Where is UFOlogy at in 2015?

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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby elfismiles » Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:23 am

Jul 16: France's GEIPAN & Chile's CEFAA Formal Co-operation - Giuliano Marinkovic

See also:

2013 Symposium on Official/Scientific Investigations of UAP

Flashback to the 1994...

One year later, at the 1983 MUFON UFO Symposium in Pasadena, California, the steering committee’s work resulted in the formation of the North American UFO Federation (NAUFOF). Dr. Richard Haines was selected as the first director of the new organization. Although the federation lasted less than two years, due to lack of financial support from other organizations, it was a very important test case for bringing people with an interest in UFOs together.

Following the end of NAUFOF, Dr. Haines saw an opportunity for cooperation between Russian and U.S. ufologists and formed the Joint USA-CIS Aerial Anomaly Federation, and MUFON pledged support this new venture. A major meeting of the participants, including representatives from Russia and the Ukraine, was held in conjunction with the 1994 MUFON UFO Symposium in Austin, Texas.


France, Chile build trans-Atlantic bridge

By Billy Cox, Herald-Tribune / Monday, July 15, 2013 Another milestone occurred off the MSM whiteboards last week when two foreign governments formally agreed to collaborate on UFO/UAP research. Representatives from GEIPAN and CEFAA, the agencies charged with collecting UFO data for France and Chile, respectively, met for the first time at a conference in Greensboro, N.C., last month and discovered a wealth of common ground in their approach to the phenomena.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has to pretend it's not interested in any of this stuff .../CREDIT: clazymama.com
For Jose Lay, CEFAA’s International Director, the implications extended far beyond the bilateral agreement. “We know in Europe GEIPAN is highly regarded and we are quite known in South America as we have official contacts and also advised other countries in this area of the world,” Lay stated in an email to De Void. “We believe with this step we may encourage other countries to follow and establish their own official agencies.”

Among the talent Chile brings to bear on the mystery is Dr. Luis Barrera, for whom asteroid 19395 Barrera is named, and University of Chile astronomy director Dr. Jose Maria Maza, responsible for the discoveries of numerous supernovae, quasars and galaxies.

“This is an historic development,” writes author Leslie Kean in an email. “An official agreement on UAP investigations between Europe and South America is a big step forward and will add gravitas to the international effort. Now, we need the United States to get on board.”

What are the odds of that happening?

In her 2010 bestseller, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, Kean laid out a modest plan for a modest office, staffed by no more than three people, who could officially liaison with myriad civilian and defense agencies to investigate the most promising cases and review compelling cold-case files. In 2012, at an unpublicized meeting hosted by the Center for American Progress (CAP) think tank in Washington, Kean shared a related briefing paper prepared for a 35-member, invitation-only audience. It suggested the work could be conducted from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, for as little as $250,000 per fiscal year. Given recent revelations about how the IRS spent $4.1 million, or 16 times that total, on a three-day conference in 2010 (an amount, incidentally, categorized by a U.S. News & World Report analysis as “lightweight by corporate standards”), Kean’s budget projection looks like a chump-change lunch by Beltway standards.

CAP founder John Podesta, President Clinton’s erstwhile chief of staff, went public about that meeting in May. He told The New York Times such a project “would selectively investigate mysterious skyward sightings and seek to understand them by applying scientific method.” He called attendees “interesting, credible people who had observed aerial phenomena that were unexplained and worthy of additional followup. Going back and looking at declassifying whatever government documents exist,” he added, “is a smart thing to do.”

Among those in attendance was Tadd Buffington, a chief solution architect at NASA’s Washington headquarters. A former political and budget analyst with the United Nations, Buffington is also a MUFON field investigator motivated largely by concerns for air traffic safety. Buffington says Kean’s budget projection should be doubled, and he has reservations over placing such a study under the jurisdiction of agencies staffed by “political appointees,” such as the OSTP.

“I can tell you there’s a huge, huge amount of grass-roots interest in (UFO/UAP) at NASA. People want to know,” says Buffington. “And this is where NASA could fit in so well, the real NASA, not the government NASA. The problem is getting it to the top floor, where you run into the presidential appointees.

“The formality is, it has to be an issue first, and not until you can establish something like a clear and present danger — like reports of it running into our planes — is that likely to happen. And given the increasing amount of air traffic, I’m afraid that’s going to be just a matter of time. Until then, because government is self-serving, the question is always going to be ‘How’s this going to help me?’”

