain in the Memphis Police department named Earl Clark. After the shot, Clark went down over the wall and ran north... on Mulberry Street, and was seen getting into a police car and taken away. The fellow who saw him get into that police car was a taxi driver who had just pulled into the Lorraine Motel... to pick someone up; and he saw this man come down over the wall, run up the street and get in the car. That man was killed that night by one of the Dixie Mafia's henchmen because, well, he had obviously seen too much. So, they got him out of the way...

Corbett: "But, just when you thought the story of the assassination of Martin Luther King couldn't get any more horrific, it get's positively ghoulish..."

Pepper: So, the single shot was fired, it hit Martin in the head, in the lower area of the face, and then down, and actually nicked his spine and lodged in his back: Did not kill him. He was still alive and taken to St Josephs Hospital and put into the emergency room, and he was being worked on in the emergency room, and that is where he was actually killed...

Some weeks earlier, the head of neuro-surgery at the hospital, the chief surgeon, named Dr Breen Bland - who was, coincidentally or not, the family doctor of the Adkin's family - the Dixie Mafia family, and he visited Russell Adkins, Jr. The father had died by then, and Junior was taking over the running of the assassination with Frank Hollomen, who was the director of police and fire, and who had worked in Hoover's office for a number of years - and was very trusted. Anyway, our witness, Rod Tyler Adkins, the boy, and a teenager, was there when he heard Dr Bland say, "Please make sure (if) he's not killed instantly by the shot..., then make sure they take him to St Josephs so we can make sure he doesn't leave there alive." ...
Evidence of Revision 1-6 (10:26:23)

MLK - Part 6

Sorry, this particular part of the story is especially repulsive and potentially triggering… well worthwhile, but we’re getting a little long here, so let’s move on to Miles Mathis:

I'd pick Pepper o'er peck of papers, and perhaps I was picky to be slightly suspicious when Pepper pronounced he proffered his family to filthy London and raised his kids in crummy Cambridge - "because of threats..." , but I'll de damned, when DublinsMIck mentioned Miles Mathis's sensational thesis that Martin King's murder was a media managed - motion picture - spectacular fiction, I must admit - to a moron like me, it did indeed sorta make sense?? Especially since (believe it or not) Bill and Jim were both bred from rich, royal families who’re fairly famous for fixing the system:

… But back to Ray. He could not have “acquired” a Canadian passport under a fake name, since security is not that sloppy. He might have “manufactured” one, but that would make him a genius again. Or an agent. William Pepper later proved that the passport was issued by Kennedy Travel Bureau in Toronto. Of course it was. He somehow got a flight to England using this fake passport, which is highly unlikely. He then tried to use the fake passport again at Heathrow, making him an imbecile once more. Once in England, he could get anywhere in Europe easily by boat or train, so there was no reason to keep risking the fake passport. At Heathrow, we are told the ticket agent flagged the name on the passport, since the name Sneyd was on a Canadian police watchlist. Why would it be on a watchlist? How could the police have known he faked a passport under the name Sneyd? Were they filming him while he created it? We would have to believe another man named Sneyd just happened to be on a Canadian watchlist. Do you know the odds against that? Sneyd is a very rare name, and only about 1,400 people had the name worldwide in 2014. Which means there were only a handful in Canada in 1968. The odds against Ray making up the very rare name Sneyd and it being on the watchlist are astronomical.

[Addendum May 10: Pepper tells us Sneyd was a Toronto policeman, but why would a Toronto policeman be on an international criminal watchlist? That is just more indication this whole thing is a fake. Another clue in that direction is the name Pepper. No one has ever asked if William Pepper is related to Maj. John Pepper, head of the BSC. You remember the BSC, right, from my paper on John Lennon? It was the US arm of MI6, operating out of Rockefeller Center in New York. William Pepper went to Columbia, in New York. He has no parents at Wikipedia. No page at Geni. Born from the old test tube, I guess. In support of his relationship to John Pepper, we find William has connections to England, being a barrister in the UK. Not many US attorneys can say that. Pepper wrote for Ramparts back in the 1960s, which I have previously outed as a CIA front.]

We are told Ray's attorney Percy Foreman (above) recommended he plead guilty to avoid a possible death penalty. Great attorney. So Ray is now an imbecile again, not realizing immediately he needed an attorney who thought he could get him off. You don't need an attorney to tell you to plead guilty. Plus, the story again contradicts itself, since if we go to Foreman's Wiki page, we are told he lost on only 53 of 1500 death penalty cases. With a record like that, he should have been more confident, right? But that makes no sense, either. 1,500 death penalty cases? How old was Foreman in 1969, three hundred? No, he was 67, so he should have been retired. But say he worked as a defense attorney for 35 years. That would be 43 death penalty cases a year, every year. That's about one a week every week for 35 years. Absurd.

