Iraq looking like Vietnam

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Iraq looking like Vietnam

Postby sixtimeseven » Mon Aug 22, 2005 4:35 am

Click here: St. Petersburg Times Online <br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href=""></a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br><br>Re: GOP senator says Iraq looking like Vietnam <br>By DOUGLASS K. DANIEL , Associated Press Writer, <br>Aug 22, 2005<br><br>First, Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist jumped ship on Stem Cell Research. Next, prominent conservative George Allen said the President blundered by stonewalling Cindy Sheehan. <br><br>Earlier today, senior Senator Trent Lott backhandedly admitted on "Meet the Press" that Bill Clinton did a better job explaining the need for U.S. troop deployment in a foreign combat zone and providing an exit policy in Bosnia than George Bush has done with Iraq.<br><br>Later this morning, Chuck Hagel, another entrenched red state Senator, declared on "ABC This Week" that Operation Iraqi Freedom is basically a fiasco, and we should get out A.S.A.P.<br><br>Meanwhile, the President is spending his five week vacation holed up in the rec room of Rancho Pollo W wearing a combat helmet; having covered the ping pong table with a sandy scale model terrain map of Baghdad, plastic teepees, and dozens of molded green plastic soldiers in 8 action poses; pushing toy tanks around the battlefield--imitating rifle cracks, artillery noises, and explosion sounds with his mouth. <br><br>Any guesses as to which Republican Senatorial bulwark will be the next to climb down off the parapet of Xanadu? Or if the President will earn his Stripes?<br> <p>------------------------------------<br><br>If I could figure out what blue collar Bush supporters are using, I would take some too. I cannot discern what could make people on the verge of poverty and subliminal martial law so delusional.<br></p><i></i>
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