It's tempting to think the new French-Chilean connection could trigger a candid and overdue conversation in this country about bringing serious resources to bear on an enduring mystery that might well reap windfall payoffs for science. But at least two countries aren't waiting around to find out.

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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby tazmic » Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:24 pm

Sold by BetterWorldBooks....also stocking Levenda's The Nine.

I'd love to hand customers that book in a shop called Better World Books. Maybe with a handy bookmark shaped discount coupon for the mysticism section. Logo'd of course.
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby elfismiles » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:43 pm

Greg Valdez: Dulce Base
Posted on July 14, 2013 by Greg

ImageThere is a huge mythology surrounding the so-called Dulce underground base in northwestern New Mexico. Most if not all of the stories surrounding this subject were started as disinfo from government sources. My guest Greg Valdez was on the front lines for most of the time that these rumors were being manufactured. He accompanied and later assisted his father, the late New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez at the dawn of the cattle mutilation mystery that gripped the area surrounding the town of Dulce and the Jicarilla Apache reservation on which it lies.

On this program, we started with a short history of the weird happenings in the area, which along with the unexplained animal deaths included almost nightly sightings of strange lights in the sky. The revelations about some of these lights and Greg’s adventures and conversations with his father directly answers the tales of alien bases and cow-napping. The truth of the matter is most likely far more earthly and far more sinister than any UFO true-believer would want to admit. The history of atomic and biological weapons testing and possible black-budget aircraft play a major role.

I was truly amazed more than once over the course of this interview. The research in Greg Valdez’ book Dulce Base and the revelations it contains will rewrite the history of this chapter in UFO lore, for those who care to read with an open and critical mind.

The book will be released in 2-3 weeks There will be a link to it and the associated website posted here.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:57:30 — 53.8MB)

http://radiomisterioso.com/2013/07/14/g ... ulce-base/
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby elfismiles » Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:21 pm

Friday, July 19, 2013The 1980
Cash-Landrum UFO: Paracast Q & A
Due to my discussion of Chris Lambright’s accurate illustration of the eyewitnesses’ description of the UFO, Gene Steinberg invited us to appear on the Paracast radio program.

Illustration by Chris Lambright

Gene and Chris present a full-scale discussion of a classic UFO encounter, the Cash-Landrum incident, which occurred on an isolated two-lane road near Houston, Texas on December 29, 1980. This sighting includes a witness who received possible severe radiation burns as the result of being in close proximity to the strange aircraft. To flesh out the nuts and bolts of the case, we invited two UFO investigators, Chris Lambright and Curtis L. Collins (whom our forum members know as Sentry).

http://blueblurrylines.blogspot.com/201 ... t-q-a.html
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:04 pm

Back in the 1990's when FBI Lab whistleblower Dr Frederick Whitehurst PhD Chemistry,Juris Doctor was speaking at
our conference looking at crimes committed by FBI agents we had lots of time to kill as I drove him to speak at various venues we had set up. I raised the subject of UFO's and his job at the FBI lab. His response was he and
another FBI agent saw a UFO in Florida when he was working in that state.
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby elfismiles » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:27 pm

Hi Fruh!

Thanks for that very interesting anecdote!

fruhmenschen » 19 Jul 2013 19:04 wrote:Anecdotal
Back in the 1990's when FBI Lab whistleblower Dr Frederick Whitehurst PhD Chemistry,Juris Doctor was speaking at
our conference looking at crimes committed by FBI agents we had lots of time to kill as I drove him to speak at various venues we had set up. I raised the subject of UFO's and his job at the FBI lab. His response was he and
another FBI agent saw a UFO in Florida when he was working in that state.

Just searched for Frederick Whitehurst and UFO and got this from John Alexander's UFO book:

UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities - Page 87 - Google Books Result
John B. Alexander, Ph.D. - 2011 - Science
At the moment, UFOs do not have such a requirement. ... but they are usually re- vealed, often by a whistle-blower like Fred Whitehurst who demonstrated that ...


... not about Fred having a sighting but mentioning him in the context of whistleblowers.
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby elfismiles » Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:07 pm

Grant Cameron reports John Alexander confirmed MJ-12
Culture / July 21, 2013 / By: Jack Brewer
http://www.examiner.com/article/grant-c ... rmed-mj-12

Is there a UFO Government Control Group? – New Information
Written by Grant Cameron
Friday, 19 July 2013 20:45

In my book “UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants” I spent a lot of time looking at the evidence that backed the idea of an inside control group known as MJ-12. The idea of this MJ-12 group started to appear in the early 1980s, through a researcher known as Bill Moore. Moore had written a book known as the Roswell Incident which sold many copies and was the forerunner of the modern obsession with the Roswell crash.