Foreman was a Rogers, a Moody, a Jones, a Taylor, and a Turner. Also related to Burroughs, Hoover, Vaughan, Alexander, McCormick, Franklin, Hayes and Marsh. Rogers and McCormick are names connected to Standard Oil and the Rockefellers. Since the McCormicks are related to the Rockefellers, Foreman probably was, too. One of Foreman's near in-laws is given as Judith Holik. That should be Judith Horlick, and the Horlicks are famous bankers, too. For a current example, see Timothy Piers Horlick and his ex-wife Nicola Horlick. She worked for Warburg &Co and Morgan Grenfell and he has been the director of 37 companies, including Commerzbank and HSBC. He is a major venture capitalist.

Wikipedia tells us Percy Foreman was one of the best-known trial lawyers in the US. Really? I guess that's why no one has ever heard of him, and why his Wiki page is ludicrously short. We are told his other clients were Charles Harrelson, General Edwin Walker, Candy Mossler, and various organized crime kingpins. All those names throw up huge red flags. To start with, there were no organized crime kingpins in 1968, since the mob had been taken over by the government long before. The Kennedys finished them off. Charles Harrelson is the father of Woody Harrelson of Cheers. Charles was married four times: one of those wives was an Oswald and one a Foster. OK. Good start. Remember, Virginia Durr—who Rosa Parks was living with—was a Foster. Oswald you will recognize. So we can already tell Charles Harrelson's story is another hoax. We will do it another time. However, I will point out that Harrelson was supposed to be incarcerated at ADX Supermax in Florence, CO. We have seen it before. I showed you it had a fake wing, where many of these hoaxers are supposed to be (but aren't). That includes the shoebomber, the underwear bomber, the 1993 WTC bombers, the 1998 African embassy bombers, the 20th hijacker, the Boston bomber, the Unabomber, the OKC bomber, the Olympic bomber, and a bunch of fake organized crime figures. Everyone on its Wikipedia page is a fake person.

So we can already tell Percy Foreman was a hoax attorney, like Vincent Bugliosi, Clarence Darrow, F. Lee Bailey, William Kunstler, Marcia Clark, Judy Clarke, and the rest of those bozos. Which means we already know Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker's trial was faked, and so was Candy Mossler's. However, on Walker's page, we find no mention of Percy Foreman. Walker was apparently only tried once, for his role in the (hoaxed) Ole Miss riot of 1962, but his attorney is given as Robert Morris, and Walker was not even indicted. Walker allegedly died on Halloween.

Candy Mossler was accused of murdering her millionaire banker husband, Jacques Mossler. Although he called no witnesses and relied only on his closing statement and her charm, Foreman allegedly got her off. The police declined to pursue the murder after that, which should not surprise you. They probably knew it was faked. We have many markers to that, including the number 33 over and over. See this Houston Chronicle story, which tells us Mossler was worth 33 million. He met Candy in 1947, when she was 33. There we find Foreman wasn't actually Candy's attorney, he was her nephew's attorney. Later, Candy married Barnet Garrison, who was. . . 33. That's the number 33 three times in one short article...


... We are told the King was shot in the face. Right cheek. Breaking his jaw. Curious then that we have open-casket photos of him, with no face damage.

That's his right cheek.

Again, both cheeks looks fine. What isn't fine is the coffin, which has changed. Not only is the frill different, we seem to have some sort of box within a box here. Whereas, in the first one, you couldn't see the wood at all. They are both faked, but the two fakes don't match.


Also convenient that they had a photographer on hand to capture the event.

That was taken by Joseph Louw before Ray has even left the premises. Louw was there so fast because he was staying three doors down. Louw was a photographer and filmmaker working on a documentary about King, and he just happened to be there ready to roll—even though it was dinner time. We are told these people are pointing to Ray as he runs off. And you believe that? Why then are they all pointing, but not one is running after him? He is supposed to be visible to them, just across the street, but no one thinks to give chase? But of course they are black men and Ray is a white man: they have no chance of catching him on foot, right? I'm sorry, I have to insert some humor in here or we would all go mad.

That photo is probably a paste-up. Why? Well, study the people on the ground. They don't seem too concerned, do they? You have a dying man above them bleeding to death, shot by a high-caliber rifle, and at least six people screaming and pointing, but the people on the ground are just continuing their casual conversations. Look at the group of maids over there having a smoke, totally unaware of the scene around them.

So it may interest you to know that this Joseph Louw rushed to the studio of fellow King photographer Ernest Withers to develop his four rolls of film. Withers was at the Lorraine with Louw, and is one of those going in and out of room 306. Withers was posthumously outed as an FBI informant. The mainstream media tried to spin that revelation in 2008, claiming Withers was spy against King. But of course the better explanation is that all these people were FBI or CIA, including King. The whole event was a project...(con'd)

*edited to add Evidence of Revision, 1-6
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