Days after Moore released the book he was contacted by US intelligence which started to tell him the story of MJ-12, the super-secret group that had been established by President Harry Truman to deal with the extraterrestrial presence on earth. Moore was fed information by both USAF master sergeant Richard Doty and a second person attached to the CIA that Bill Moore gave the code name Falcon. Later 10 more intelligence sources would come forward to provide information to Moore. It is believed that some of these may actually have been ex-CIA directors.

The Moore involvement with the MJ-12 story culminated in a document release made in 1987 by Moore and two other researchers by the names of Jamie Shandera and Stanton Friedman. The document released, marked Top Secret Restricted, purported to be a briefing document presented to then President-elect Dwight Eisenhower about the 12-person group of high level scientists and military officials who made up the elite Top Secret MJ-12 committee.

In “UFOs, MJ-12 and Government Informants” I wrote that I believed the document had been a leak of true and false material that had been authorized by present day MJ-12 type group to desensitize the public about how the flying saucer problem had been handled by the White House.

I also wrote that although some of the material in the document did not appear to be correct (like the failure to mention that there was a live alien recovered at Roswell), there was lots of evidence that indicated that this mythical MJ-12 group mentioned in the document had existed. The reason for altering the document was to avoid breaking the law by releasing classified material and to protect the overall UFO program that needed to remain classified. The evidence indicating that there actually was an MJ-12 group included the following items;

•My co-author T. Scott Crain had come across a woman (USAF NCO) who had been on a 1979 declassification team in Okinawa, Japan. While declassifying documents in a General’s office the team came across a document that she told us may not have been the same document but appeared to contain all the same material. This woman was hassled when we first released the book in 1991.
•In conversations with the former President of Penn State University he confirmed the MJ-12 group. His first confirmation came in 1987 just days after Moore made the MJ-12 document public. Walker said, “Yes, I know of MJ-12. I have known of them for 40 years. I believe that you’re chasing after and fighting with windmills!!”
•Moya Lear, the wife of Lear Jet inventor Bill Lear, phoned her friend four-star General James Doolittle to ask if the group had existed. Doolittle confirmed the group had existed but said that is all he could say. She was prodded to do this by her son John Lear who had just become aware of the MJ-12 document.
•Edgar Mitchell, the Commander of Apollo 14, is another high level person who confirmed that the group MJ-12 did exist based on sources he had.
•General Arthur E. Exon, who was at Wright Field in 1947 when the alien bodies were shipped from the Roswell crash site, said he “was aware of a UFO controlling committee made up primarily of very high-ranking military officers and intelligence people. He did not know the name of the group but called them the “Unholy Thirteen.”
•In July 1989, Bob Oeschler provided some of the most dramatic evidence supporting the existence of a group known as MJ-12 when he taped a conversation on the MJ-12 subject with Bobby Ray Inman. Inman stated “that MJ-12 meant something to him.," and that “he has been aware of a program to ‘indoctrinate the public’ in UFO matters prior to his retirement,” and that he had "some expertise" in the area of UFOs but his information was out of date at the time of the conversation.
•Another person who gave some confirmation to the existence of MJ-12 was an archivist at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, who approached me after a lecture in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 2005. His job was to declassify documents for release which meant that he worked right inside the classified vault and saw all government documents before their release. He stated that a colleague had reported seeing documents with the MJ-12 designator on them years before doing declassification on Joint Chiefs of Staff documents.
•Harold Stuart, a former member of the Truman administrative. He had been listed as a member of an advisory committee for MJ-12 in Robert Collins’ 2005 book Exempt from Disclosure. In replies to letter from researcher Brian Parks Stuart stated, “. I have a vague recollection of MJ-12, but not significantly specific to make a comment… I was not on the MJ-12 Advisory Board and only have a faint recollection of this project or group. I did know most of the Generals you mentioned in your letter, but sorry I cannot shed any light on your request.”
•Researcher Lee Graham wrote many letters and filed dozens of FOIA requests to try and validate the MJ-12 document. On May 24, 1990, the Defense Investigative Service (DIS) responded to one of Graham’s FOIA requests by sending him back a copy of the MJ-12 document, each page of which was stamped “UNCLASSIFIED” across the lower part of the page. This indicated the document had been declassified. Graham was never able to obtain clarification on who had done the declassification.
•In a 1987 letter written by John Andrews to his good friend Lockheed Skunk Works President Ben Rich, Andrews stated that he had known of MJ-12 for years “even though officially it didn’t exist.” In a discussion with Lee Graham he said he had heard of MJ-12 in early 1984 which was almost a year before researchers Moore and Shandera reviewed copies of the MJ-12 briefing document for President Eisenhower in the mail.
Since the release of the book in January 2013, there have been two new pieces of evidence that help to confirm that there was a MJ-12 UFO control group.

The first piece of new evidence came from a story that was told by Jesse Marcel Jr. who was the son of the intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Air Base that handed the July 1947 UFO crash. Marcel told his story in front of the May 2013 Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C.

According to Marcel “a number of years ago” he was called to Washington D.C. by Dick D’Amato for a meeting in a secure room in the Senate Building. D’Amato was chief counsel and chief investigator for Senator Byrd’s Senate Appropriations Committee. When the Area 51 story broke in 1989 in Nevada, Byrd and other senators on the committee (responsible for all budget spending) wondered if they were in fact financing back-engineering of flying saucers at Area 51 without being told what they were paying for. D’Amato was provided the appropriate security clearances and sent to investigate. D’Amato confirmed the alien projects but was not able to penetrate them. He told Steven Greer, “"I've been asked by Senator Byrd and some others to look into these things, and we've gotten close enough to know that these projects do exist. But I'm telling you that with a Top Secret clearance and a subpoena power from the Senate Appropriations Committee, I cannot penetrate those projects. You're dealing with the varsity team of all black projects, so watch out. And good luck."[i]

Marcel stated that he and D’Amato met around a huge conference room table. On the table was a novel that had been written by Whitley Strieber called “Majestic.” The book is about the Roswell crash and the MJ-12 control group that was established to deal with the extraterrestrial appearance on earth. D’Amato said, “I want to tell you something. This (pointing to the book) is not fiction.”

Marcel asked, “When are you going to tell the public?”

D’Amato replied talking about the MJ-12 control group that oversees the UFO cover-up, “If it were up to me I’d have done it yesterday, but it is not up to me. I am just here to investigate the cost of keeping it secret. In reality there is a black government. They have control of the debris. They answer to no one and they are not elected. They have unlimited money to spend. They are the ones who have control over it.”

The second piece of new evidence came from a very unlikely source – Dr. John Alexander. John was a Colonel in the US Army, and had been interested in the UFO mystery since a young boy in 1947. He also had done work on “esoteric projects, specifically in the intelligence community with psychokinesis.”

Alexander wrote a book on his UFO investigations called “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities.” In the book Alexander pointed out that although UFOs are real, they are of no interest to the American government, and therefore there is no cover-up of the facts by American officials.

Alexander is also well known in the UFO community for hosting a Top Secret – Special Access series of meetings in the mid-1980s to look at the UFO problem for a possible new government look at the problem. The group was called the Advance Theoretical Physics Group and interestingly had exactly the same “Top Secret- Restricted Classification” as the MJ-12 document.

In a June 15, 2013 interview with radio show host Nancy Du Tetre Alexander, Alexander suddenly announced that the MJ-12 group had existed.[ii] This sudden disclosure was strange. That is because the MJ-12 controversy is central to the whole government cover-up theory believed by most in the UFO community. Yet Alexander did not talk about the MJ-12 idea in his book which had as its basic premise that there is no government control group dealing with the UFO mystery.

This is the transcript of the interaction;

Alexander: I think that there actually was a group and they were created something known as COG – continuity of government – and it was to prevent nuclear decapitation of the United States. It was really super super sensitive.

Nancy Du Tetre: Well let me ask you this. Does MJ-12 as far as you know exist today?

Alexander: I don’t think so. I had someone whisper to me that it had existed. I didn’t think it had existed at all, but when I looked into it and asked if the names were correct, and they said yes and that should tell me what I need to know to figure it out. That’s how we came up with this particular occupation because most of them were into nuclear warfare. That was one common thread of all the people on the list, and much more so certainly than with UFOs.[iii]

Even though Alexander’s personal opinion of what the group might have been differs from the UFOP control group interpretation, the significance of what Alexander said cannot be emphasized enough. MJ-12 existed and the names on the UFO document that appeared on a film in the mailbox of Jamie Shandera in 1984 were correct.


[i] http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/socio ... reer09.htm

[ii] John Alexander Interview with Nancy Du Tetre June 15, 2013 http://hotleadscoldcases.podomatic.com/

[iii] June 13, 2013 Nancy Du Tetre Interview with John Alexander

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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby elfismiles » Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:48 am

I don't think this ever got posted ...

James Carrion - A High Tolerance For Ambiguity

http://redstarfilms.blogspot.com/2011/0 ... e-for.html
http://beyonderstv.com/my-podcast-the-o ... s-carrion/
[links to mp3 at above links no longer work however Paul has uploaded it as a YouTube video; see below]


Episode 1.4
Guest: James Carrion
Title: A High Tolerance for Ambiguity

James Carrion is the former International Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), who left that position in 2010 amidst a swirl of controversy revolving around the organization's relationship with Robert Bigelow, a deal that Carrion was instrumental in setting up. In this episode, Carrion joins me to discuss his background, his work with MUFON, the Bigelow brouhaha, what he discovered about the famous Skinwalker Ranch case, and what he believes is the key relationship between UFO groups and the various intelligence agencies. Recorded in February, 2011.

Former MUFON Director Reveals Reasons for His Resignation
Former MUFON Director, James Carrion fires back at critics and reveals bribery, misinformation, and other sinisterness as reasons for his resignation.
http://www.hardevidence.info/0-21175-fo ... ation.html
http://www.theufochronicles.com/2011/02 ... james.html

Past RI Threads with Carrion / MUFON
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby Wombaticus Rex » Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:27 am

Is there more text at that "invitation only" blogspot link? Here's the full text I can find so far:

Strange Bedfellows

By James Carrion
Follow The Magic Thread

Remember when it was just a conspiracy theory that the CIA wanted the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro? That was until the conspiracy became reality after the CIA released its own lurid documentation on the Mafia recruitment effort.

One day, maybe not too far in the future, we will look back at the conspiracies surrounding UFOs and find out that they too are revealed as realities. Of course, disclosure has been promised many times by those allegedly “in the know”. Hell, the folks in Exopolitics predict Disclosure as imminent every chance they get, and then come up with the most ridiculous of excuses for why it is denied to the citizens of the world when their ill issued predictions go up in smoke.

But this article is not about true UFO Disclosure. It is about the strange bedfellows that Ufologists seem to keep in their alleged pursuit of truth. You see, when you climb high enough up the ladder of Ufology and are prominent in the field; the strangest of characters approach you with promises of “disclosure”. Normally, the ruse goes something like this. Approach subject Ufologist and make claims that you are in the know. Then shower said Ufologist with feelings of “eliteness” by offering them an inside look at the truth. When they take the bait, deny them the information promised, but keep them on a string with promises of information that will slowly be revealed in good measure and time.

Now you are probably wondering, when I was the International Director of MUFON, did this ever happen to me? Actually it didn’t, but then again I made it public knowledge that I would not accept inside sources who were not willing to go public with their identity and their claims. So I was not willing to play the game to begin with and those who refuse to dance are never asked to.

Speaking of strange relationships, in 2009, billionaire entrepeneur Robert Bigelow decided to hire MUFON to conduct UFO investigations on behalf of his new venture, BAASS, an alleged aerospace company interested in discovering and exploiting novel and cutting edge technologies that relate to space travel.

Well what is so unusual about that? Maybe it has to do with the following interesting facts:
John Schuessler, MUFON Board Member and former International Director was offered a U.S. government security clearance allegedly related to his consulting work for Mr. Bigelow. Now whether John was actually given that clearance, I can’t say for sure, but I was one of the people interviewed as part of his background investigation.

Mr. Bigelow did not fund MUFON’s work for BAASS, instead “sponsors” that Bigelow revealed to John Schuessler but not to the other MUFON Board Members put up the money.

Mr. Bigelow invalidated his own legal contract with MUFON by refusing to abide by the original deal struck with MUFON and instead changed the terms mid-stream, something the MUFON Board of Directors acquiesced to despite my protests.

During the project, MUFON provided both historical MUFON files as well as current MUFON case files (including witness information) to BAASS. To cover MUFON legally, the MUFON UFO reporting form was modified to collect the witness’ permission to offer their sighting data to a third party, the only third party being BAASS.

When I uncovered some very damaging information about the Skinwalker Ranch (also owned by Mr. Bigelow) and provided that information to the MUFON Board along with my doubts about the true agenda of the BAASS-MUFON relationship, the MUFON Board unethically bypassed me and communicated in secret with BAASS in an attempt to continue the project. When I found out about this unethical behavior, initiated by my former friend and current International Director Clifford Clift and MUFON Board member Jan Harzan (probably the next International Director after Cliff retires), I resigned immediately from the MUFON Board and the International Director position.

Rather than reveal the truth of why I resigned to the MUFON membership, Cliff decided to whitewash the unfortunate events while he swept his broom around MUFON, portraying me as an inept leader who brought MUFON to financial ruin and presenting himself as the savior of the organization. His betrayal stung me to my very core, as I considered him a friend for fourteen years until he revealed who he truly was. At the 2010 MUFON Symposium he told the MUFON State Directors that I left MUFON because the “truth” I was seeking was not the same “truth” the MUFON Board of Directors sought.

So for the leading UFO organization in the world, whose mission statement is the scientific investigation of UFOs, what truth is Mr. Clift alluding to? Maybe it is the sad truth that without a wealthy benefactor behind MUFON, the organization is but an army of volunteers with no funding for their scientific investigation, and if staying within the good graces of the only willing benefactor means compromising ethics and the duties and obligations a non-profit organization has to its membership and to the public, then so be it. I suggest that the MUFON membership deserves more from their leadership.

In fact, every MUFON member should take Mr. Clift up on his promises of transparency and demand answers to the following questions which should be posed to the MUFON Board of Directors:
Does John Schuessler currently have an active government security clearance and for what reason was it granted? What is John’s current relationship to BAASS and Mr. Bigelow?

Does MUFON still provide current UFO reports to BAASS? If not, then why is the 3rd party witness election still on MUFON’s “Report a UFO” form on the MUFON web site?

Is the MUFON Board of Directors willing to give an accurate history including publicly releasing all supporting documentation of the MUFON-BAASS legal contract that encompasses the entire project period?

What is MUFON’s current relationship to BAASS and Mr. Bigelow?

The MUFON Board of Directors may be in pursuit of their own truth, but the real truth has an odd way of surfacing even after many years, as the CIA-Mafia affair shows. How can those in the field of Ufology seek disclosure from outside if they are not willing to seek disclosure from within first? The choices made by the MUFON Board during the MUFON-BAASS project demands complete openness and transparency so that the conspiracy theory behind the MUFON-BAASS relationship is put to rest. MUFON’s leadership should practice what it preaches and leave no details hidden if it wishes MUFON to retain any semblance of respectability in this field already filled with enough unanswered questions and shadowy characters and organizations. It is time for MUFON to sweep its own house clean.
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby elfismiles » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:48 am

I'm not sure ... archive.org doesn't have it.

Wombaticus Rex » 26 Jul 2013 14:27 wrote:Is there more text at that "invitation only" blogspot link?

more flashbacks: www.hbccufo.org bought by bigelow...

Update: Bigelow Beams Up Canadian UFO Websites
November 17, 2009 Amelia Crater

Earlier this week, we reported that billionaire aerospace magnet Robert Bigelow had funded a rapid response team for MUFON. This week his new(ish) firm Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) has purchased the Houston, British Columbia, Canada UFO (HBCC UFO) websites. Here’s the announcement on the website, which is a repository for eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings from around the world:

“Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), administered by Robert T. Bigelow, has purchased the HBCC UFO websites. BAASS will investigate, analyze and periodically publish updates of UAP cases that the public submits. Please continue to serve our community well and support the HBCC UFO websites by submitting your reports as you have in the past”

The domain names of the four websites were put up for sale for $800.00 by their owner Brian Vike who retired from the UFO business in June citing his family and his health as reasons for his retirement. In one of his final posts on his personal blog, The Vike Factor, Into the Paranormal, he offers a history of his personal experience with UFOs, MIB, and other unexplained phenomena that began at age one and continue throughout until today. Here is a excerpt that involved a silvery disk that hovered above a boat while he and two friends were fishing in June of 2002, and which may explain the health problems he suffers now.

The craft then started to move slowly..for two to three seconds and then in an instant shot off straight up..and disappeared into the blue sky. The speed was very fast. It could travel many miles in one tenth of a second.

I stood there for a few seconds, still in shock and still trying to grasp what had just happened. I looked at my friends who seemed to be coming out of a different state and they looked almost confused. I tried to talk to them about what had happened, but they either do not know or they refuse to speak of it. It was a quiet ride back to shore.

That encounter was now over, but the effects were still there for me. For the next month I fell ill and lost appetite. I began to lose hair as never before and my teeth started to loosen. I was feeling very ill.

The effects I was enduring was what I thought to be a type of radiation sickness and I very quickly realized that being directly under the craft had caused the effects. I was sure I was going to die and felt that I could not go to a doctor and tell him as I would be seen as crazy. So, quietly I sat with my secret and said nothing to anyone, enduring the pain and agony and fear of what was happening.

For a month I tried to make sense of what had happened with the silver disc. Maybe it was me that was in the energy from the craft and it was not my friends falling in slow motion, but me in slow motion. What ever the case, I was not in sync with them. It would explain their not appearing to have ill effects from the encounter. What ever the case, I was more ill then I had ever been.

It was some time that passed, at least a month or maybe two and the effects began to subside slowly until I was as close to back to normal. Well, as close to normal as I will ever be again. I now know better than to find myself under one of those crafts.

It was then, after I started to feel better that I began my search for the truth to UFOs and ET.

As reported in the previous story about Goat Starers, Bigelow is suspected of deep, dark ties to Black Ops, CIA, and other shady operations. Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) is only the latest, created in late 2008. As he explained on Coast to Coast, “his research into UFOs has convinced him that the phenomenon is real and that the goal of BAASS is to find technologies akin to UFO propulsion methods. As an example of what the company would be searching for, he said, ‘we would love to find something that levitates.’”

So that probably answers the questions about where Hal Putoff is getting the funding for his work in propulsion and energy at EarthTech. Bigelow’s interest in a UFO sighting network is not so clear, however. After all, isn’t that what MUFON does? So, why does he need his own Canadian-based website to” investigate, analyze and periodically publish updates of UAP cases that the public submits”? It seems odd, but then, so do many of Bigelow’s other projects, so why should this one be any different?

http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2009/11/u ... -websites/

MUFON/Bigelow Contract Analysis

January 15 an anonymous party sent Elaine Douglass a copy of the contract signed in Feb 2009 between Mufon and Robert Bigelow. The Committee to Reform Mufon feels all Members of MUFON should have the opportunity to read the contract, and we have forwarded it to you in its entirety below. Since we have studied the 5 page contract, permit us point out selected highlights of the document and make a few comments about it.

This is a commercial contract in which MUFON, “the seller,” sells Robert Bigelow, “the buyer,” certain “deliverables”—“the Product”--for a total price of $672,000 payable in monthly installments of $56,000. What is the “Product”?

According to the contract, Bigelow is buying “the Seller’s existing CMS database. . .and all other data,” as well as “field investigative services and all information and material derived from those services, including but not limited to. . .physical evidence. . .photographs, film, data from detection devices. . .radar. . .satellite data, ground disturbance site information. . .electronic information, interview transcripts, any testimony, including recordings. . .as well as any other item that may be recovered from prior, present and future field investigations [of] MUFON. . . referred to as the ‘Product.’”

The assumption of the contract is the Buyer will not return any of this material to MUFON “unless there is a written agreement to return such property.”

Regarding CMS, the contract states “Buyer shall be given Administrator Access to Seller’s CMS in order that Buyer may have ‘real-time’ access to such information. . .”

It is obvious Bigelow’s lawyers wrote this agreement and it was presented to the MUFON Board as is. “Seller can only accept this Agreement on the exact terms set forth,” the contract says. No negotiating.

The contract creates a relationship between Mufon and Bigelow in which, the contract explicitly states, “Seller assumes all risks in furnishing the goods and services ordered” and Bigelow and his “affiliates” and “customers” are “held harmless against any and all losses, liabilities, claims” etc. If there were any such losses, claims, etc., Mufon is financial responsible for all of it and furthermore is required to “defend” Bigelow and his “affiliates” and “customers” against any claims, losses, etc. All of that notwithstanding, and unbelievably, Bigelow retains “the option to control the defense and related negotiations of any suit, proceeding . . .without expense or liability. . .” In other words, if anything went wrong, Mufon is 100 percent responsible. MUFON would pay all claims, would pay to defend itself AND would pay to defend Bigelow and his “affiliates” and “customers”!—however, Bigelow may “control” the entire handling of such a matter and doing that will not expose him to any liability. [Italics added] Do you believe this?

The last thing the contract makes clear is Mufon is to walk straight, look smart, and PERFORM in connection with this contract, by golly! Bigelow requires “strict conformity of the Product with all dimensions and specification . . .as deemed material. . .time is of the essence. The Product shall be delivered . . .weekly written reports, in detail. . .[including] a plan for the next 7 days. . .Monthly written reports and financial statements. . [with] detailed exposition. . .Seller agrees to properly safeguard and protect all evidence strictly in accord with specifications. . .[there will be a] Performance Review” and “criticial decision dates” are associated with that. “Mufon shall submit an itemized account of disbursements . . .[and Buyer] may, at its discretion. . .request additional detail. . .Seller shall produce, furnish and deliver all Products in strict compliance. . .” And on and on.

Curiously, the contract also stipulates that the “Buyer shall not, at any time and is specifically precluded from providing. . .any advice, consultation or management to Seller.”

Well, Our Board signed poor sleepy little Mufon up for the terms of this contract. And is anyone surprised? Mufon fell down on the job, they say. NOT because Mufon didn’t do it’s best, but in all likelihood because Mufon did not have the in depth experience to comply, suddenly, with a huge influx of funds and a demanding contract such as this. And it occurs to us to wonder if that wasn’t the plan all along. In the second half of the contract period, Bigelow swooped down on Mufon demanding, “What did you do with the money!” Predictably, that threw the Mufon Board into a panic, they collapsed before Bigelow (figuratively), produced the project’s and Mufon’s books for HIM to audit, and threw James Carrion under the bus, it is said. But that is another story.

Does anyone remember a few years ago a noted researcher was (wrongly) accused of selling his UFO files to another organization? The researcher was pilloried for that. But here we have the MUFON Board of Directors nakedly SELLING the entire capability of our organization to a ruthless businessman who had NO respect for MUFON’s mission of reporting UFO information to Members and the public. The entirety of CMS was put at his disposal and our idealistic MUFON investigators were turned into employees. In order to conform to the terms of the contract a draconic regime of secrecy and conformity was imposed on Mufon—and it is still with us today.

As for the risks, whatever they may be, they all belonged to MUFON. Even Bigelow’s risks, and the risks of his “affiliates” and “customers” were transferred to MUFON. Of course, it is our understanding the Board of Directors has some kind of insurance policy, and we wonder if they ran this contract by their insurers before signing it? In the meantime, no one else in Mufon has any insurance covereage. . .

The root of this problem is MUFON’s Board does no fund raising, and so they are easy prey to exploitation by a Robert Bigelow—or anyone else who comes along in the future. And what about Bigelow’s “affiliates”? According to James Carrion, in this recent column:

http://followthemagicthread.blogspot.co ... llows.html

Bigelow had undisclosed backers who actually put up the $672,000 to buy Mufon, and only one person on MUFON’s board knew who those backers were. In other words, the MUFON Board signed a contract and sold MUFON to persons and they did not know who those persons were—and they even assumed the risks for those persons!!

It is the view of The Committee to Reform Mufon that these actions by the Board in no way resemble a safeguarding of the integrity of our organization or its mission. Accordingly we feel the Board has forfeited its claim to our respect and forfeited its right to carry on running MUFON under it’s current corporate structure. That is why, in the “Petition to the Board of Directors and the International Director of MUFON” which our Committee circulated two days ago we called for a scrapping of the current undemocratic corporate structure of MUFON and its replacement with a new corporate structure in which we would vote for the members of the Board.

http://reformmufon.org/Bigelow%20Contra ... lysis.html

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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby elfismiles » Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:45 pm

Looking for info on or by James Carrion since his departure from mufon.

He launched a blog (now private) and website (largely un-updated) but seems to have dropped off the radar.

http://www.centerforufotruth.org/Shared ... Items.aspx
* FOIA requests 2012
* Roger Ramey scans 2012
* Hoyt Vandenberg scans

2009 appearances...
MUFON - The Fayetteville Incident

James Carrion Q&A: UFOs, Roswell and Russian Espionage

circa 2010...

UFOs and Russian Espionage | James Carrion | UFO Crash Con

The Dark Side of UFO research | James Carrion | UFO Crash Con

2012 in Brazil?
Brazil UFOS and Aliens (Mr. James Carrion - Ufologist / USA)
Published on Apr 21, 2012

UFO/ Alien (Men In Black X-Files) USA 2013 - MIB Secrets
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby Cosmic Cowbell » Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:01 pm

"There are no whole truths: all truths are half-truths. It is trying to treat them as whole truths that plays the devil." ~ A.N. Whitehead
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby conniption » Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:59 pm

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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby ShinShinKid » Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:05 pm

Some of those reviews are just classic! :lol:
Well played, God. Well played".
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Re: Where is UFOlogy at in 2013?

Postby justdrew » Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:58 pm

So, I didn't realize Karl Pflock was a CIA guy and in Kemps team, etc.

and it looks more and more like the whole subject was created, for a number of reasons, not least of which was getting as many people spinning their wheels as possible.
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